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John Ryder and Lenny Megliola Takes Us Around Boston Sports on St. Patrick's Day

Mar 17, 2013|

John and Lenny talk all Boston sports on this St. Patty's Day. The Redsox had a big win over Tampa Bay where Jon Lester had a big outing. The Celtics have Miami coming into town tomorrow and the Bruins had a tough loss to the Penguins today in Pittsburgh. Listen here for all the talk.

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And now only WEEI Sports Radio network we've paired up two fantastic hosts I'm well aware of the situation do you guys he'll be Peru day here. The movie is John Rheinecker handle any Magglio and dump her big domination of talk show hosts on WEEI. I'll -- not pretty for. -- perfect so now -- -- more talk show. We do -- good -- right -- made on the WUPI Sports Radio network. So it was a -- purposes Matt Olson ladies. And yes. The -- I had Jon Lester perfect through six innings but they don't end up with a perfect game 521 over the rays how much you read in that well you know the thing is is that. Lester was using his foray pitches from what I witnessed I was bounced around all over the place is so much on sports Bruins Red Sox. College basketball tournaments at EA. It which -- think it's -- -- and Dave O'Brien you know you get some peace -- -- to appeal the EI think he'll be news -- CC sabathia and open especially in the New York there the -- -- So yeah really great weekend for a VNA sports and ninja across America imports. In Boston. Got no question about it and happy said -- stated Iran out there it's John Ryder letting Magglio look. Chris Jericho letting in metro west daily news a Boston Globe in the baseball journal will be -- up until. 7 o'clock and plenty to get into I was in here yesterday in the -- the conversation and understandably so is about the patriots -- about 80% of the conversation with a collars and such a flurry of activity really Friday and leading into Saturday yesterday and and the how do you grade so far this offseason I know it's not completed just yet there's still a couple of other moves probably. At the receiver position defensive end but. But. A good portion of the moves have been sent here now. -- still rather have Welker back for another two years. Not that I think in a dolby terrible I just for for Welker I think most would. But you look at the rest of these moves. Aqib -- one year five million dollar deal can't go wrong -- that deal at this deal then. What they've done and -- battery of veteran presence and hopefully still has something left them and I'm not gonna put him on the roster just yet but. -- guidance is no lost out the year and Arizona -- with the exception of that one Super Bowl a year when they ended up on Pittsburgh and -- game but not that Arizona's stunt but Adrian Wilson adding. A veteran of that secondary very youthful. Defense and secondary so adding veteran presence there is so I would say overall outside of the Welker move and -- that was a big movement. Have have have been fine with a moves. Yeah I -- that there. Really I think we're going to hear less and less than Welker as this team flushes out. You know my first thought was well you know tock of Reno here and everywhere else. Everywhere else was like a three days of Welker understandably news it was controversial thing and and -- speak I think that's going to close to the back burner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Donald stats following -- -- you know they put their you know the machine into action down Aaron. I think it's fascinating so anyway I think it's less welcome now and death. Now they go the other side of the ball you know in the -- Wilson. Bring back to leave. Awesome that's looking a little better. Com and they will get a receiver in in they'll they'll be in -- that noted receiving either noted you know and free agency. -- noted for you know study in college that can you know -- and Condit maybe helpers yet. So so this the better they abandoned they were last time we discussed them before the well -- went around -- SA. Yes you know still and what. It's all about I -- a dole is staying healthy and on the field and be productive and a lot of it has to do as well. With the Hernandez who receive Hernandez in the slot at different times don't forget -- out early part of the stoppage of course gronkowski a go to guy and so there's still some weapons there. I think overriding and I would include myself and I would think this would be 90% of patriots fans -- people that pay attention the patriots would say -- let's focus on the defense -- go another defense of side of the ball. And they bring back to leave and out of the quarters left I thought it was the best available. On the market and -- also again and I know I just mention this but one year you know because it. He's gonna wanna get some money -- a free agent market so he would take it be in his best interest to play his best is with a high profile team. Maybe you lose out on him after this year but so be -- them at. It signed him to a three year deal -- big money contrary to some guarantees involved in the really got him at the right time. A lot of things working out the patients favored terms of quarterbacks because the market isn't what it it was last year when you suck Cortland Finnegan -- his casket. Huge money out there. And any event. One other -- that might be made and who knows whether -- back or not but I'd still give it you know better percentage and maybe at the start of free agency Sebastian Vollmer. At the right tackle position -- figure out you know what -- Jake Long Will end up signing in and they'll go from -- so that might get him back potentially on the cheap as well yeah nowadays they did their homework. And they crunched the numbers certainly -- comes first. And again there have been detained and now that we talked about last week you'll ya know -- -- editions and a and we can get into that as well if you're wondering if you haven't heard the Miami did win again. They had no problem today with the Toronto Raptors 1082 at 91. People -- for me to say this but it's the truth. Which cannot be controversial at times LeBron James 22 points twelve rebounds eight assists two steals some worth taking guy even mention live up Miami win picture of but it's always. NBA teams that he noticed can't stand those 1 o'clock games in Toronto. There they are kind of where I can just. To me and I am and I'm not even plane via but it is -- The thing is now they're playing back to back days but it's you know it's a 1 o'clock game and an 8 o'clock games to -- highlighted so I've been there's not going to be. And -- if KG doesn't play well we'll discuss that but. The thing is about it let's 22 now 22 under right okay. I mean tied for the second line right about it's it's it's really great stuff and I think if you're a Celtics and you rooting for that -- for the first time your life today. To come in with the winning streak in which is in the same so just gonna snap it by any means I'm had to know Garnett. But. And after after the Celtics they may -- -- last hope to beat him because I've looked quickly at the -- schedule following. -- -- -- -- and it seems to me like this for five cream puffs and growth and they're turning everybody to cream puffs but schedule last two events pretty weak. I I cut the opportunity where they might fall was in Milwaukee on Friday night that didn't end up happening I've -- other than potentially the Celtics -- -- Garnett Doc Rivers said today's you know he's 5050. And we know how the Celtics look at these things. They want health. They want these guys rested they want these guys ready for the post season more than so than even a regular season matchup against their east rivals. How about this the that they're not tat with -- rockets who had. Lot of people forget this 22 game winning streak in 070 wait yeah. And the Celtics ended that rockets winning streak that sense -- yeah. And now the Celtics have a chance of ending the heat's 22 in the longest of course the lakers 33 in 7172. -- But yet know Garnett that hurts the celtics' chances although however -- -- with that 2111 -- -- straight at home they ended up. And I just bash in the bobcat -- -- Well so we're we're Rondo there like you don't remember when -- went down wedded to do they went out and and beat Miami right. And out got -- maybe that's what they need as they play him again you know this test yet here it may go to Reno dance but. Yes so you don't know you're right without Garnett went out Rondo. And the Celtics went tomorrow night would be -- Yes others that terrible game it was -- Tuesday in Charlotte they have now won eight of their. Other 83 of their last eleven and they've now won eleven straight at home yeah yeah. Noticed it. Look at ducks got everything -- last week oh cause he doesn't thanks -- if there are still kinks in the Armitage on that they want more from an ID lists Courtney -- and and even though Jeff green's numbers certainly better. Post Rondo then three Rondo -- during Rondo. There's something about that guy that Saddam and -- of sand in the papers that today green was. -- -- bomb you know we still. Not 100% back from you know his serious privacy condition with the heart. Com and and it affects him at times but he wasn't used to it and using it as an excuse for our games com -- thinks you know he he's getting better all the time. But guess what I'm saying is do we still want to see little more consistency from Jeff Green even though the numbers reflect he's democratic. Yes it's been fair or have been five live there's been some lapses and there's been some times and as -- -- perfect there's been sometimes racy doc kind of shaking his head -- He misses a defense of rotate share ordinaries is known lost on one side of the court derby out mrs. running -- set. The way that they want them to run it. But all overall I think that -- progress has been made and they're gonna Needham amended and clearly there are gonna need him to be that player now. I think he's getting a little bit more comfortable I I thought it would happen at some point. In the season -- and also again just to put this he'd streak in perspective. Right now they've won ten in a row on the roadway. Their last loss was on February 1 Indiana they get hammered -- one -- two to 89 but they. Just to put it expects about log its -- of the the streak started. Actually in Toronto. On February 3 Super Bowl Sunday. Of seems like three months ago even as you know it's just -- -- third. Don't as they have been on a tea and it's been you know a great streak -- -- I mean if you know you hate them. And and LeBron has been the you know minority candidate -- yes -- oh yeah absolutely. In parallels are made. He ignored a big part of it is dead it's not just been -- bronze -- been Dwyane Wade. Yeah Dwyane Wade has been he looks healthy he's playing well ray Allen's great today. Seven of ten he was four to six shooting with three scored twenty. And and the Celtics shot three great last time Miami did as well today not as good as the Celtics shot at last night against the bobcats team skated really do write much of anything good. And that they'll get something going on given nights and -- is and and that's how they don't they you know aids is shorts all -- Ron and weighed in and certainly. Pay attention to brush that there. They really got to go on there and got to say that. You know coach has done a nice job down there. Yeah that that's -- it's really has yet it's really scary way and you get lies like this consistently like today from abroad 2212. Rebounds eight assists two steals and you have three turnovers but then 34 minutes and -- point weighed ten out of fifteen. A 24 points nine assists for wade today another steal. It continues to rack up those steals and it's who turnovers so those two. I was I interview Bob Ryan and halftime last night Celtics game he was on with John graduate who nine aframax who's being honored. With a collegiate award last night Brooklyn so he was part of the broadcast but. And I agree habits the Selig for the Celtics is the Eastern Conference finals it's Miami and everyone any faster now at that I'd 6177797937. You can text us at 379370. Patriots offseason moves Jon Lester terrific today and it doesn't look like he's relying on that cutter as much as curve ball was excellent. I used his full array of pitches yes the spring training game but. -- say all right I expect him to have a bounce back season definitely. Whatever the case may be. -- John John Farrell on board it seems like just the mere presence and of course the conversations. That. He's more comfortable even Bard looks more comfortable buckles as well so far this break. So got to translate when begins for real in this line -- trading. And of course. We now really of a bunch of -- Bruins lies today. To the penguins as well we can talk about that let's get to a phone call before the break here's Paul and Westminster DePaul. K gentlemen happy seeing patent staked him you Paul and I have two questions are virtual conference number one news it was makes it's easy. Red Sox went to Baylor -- you talk about that. His new -- And her association. Is Colorado. And how much of -- influence their native tree in his solution to go to your thoughts on that. On his my thoughts -- that how much money that she have been out well. Probably not -- throw their. Well it is suggesting that what I'm saying this if he wanted to stay here and work something out because he really really wanted to stay with Brady really really wanted stadium in Foxboro. He would have stayed and you say honey I'm sorry campaign in the -- idea OK so I I don't I'll I'll. -- minor factor but I think it's more if at fox say Kevin Kolb was the quarterback out there in Denver in. Maybe. He has to change -- with these guys in the special with a Welker and and his agent and himself misread the market takes the call Paul. I've seen this many times -- So if you agree -- especially NFL players especially when -- and nevermind 31. And if you're 25 whatever you might be. Any NFL I never begrudge you got a solid Welker had a huge payday twelve -- guarantees not too bad but it did -- thought it was going to be your -- three years 21 million you know maybe you know fourteen million guaranteed something like that. Never a problem and NFL player taken that money. Because what we know what can happen you know you just wanna hit one twist of in the anything's possible in the NFL for a you need that guaranteed money up. No question about it you know and we may not know all that went behind that we're seeing you know a lot now especially if they had. And and -- in the bag you before you the days. -- -- object name so. Yeah but I don't think I don't always we don't we're not relationship with wasn't considered girlfriend or wife who is he married his piano he's married -- -- scooters yeah I know that -- Both things don't escape or whether they're married or not investors that he sometimes. But. I mean you know it's like well how is Joseph cool man I'm sure. It's it's nice -- return -- -- stayed he's he's going to be playing with a one of the top contenders in native C. Yeah I think he got a little bitter between himself and the patriots he's already said and I believe this big ever award daddy's you know toughest part for him is -- -- radio has their close relationship and how well they performed. On the field. Extremely minor factor say death let's just take any team in Dallas right goes out there they're gonna give him fourteen -- guaranteed over two years she'd love Dallas yes right if so what they sell. I I think that. -- You know I think it's one of those just got to coincidences I think it's lower on opposite. And yes I do I bottom line is he made his living here. And in -- And if you wanted to do that can you know and he could probably still be -- but not at their price -- -- Osama bid in this in on at least his part. And is you know is twice as well. You know I I still in Colorado I know all the places right I don't think that series and I -- review -- Anything it was very small narrow rice I mean there's reports some talk that you run like it here and I'm sure she's happy to return home but led to why is that a massive cavern club subsidiary cornerback out there all right yeah -- Deriving its a wooden out of Chicago -- -- not sure if there's a money B equals so Morales exactly and then the second sandy Tebow into a -- that. All right does 6177797937. You can text has said 379370. Against him -- sudden all is also a little note here as well as. Money may -- always terrific get reading the tea leaves. And this has to do with -- -- one Jackie Bradley junior -- of that. Celtics and -- matchup tomorrow night you get the NCAA tournament the selection. Show later on this evening so just a ton to get into plus all the patriots moves. So -- witty here optional 7 o'clock in 6177797937. A text message at 3793. -- -- back after this break in the sports. Shot -- airlines I've -- let me make will always. After work -- talked to you out here at 6177797937. You can -- -- as well. At 37. Nine 37 with the up until 7 o'clock plenty to get into here. Including the patriots and all the moves that they have made a Red Sox Jon Lester was terrific how much you read into that but. The he was using his full array of pitches out the year. You know final couple weeks here spring training and -- spring training has been ruling on one of the longest with a World Baseball Classic extender but. Now I start to pay a little bit more attention. I know a lot of other starter -- but. On I started. In terms of starting pitchers and and then when you -- see him against more than Major League caliber players. Last couple of starts they start to pay attention a little bit more because then they're usually worry working or use in their full array of pitches -- throw fastballs or whatever and facing. More big league play right -- -- -- a better place to put it that way so. Yeah I know I think they're going -- that's folksonomy. Now I figure it's our fans a little more attention now is. It's eighteen -- is shaping shaping up and and yeah countdown to the Fisher roster so I think it's now that you pay attention. Com and I guess you always pay attention to pitch is no matter who they're pitching against Jews want to receive it. The bottom line which are literally live on line have you know five innings and -- answer you know and right across. And and you Jon judge pitches I think you're leaving you judge other -- like for guys. If Pedroia is three for seventeen you know reward about right bye -- can't find the plate. Its sales there we go again celebrate we watch the pitches more closely. -- as to look good so far you wonder whether he'll be part of a big league team -- star. Off the season -- AAA and another guy position play wonder about and we were -- what does a few weeks ago lesson that LS the man. But. Really throughout spring because he's been a major topic is that Jackie Bradley junior -- some interest in comments this morning by John Farrell. Wouldn't say whether or not he's gonna start the season with a big league team but. Now what David Ortiz they he'll issue were on that weekend. And you mentioned the potential Jackie Bradley junior the key is they want him to they don't get -- bats -- play. But their might be an opportunity for him to play on a consistent basis out there in left field and may be Jonny Gomes they'll be a revolving door at the DHR. Position until David Ortiz whatever that is whatever he gets back. You know I don't think this. Any problem with giving him. Not that not every day Saudi Wright has grown to be out of shape Brett. I give them enough that bats as a left Phyllis diving left field I also think because his mental make up. That this kid if it doesn't work. It's not gonna discourage him to go back to Pawtucket to go to Pawtucket. And just scanned it did is every day read -- I think that's that's one of reasons that Farrell. And in the brain -- down there are thinking that way junket this guy. You've heard him interviewed I mean he's very level headed east mind. He saw what media savvy. And I think he could I think you would love to you know be in the starting line up. In the first month of the season -- you know again depending how big happy there are -- it's -- lineup. So I think they can do that with this kid and say well you know what I'm an anti discovered back in in a week so we're gonna send values you'll get five at best for best game. Yet the service time people keep bringing that up this is the Red Sox were talking about what this isn't the you know the I don't know out of the rays even or the royal hours or one of these teams -- doesn't. I wanna spend as much money the pirates you know they've started to spend more money and some of their prospects of the late. But did again you know they look at the service time but really in the future in arbitration -- that are we're not talking about a team that's. Really hurting for money. I'm type about the future than they aren't just service -- plays Jackie Bradley junior but. And they get a guy you know I've I've mention this many times I thought that it starts the season Tripoli maybe stilwell. I think he'll be up -- this team at some point this season that -- that rather than later -- If all right well. It's. Trying to think here whether. You know how much you you pay attention is just the one year one full year of the miners however he did play in college at South Carolina so it's not. And 43 your kid -- but to go do it completed college were answer plus it. If this kid is as good as the army and we had a good dollar same road -- Ellsbury then have have a guy be around for five years and in Allen Ellsbury. Think -- you will love them is he where it's it a lot of people think that you know use of flash and not caught lightning in the bottle cup is currently trying to. Runnerup and VP. So what do you do we say well I don't want to give this -- service time. If Jackie Bradley junior he's as good as they think. They wanna they want of these Sam Taylor for ten years right yes and -- so well why not stop the process now well. If he's already he's ready I don't have a problem associated fees are ready then then then play -- and claim in left field of these productive keep more than -- that's it. And it is not a mystery it's that it really does it and wait on this team can use all the help they can get cut out that 69 game -- season architecture before -- at the phones says highest offer was from the titans not Denver so Welker didn't go to the higher bidder. Well I know that and from reading and -- are pro football type of the titans. Did off from a contract -- never sob may -- of wrongness but I didn't see and anything I read where. We know what the money was it was similar maybe even maybe it was slightly more than Denver but. Denver and Peyton Manning Tennessee Jake Locker room. Take -- but it is if it was somewhat similar in terms of cash. Of course you gonna go to Denver Tennessee. A. Who -- shall -- they they may have been another. -- too bitter for a welcome that we don't even now. I did very well could be and find out few weeks out of the map yet here's adamant hero and. -- Ever recyclable Wes Welker -- ever since this. He went to Denver all -- here but now I'll it would. How was about the money and to be honest I don't see that at all. It means if we announced that we had reassigned Wes Welker for. Two years at twelve million dollars a couple days before free agency. Every rule we talked of how great deal we got no question -- obviously how arguably if you agree to that. I I couldn't believe that it was that little anyway I think most people or Florida and and that's another reason why Adam and -- I think most people are upset about this because. If it ended up being say I don't know you know three years twenty some odd million whatever it ended -- believe there was a bigger contract larger contracts are more. All right I can understand why the patriots didn't make this move could still be people out there are upset but the fact it was two years and twelve million ethnic frustrates people more. I agree completely mean everyone you know around here is the kind of mad at Johnny Damon but I recall he took another year. It was another -- almost -- yeah I think it's absolutely I mean that was another year and a lot more money. But I understand that's a lot of money even if it's the arrival I am not bitter guy he took the money laughed. OK so here right. Some -- yeah Adam I've had Adam had to explain it then what knowing you are exactly. -- emotions got in the way of this deal. Heart -- this guy he went it looks like in the -- I wasn't there but he went to one team. He went to Denver because I think he wants -- -- he wants to go play with Peyton Manning he couldn't play what Brady. So mean if if I had a choice I would probably go play the statement I think. I know enough I'm with -- -- on all those points there's took -- yeah it's not a terrible plan B if not a plan a with a contending team and in -- I was discussing yesterday the picture of AAC and I know it's not set Lanny but you look at the AFC and nice Baltimore is gonna take a step back room. I guess Elvis Dumervil will be making a visit there was still to be taking a step back. I'm not a huge believer in Pittsburgh I I think Cincinnati conclude that eighth seed north speaker next season. I think used to will still be viable we'll see if they had a bad again reads reportedly between. Between Baltimore and Houston for that and our Denver in the patriots you look at that is the as the class of the AFC I think right now. -- If it you think agree to make a visit to fox or. I wouldn't rule out. If he does he -- I would. I'm not very. There's some indications out theories begin getting like six million -- five million -- again you know both things go out there all the time and people wrong and a -- -- -- -- -- who's pretty good John and and -- -- lot of people at every once Roland you know stuff against the -- of course -- -- today is the -- at the -- of -- -- so we don't know and you know -- a good lesson would be Wes -- What we thought he might have gotten and why didn't you why -- get it and why he left so there's a lot of reasons that and that. Quote you just mentioned you know what Ed -- look fight. Are probably have been -- -- it might be right on the money John but we we don't know for -- and find out about these deals all attack particularly in the NF well and particularly Welker because all other indications were is going to be some sort of three year twenties of the million dollar deal by -- yeah and I don't know so much guaranteed by death. -- and to leave for an automatic -- hello -- would come out of one year I get a -- always on the table but -- a lot of people said well -- best I can happen he's he's gonna fly now well the. Really money wise it's worked out completely perfect here for the patriots especially I had to leave because. You figured to be making an F five billion dollar range -- in picket sign up for one sees right now he wants being ten million dollar range is gonna ask to have a healthy and hell of a season. -- 6177797937. You can -- text this 37. 937 -- get some comments that Doc Rivers had a practice there about Kevin Garnett I'll let you laden discussed those and talk about that. I continue the patriots conversation if you wanna get in the Red Sox Bruins fall to Pittsburgh today. 6177797937. Bag after it. And she's six head of state John Ryder alongside letting medically all we take you up until 7 o'clock. Celtics practiced today and -- Kevin Garnett of course did not practice today. Doc Rivers had some -- city's 5050 at best for the big show showdown with the Miami tomorrow night. At the garden and a Miami one today so that makes -- 22 row for the heat. And when he hype surrounding this game clearly and now understandably as well. If when asked. About Garnett and I mentioned 5050. When asked if there was any -- term concern with Goran said rivers said probably a war on on a scale of ten. He said his concern level even if he misses a couple of games. It's not an injury that's a big deal I'm not that concerned by. He said Huntsman and a couple of games and and MRI while you missed you missed last night only the second time the second game he's miss this season and the other time the other game missed was for rest. It's amazing how adorable it's Garnett even though the kind of banged up the bin where we're -- during 37. Coming up next month now they've been terrific pitches -- question about it or rather I -- I -- -- -- Well stocks says you know it's it does not too concerned I've c.'s concerns appointed you know he needs -- time in the long run. I think he sits on I low you know you're gonna have to hold back to grant a full -- a -- -- him in four point restraint and a -- Straitjacket. But they keep mopped the floor but. And I know it's just you want. They need everybody they can't do. You know to be Miami about again. That I say on Iraq Fitch on that that are referenced the Iran have game when he was sort of against Miami and. You mentioned on here but we're titles Celtics -- here as well as a human right lately you know I. It -- they're downplaying this and but I think that he's doing that and understandably so through the media but I'm sure there is concern there. It's ended doctors strained thigh or groin area for Garnett. And I think any little injury whether it's a pinched nerve and Pierce's neck -- at any slight injury to either one of these guys are I'm sure that the level of concern evo dykes said it was a one on a scale of one to ten is probably really more like an eight. Just because he does want to see that really aggravated with these guys this age that's. Good point John I mean he's saying one. And Danny doesn't plan tomorrow night then we knew that LA medical jog on west and you know accurate -- and yet so -- -- from one I'm not worried on scale of one to ten. And then he doesn't play and you know a big game big high profile game that he began -- -- And he sits out one Ben like he would docs has asked that I can now we were. Now he's currently three 83 games -- -- And when does he come back so. It's a little if if if -- wasn't Miami they're playing almost anywhere mouse. I think he would do he would sit there and I still think they're gonna sitting to my dad and a site I just -- bad area John is. Pretty high to -- council. And if you're an athlete. The you look ahead and I was looking ahead you know back to back situations -- the -- rest appears they're gonna arrest -- one more situation get a bag to bag next weekend on the road Dallas and Memphis. I think Garnett I'm gonna -- plays tomorrow night I don't know about terms of minutes he's been average about thirty minutes in there have been trying to keep about 2324 -- -- -- -- Garnett is. He's been is the struggle struggling with a shot a little bit -- yes yeah it is it's it's been actually you -- off. It outreach to fifteen -- writes -- I'm not good you know what you gonna start him CNN do not. Not all the time but here and there and running and habits saying this. I wouldn't be surprised. And we've been seeing it here and there -- a little bit. I'm just talking about maybe once maybe twice at the most to game is attempting history. Garnett right to say that. I birdies were working on a one and that's why as stated I've been here that but I've also been. You know I I've noticed that sometimes we take in those a little bit of rhythm and I've been noticing we've seen this with -- -- bigs in the league and I just have a feeling that. You would be shy take that once. I am not saying it's got to be consistent I'm just say I'm gonna try it's it's eleven happened you won't take at three all year. All right well amazed out but I a lot of will will because they -- -- -- from inside the circle drive sorry -- he's taken three all I assume for the -- out you know see him taking I don't think oh -- here and yeah well I mean I'd like -- to protest OP -- writers aren't we will see it I mean like I'm not talking. Insisted I know judgment total wild sixth read it it takes one it's an -- while they put it out of his mind and sides let's get to India New Hampshire before the break AMD. -- Man you break it eight -- -- -- at that epic -- that it. What they're all on what exactly happened between -- again in ILE. At that there was an at bat he liked. There -- been well it appeared that it in you know aren't bad -- meeting about it felt like. You know what I always -- along -- the delicate way it. Eloquent comments and whatnot and you know you can get. He'd been dropped it out here and it. You know that it will market to a younger person habit -- -- -- by the thought that well. Well the EE got to bring into the equation Bob crashed in this group because. You know if it's this money who has go back to that but he signs the checks. And today could be that Belichick says well look at you know he said a -- -- -- not a bad guy Younis city you know has been arrested. So I'll I'll take decades he's been you know he's been terrific player for us and I it's got more in the tank. But then they crunched the numbers you see what they did you know and had planned to do. You know I think -- plan worked out you know we're gonna lose Welker. Whether Belichick liked having not and then -- with this program to do this vote we have money for and I don't want ago. I'm thinking like crashed -- -- wanna go big momentarily. On on Welker and if you can live with that we'll move on and I got no I think up. Personal -- I think with everything ever wants to point to one thing there's multiple factors I don't know how much the drops that's. You know that's on the list I don't know where on the listed is I did I do think you got a little bit bitter and contentious I'm sure these things do sometimes in the did even last year a little bit with a franchise tag I think that they wanted to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By all indications he would have ended up -- more money last year than the ended up that's -- getting on the open open market. They change their enemy position they take that emotion but apart and really that is -- comment a broad. Other Latin couple and forget that Eric -- are what they competed abroad and now public entity game or not the what a better team and he -- that even need. Pittsburgh is an up and -- -- And they were players of defense do their bit odd they've now won eight in a row and Andy has started to only continue but. I watched -- -- per -- Red Sox all I watched -- ball to the third period of that game today. And they outshot the penguins twelve to three but there was a lot of good quality chances and that third that David crate she went down with the injury as well. You wonder of -- looks like he's run out of a little bit of the gas here. And you know the game -- scored by northeastern zone Joseph Vitale the first of the season Eric and. -- -- injury per -- in that means we'll let you know what I mean it's not right in. This where the leak leak allegedly -- canary in a competent. -- -- We usually does sort of bring you talk -- month. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It why can't -- pay here -- the big question you know. From what I hear I actually it's the likes it in Sweden viewed kind of one of those kids it's like stick him and his. In his home country I as opportunities to come over to the NHL maybe it's finally time for me is 27 after all I heard he was mad at Belichick and all right anywhere or that we're late for a break here. 6177797937. And you can text is -- 37937. Take a break -- the -- lines -- everyone to get into. -- sports question Christian -- and then be back with more after this.

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