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Are the Bruins and Penguins destined for a seven-game playoff series?

Mar 18, 2013|

The Bruins are having a bit of trouble with the Penguins so far this season, but Gerry still thinks the two teams are in for a seven-game series when the playoffs roll around. The guys all agree it would be a good matchup, but right now it certainly looks like Pittsburgh has the better team.

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Typical playoff game where you know I thought we played well we played hard and so today and it was a tight team illnesses. And ended up in the 21 hockey game which I think. Both teams had a chance to win. Was frustrating if Keira if you're Bruins -- -- you really one of them to complete the revenge weekend sweep. They got the Saturday when against the capitals team that they have blown a lead to earlier in the week and had a chance against Pittsburgh do it if it was a frustrating game from the bruins' perspective because you out shot them and it was 32 to eighteen. Spot Munis had an opportunity at. In and this is now on believe me when I'm saying I'm not taking anything away. Kind of a weird -- key game winning goal it goes off the shin pad of of parents and changes direction. Brass gets a glove on it barely and you know and the tally puts it into the top corner of the net. And it was just -- it the Bruins -- the better team. Now I think they're pretty I'd say you're right I was gonna say he would have -- that McCann case for either one and there are better. But. -- -- an -- on Saturday Malkin probably better and and it don't have great -- although he limped to the buses that would keep -- Winnipeg with the team yesterday. I have to admit when it happened it did might pictured shattered kneecap Brooklyn Johnny boy just. Rips it was that a Johnny rocket that was Johnny -- I'd -- -- -- -- now but if he thought he would and it was just one of those things where you'd jump area and leaves it exposed I thought well man this Camille. And maybe it will be because. I mean let's not forget that. Chris Kelly walked around for a couple of days with a poke in this true they are able to diagnose that the swelling on when he went with them to Winnipeg correct. -- she went oh well Kelly with the team when they were not great do you rate which went to Winnipeg co workers. One of those great. Old east eastern -- and those of us than against Winnipeg -- original 32 -- when they used to take the bus -- the train you know from Boston Winnipeg today just overnight trip playing game come back home. The whole field home and home and home Winnipeg against. Boston when things could go on them. They've been really good here lately they've they played very well. Unfortunately. I wish they were playing awful but. The Bruins are a very good team one of the top 345 teams in the National Hockey League. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is quite really really prefer him over -- -- mean he's bigger and these. Again -- read the quotes. From the caps yesterday in the Washington Post -- was misty says they were -- But make it sound like an optional Orton you know is a legitimate NHL tough -- but it's like he was. Since it is and in fact it's bigger than. Right or else and but I just look some equates okay I'll fight to reduce did not wanna put -- it was one of those deals where there was no good choice. Both of them were bad -- Hendricks I skated over the bench and I punched -- in the would beat atletico he had a hard time getting into -- IL Europe partisan here but the problem with marsh -- first fight with a guy has never fought in his life it was march on second fight. I mean obviously -- what our first -- -- -- thirteen is closed that second by a slight but you can't punch Mike Ribeiro in the face enough to keep me OK you get him -- basic question Eric. And I were -- skull and when I don't like -- or if you're in the Booth -- in the food TV studio for. Washington that you notes say the -- -- martian. Harsh. No why is it I've ever and I need to whom probably. Doesn't get. He's the guy to beat them hate yes -- -- you make him want someone went about it from fighting repair. It's not was the second -- ever the first was PK suit on that and of that now the up and around. As the ground in years longer and game. And he has so I mean there's a difference. But is ribeiro as -- -- Marcia -- side and fine yeah all of -- I used to joke when win when I was doing play by play and ribeiro played for the Canadians used my nickname for -- yard sale. Because every time -- -- or equipment. America -- a year ago. That's that specialty the Montreal Canadians that -- fake. And it did not -- it did like it would check learned that move -- and its opponents stick up if -- -- that they can liken it in the Archie did he -- that for the Canadian. Bruins don't do that right only Canadians do that. Right that move would -- -- got the high stick on -- crowds -- I don't think eat eat eat out. Crosby's stick and stuck it into space so it didn't know I don't think so that's what any old checks at all well that it's gospel. I mean they also said. The -- of Canadian and that -- after nine plays they also said that Patrice Bergeron touched the puck with his -- to get the penalty yeah. Dennis Seidenberg yet. Arts and he did it -- it was his club not Bergeron and it shouldn't have been apparently so after nine replayed as though we touched it obviously. Post national not to hate got it up. A lot of them every damn one. Not it's going to be a blast I assume they'll play someone else first than that'll be fun too but they're gonna play Pittsburgh come down to which team accident removed the deadline. Meet either try to close enough you know it comes down to the -- goal Kirk -- know anything about -- stress that comes down hard Khalilzad to. That's the backup goalie he looked pretty good -- generally that good. That they're actually playing better defensively early so. He was very good. But he's clearly they're back to like and Tom would open look -- on Saturday he's clearly the Bruins back up they both cut you know two goaltenders their. Perfectly content play with a they have -- -- and I think you're right they're probably gonna play each other at some point. In the Eastern Conference play great but -- are decent arms blast now trying to put it to charity it is like they did I did it January these scales. Are not normal regular season games and I and on an album ever ever do it but. If the past had to throw in the them make up the difference over 48 game regular season and eighty game season. It's what we talked about march. Out. -- so. Much better you know the Russian National Hockey League. Eight the Boston Bruins. Every time they play as well uptrend. And because they beat the crap everybody because they're bigger and they have or offer and I told -- more hitters and fighters then most Kenya and into the league I was looking. They have literally dale you'd know by the of course. Eight guys who were ready and willing to fight yet I mean there's only opponent -- about eight. Thanks so you get mark that on points points and put those but he'd be willing to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Bruins and again you know but I know I -- -- -- -- the Western Conference yet because you know that platinum but. They must have eight guys more than willing to fight I of their six defenseman. What I can think of why wouldn't include on the list -- -- and it hasn't bought yet he's only nineteen years old the other five. Chara. Show me he'd rather not they'd rather have -- -- Seidenberg -- -- -- -- parents all while many goons. What you -- a lot of -- it's. A lot of them but but he's willingly Wellington yet how many goons or fighters armed forces when they were on our defense. Cause McQuay could qualify as they groom has and word that you wanna call in force. If sport needed a -- occurs in the in this scars to heal. He could do that job -- What's ironic is the Bruins aren't even close to the NHL lead in fighting majors. Because most teams don't wanna give -- that -- game and it's a bad idea might that mean to cap sort of tried on Saturday bad plan okay its work. Most teams trying not to play the Bruins that way. Toronto Maple -- lead the the NH fighting majors while but that's also factor of a team sucked -- right -- when you're down two goals you have to vitally important said he was up -- Google's when he fought. -- -- Erskine Annie -- and I only in posh and would play an emirate by up. It up with him yeah -- want to think that that you're down to Google TV this occupies. That never got two goals. They never need that spark or I should -- rarely need that spark -- you think about. They could play you don't want to lose them you don't want to -- -- of his question tree lot. He really wanted to fight I don't want to fight like an animal I mean he fought in news and that's not even one of the fight and fight like. You know some kind of maniac and in slap shot. And splitters that didn't click myopia in yield that cut out and get some stitches open and and they might have. I don't the numbers on this. -- -- -- -- They lead league in those. You know -- -- -- it's it's good point an -- about it that he said it educated MB of him she'll lush militia idea what that note to Brad march. I mean I was laughing afterwards and is as Randy seems laughing during. As Randy Scott from ESP and laugh about you to -- tool by a five foot nine inch -- -- It was micro barrel last you know like eating hurt he survived and he was so it was first fight thirteen years now. -- check in the white we were kids in tuchman with that now. Big bad Bruins remember when you were kids with the big bad Bruins. Before your time courteous we panel heard of every single thing how they tape this sticks. You know how they lace the skates what color -- everything about -- we knew everyone or do you were in that camp -- they'll do. Everything about it was excellent their birthdays were yeah Johnny abuse -- abruptly coming up on May twelfth some -- stick in your -- to carry it gives us like from my age burden in this guy's got up but it was fanatical. The challenge and you know. You know exactly who could fight -- couldn't and you knew how many times -- Cashman fought Keith Magnuson which also asked what if he fought like you know -- York. It would have Bobby Orr fought our guy who didn't like quite like. I -- and he did fight -- -- apparently liked it. But you know you say what if or fought to -- what would happen you know it was like this. This. Obsession of who good fight who could win a kind of think -- has that same quality what if -- fought Lucic would have you know. I can tell you this nobody in its once of my. Guys around the game he might be scary I would have China Arafat. That would be that would be some secret arrangement should do via. And -- its way to the season the winner of the spring when you click on -- It and it is it possible march and would fight a team that they had a girl on the roster. Extra points out ankle has to. 6 o'clock and seven -- 77. Quick break right back to the call or write to the call -- -- -- on exports radio WB -- -- the Swedes.

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