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John Ryder and Lenny Megliola - Moneyball in Foxboro

Mar 17, 2013|

John and Lenny talk about all the Patriots moves this past week including the Welker loss to Denver. Check out the latest talk about the Talib signing, the release of WR Lloyd, and the new additions to the secondary.

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And now only WEEI Sports Radio network we've paired up two fantastic hosts I'm well aware of the situation you guys he'll be Peru today here. Believe it's John Rheinecker handle any Magglio and dump her big domination of talk show host on WEI. I -- not -- for. Perfect so now -- -- -- talk show that we do -- the club right Aaron made on the WTI Sports Radio network. That's why we -- on other Saint Patrick's Day after this just a few of the guys here joys of averages of adult variety today and I can completely understand that. We're we're not right now unfortunately not -- -- -- -- -- -- is over that in sports minded. Absolutely and taking your phone calls -- 6177797937. A text messages -- 37937. As this went to extra points I don't know if it's the same -- paddies beard talking or not the Ryder sounds like Mikey -- sounds like Larry Johnson I wish I wish we each had. Police say 510 dollars for each and that's been brought up by either color texture that you keep track as -- the same text it's on article tracks involved a number right now. You know four dollars yes with with -- -- that time before yes. And some people compliment to goddess would make a good team well thank you for that we all I will always drew working together. Couple of other text messages here someone saying that they don't want to see. Every year another safety how about the pass -- warm -- -- you know I I. I think that pretty much. Said at that that you would think you know it's tough to related to go with the patriots but you would think that the you know would bringing in Adrian Wilson -- -- -- accordion I don't know what their plans are with Steve Gregory of course you get the -- -- heard cases well yes is what happens there's -- -- what happens there next month yeah. I just think I have read. From a standpoint and an idol one over dramatize how important that experiences when man he'd. You'd be acquired back -- it would. Yeah I mean like again can be it at times a liability in coverage. And -- so many of these guys said some compassion issues he's talked about even last year's talking about that it potentially might be his last season because it. Fearful of those some concussion issues there's pretty candid when talking to -- but it. The admiration that Belichick as for Reid and vice Versa you know is immense so most not one it was a freeagent all right that's going to be the guy but I think that they've. Backed off a little bit because of the the that you know here maybe a they know the operas are out there and and Houston which desperately needs a veteran presence on the defensive side of the ball and in that locker room and a guy and still. The rated quarterback like you said Lanny like go to borrow or would you rather have a program that. Abraham over -- yes because I think that's morbid need right now -- they're -- they still need a situational pass rusher right now whether BA were hammered Dwight Freeney I'd probably go with. Abraham ahead of Dwight -- free slipped last season but that was the first time that the colts they they went two or 34 defense in these better of the four threes which is mostly what the Nazis -- used exactly. I it to again -- the other fault lines on this Saint Patrick's Day. Which is today also we haven't touched on this -- all of the yankees' situation more -- -- ever. Is it is now saying that this injuries more serious and there's some reports he might you know I'll till June there's other reports he might be out the entire season. It's incredible what happened that team. And yes but the Red Sox. Very first and third base through it like a billion dollars worth -- salary as a person. CI notices and hyperbole exaggeration but still yeah I mean yeah I mean it's. It's incredible that those two guys broken down obviously -- younger than than a rod who. He's got to wonder era right time he comes back if he comes back -- way he's going to be what we saw last she needed surgery. Because in Ryan couldn't move to left to right and if he lost popping his baton. Advantage Vietnam ever yeah he looked like an average is exactly it looked like it like an average weekly music. Career a look at up he's somewhere around that take. 280 something and look it up that day last year is around 250 wasn't allies is probably closer to 90 bat I am I'm not sure -- look at a while since he said that room you know great -- right and I think he's got as motivated he's actually said before that he's overpaid. And -- is that was -- that there -- not last year rolled this offseason was talking about it and and I think. No proof of this but why do I have a feeling that he has more desired to go out here prove himself -- A-Rod at this point of their respective careers at -- to share yes. All I do to -- -- is its -- in the right place he's he's pretty good guy. Palm of youth wants -- guy that we came in today press conference that at Fenway for the first time as a Yankee and there. And -- so so not wanting to be -- and that terrorists -- press room conference. And but yeah no good Teixeira I mean I targets terrific way I was -- it's -- would get him once upon a time when you know a team like it was gonna happen. Anything whether it right to -- and -- Yeah that's a lot of money down and down the tubes and he gets you get its first baseman in the basement out in depth is -- it that way right you get two shots outcome he knows no spring chicken. Coming back from when he went through. -- he got a great second base and that's a problem they get catching problems. Yeah do you know catching proms -- at halftime of that show and if the pitching. You know it's healthy I think that's pretty good you know it's easy -- up obviously but I'm -- Kuroda to make continue to deliver results I think Kuroda while he had such a great season is nothing but to expect to step back this season was with -- right but obviously that might mean seventeen -- -- now I don't know likes being in our plan well I don't know if he can do it it makes his idea either. And had it obviously is in his forties and wrote -- -- there Phillip Hughes has been up and down only noted that India yet so I mean. Then they ever amassed right now granderson. Now granderson tells -- I mean that really. You know gotten is coming back -- -- young guy like cameras left -- knows about greenhouse it is player but he's had -- in the lineup. Yeah yeah stayed healthy -- you know era mass -- yeah. You're pretty good even argue. That they are more of a mess right now heading into the season in the Red Sox are made on its grip on you know if if Mike Napoli can stay healthy that concern with a Red Sox are clearly is David Ortiz Regis look at these they. They're making calls and baking Chipper Jones to come back and neck coming Qichen as Scott Rolen -- Derrek Lee Ali's older. Veteran free agents. To share a lifetime to fifty no 279 he had 251. Last year as a 217 anchored. I Indies put up you know twenty or more homers routinely throughout his her while pretty much 25 and over now I always side dead to he's probably. You know when he was coming out in when he was at George -- when he was in the cape league and that was back when I was over the cape league is -- younger I. Person in the media. Discuss her raven they were saying -- this guy -- switch hitter you know another Mickey Mantle type at the bit at the plate you know in terms of what he could -- overall with the bad. And a great defensive first baseman and he actually label third back then as well yeah -- -- the and actually originally a Red -- draft pick did -- -- -- couldn't. I'm signed him -- terms of the money bud. -- guy that I think probably. Yet he had some real enemy here wanna really unbelievable season at Texas 43 home runs 144. And knocked in his three or an average back 2005 but overall probably is under achievers -- consider what he was supposed to be. Well -- -- considering what he's being paid unit of true absolutely and all ironic it's ironic that a rug put up those great numbers in Texas dude that got him. You know to new York and and both of them I mean I Iraq has certainly had some terrific is the Yankees but. Bills again. 22. Getting back -- point. Who has more problems yankees and Red Sox right now and man it's a horse race. A couple of by text messages here Harry from -- him says all those issues but they still finish ahead of the Red Sox. A threat plus we like your -- It's wide open the American League east this year how to -- -- handicap. Then after remember I've said it. You but I think -- would -- agreed Lanny as someone tells -- calls up says hey I think Toronto's gonna win a big Tampa Bay is gonna win and I think the it's hard to argue with. Anyone pretty much top to bottom a lot of people are saying that Baltimore takes a step back penalty they win as many. One run games or extra inning games I don't know when that ever happens again if ever. But they. Buckets it's completely wide open completely up for grabs and -- really interest staying at Toronto on paper but again it's on April see if that translates on the field that's fine this is great display you know we can't wait -- -- how it plays -- Someone has to have more Gorman is gonna play any DH and first base elected there's a lot there's an extra you know it's. Daniel -- might car moral Gomez the verde overbay had a whole bunch right here finals at the hands arms and everything else pretty much set -- -- -- might start the -- -- -- -- -- it -- that has -- filtering -- -- -- and this is -- A little. And little instinct how long he's been out with this and again and I don't say it suggests there and suspicion -- I mean if if if it's -- hyper compressed situation. Com and all I'll let the ball hit with the bill of his cap. You know I don't know what's going on Hamad head that's all Zandt right. And a couple of other textures someone says writer and -- things you sound like Mike he must have beard Google here. Or Chicago he should say but he spoke to Google. And I was surprised if it. Another -- this is not gonna happen I'm sorry but why can't -- -- -- -- and read notes had to happen just one of the three in meaning Blakely very grammar readers someone out right. In terms of the situation of the -- are you listens to pick one of those Breivik -- about three I doubt they'll were always joke and I only read n.'s appeared. I'd will continue here at 92 break room via the phone line 6177797937. You get text that -- 37937. In back in just ninety seconds. John right relax and let -- make will it take you up and 07 on the Saint Patrick's Day hopefully -- enjoy their weekend out there be safe. And have some fun as well. Or all over the place. Talking go patriots have free agency were also negative to discuss the Celtics in the big match of tomorrow night against the Miami Heat. -- Red Sox Jon Lester pitching six perfect innings today. Red Sox win over the rays. And Red Sox heading into the season the Bruins all the penguins who to one. Third -- -- look at the box where you -- while news -- were unable to cash in but and it's great opportunities here in the third. They ended up outshooting the penguins in this one but -- falling the penguins really planned well. Dexter disagrees -- -- I'm -- Sherry says you rider he's an under achiever -- to 793110. Meaning his averages one World Series ring over an average of six years no I don't like the Yankees just stating facts well those are his season averages which pretty solid. I think the past few years. Has taken a little bit of a dip especially average wise I know some people. In baseball all the Saber richer Russians don't pay attention as much to average as they used to Lanny but I still. When you drop from routinely you know around 290 to somewhere two to 56 to 48 to 51. -- PS is still in the eight hundreds but that's taken a hit a little bit to fill your I mean look he's dipped a little bit -- still he might be surprised. Still a guy that's just well he turns 33 coming up on April 11 but not all baseball while now. And you would still think another you know three solid years. Got a what is healthy you know he's turf place no question about it and yeah he's he's really predicated never gonna win a batting title. But you know the numbers this is Texas pointed out 31 on one hand. Palm is what he's really been all about no matter -- Like I had a good grab -- I'm not knocking his career I think I got a little bit. I guess I'm going too much back when he was coming out at George decade and all the conversation. At least he's a guy that I mean he's by no means been a Boston. I guess like that. It Mickey males one of the best of all time that's an an ounce -- -- scouts really were discussing that in terms of him from both sides of the plate you know how many terms of speed but yeah. You know -- next -- command. -- gone -- -- -- -- and not an end in many not even living up to close to what that Fisher's done that's true in the big -- it -- I let's get back to cause -- Steven for every Steve. Well I think yeah all right Steve -- I want to talk about the patriot missile fire what is not a free agency. And I want to have happen what with it what they've done so properly want on what they haven't done. It would be curious calls. Well franchise in that three power create that they at. Yeah I didn't think there was any shot of franchising all three in fact I didn't think they'd franchise any of the three. John you're you're very sensible well what was not sensible was all in light of what. They leak site or in between. While -- -- for now what it. There was absolutely ridiculous why we're. See -- main issue running them well while it -- not at age eight old. When it -- very -- they put a cap but they didn't and the one they don't understand -- agent care shall. The play at the word via you have to war that. Another -- is gonna blow them away without why you hit it -- eighty million dollar that you though. Act to keep a lead we're gonna get. I mean what it will what you do when I need a simple rational people. All all the all the over the medium and asked the question you didn't love put apparent that the legally shouldn't -- absolutely. We just blindly up some of what went light sweet. Along with this drumbeat about when the character and I felt I wish people -- -- the package they beat people like elements are. War was it was around eleven who's close to eleven million for Talib I think it was I think you you. Bill will create it lasts for. -- think it -- perfect I had I decided the most likely be a two year deal or maybe even a three year deal. Don't want him to leave it package signed up 111000000 and -- is now Apple Mac book -- thought I would match. They eat while nobody should hear that played the app. The franchise that it ought to go to the cap they will generally have a -- -- number. Colin all the way that -- -- that. Picking it back we'll let -- we have a well on the side along the -- It's been nice apple and -- last year. And then they see few million under the cap which is that not a whole channel. That much money I don't want guys especially when you look at the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mama I I actually you know on May disagree I hear you Steve. On that and did you think that there are gonna French as any of these three players considering the money I thought maybe if there was one had been potential baby possibly Welker but. I don't think -- French as any of these three guys Colbert -- Welker now. So -- -- -- as a savior like this team better today than it did four days ago now lists that'd happen all over the place lol here what yes there aren't that at some some hokey hats and I want to get show in the car that for the verdict. You know it email we see it don't I don't let a jury got -- you -- -- thank you. They got there's a couple of quick biz for the break how to wonder why they got murdered Danny wood and hand out and assure our listeners are. But you -- a little mighty -- this special person on third down plays. And that sort of thing I want battered old motives are they any closer to signing screening your. I haven't heard any reports on that they. The reason for wood heads departures because they -- Leon Washington they also have bush Cheney greeted -- bold and as well their backfield has -- marvelous and I liked what I had a lot of he was terrific I'll will log in ally would add or Welker but. I guess you know they they just had. They have enough to depth at that position and end in terms of blood defensive ends know they have signed according yet. Mike Greece does -- obvious in Boston that and they sat in our offensive tackle. Will Svitek I think -- I pronounce it but to this is a guy's swing tackle he says insurance basically. Of Sebastien Ballmer doesn't come back he had missed at their so called Joseph missed last season. With a knee injury it's as I'm not sure what it is but I'll find out in the -- played pretty good for the falcons 2011. I do not know anything about this guy in full disclosure I'm treatments and either. In is it a lot of times tackles offensive tackles and knew who we went. You know I try to get as much information as a -- about certain players to gauge is no any player at every player in the NFL and I'm not I haven't heard of what -- -- job. Will I'm guessing Svitek. SB I TEK. Really -- played that they went out against Winnipeg jets sounds like this I think I don't forget I won't let that the page Tuesday that a guy that played Winnipeg Fleisher that's an idea that's fairly Vietnam while it does that sound like it's it's ideally want to back -- its name. They project the first -- I don't know we're involved said euros that's what he says -- -- this is is coming our right now basically. By my -- of the stuff -- he certainly does. John Ryder and let him out Magglio would be up until 7 o'clock -- on the phone lines at 61777979370. Always texting and at 37937. -- back after this break in sports. I'm writer in late may fellow with the -- on this Saint Patrick's Day we have. Two TVs and in here one I have the clippers and knicks clippers have 78962. On the knicks in the fourth quarter. Knicks earlier it now know Tyson jailer no Carmelo Anthony Amare Stoudemire out their beat now. I'm really opened for that. They might so idol -- here though -- you know what would these injuries. I -- the I mean Brooklyn is only one game back so they can -- and abuse three see the Celtics. The Celtics anywhere from six all the way up until three but I don't I think dead. Because they're gonna arrest Goran at a different points peers and and Terry gamer to. And certainly the focal point pierce -- Garnett. They'll probably stick around it succeed that's what my guesses and which isn't bad because I I still subscribe to the thinking. You would rather wait. Hopefully in and -- Miami in the Eastern Conference finals. Then have to face him in earlier rounds supplies in on the agency acts on what you want to play I'd rather play the knicks and Brooklyn. Add to that match -- better than you regardless of the injuries but still -- -- out with the injuries. Yeah it's -- no brainer burns you know I wouldn't I wouldn't panic over Brooklyn -- now I think they're pretty good in the sixth and will we could touch on the Celtics of course in the big showdown to what I the other TV if you Warner we have. The Big Ten. Title game which just finished. Off with a Ohio State winning it knocking off Wisconsin fifty to 43. That money in his group. I it's all your phone calls a little 7 o'clock when every targeted to 61777979370. Get some of these text messages. At 37937. As I mentioned before the break the patriots have signed an offensive tackle this guy says that -- you butchered saying. It's beat tech or whatever his name it's like bear attacked its V tech. -- I guess I got to brush up my east eastern European. Pronunciation is. I'm guessing that would be an Easter. Eastern European name by by -- anyway about Omniture anyway they add this. Offensive lineman has just insurance of Sebastian Vollmer goes elsewhere who was hurt last season. And who even knows -- to make the team I don't know let's not get too excited out analysts that. And this Christopher price tweets out. Brought in for depth purposes -- Now so. There you go here's -- Nelson at Dartmouth they Nelson. Anything like our guys really would really appreciate it. Yeah at a quick a couple of your daughter and I got an economic outlook he got on the radio. Our number one does not -- each ballot and into the offense and whether it be on the depth chart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the first couple around the draft and what do you guys think they're gonna do with those facts out. -- thank you notes and first I'd Ballard I think at times owing you money some three tight end sets from time to time he's -- block he's pretty good pass catcher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably but I mean how. How different -- this offense going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep it the way it was go on -- now it is in terms of the offense but they're gonna count on I I think it's pretty much. The same direction you're heading into last season but that changed with the injuries where the again account on gronkowski and then in Hernandez quite a -- well. I -- I -- have those two guys -- hammer out the you know you want him on the field but. It's my peace and to weaken you know I I don't know I mean. They would take the jets the ball hitting better than the rain but you know maybe that's maybe that's a wash you know when I was serious region number -- carrier so. Policy. Yeah well and -- brought up Ridley and an -- that's important here and I don't. Now people fumble -- is this guy was terrific running back in and I do think that this is the best running back that they've had in the fall since the days of Corey Dylan at 2004 -- he had one -- Decent season alimony but by far this is. I think the most talented backfield and at some time yes a question Matic partner -- is you know all pro protects your pin in India answers second part to draft. Well for once they really don't have a topics now of course that could change that could -- -- Ryan mallet on draft day first second or third round mouton. If it's Cleveland's release so inclined there and their portly have a bunch of interest. And -- and but yet they have a first rounder -- twenty ninth overall I would think so it is think finally with a wide wide receiver is Chris Brown at 29 and it's interesting because. There's a ton of depth at that position meaning in the draft there's a lot of stud receivers out here in the draft him. And the there there's a lot of versatility depth as well at the cornerback position in the address that that what do they think Ras I Dowling when it can be cleavage show up on the field. I you know I I think really first round what do they did eagle pass rush again -- -- -- quarterback that it finally go wide receiver -- I think it's only one of four or do -- -- offensive line ordinary look at that probably may be more in the second or third round of a second third -- no fourth no fifth. No sixth. And they have a seventh round yeah so that's the deal -- have. They'd we're used to these years where they have a ton of fixed abode San Francisco what is it fourteen picks something yeah Seattle as a bunch still the rich get richer there really Smart manager on man ship. Yeah here's Ryan in the curry Ryan. I don't get it right are you not. I oratorical about the -- mr. bill like the secondary. Making any more -- free agent market. Mean obviously to lead and start a -- elect an indefinite step in and a number -- and it. Trying to like him -- -- -- later. Yeah I think state while you're on an argument I think the latter. Com you I think there's still gonna bulk up the defense I mean let's face every 303120. Ninth the last three years John I mean that you still got to. Current strain and I mean. I'd I'd be happy who with the offense -- way it is and and get a -- you have to get a market sweetener sounds like -- and you know as a receiver -- well maybe not 29. If you know if they -- by the guns and think you give wideout because this Amanda -- -- in a second round -- some of these I just a human right job will be there but there. I think it's it's about Balkan -- the defense. Like to give award agree -- yeah I think you. Well they re sign Arrington and he's more of a slide slide cornerback. I think they're pretty mean. Once depends had dinner and I think they like given in looks ago -- a draft pick course has the draft. Stocks dropped after that incident Nebraska last year now as the hearing right about the same time is the as the draft taking place souls who -- that situation works itself filed by. I think they do like those two at corner. We'll CO Adrian a little sensitive to -- the strong safety and then. And you know tape -- Wilson look forty whatever it is the the free safety but I still think that they'll. What what they still need to address on defense anyways the -- still to pass rush suspicious situation. Pass rusher he wanted to -- After likes Freeney are are Abraham I mean I know they've been good. Not -- -- this past week but I was serious so that one -- like maybe Dumervil debate and have enough cap space to do. They have enough they have enough room to do -- on you know. A smaller player. -- well of that defensive system actually. Health from line -- Chris price on who I was asking him about this last last night yesterday. And he was say yeah of course Dumervil and what he brings. To the note in in terms of age. But in pretty NN this defense. He you know -- may be Abraham or Freeney has better pitches because of what the patriots actually do on defense. Right deactivate these babies situational and obviously we -- -- have a small the end and -- conventional product does a lot better everything back there for a. Right. And the other some teams it's in Baltimore I still think I have a feeling and he still goes back to Denver and it worked out this paperwork would Dumervil -- Now I don't have a feel for that deal it's strange how he fired his agent to -- he showed. It is screwed up those accounts this thing all over again in the Red Sox and now I guess there's some sort of five day waiting period. When he hires a new agents so it's really a mess the whole day is there you have Baltimore's interest and I'm sure there's some other teams -- -- in Denver wants to bring him back so I don't think I think it's more so. Patriots look at the direction of -- cheaper player -- a no surprise there right Andy in this situation -- pass rush Abraham and three -- Foxboro without contracts. I've heard we go to the 49ers and C docs have interest in Abraham him. -- guys still -- older players 34 but situational. Five wood and bring it. I had to we'll get some of these text messages you can always says send those in a 37937. Goes give -- call 617. 7797937. It's John Ryder -- Magglio will be up until 7 o'clock -- W --

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