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John Rooke, the Voice of the PC Friars on WEEI, Talks with Pete Sheppard on Selection Sunday

Mar 17, 2013|

Pete spends a few minutes with John Rooke to talk some college b-ball and March Madness! John gives his take on the literal end of an era as the Big East will look much different next year. He talks about BC and their promising future, sleepers for the tourney this year, and a few teams he likes to go far in his brackets this year.

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Pack your final toward -- -- to sell -- ever hear -- -- these days. WEEI supports other 6177797937. To exit 37937. -- -- They just scored tied -- about one for the Bruins as they battle the penguins. Today in Pittsburgh at the year Consol Energy center the two point 777977237937. And -- ago I love these Texan again I don't know what some of -- or listening or not listening or hear parts of I don't -- Borders as PW ever got against bill ballot check not a decision of his I think you're good at your job however it's becoming abundantly clear. How bill can do no wrong in your mind losing Wes Welker is huge period -- let his emotions get in the way and what is what is best for the patriots and it's sickening. I tactic I've been on record since it happened a few days ago that I disagree to build on this some sorry but I mean -- lost respect for a I would upside Welker. I would have I -- you know and again there's a lot of other layers to this is not is sometimes you don't know how the agent. May or may not screw this up somehow Welker I don't know but I looked. I it's it's not that it's not a devastating mistake that welcomes not to be on the team. You know like I said I think -- Dole's going to be fine here is he gonna be Welker no I don't expect anybody ever be Welker. I think I and I said it for what fresh set I thought it was a mistake. At a saint perfume dates. But that doesn't mean I think this team is gonna compete disasters is not in -- Reche Caldwell all over again in 2006. And overall moves what they -- as far as letting as the most of all Bill Belichick cares about is winning. And shall forward priest at the same thing back -- more Malloy where is released then you talk through it come back to bite him in the bottom -- obviously was the umbrage. Habit. Yeah me can you say about a thought they -- and and be right to have impound you know real the quarterback since he left no question about it they've had issues a quarterback to wide receiver in the draft. I understand that. But -- looked at red Mars Bars like reading the market. What they've done to get to lead to get Wilson you know assigned Johnson looks like Sanders is gonna is gonna be here as well. Don't forget you know a picnic at the -- which the kick the tires on. Oprah gets on Abraham as well the talks to resume next week and I think he's going to be your kid a guy from from Atlanta. -- be an upgrade as well that would help this team you cited John Abraham along with what they've done so far as pretty good football team. It's only march it's only march. Let's see. Possibly one piece of course it was a mistake it was personal bill is not putting the best team on the field drop pass to -- over the wrong shoulder bad ass. There -- those of -- argue it's personal not personal. I don't -- Belichick cares. One way or the other that he -- you can't. You can't get personal in this business. It -- -- web -- to be able status or level for a long time yet you could say you have watchable my -- are here. They are one of the elite teams they've been one of the elite teams. -- the last thirteen years consistently and it will be again. Org about the bought the second one check my buddy -- jock rock voice of the province college prior to the hero one of three point seven FM I still with those Cochran this year and on Saturday mornings I don't -- Being okay is trying to look church bought the all the trains are world would be real like this coming out of Boston. -- really not know that. Yeah apparently were some sort of afraid derailment ought to cancel the treacherous back home from New York so low in the middle the most -- -- -- the other signal goes out. OK no right right now is somewhat unclear what just what it wants -- we don't get to talk a lot about college basketball. In Boston alive. Mean and I I followed game. You know about as close as you do book fairly close to you know about a big province college guy that would equal -- this year. To me had -- should be big east coach of the year. The disappointing loss they had the Cincinnati given day by a wanted to -- -- thoughts John overall and in all the Big East Conference was that last night. To watch arguably the last you know game Louisville and Syracuse had a really matter who want to me. But just your overall thoughts and him what the big east. Conference all the great memories. It's hard to believe it's not to exist next year another Catholic seventy going to be but still not going to be sent. Well it certainly going to be different and I and I think it's the general consensus formed. Most people that I that I spoke with and dealt with over the course of the week that it. It sure I had a -- in the Toledo football policy driven away that it has -- home and you're right it's not quite the same big east is going to exist but. It just won't exist in some form or fashion all the of the school literature that would basal move along with the name will be back at Madison Square Garden next year with a permit. Within the next few days you can probably expect an announcement that Xavier Butler. And either Creighton or they will be named -- -- the other locker king street and the up for next year all with the a potential both expanding to twelve a within the next a year or two raptors so it's going to be different but it's also exciting content because for the the smaller schools they're not football driven does that change for them to get back there loops and the outlook will remember about connecting to an island Dave -- for the big east he was primarily for that for basketball first of football. Who came in the folded in 1991. -- -- he took over commercial interviewed them -- that this -- would occur and fortunately it. A lot of -- it is it is already currently available finished so I'll give you that. It's it's it's certainly wasn't looks like we will going to be the number one overall seed when they make through the the selections tonight not sure anybody thought that was gonna happen at the beginning of this season. No no but -- else. Limit its -- wanted to -- tournament last year they reached the final four last year they had three starters or starters back on the shooting. Shall I think. The expectation -- and the expectations are high it's really difficult fourteen in the special salute -- All in college basketball it was typical looking to reach those expectations. So we'll look back a little before them like sixteen point slaps on the first step Syracuse. And about thirty or heard around the second half. And realize that expectation almost all want to -- mom and I I would move very deserving of potential vulnerable seat I have not seen. What can this year that are that are from top to bottom it'll. No question and despite what people still have some. Mixed emotions Barbara -- you know for a lot of different reasons truck come tournament time -- State's top to go against these -- to golden. -- think that links what you want to about Ricky flopped bought. What at a college coaching there's -- hall of Famer Indians got a little someday get into the all the potential -- early detection so. You can say what you want to about -- you know what you know the guy knows how to coach and home that he failed as a pro like he has certainly prior politically in and give him credit he's restricting what what he knows best. So the big east where is so we're gonna but maybe it's probably seventeen getting him. Tonight. You know I think there's seven probably I think there's a -- shot an eight as well I think Cincinnati is probably gonna get him. All I picked the -- that you -- in the quarterfinal round of the of the -- each -- all eight of them including Villanova will probably. It is their way and I mean bill nobody had three wins this year it. Team that we're ranked in the top fox. So I mean there's no Providence beat Villanova twice but still a -- phenomenal feat I think it's been -- -- in the in the two decades. Football basketball at least to my knowledge so. I wouldn't be surprised military -- and it'll ultimately. I remember talking EU when I filled in for you that amber morale and a few months ago started basketball season in -- playing with execs guys in Puerto Rico remember said that. That -- how ironic is -- going to be if these 21 point losses when they played basically -- six guys would have to do you -- Penn State come back to bite him in the ass. It makes the it makes me sick to think about those two losses also the Boston College loss and that of course and any remorse a problem blossoming you -- you put those four wins then. With this team we're talking NCAA tournament I think. Of course it took questions and and you know we knew that the -- when those losses occurred but really what he just wasn't even make it to mean you're down. -- help -- -- game that would on the flight scholarship players because -- reasons urgent and guys who were ineligible and you know what the ideological -- In the second semester and I either it was crazy they receive the confluence of all things like that happen all at once so. Paying you know what we knew what kind of those losses -- public about the bottom but it certainly did it so good not much you can do -- -- overall market particularly good season. Considering what -- over the last couple years. It Coolidge avenue illegal program has ever come to make a coaching change it to we don't don't care how late. Evil guys you have coming back from the year ago. When a coach comes in with -- don't feel there's only a coaching you don't lodged internally is only coached. You don't players things change. And it takes -- to build back up but I think the fact that he's done this in a couple of years you know before the fire it was still hoping but we are expecting to get a bit in the IP later I. You know I think you know. It is kind of postseason play will be good for the that this -- is next you're treated under you know province is little. Yes -- capital as they are. I can not compare province in Boston College again Don -- but -- -- an excellent job I didn't expect BC. To be as good as they weren't sure -- of course they beat Providence and Connie former earlier earlier rumors icon at the early this season right not so I kind of -- to compare contrast province in Boston college's as far as. Expectations for next season is to just BC's they're pretty. They look like you know if they probably found that the right coach -- and they look like there's an there's an upside here for the first time while. So that's very true that you don't you don't do the same thing that it truly -- it's easier to build -- -- program but -- couldn't do it his way. Excellent some of the players that east equaling it and these are guys that you know certainly he -- brought -- -- -- was there. The other program you know at least the sweet sixteen and an NCAA tournament on. But the same time he knows that he HTC that the level competition -- talent level was so much greater cute got a -- find kids that are marketable until their talent that. But it also got to go on kids that are talked player in the league like the agency. In that the unleashing its own -- to have a local Boston College as our next year with what problem can come back next year. -- -- It was between John -- voice the problems caused friars one of three point seven FM and down enough and probably it's. Looking at the potential for the board seats here at one tournament starts early this what -- Louisville Kansas and saga Indiana. -- is the only one to Mia -- much about -- a candidate that I oil F five losses but they've looked in the losses as it looked horrible. Mama really big fan of what would the court accomplished but especially your job rock seconds doc got. There every barely seemed to be America's team around this time they always -- that doesn't mean that one run a beta nine years ago. But since that have failed really -- to do any significant damage but I've seen this team play the last 45 game this might be that the year Gonzaga actually gets in a bottle for a break maybe once golf bank. The dart -- -- they they are very very little it's it's an excellent team. We got -- -- people. I think it's entirely possible that attempting to commit to be on the income you know you come out on the West Coast. The East Coast people believe the chance to see them play all often. You really don't know what you have in terms of an entity and and the level of computational wolf can -- -- I'll you know again and considering where they're coming from another league. Just a little help battle that they are. That's -- can't compete -- -- power six conference as traditionally do much better in the east tournament because they're just battle tested. They know how to you know the game plan and our play these teams. Welcome to the -- are eager to see how quickly they might get it. Like I -- -- so yeah I I would say looking like Michigan or removal and Ohio street or someone like that. Leave that -- -- for that -- on the innate which can be showed much maybe you can get down that far in the regional round again it's like exact. Against him which I wrote as a couple more questions I'm talking about the NCAA tournament look at the talk a lot of college basketball here I thought would be governor short short of it be great to bring John -- does such -- a great job along with Joey hasn't calling on the PC games. For for many years now. I was interest and -- why not sure if you saw probably outside alliance at a at a really good piece this morning with -- Billiton Jalen Rose about the state. Of the college basketball game John and held there's a lot of -- a lot of issues and if things are going well and province right now it looks like there's a bright upside here. Are from Boston College but. Is there. Is -- -- disconnect going on because. They you know France cannot get a grasp -- and these one and done. I've players so many great players now we play a year and in the gone is that that's an issue a major issue. A little it's a bigger issue I would tell you that -- I think it is a problem. I have always been a proponent beat. Basketball or football following the same rules as baseball the work executed good enough to come out of high school to go to pros. Let him go but if you go to college he go for three years and that's the way it is that Major League based almost on a three years. I would vehicle called the basketball following suit because it would allow the pushing the -- the -- that -- it will lead to mature because they're not good enough athletically. Then -- not -- -- -- -- probably not Google is good enough. What would your mind as well. And probably -- who quote in that department so it is if it professional basketball wouldn't allow that happened I think that would be good for the able. Our job approaching go 33 quick questions about the it's -- term one everything's gonna win it give -- a sleeper on the big east and a sleeper all overall. Three you don't into three teams that you that you like. Well got a good -- -- the actual last night and either local torture I'm just because of the way those -- on defense. Oddly biblical ocean water which we're gonna look did not -- legal -- -- walk they have enough to be able to overcome. A home. As far as -- but I think that could possibly when it. I'll I think you have to Michigan I'm always like Michigan's ability to score its first -- triple work as an outstanding player. And also combine religion here it's completely open when he gets going. The war a look at Michigan at some success as well and then -- there's some other teams and start to look at probably get a close look at later today. But if you that I really liked that everybody seemed to be talking about. Finally the old blue under the radar just in front a little bit but. Over the last day or two because it played there enough and nearby -- but here's Louis. Louis got it -- -- can actually get caught in the same view the collapse in export ability offense as well. I think Saint Louis and you could that figure at least around the extremes and who knows -- Milosevic could even go further. They're playing -- play VCU two they right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And of course our room for liberty at fifteen and twenty how to help they won their conference is beyond me but that's certainly stressed routines like Maryland and some of the bubble teams and are you gonna be. Cursing the liberties of the world that make the parliament. With a fifteen to two point records. That's -- that's the magic of the tribe -- and everybody like that. You know weekly conference tournament you have a chance to do that and that's that's what makes you can only term at a sporting event like none other that this country that's why. As we have millions of people -- shall -- brackets. No question it's it's it's it's a fun time memory and I like it I like college basketball before the determine starts by. Certainly I -- -- -- for emotional last night knowing about all the big east games I've been to -- were witnessed over the years and certainly you. It's it's it's a shame I I remember Gordon the rookie talker games job back that Otis -- nobody knew we was. And -- turn into an all pro world with the rockets I mean is that a lot him not to mention it in -- some of the great province because teams over the years drug. Mean we got to witness some fantastic basketball. At the Providence civic service last Dunkin' Donuts center over the last. Buses -- nineties every nine and it's it's it's going to be its its top deceived god it's all gone. Yeah what we've been hurt fortunate there's no doubt about it but I I would I would beg to differ I don't think it's all gonna -- it's going to be different and I think it's going to be exciting and it's all right. We have teams that are like my -- a like minded that are going to be competing against each other. And building mutual and internal. -- you don't get a chance to see that we vote but this is going to be -- -- what they've ever built back in 1979 for a lot of people -- -- -- exciting moment. A great stuff was always a -- thanks so much embassy trip back to run. Excellent job Rocca gradient asked to Nazi joke that's gonna do with the mission at Ritz -- book that went down. 21. During the first intermission. -- -- big -- on Monday. That's more into its next -- over edition of the big show with -- will join them Monday night -- -- Tuesday that. And Mike -- Michael Holland will be in the picture on Wednesday -- -- You -- the 17779. -- 97 while Leon Baltimore have a great it's. Please. Stay everybody. Tomorrow it's sports writer W yeah it's baseball.

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