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Stephen A Smith joins Mut and Merloni in studio to preview Celtics-Heat

Mar 18, 2013|

Stephen A. explains he is still standing behind Celtics guard Rajon Rondo in the future since his production would be difficult to replace. He clarifies the situation in the Eastern Conference and what teams have a legitimate chance to compete with the Heat.

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Back edit model or not -- three point seven WEEI huge night for the MBA 22 road trying to make it twenty Korean Miami Heat take on the Celtics maybe with the without. Kevin Garnett and our guys Stephen A Smith has been great to us over the last couple years in studio had -- -- -- man you guys. Don't watch I watch all listeners to know I owe you all an apology when they would ease that a few weeks ago I was supposed to be on board than it was all five bought out the -- -- And they have we went there we appreciate your sending emails and you apologize and pay you are look man I keep my award -- complete I feel so bad that totally totally did drop the ball and it was -- -- sides would tell listeners to. It was not you've got ice teas and and -- beard and I know went -- was no it was all me our listeners love you because you speak that your piece slapper on skip Bayless for a couple of hours every single. They can do it every -- our listeners fit fit with the with this Miami Heat team we just talking about -- -- it they are the worst rebounding team in the MB AS troop they've won twenty to a reality changing the way people look at. Rebounding its importance in basketball given how good they've been and how bad the rebound I don't think they're doing that. Because you understand that they were -- -- so many other areas it's it's it's really easy as surmised that you know you've got that level of talent at all said it. Not only do you have the superstar LeBron James he also happens to be 6824. You know you look at a guy like Chris Bosh yeah cease and that's what he's 610 and -- you can have to -- way he's 64 you know you have some decent size did just not bangers. Because of this speed because of their quickness and if lettuce is a there are so many tools they have available to them to make up for an offset. What they don't do we re brown and is that it's not a price RT if this were a conviction team with a point guard descended Powell for. They don't -- the old school kind of powerful than a man who runs the heat organization pat -- would have been sanded them no rebounds no ranks. But he knows he does he used that added with them because he doesn't have to because he knows they can win two -- in spite of. It we dug but the matchup of the Celtics and one of the the Celtics don't believe offensive rebounding either apparently Bologna played he becomes up because -- more concerned with the transition. -- gay guys back that's all the heated at a burn that's how the crowd is gonna go crazy that philosophy that -- had a cup years maybe has to do with talent. But they have the brought a lot to do with knowing they got to beat Miami Heat in this when we wanna play well that hyped about the Miami Heat they always hyped about going up against them and whatever it is that Boston doesn't do well typically over the course of the grueling 82 game season. -- thrown out of the window the minute they go to Google gets the Miami Heat because -- -- that are several notches. Because they simply don't like that you know they -- the Big Three once upon a time they came in here. They solidified invalidate the agreements about what in the world championship over the lake is back in 2008. They turn around again last year you'd have to remember. The Boston Celtics of the mindset that if Jeff Green way if Avery Bradley will -- anyway healthy we would have beaten them with out those guys they pushed. The Miami Heat. To the brink of elimination not just once but twice they had a three game lead three games into league -- into game six last year when LeBron went bizarre -- and his team. That leaves them virtually the Miami Heat champions but the fall. That if they had all of their personnel available to them. They would be in the Miami in the it would have been no championships. When you have that kind of mentality. And do you look at everybody celebrating the Miami the way that they do. Europe rifle bullets like the Boston Celtics or ready champions Golan. You know couple NBA finals appearances in the -- you as well and feel like you should've been last year you're going to have a chip on the issue of the and that's what got him into the equation -- that -- -- impact and influence he has over the psyche of his teammate. All that stuff does is build -- fueled by -- -- you know and it serves the way. You mentioned game six last year I view that is the jumping off point brought weapon working was. Worries now or you guys announcer talking about is one of the best 456 players. In the NBA history not now today do you view that game six what he did to the Celtics in that elimination game is pretty but lift off point for him. It was -- you know lift off is definitely accurate you know obviously the culmination was -- the championship performance in the NBA finals the way that he did. Double BM down 32 when everybody including myself thinking it was open at Boston Adams now how could you be down 32 to this point. You've really put yourself in this whole. And and suspecting that he's not going to show -- in crunch time because what you had in the rearview mirror with the real well was an NBA finals appearance we went was the fourth quarters. Doing virtually nothing in the NBA finals so. You note for him come out and dropped 44 to just look like a man possessed the way that he did in that particular game he was nothing short of sensational. And I think that we use you can look at that is the lift off point because as far as I'm concerned. He hasn't come down -- Scotland now that has any questions one top five grades plausible time you know if they don't -- that led a schism the ability that he has. Out we haven't seen anything like. If you if you hate abroad to one of those guys LeBron -- there's a -- worst nightmare come true this year at level he's playing. And you've seen in the commercials and personalities coming out and dare I say he's likable. What you -- people leave and not. Before the decision he was like board member of the commercials with with Afro. -- you don't jump -- -- pool with slow motion to do all the stuff. I mean he was he was -- he was real comical he's a great guy he really is he's never been a bad guy. It's just that the decision was a bad decision because of the manner in which it was handled you know not only did you alienate folks in Cleveland you grew up an acrid. But you also alienated folks in the media capital of the world they say New York City because Utah held -- press conference twenty minutes away from nip this facility in Greenwich Connecticut though you know you. -- -- -- that -- you -- cover -- the new your you know you're left Cleveland which he did tell definitely found that when you announce that this agent. -- -- a whole bunch of people that -- more than a bit perturbed and an obvious the cabinet. The coronation celebrating before UN level warning the meaning hold the whole Miami Heat thing and everything like that. It really rubbed a lot of people all way bullet. It says a lot about him and he's been able to overcome that cap to world championship Dwayne wade has returned to his superstar form Chris Bosh. Maybe be the greatest third -- we've ever seen in NBA history you've got all that the one on. But don't balling the waited they've been -- you just can't take anything away from the and along the rise. Now you find the nation of people marveling at what they do even -- a crowd at the god in the night it's going to be quite ready for them. It's going to be madness up India. You really just want to beat them to not eating that the waited too did two years -- Cheney. Steve placement hang in all of us you mentioned marveling at a a lot of people aren't here marble the celtics' record since Rajon Rondo was -- you like a lot of people on TV addicts they say. That's their Rondo is done this team is on. Have you changed your opinion how about this team ceiling. With since the way they play without Rajon Rondo because my comments were directed about the ceiling I know that would Doc Rivers with KG would pool is to going to be -- I didn't expect them to beat this interest to not give me I'd give you that. The defense is improved exponentially you've got Avery Bradley I mean this do. I don't know of people realize how special this kid is as -- -- -- I mean I'm trying to take you you're you're just a prototypical point guard you want no -- to disk. Disguise a nightmarish. Defend and now against Miami that does not work because they'd have a definitive point guard almost bring in a WA way to bring in and another brawl might bring the ball up the court the crime now I mean that is the weighted it worked. Ballistic exempt you wanna get the New York -- human felt he one of what you want you would they be -- to -- no you don't you Chris Paul is greatest he is you Avery Bradley or grass you all might know you do not you Russell Westbrook do you want their -- Oklahoma -- -- you do not we solely be Bradley did one loss at Oklahoma tapped out -- -- down to -- it was unbelievable so. -- he's just he's just so real defender. Boston right now is fourth in the league field goal percentage shooting defense. Second in the league defending the three point shot they've improved like two full. Since Avery Bradley has come back you have Campbell Courtney Lee you have one of the elite defending back courts in the game. So in light of that if Jeff Green eighteen gives itself. Okay and Paul Pierce and KG are fresh. For the post season. It stands to reason that they will be formidable mind knock against them is really not a knock. I just believe words now Rondo to be that great. -- point caught a facilitate. Somebody that shields up and elevates his game. Once the post season rocked his numbers in the post season his play in the policies his focus the way he becomes more force. I don't go about what he doesn't regular season I go about what I've seen him do in the whole season. I don't believe Boston is making off with that. So I asked him about what -- back at it I said the title aspirations while all were and I meant it but only because of respect for Rondell. Not because of my disrespect it by via I agree with exiting in the playoffs you know superstars come out and that's -- Rajon Rondo would elevate his game we look at the Eastern Conference right now. I don't think hawks not -- -- windy and the knicks are much of an auto and Brooklyn side scares me yet but they don't know either. Indiana Indiana is the most formidable threat to the Miami Heat for this reason in this easily see this is interest and glad you brought that up. Indiana to he has a better chance of beating Miami and Boston. But -- you beat Indiana. Zero -- so that's where becomes tricky. But that -- about Indiana that I like so much if grade -- -- come -- -- -- enough which hasn't been the keys is only played about five games. Pulled Georgia's emerged as a star even -- shut him down last time he went up its the Miami the other day. -- -- that thing that you gotta love about Indiana is that they beat him very physical. The old school they know who they are and they know what did not and they don't try to be anything more. Is it worst case scenario they will simply be too. And the reason why don't have a lot of faith will Boston even bought the Boston can beat them. Watt I think they were better match for Miami's because ultimately they will decide to beat chew up and do you have grip on your Frontline. Doc Rivers often said it's when Kendrick Perkins was he. They had never lost the series when they had all father they've got. Rondo at Ray Allen Paul is KG Perkins KG nobody had the inevitable undefeated. In the post season in the series they had never lost. That loss that KG even though we understand I'm -- can depart is even -- we understand. It's devastated. This team because you had somebody point -- for a lot lot of girth lat muscle lot of -- to demean one campaign. And that allowed -- to do everything else with him going now KG has to do or levels and he's tall but he doesn't have -- and -- That's a lot -- -- him if that's what you problem. And and I think Indiana talent wise and depth and all that book on the Miami -- -- look at the Celtics team so you know. This more than just talent depth to me it's attitude it's knowing how to win its docket KG it's Paul stroke. -- out with -- upon Miami Heat I would look it's something more than just talent depth. Be afraid of the -- that maybe more because of that well this. I would say this to you you could be fearful of the Celtics. If last year had it happen I would totally agree with but once you get over that. -- -- It's like YouTube -- the issue KG not only did you have to championship -- with it but to also have the experience -- agent Patricia kicks in but -- incredibly experienced that he thought that six years old respectively OK but this is what we break. But that LeBron comes ahead. He drops 45. And an -- and -- not -- what are we talking about we talk about going into tonight's game you've beat them the last story. Why does that not that important. Because the last time we faced in -- -- sees what -- game right here all you hopeful. He dropped 45 he annihilated the Boston Celtics he took over so what you take over like that you really -- Know yet not. When you try to get over that hump. That's the question -- once you do it it's almost like get top. Did did I say -- -- gets -- and they finally got over the -- did Jordan against -- and a bad boy this does he finally got over the hump usually an MBA and those what you get over that hump. You don't go back. And the brawn and Miami and Al's boy's got over that home would Boston last year which is why I don't believe apple problem that. Had they not won last year cannot say hey that's the spot that you know because Paul is he's the truth and cagey -- health odd way. People went out Rondo. Against the team that already took you out in game seven last year. Wrote I'm not give beautiful real quick effort to talk about -- a lot in last couple leaders by his job as a coach. I mean you know put on -- highest pedestal I'd coaches in the NB what is it. About docked at the puts in their for you Doc Rivers is the leader of men. There's just a simple. X is an old you look at the Gregg Popovich is in the world food Jackson's all the Eagles got absolutely positively to -- what stands out in my mind about Doc Rivers is that. You all going to be the best that you can be pulling for him. A you're not going to short change your teammates you're not going to short change the thing -- you're not going to short changes self. Very long if you pulling for you all going to go all out willingly. Because he is going to mandate to do so he's going to do so in a way that doesn't alienate -- he's going to do so in a way that it's by age. And he's got somebody like the KG's and even Paul Pierce is lean -- but I just can't say -- enough Bob Knoll dot -- for many many years. I just think they have always thought he was an exceptional coach. I have some concerns initially because output gaining eight wasn't getting the job and -- he pulled off that heist went to Minnesota Timberwolves and Kevin McHale got -- -- yet and -- he said Kevin McHale Christmas cause every day for the rest his career. But the point is he got it done and he deserves a lot of credit for. But Doc Rivers ability. To get men to rally around one another for warm course in the motivate them at a very high level. Just a relentless pursuit of excellence he doesn't accept excuses he reminds me of Mike Tomlin substances along to Phil Jackson and others you know they'll talk about excuses we don't live in that world he does he used those words that's what he stands by. And I think you know I'd obviously be be in a native new Yorker it's almost sacrilegious to admit this but Boston is an absolutely fantastic sports town and I love the -- You can't have a soft as butter coach somebody that's gonna accept mediocrity just wrote it -- -- upbeat outlook cannot do that can't work in this town. And that's why. Doc Rivers belongs and that's why you're lucky to have because he epitomizes what you want your team -- -- to where. And I know you getting you're going to hear your show coming up real quick you expect KG in his game. I expected because he's just a war re at a highest order I can't imagine as badly as I -- know he loves beating up on the Miami Heat whenever he came in. That he would shrink from this and I'm not saying he would if he did play if he's hurt he's hurt. -- and I think I think this one little situations where if he doesn't end up playing it's going to be because the coach and organization does not allow them play. As opposed to him saying no I can't go I don't believe there is any way in hell. -- KG will come mid day and say coach I can't go if he can't go it's because the Boston Celtics would not allow him to. If there's a way. He will find it because against the Miami Heat he wants to be there for that. You got to show to do your outlook for two weeks ago by the -- don't worry about that he came -- studio -- out today with us we appreciate I appreciate it -- thank you have a great talks and a BA Stephen A Smith of ESP -- get a break come back with steel lined up yourself -- calls next.

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