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Are the Pats better after their early free agency moves?

Mar 18, 2013|

Dale, Kirk and Gerry tried to answer one simple question: Are the Patriots better than they were when free agency started? Dale and Kirk said yes, but Gerry's still stuck on Wes Welker. They also take a look at who else is still available on the market.

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It's sort of figured out as the week went on -- the on revamping their offensive philosophy. But he upcoming season what we didn't realize was that apparently they're never going to roll forward pass while this read option things kitchen at that that they can. Triple option they've -- -- -- on some put -- -- we have Brady in the offseason -- you know waiting room greasing his. Is speed a little bit because on the roster right now. The patriots do not have a single wide receiver who caught a pass from robbery last year that's true outlaw. -- cannot say. The patriots somebody the question and number of people last question of the better now than they were you know a week ago before I mean it's ludicrous question of course that I actually think they are tiger -- I had a war. How was -- possibly can I think they're better on -- you really love Adrian Wilson I deal. That man and I know they lost and they -- Wes Welker -- back he's back but when he's on the team already -- mildly better now than they were last I would trade Welker. Purple and -- image ago Wilson and recently for you to you'd trade Welker for Adrian Wilson for and and -- Wilson into the so it was already here you'll ultimately was it better than last year your kick off return game dramatic right -- -- bottom quarter we'll -- -- -- seven everything out of the hit about it tell you what -- Welker catches a pass from Payton man next year. OK we will but I mean it's it's laughable they're better than they were last year because of Adrian Wilson. Just because of Adrian Wilson well I didn't have -- weakened they don't have the toll -- -- our last time recent week error and they might not have gathered you don't know that you know what I'll have him -- just the question of whether he gets paroled before he's forty. That's after they might not have them next season they do not have Brandon Lloyd. Which is seventy which by the way it was 74 catches he nine disappointed me last year. Okay so the next guy -- guaranteed me he used the Jamaican guarantees is gonna have more than 74 pitches 900 yards. Guaranteeing anything amnesty -- guaranteed a win in Winnipeg don't try to move what are your cities around. -- -- they were better now than they were a week ago that was your question by the way I say they don't. Brandon Lloyd. Brandon Lloyd utility to replace Brandon -- numbers. Sanders you're Jim -- I don't -- -- got to do that while they tried before they shouldn't do with a Ochocinco chosen -- with you know it got on the list of yes 74 catches really. I expected much more than what he brought to Rockwell I expected to like run once in awhile -- re caught a ball did he ever run actually. He's he's been in the league for. And and seasons it was the second season. 74 catches 911 yards four touchdowns he's not a -- guy yes. It is a -- under rated the organized and -- win. -- doesn't like to idea. He has come in all they've done is say good bye and a two Wes Welker downgrade at that position. Sick about it Patrick John and upgrade that position. -- Going to be better and they might be when they. And when their -- and I don't think -- a world record I'm pretty sure they need again -- -- about by the labor and what might come back to number -- -- significantly at erratic behavior last -- -- you cut them down when he cut his salary. In and I was back then knew that this calorie was getting -- mean just what Selig major rules. No I do that's that's too good in adults in here you don't have a pass rusher he just. Yet will be gone and done. Now and I think. -- let Johnny knows. That spent much of -- the money they spent half while they found out they met today. Approximately how much -- have to -- gets bad vulnerable because that whole market was waiting on Jake. It would -- is gonna say if you know pit bull. And -- -- go. And that is good to -- that's a big loss but we will spin that says that next mark -- he was raised by that Tuesday that Dante Scarnecchia. That's that all of us to do that. Uganda -- matter who plays there's -- -- the coach him up right but. You know amounts and there are markedly worse although. Of course there were some slot -- of course there are often the passing game is worse now. When you lose Welker and and Lloyd wells and you know -- any woodcock. That's the problem I don't know if that's a loss well and don't forget -- he would cut and you call loss because he's not on the roster wise let's not make any wood in the something that he was a and happy that brought him back it really bother me that they didn't. And real Washington is gonna help this team you have to match I mean he's one of the best kick returners in the history of the league decent and stuff terrible off that's that's -- dole was good and it seems redundant to me. I don't think they plan on using him why not there they -- just Washington but why not try and protect the kid. That we -- trying to do to protect them but Leon Washington was. Over the last six years he's in the top four in the NFL in kick off return art yeah. He's better. I -- but what did you have to sign them. Because you want to improve your kick -- return boy you wanted to protect him handle it and it would it would Welker. Never was a mistake how exactly. Was a mistake not with while protecting I think so that's correct it is good. Correcting mistakes and they are seeing anywhere and I read that anywhere they're correcting members and that's. Let's all you know let's all buy them. Companies that they're better Adrian Wilson's going to be. -- greatest safety he's Rodney Harrison. He's. -- Washington State meg Ross. What he's 125. Years old and birdied all five years old and Paul at age mattered because. Well that's a good wanna or yes I -- Bernie Paul without them. Why not. This guy he's old enough to be Adrian will -- Edmund Wilson's -- to be polished pop for crimes that really true or anything but if you're you're right or Austria. Now it would have to have Pollard thirty. Have all right. I know beefs you've seen that's my boy run at a bus -- But but Adrian Wilson's 33. He's older than Wes Welker who I thought I was time passed and we were going for the younger guy. Why would you go for such an old safety we had some younger safeties out. That -- the game and go to bed and Welker. I don't think we -- The duke short on radio. Adjusted by just asking detectors it is -- Almost every Lloyd -- was an acrobatic. Brady rarely get him in stride on the number I never saw. I never thought I hit the ground quicker than and the -- that's so you -- and Deion Branch -- even an odds against him mainly that the greatest ball and it was Marvin Harrison. And guess what his coaches applauded import. -- -- -- I'd like to have you -- it Ron wants to you heard Troy Brown talk about this the coaches hold them to go to. And -- did in some cases and tell every wide receiver but they tell the skinny ones the small. -- -- -- -- down they do they tell us well Wes -- yes because in this event reaction guys semi -- he refused to do -- and I can't do. Yes they tell welcome to go down to. The discretion is the better part of -- kid did you take a look at -- Wilson's eyes not yet fairly here's -- eyes he looked and they -- exercise at the press says this is why it's his mistake it is interesting point to care injury he made which used in Denver said. Two things missing oddly at the press conference with -- -- -- And no uniform. I Aniston pictures via an estimate that. Showing off on my doctor Leonard Leonard he saw that hair was full and rich and oh man what the good natured. But no Jersey. No hold -- -- the -- Jersey. Big big signing he looked like he was making out and as I have never seen a man less happy. At a press conference in which is being handed millions of dollars -- you know what. I don't think that's entirely because he's unhappy to -- -- he's mad at his -- right music is mad at the market -- -- AG's mad money he thought this was he thought this day would someday come. We'd stand in front of the media all the procedures the NC. -- me for five years and 55 1000000 something I am not so happy to be apart of this organization. An opportunity to play for a future hall of fame quarterback. He's been the first five minutes talking about the guy left right. Like -- did -- one mosque went to Minnesota did the same thing. -- think he'll be fine he'll have a good year. Any guys wanna bet on them and all over so well currency more productive -- not that blogs said not that rockers -- better player. I -- days so. You don't think they upgraded. And talk to Los Angeles and I like you have got a great job this downgrade. Wes Welker picture imprinted -- and now it is just as I did that well I -- memo was common in the first day is the follow it is the church in the initial reaction. With the -- and cows in the street fighting and pillaging the second day when people say. In bill we trust you know I'm sorry bill -- like rocky one rocky was mad at Burgess Meredith. On the other side of the door and scream and -- and you wouldn't take me in that moment when he gets a lot of the system that he runs on the street says. OK you can train and let's be friends again he would get that out so initially when gets the system and the currency. I'm -- deal would at least say Wes Welker was over and we request -- congress. That's Wes Welker was tickets to when he hits as you've seen it yeah. Memento pocket as opposed -- leaning on and I'm -- I'm not. -- you -- you're you're you know -- price and you read knowing your Callahan is the second best straw man argument maker in the city of Boston. 6177797937. With telephone number text line is always available to you at 37937. Dive right into it you know will talk about the -- yesterday here on Sports Radio WB.

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