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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, Joins Pete Sheppard on a Sunny St Patty's Day in Ft Myers

Mar 17, 2013|

Rob calls in to talk with Pete about the Jackie Bradley, Jr situation and if he feels that he will be starting with the Red Sox to begin the year. This of course leads to Rob's take on David Ortiz and his injury. He also talks Aceves aka the loose cannon, the rotation and more about the club as they prepare to get the John Farrell era started.

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It it's more about football broached it just little bit right now -- check -- with that WI guy comes. Rob -- for a down in this sunny for buyers happy saint pat Tuesday rob Bradford. -- -- -- -- -- But I have got an early start like you could organize that by and I -- my brother by the way. But I will -- this. The third base coach had -- red sock it to me and you know its status and to -- -- outlook on forcing four or most. On his mind -- -- right on the clock out so there you update program. None so far I mean just speculation from many that it though they think he's going to be recited. But and I don't know right now governor his name. Mentioned that much lately but package or more so in the early stages here freed so you know -- reporters itself. I expected to be here I do I know how much they they like him a lot though he has the you know on offense but special teams as well so. What will -- but did you -- go. Unaudited reported Saturday that we need to make it a mind. The mind of private motor -- this shortstop might not playing opened. Speak about playing opening day. -- -- It's looking more and more rob like David Ortiz and probably drew are not going to be around opening day which of course you wrote the article by an -- -- came down and don't -- dot com. So BS John -- As you pointed out about the status of Jackie Bradley junior now a much different tone from mr. Ferrell this morning -- a couple of weeks ago that's held a question I believe the quote was. Yeah. I'd -- I think that is relevant question because we have two weeks ago at camp. Or even though you are you ready for opening day but it chipped it -- it can be ready for opening day and well a lot -- bats going out the factor that into -- -- if you're located shortstop construe it shortstop right now. So a lot -- can interpret what because a lot of people are focusing on Jackie Bradley junior was reduced service time. Really active today -- -- to make it different and -- Jack you've got the future -- -- -- the illegally could stay pure politics here. So -- -- -- about 20 -- and I am very closely here but still got extra here create a -- good but the quote important. I gotta fight that guy he played helped Idonije. Though no question do you agree that it seems to be any Republican more more. Bradley comes starts the season with a Red Sox -- left field a majority of the time and and Gomes DH is. I think it is still too much time I'm only two weeks -- different where you try to get some real pitched -- -- Peters. Time and time again allow you to bring you the guy like Jose Iglesias were paired it up the first half and also on eight. The pitchers are actually could be like he would a major -- and the -- Albert is go without I think you'll be very choppy and see how Bradley -- ankle that. The next couple weeks because he does. And he's still hitting all get under 500 years girl a former reporter. Yeah yeah I'm heading into opening day that he it makes. But -- and -- artistry and I hope they didn't -- basic I think. According -- -- -- out of the gate. But still you've got to aren't going to be very very -- defensively -- short and it writing collapse it's coming up throughout is -- finally got. So a lot it makes a lot of sense and you -- like that would feel good yeah. So but I mean overall you're gut feeling you think that's a way it's gonna work out. Because of the Ortiz and -- situation. If you are we got a couple days ago I would say no by. Get. -- -- -- -- copy yet again it probably you're playing like -- requiring that my gut feeling would be yet. I'm so getting the big red alert in the back of my neck about they would Ortiz that and I've I've been saying that for a couple of months rob and forget about April forests are out I'm thickened like Joan what do we get the feeling it's going to be June 1 before -- guys here like I just have a really bad feeling about what's going on. And what I get the feeling that. It's worse than we're being that a rumor being told. All we do know what you and I welcome back to the peak urging -- does not utilities but the discouraging part is that. It was five to seven days correct. And and a couple days ago they had had that you could take batting practice on Monday well now a look at -- out. -- -- -- -- it yesterday you have -- short. Barrel and then you look unsure as poorly educated they pay to see our response and -- they feel it got a little bit better. By -- I keep saying two weeks but it's a little -- it's crunch time here where you have to figure out. Who's gonna be ready stroll our right broke because they are ready at some point in the upper spoke a bit and you reported Pete. It's good for -- -- overly encouraging here because. A -- we spoke to help him. Fairly dramatically and biology faculty get really -- and put through to repent and as we sit here. And Bologna was -- the first to bring it up a couple of weeks ago about. You know when we try to compensate for an injury that you can we say this that we see a lot of pitchers who have suffered arm injuries sometimes league they heard another part of their body because. Try to compensate for the injury and certainly it seems the case here rob with -- David as far as bravery in all that bad ankle and changing the style of running whatever it is. And I understand why did it but it's it is not working. No no no -- cannot seem to be decay sets in Munich are so that he'll bring no question about it and but. Beatty he didn't feel better and you can get to the point where -- could have -- me again. But here we are we're almost April. And districts say yes and it wasn't gonna get a point where. You don't have to worry about the next -- soreness but you ought to worry about running differently or the overcompensate. You might play in mid April or late April but my question is is that what is this going to be our problem. And I because that is the good the biggest thing that I can go out. To be entered. I think -- in particular patent -- core -- -- got a merit and can only wait a jet he didn't work it would -- GOP I don't PF committed two weeks. But here it's by how a guy -- not worry about any part of it like. Let's get at -- that the starting pitching I think overall this year so far in in camp Arctic that you have to be directs us sprint -- -- pretty can -- pretty good so far. You know pleasantly pleasantly surprised with that would all of these guys really can't really don't have a and no really not a lot of -- constructive criticism negative which a negative criticism which -- about the starters so far your great. Yeah I agree and I think they've paid their current hang in there and obviously the -- because you have a team coming up its corporate pitching performance to a year. But they're going into this year thinking hey you know what we feel like carpet you can be pretty good we can figure out -- are -- -- on. And I know what -- so ardent free -- -- It's it's it's hard to argue with -- that street trader at the appeal all end all. But you look at these guys you looked a lot from our cold you can Lackey Dempster. And as young college brought his computer not certainly -- a starter different body type that even more than you optimism around the all time. The starting pitching I think has been promote and hurt and part of that he. And you know whether that translates I don't know whether it's about a included -- could've expected -- -- indicate. That being said it and you know -- -- Obama's Evers and Iceland and why the hell he's on this team rob it's just a matter of time it almost -- almost exploded let yesterday. -- close up the first base coach of Tampa but. Rob it's only a matter time before the sky embarrasses this team again you know I know it they know it. What the -- they await reports gonna happen. I think -- the team last year I mean that that was one of the things that I was going to be -- out of why he was still. My finger her release from work or trade order ever last year to neutral value. But let them all -- was it -- movement that. Now -- I practiced in the early on the look I can't handle that. On the embassy yesterday you could make an argument -- way. But the tactic what you have to do here up against the season and he got beat number one how he handled himself how he got beat number two. How how much -- BP in terms of the performance how valuable he is because. But beyond that he's got an important part of this visit if you look at go to what we are WOR DP -- And then you also if you do want to say hey you know what therapy not -- -- -- what the best way to do it in your value is in the trade. It'd got a flat out let him go by spirit and the reason is here right now it's because. It could be tremendously important part of right now he's the starter and -- didn't end -- like not like march. -- particularly good OP does become too big because I'd like that overlap here it is fueling got in Pawtucket. And Alfredo over the curbing our part to appropriate the right side. Detonate their paperwork it is or have been around superior value and what we thought it would -- I mean I listen about the value I brought it up we always bring it up in value because he's you know as a starter he's got a bit of relief he's been a closer I mean. I get all that but I'm just saying at what cost I just know I know what's gonna happen -- -- it's gonna it's gonna be probably sooner rather than later. It only -- set I felt like you do last year additional sent them home last year and and a and I mean I hope I'm wrong but the guys a time -- way to go I'd just a matter of days. Isn't playing Pete is felt -- -- you buy it through a lot of the stuff that he did laughter came to interpret because the belt aren't situation everything else. But the year before when he was so valuable and so good don't incidents that here as well and they were able to manage air America. And he'd keep in America and it'll play Turkey. Whatever that away from the other guys -- what could really an issue but there were problems that year. But all we heard throughout that year was all the political -- to carpet. All the way up -- -- last week that Hewlett-Packard -- -- Or in a row it would be personally priorities. So I think that they wanted to put up port ROP achieved -- -- -- the overnight. It took about managing the situation. Well be it's going to be an interesting challenge for John -- that's for sure -- rapper thank you so much great stuff is always there and you if you wanna be more about Jackie Bradley junior governments confident about it on WEEI dot com actually check -- out. Well we will talk to down the road. Excellent -- at Saint Patrick's Day rob Bradford WEEI dot com Matt Joseph and -- -- you guys lined up we'll get back into the football Bruins and Red Sox discussion as well. The patriots -- that 1 o'clock well we're gonna connect with the job brought in and maybe talk talk about what the tournament selection are coming up tonight and demise in the big east and last night it was a kind of a tearful moment. Not -- Obama Syracuse friends out there -- sorry lost but a Digisette of them officially the last you know big east game. Illicitly and and -- not -- not counting of the two teams play each other in the -- the its term but kind of a sad day in my opinion rupiah which would be used. Coming to a close up about 61777. -- 737 Texas 379237. Quick break back to more phone calls after this Sports Radio WB yeah.

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