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Robert Kraft says Welker's agent is to blame. Is he right?

Mar 19, 2013|

The question of the day on D&C: Who's to blame for Wes Welker signing with the Broncos? Both sides are pointing fingers in the other direction. Gerry, Dino and Kirk try to get to the bottom of what really happened.

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What I was this past week on micro logo. Mystical cleansing retreat out in the -- -- now. We were assigned hourly meditation assignments where you just go -- be by yourself and -- one with nature. And get in the Lotus position I -- it -- really good at that are you really excellent that so micro -- instructor says go somewhere quiet. Clinton's. Deep cleansing -- I injured mine and then consider things and just about things. Up popped in my head. On a number -- -- all the people that you really wanna kill all don't know now though not many people I mean obscenities that many -- some. I'd say there -- several. A I think about the modern yoga two yeah there are several well it occurred to me how -- so many levels. We were wrong. About what the patriots were going to do it's like it's it's it's like the same thing on draft day. You know you have all these mock drafts -- -- all these people my creases of the world in the Shays. And helmet head guy. W this is where do you know taken a sorority. We are wrong first the ball. We -- wrong about the Brady thing Brady renegotiating would immediately signal. A deal to be -- -- west will probably a moment and I said. Would be more shocking than Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson yeah if he signed elsewhere did and you know what you know. It was -- even if and when you could tell was falling apart and when he didn't get a signed before -- went to free agency and that we all came around the fact that he may be leaving. The other thing we require even more wrong about -- take full credit for this dilemma out of in the most vociferous -- about this. Was how much Wes Welker was going to get from some team. Didn't we all say artists that can get away money somebody's gonna somebody's gonna not Jerry Jones or somebody's gonna give them. Forty or fifty million bucks -- -- and rob about. Null and I think that is a factor here. Kraft and and Belichick seemed to have no no sympathy. That's a bad were no understanding. But the fact that Welker. Was just not worth or slot receivers walker and -- form for a moment together. War or help -- Bolden and their two slot receivers possession receivers just it just was no great market for them. I mean for -- off from two years and ten million you have to consider one thing here the shock factor. Welker -- to shock yes -- Welker that's a blow to his ego and I don't think Welker got an oversized ego but his whole life for his whole professional life at least the five years that he was toiling from mere eighteen million and the patriots were taken advantage of them. As Adam and long term deal at least at that time he's taken I'll get my money at some point I'll get paid at some point. He never set -- wanna be paid like Larry FitzGerald but he was looking at. And -- gone to all the -- -- got a song Vincent Jackson he was looking at these procedures. Who were make him in a 101112. Million a year and -- and look at something like that may be not act but I'll get something like that when he didn't happen. It was like the the patriots enjoyed. Watching him in scoring watching him. Tried. Except but did they not gauge the market pretty accurate and this note is not up for what about that right there -- games that aren't American. You guys have gotten paid Wallace Jennings gets to outside right right well. -- got -- and you -- -- you know you Victor Cruz sent out a first round tendered which -- -- here's what I think it is I think there's a psychological aspect to this in your halfway down that -- just said I agree he he he thought he thought it was gonna get a lot more. When he didn't that he thought to himself will at least if I don't break the bank to sell some other team at least the team and I bust my ass for. Stay on the field for help win game after game after game and got a hundred passes every single Thomas stepped on the field at the beginning of the season. Maybe they'll pay me. The house to write the most -- and when they didn't it was almost as if screw you to take a little bit less and Robert Kraft denies that but -- get to that in just a second. I take a little bit less from somebody. And not help you out anymore because if you're not willing to reward reward me for what they've already done for the organization -- Out -- and this is a rarity and take a little bit less money to go somewhere else maybe somebody will respect me more than Uga that's the psychological aspect of -- -- ball. I mean I think -- I don't the crapshoot on this craft I don't think he came up well I think craft came off like eight area. Arrogant owner who had this in the corner and knew it and wanted to take advantage of -- come off as a guy like really -- of -- great action. Wes Welker all. And -- say when. He gave away when he said. We wanted to take that nine and a half million that they franchised. And rule it into another deal like that's too much. So they use that logic -- and that's too much of the new deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've given 559. And a half that averages out to a pretty good payday. Why don't they say that about the previous five years when he worked three million a year don't include that and say what we roll that into -- mean that right there that's the first clue. That that Kraft was looking to. The knocking down sides. I think the reason we heard from Kraft in a very un patriot like way. Coming out giving details in criticizing done and and all of -- representatives. Is because they've taken a beating from a public relations standpoint now they took blood from the lawyer Malloy thing back wouldn't you know prior part of the season opening the tickets a mother hits now and again. But I don't think anything quite so dramatic as what's happened with the Wes Welker situation -- and a -- when the money came out. When when when most people that the assembly -- said -- million dollars a year before you could have kept Wes Welker I think they took some major PR hits. And the yen and the owner set I'm not going to let it stand I'm not gonna we're not gonna sit there and take it anymore. This is what it sounded like -- the owners meeting. Everyone in our organization including her head coach on the set and a number of millions we discuss this very carefully. And just to clear up any missed since. We wanted to US but in the end you know in my early years. I used to work emotionally react Havilland. Players stay with the team. And sometimes we went beyond our financial disciplines. And in the fall camp we played football. And we didn't win all games when one of them I can just tell you that that feeling is horrible and I'm going to do everything I can always to avoid. OK so now let's get into the nuts and bolts the finances of this deal and have Robert Kraft explain. What he took verses what he was offered. -- know he accepted -- deal in Denver. Which. It is less money than what we offered him. Because in fact he has a one year deal in Denver was six million dollars are offered them. Our last offer but fool you would have gone -- and before we thought we're going in the free agency. It was a ten million dollar offer. With consumes -- -- and -- Another six million dollars if he perform the way you know the previous two years. I'm -- first the first sentence at that last sentence was. In fact. West signed a one year deal for six billion dollars also say that again in fact. It's a one year deal for six million dollars. Now does that mean there's a club option after the first year is that my guess is always a club option it is the NFL you know wasn't a big. Up front in on the note signing bonus I believe so I was thinking you know you worked one year for six million if you don't the doesn't work at the couch. Which means Danny Amendola deal as a one year deal knowing right. Good you said that about most NFL contracts if you don't get that big bonus. -- at the mercy of the team so I just six million dollars is guaranteeing lockers this autograph brokers guarantee he would two million dollar thinks signing bonus for 2014. Numbers is only guaranteed if he gets hurt actually write it then that's it so he's number he's helped his performance he can't cut him for lack of performance right. So what did this year is going guaranteed money up Sonya can I just say I'm Wes Welker I'm 31 years old -- four time Pro Bowl or room two time all brawl on on the record setter comet a hall of Famer. I tell on the pick as a sentences the couple -- -- right that's what I do incentives to talk incentives. Mean. Is that what that would Chad Ochocinco had to do when you gave him six million the had a think for supper I mean you don't -- -- -- two year deal it much less than I thought I was gonna get on the market or but you're gonna offer me. And you want me to try to reach in and by the way Mike Kris says they're not really attainable incentives. Or the very hard to attack -- yeah this I mean. I don't blame Welker for finding that a little shock however if he's only guaranteed six in Denver and ten in Boston he's taken. Potentially if -- -- potentially. Four million dollars less the play for Denver according to road America say yeah we seen as a contract and filed yet because we have details on. On a lot of conflicts Greg Bedard has the details on Adrian Wilson's contract. Come as the Denver Welker conquer compiled -- he better be right in -- and his craft if he's wrong about it is not gonna like look and sound good. And by the way we get the statement we just got it. And eskimo it's 6:30 AM. From the union I mean from the union from the agents. Of the weird what -- sound like yesterday it was an agent so electric Drew Rosenhaus press conference. Now the agents -- trying to remain in -- -- -- or dignified I don't think -- crafted yesterday came crossed at least to me is very dignified. I mean this is a -- this is an owner in the everybody respects Sunnis and it seemed a little -- Seemed to reactionary and let me on the open the curtain in the right they open the -- as I got one question that I think a lot of fans sent affect the technical people -- -- And here's the question -- Bob Kraft you wanted the player. And he's gone really the most powerful owner in the game. You you're plenty of room under the cap you plenty of money you are a billionaire. You wanted this little slot receiver. And he's gone for the -- and explain that in the first cut he sit back in the day when I used to get emotional about a particular player. It didn't serve as very well I -- not to do what's what's his market value what's Wes -- Smart I think they've read on the academy well then they should be here than what we know -- he's so up and went down payment box that's why I think he did this this just doesn't seem petty to me this you might seem a little defensive. But I think he's put out by the fact that they are taking a bunch of criticism when and what effect it may have offered Wes Welker more guaranteed money that dot. What is agent says his agent says just the opposite. He says and and they go on you know this is from David don's office from athletes first. He does go on to say in a crafts a good event great relationships including negotiating a Drew Bledsoe is landmark deal in 2001 he says. We do however feel a need to clarify some of the confusion surrounding these negotiations specifically. All sides a clear that the -- made one offered to Wes Welker. Since the prior negotiations ended in July of 2012. Both sides also agreed that this two year offer came just hours before the start of free agency that would be that Tuesday right yeah. Despite discussions that began the NFL com -- moreover. This loan offer was presented as take it or leave it. That's agent's version when we asked if there was room for structural changes we were told no. We made a counteroffer for the same term at this and say maximum dollar amount as their offer and it was rejected. We inquired if any of the other components were negotiable we were told no this refusal to actually negotiate. Made it easy to reject the patriots. Well that doesn't refute anything Kraft said yesterday Jessica Simpson yes he's he does he said they would have gone further. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're my friends look outside.

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