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Pete Sheppard and Matt Chatham look back at the Patriots active weekend in free agency

Mar 18, 2013|

Pete and Matt react to the signings and re-signings the Patriots agreed to over the weekend. Matt gives his perspective on the fractured relationship between the Patriots and Wes Welker.

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Good afternoon everybody and welcome to M Monday morning day after Saint Patrick's Day. Additionally the big show hope everybody is. -- -- -- yesterday is always around around Boston area had a blast lot of friends great -- page shepherd hospital and once again for Michael Holley. Matt -- the pride of Newton. -- is in the house Italy in a long long way around a sentiment that I was under surely for birth and knows about it he has. Did that's right. With a high school -- Gloucester -- the other side of the state also shows and say yes -- country yes -- slowly oceans from you know it's different the -- world -- -- we get some diversity out there now I got you so lots of talk and talk a lot of football that are lost -- touch on the Celtics and in the Miami Heat and again the big question is whether or Kevin Garnett. We'll be able to play tonight game time this is -- -- I think it's gonna take an awful lot to keep modest -- -- -- hope he gets he gets into the game does play that he doesn't hurt himself more. That would you know jeopardize you know the rest of the season that's what I'm more about but. Public and so we touched on that talk a lot of football let's begin met and just get your thoughts on. The free agent frenzy that capital last -- -- two hours particularly on Friday. By your thoughts let's start to start with Welker and the -- situation and Danny Amendola and and your thoughts you've been. The electoral went down and you understand how it went down but run the patriots do the right thing ordered. They blow. Yes likelier you'll direct going you know I don't know. I don't know out of frame is necessary right thing wrong thing I think obviously bought my biases -- on the table and advance. Front of the -- obviously guys kind of you know favour of the veteran that's done and proven and we were always told production -- you know you'll eventually pay be paid for a production. It appears in this instance west literally. -- value but I think one of the things that happened that I've sort of been chatting about the last week or so. Is. That the savvy is Smart deal but the leaks have gone by by framing this you know by framing him as a slot receiver. Very important is -- something you go through -- as a player. Is doing here -- contract detritus but you don't wanna be slotted but teams want to slot you. No symbols of my frame into Wes Welker is a slot receiver not a receiver. You'll get this spreadsheet through your agent that sort of it's you know -- you against the other compromised. Which for hammer you know Julio slot receiver you're talking down -- guys guys in the 45 to 35 catch her you know -- as far as rankings. He wants to be a top ten guy and and so my take would be that the team in the league as a whole succeeded in sort of making sure he was pegged as a slot receiver which is not you know obviously the same amount of money in the league and only one because. Is the money was not the market said that not just here in New England but in other places were also six. Six's six year for twelve guaranteed is as good you're gonna do because basically there's still that belief out there that slot receiver no matter how many RG gators somehow less valuable -- we surprised that -- surprise that -- didn't that that money was not higher for him. The best all the best it is -- this and a ball time arguably. Yeah I was very surprised and I think -- -- it it shows I think to a certain extent that the amount of power that that the opinion your knowing what happened. And I think if they got to a point where they devalued -- and I think you can take a read off this organization a bit. They clearly believe they can somehow supplement that production. Which may send a signal to the rest of the market that pay. It may not be something you want to overpay for a while. Which I think is wrong and I yelled obviously was it was the right move doing appeals internally to move on and they feel like they can find another way is -- have gone down a road. I still say Wes -- who struggle slot receiver saying anything just zero in on him. He always is open. And you know there is an -- there that you do better -- packer quarterback because it's a little smaller catch radius. What he beats his guy it's frequently using a wide receiver in the league so it just to provide your built the right way to give him the ball. And your offense works the way the work I can't imagine a dozen teams that wouldn't wouldn't need him it would get a production dollar value -- -- much higher than what there was but. I'm not teams balked and probably had that feeling that while knowing what was about him at that height and you know what they've been right a lot of those regards on the left -- Moscow so maybe that would affect. Do you think. Any of this was personal between Bill Belichick walker as some have theorized in the -- I don't buy it but there are those are a lot of fans out there that think it was personal with with bill and him that December and would date back -- last season's first couple weeks by. When your what your feelings on that right again friend so not give him that offer a personal stories that we felt anything like that but what I can say is worthy world in the season ended. -- -- There's no there's nothing in the use no sort of public front that's been put on there there I don't I don't sense of there was a tremendous amount animosity when this thing went down. You know I think at the end of the day I think they had maxed out what they felt he was worth and he didn't agree. And he went out to find a different situation and they went out to find a different situation and a part of ways. I do think that you know maybe there had been a slight but for two was -- the phrase of the week last week -- was ups like disdain -- -- -- wildest days that that may have been accurate but you know what I think everyone at some point has mild disdain for the -- vice Versa but he survives even hotter than matzo. -- -- frame that is -- that was something unusual that you don't still go through and how competitive analyses I think is silly so. I think he was mutual beneficial in the situation great pressure for Wes is gonna go there and unfortunately patriots fans can catch balls he's generally improve that particular office. It's not that I don't think Danny and I Danny Amendola ethical have a fired season here are you know eventually I think you're a mom always wary of this is not like what happened 2006 -- call however where you lose guys like Welker and you lose guys. Like got elected anyway had. And you know guys that really you don't know how to go for in a year ago with Jones and it may be of Sanders to assign her I think eventually will there's still going to be. -- still gonna take it may take several weeks before this offense -- slick we're used to seeing it. So because we've heard a lot of these names common before over the years and some time to distort -- don't work out looks good on paper the beginning but. You say oh my god admit it's this is that this is not what we -- it was gonna happen. I think depart this sort of compelling in and a little bit risky in all honesty from the the patriots perspective is the often risk averse and and -- idea the go to Danny Amendola. Over Welker. Based on old formulas to me would not masses are and comic science but you give him at that four for sixteen or four for fifteen to pick out west when he left when he left Miami. I don't I think they were in very similar situations you know but I feel like it and this is not unique situation going on bullet. Used to pay higher for -- and potential. Which as a veteran NFL -- -- review -- debt because you you expect pitchers sort of paid -- based -- not -- production but the provided -- productions like a -- tomorrow won't be much different than yesterday so that's unfortunate -- because it certainly taken -- -- because they're basically gonna let him play at the same -- figure the -- is gonna go for four template for somewhere else. So there's a risk that he'll meet their production basically is anything less than you get that unfortunate thing Dobie high scrutiny -- Also you know the release of Brandon Lloyd and I think it's a bit of a bad rap I understand he acts were Brad well no wait don't bodily I understand that. For a guy that was basically. Your fourth option on this team I don't know what people were expecting to me. 34 catches 914 yards of four touched off a committed -- what's your thoughts on -- of but that's about what I expected out of a guy. His position I know the potential is -- for him to be this gigantic -- the real deep threat guide and old he brie at some miscommunication at times -- on -- bombs but. I think it's I think it's a lot I think it's -- -- definite loss knocked out of fourteen yards. Got pretty -- I -- I only went through stretches last year -- -- it's it and have a lot of catches but he also had some monster gains from his team that people forget. Yeah I think. -- also. Put this -- while the doors close on that I think they worked hard for free negotiation didn't happen I don't think that door yet closed the -- -- here. I think the big issue is the number changed and it's at the -- -- happens in the NFL it's not I don't like you. It's I don't love you pick it up and that the number is important because date they loved him at last year's number but now there -- 33 million dollar option bonus. And we don't know what decision they've made to go with the office of what direction but. To say that we set here this time and I think we could vowed to always be looked across this particular knowing in the media landscape you find me the guy that. Was looking for Iraq. Were looking for yards after catch up yeah act as what this team really needed. They wanted someone who -- outside the numbers in the sky consistently did. Kia I would love -- knock this -- -- thrown out on Twitter later. Bought the idea that your third or fourth and usually force based on contract option. Would have that kind of productivity it's very nearly per dollar cap figure that role as high as you can do believe he not only have a four touchdowns and -- -- but for the dollar figure pretty high. He had 51 downs. So he advances the chains and I think the people the expectation that he didn't matter who wasn't the team's expectation I have -- highly doubt that -- did Josh McDaniels went -- pitch to bill would you out of vertical threat I'd never heard the team say that phrase I think that was other people's. It LC and they just get -- with the -- -- York about a Texas it was never downfield guy. A downfield men and outside the numbers don't feel comebacks go around occasionally maybe some posts and sits on inside but. He wasn't that so the expectation just was inaccurate to people who do little more research and most the -- said he actually did very nearly what he's ever done. Very near his best season -- beaten as a third or fourth option I mean our relief if he had been as consistent as people claimed of one if you had 2000 -- -- I do -- -- to put a dollar and a greatest caution people they just want and you heard you know the whispers at the end about all of a sudden. You know the heard stuff about not agree not to block out guy amid a work -- guy. All these other stories started to surfers everywhere I mean -- it all wide receivers several -- and yes I miss three Detroit -- everybody else that government -- receive resolute but at the bit in the now linebackers special team guys don't know wide receivers -- that's fraudulent biblical story started to surface that I nobody's attitude and it wasn't mad maybe wasn't the right that this team I don't know what's he trying to. Wall none of that nominates new animated those things all you came to the table multiple teams in multiple years that's I mean I don't think the -- -- Obama -- -- -- sort of you know. Deconstruct and the thing and trying to make up excuses for why you're not happy and I into the team saying that's off I don't believe it to be honest as I know some players are from the don't bolts beat -- in those -- whatsoever so I don't think there's a problem I just with the number about I think. Not bad but big. Yet also understand when brown what was signed the steam neither the -- Kernen has -- Donna believe I'm -- -- -- timeline on how about the jump but date date they introduced a lot of new money to their receiving -- after they had done his deal that's important understand because. There is no other EU or second tight in in the NFL makes the money that -- Hernandez though so. You have to understand Aaron Hernandez is now your second wide receiver per cap numbers -- way to spring breaks down. Working under heart album a soft -- -- up that the NFL last. That's your second wide receiver so were they now willing to take on a higher you know 34 to five cap number for Brandon Lloyd -- Has to be essentially by by by contract number the number three guy. Probably not you know especially that nominee bill and then -- the -- and -- high numbers and also this is a numbers thing you just don't allocate that kind of money. Even if you're gonna get a thousand and probably considered a risk because he's an older guys suspicious just how it works. The is this offense gonna shift in the different direction all these players -- slow or had to try to continue just you know. Chemicals going to be Welker and it's gonna keep doing the same thing and pray that Crocker and and has to stay on the field through playoffs. Well yeah I mean really -- that may be a bigger leaning on the run game hopefully but there's no personnel move necessary that would says that. You go back and review this -- of loss and and look at some of the times -- breakdowns and I think of sort of the emphasis on the run game will help from a certain spots. Some exhibition stuff a matter you but I don't think real personal cue that things are gonna change much -- -- -- polish your big number and it's basically meant to be a younger one for one. So unless we -- some sort of demonstrably different body type or different move or money allocated different position -- more -- -- courteous. Our policy change and Leon Washington is another addition that we didn't mention in. Leon the guy played with and you know helped block that guy did his first a probe longer probably -- I think I've been doing on his goal of that yet. I think you know like said now I just going to be one of the veterans on the -- at what he's extremely explosive you know obviously Danny Danny wood heads -- -- and newness is not as well. It's not exactly one for one and all the attention ticket out way. They do a little bit different things and I believe vote -- only played in seventy -- -- last season for Seattle so. The copper numbers not huge -- ailing economy yourself may just be more special teams role but because they weren't able to retain Danny I think there has to be a third down back component in there are so. He'll be -- -- like him he's a great locker room -- -- about turn and -- Hernandez for a second so you think he's -- going to be -- second isn't what makes him so great is his versatility streamline up everywhere including on the back roadside. You think that's gonna change -- a -- he's going to be. If not his personal would do with it all next season as noble released a lineup and several different positions at time generally the can be more Brooke as you said a second wide receiver. -- -- -- was anyway yeah he would he would end up near the box in what do you collect -- alignment worries off the ball and certainly hit the offensive tackle that's as close to -- and yeah hopefully get. He put his hand down on and on you know. A short yardage situations maybe a YY which is too tied in together when grant was still healthy but. He's been removed the box out outside doing lots of different things for a long time so this is not new. There's also interest in -- a lot of I think a lot of perception out there is this idea that. The reason was okay it'll Wesco and sort of that amount of money allocated was because they had a lot of stuff going on inside line inside -- -- groggy Hernandez in -- Jeff understand you know airline insider line in the slot -- mean the route goes there. But still pretty good route distribution Hernandez and a lot of this stuff albeit -- in the so called slot and -- still run outside route west would run you know seemed routes Westergren -- across they're all over the place. So I hope occurring is ruled that changes what specially now having not cinnamon goal of this may change thanks and maybe they could envision him in west has role. What I think you just have to understand from the way you break down your roster and look at your roster that is your sector receive. 6177797937. You can text at the 37. 937 also you can tweet at the -- three to six and at Chatham rookie -- THE THE MT AM rapid answer questions -- that way as well beat shepherd Matt here until 6 o'clock or the big shall we don't -- like today. Possibly 61777. I 3535. Bodies second brick microphone Sports Radio W -- yeah.

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