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Pete Sheppard: Overall the Patriots had a Really Good Week!

Mar 17, 2013|

Pete loved Wes Welker and what he gave to the Pats every season he was with them and is still upset that Wes left for the Rockies, but he understands what the Pats were thinking. His gut feeling is that Danny Amendola will be very successful in New England. More importantly, the Pats have done a great job improving their D and he wants Dumervil!

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Right out. Being honest with me. Ought to -- started. The first cocktail today before 10 o'clock or more don't agree I can tell. Don't -- every. Saint Patrick's everybody I don't jeopardy here short short today. Ought to WEEI sports Sunday or until 130. -- back I was -- because we can't today six point 77797037. You can text to 37937. As always you can tweet at. Put your credits were really guys wanna talk about today that a besides the operators of the -- playing well yesterday the patriots in their free agency -- other news about the Jackie Bradley junior today. John -- kind of addressing it then in on the -- seems to be. More chance that Jackie Bradley -- may indeed be with a big league club at the start of the season. And we'll get rob -- brought a 1234 Fort Myers to talk about a little bit more. Because you're gonna look more moral I drew and Ortiz and doctor -- Start the season in which case -- DH Gomes I think for the most part and projected Bradley junior out in left field. And let him play. He's doctor come up there's not going to be on this team to start the season not play. Not in my opinion and not waste when he could be up in two weeks and and not lose your arbitration eligibility so. A -- on the table today with the patriots still up big the big buzz obviously this week about. About Amendola and Welker. And people still very passionate about that but overall you -- -- -- -- sprint -- you have to be pretty happy what they've gone so far and it's probably. In a little bit more left to do. Especially -- -- when it's if you -- it is gonna be was suggesting to me bottom. Defense of -- they've already improved. From last year. There's no question I would happily see you know how Wilson fits in and all that stuff but I -- it did the right thing and exciting to lead signing Wilson. I gotta get a debtor doesn't look like more more you talk to different people but the more of that nothing's gonna come by not going to be any jail time. We're rapidly lick Nebraska -- him and it and most people don't think Roger to Dell's going to impose any kind of sides suspensions though. If you're -- to bring you look at that that's secondary next year so far I mean up the apple like to saint a power -- as a nickel corner that's fine. Slot corner -- no problem that at all. It's just going to be -- in -- the chemistry are on offense to me when you lose guys like a Welker and you lose a guy like -- -- had. It's Jesus say to go plug this guy and plug that guy in blood until we actually see. Who they're gonna you know. What's gonna happen in real games. I'm a reserve judgment I I don't -- economist much of eye on the gonna miss much. But to a everyplace they were players have been Welker and -- -- Not around very consistent clutch guys for the most part yeah I Welker had some key drops in some games I understand that overall. The good far outweighed the battle Wes Welker and talk about the greatest at his position of all time. And it's this you know that people just think that. Dan -- Dawes is gonna step in -- -- Welker or that cattle must step -- -- -- Welker or negatives has stepped in and be Welker. I'd I'd just I still don't see that happening now I think Danny Amendola is going to be is going to be pretty good player. And we have to say if he could stay on the field. But at a top car brought a great point to me on Friday as far as you know you're talking about this isn't a guide it has like. Boris Yeltsin a serious hamstring injury that keeps popping up time -- time -- some baseball players around here. Or used to be around here. You know those kind of corporate theater dislocated elbow and Boston clavicle so. Help we start talking about Polk and if this guy can stand popular Mac Pakistan -- we can play that game all day. -- every single player. So now arguably the benefit of the doubt and say he's going to be on the field as always to me with a patriot offense. If I just hope that we get to seek rock at Hernandez on the field for the majority of the season. That's what I've -- and everything else will take care of itself. But that is what I want -- especially the playoffs I want -- and and just wants to be able all be healthy when they get the playoffs. -- I'm not to be too concerned overall about their profits despite the loss so Bob Welker and would head. Maybe initially. You might see a little bit of a decline possibly. But. I think overall towards the end of cease and desist order to the top three -- and for Obama I'm not -- -- -- a -- in eastern -- in -- pretty well. And and for me it's always going to be about rocker and and is being healthy. I do like what it did on defense. Is there's no question about it. On the and the other one the other the other two he practice to in this whole thing was is that Washington. I think that's big. I think that's bigger certainly needed. Some help on special teams no question about it I mean according had a kickoff return against the jets. And then fumbled the next one and they were never the same after that -- -- they averaged like 1819 yards a return. Army times -- does not get one yard line last year to across. On November exciting happened except cores that so I think that's a that's a good -- well. It was 77797937. Solar -- rod. And wanted to grab -- up front at 1230 they're quick Red Sox -- from Fort -- some of the stuff. The -- -- at 1230 today as well -- talks early to -- yesterday just outstanding great to see the -- line come back to life. Absolutely. Outstanding yesterday Lucic -- and encouraging. Lucic Prius is critical to -- toward a goal two assist great to see that they've been they've struggled but they've struggled -- It kissing game today. At Pittsburgh as usual Gloria because of that again Padilla Padilla and when -- seven to his last -- as the -- with a one point 78. Goals against. Brewers try to avenge the loss they had on Tuesday it erupt -- nothing but that is most of you saw completely ran out of gas. And -- just couldn't hold them properly -- roster in net today that should be to be one -- -- -- financial keep you updated on that. At 1 o'clock to try and hook up with the John rook is coming back from -- square garden on the train today and lastly drifting toward immigrants we are gonna talk about a college basketball to the mortgage giants thought to the voice the province college -- over our sister station when a three point seven of them. In Rhode Island bad you know just be the last big east. Matchup last night between Louisville Syracuse get his thoughts on the upcoming NCAA tournament because despite the fact. But around your body says nobody cares about college basketball the wicket because nobody goes to -- games. I still think. There is mrs. There's a lot of there's a lot of people around and when an area that do care about college basketball certainly this time a year. I would mark -- to cross rocket John -- thoughts. I just for a few minutes then the 1 o'clock -- 1 o'clock hour hopefully we can connect with him coming back from a chemistry -- his. A covering of the big east tournament 6177797937. Taxed at 37 night 37. Your thoughts and as well we've not talked with -- and crossover about Elvis Dumervil. I mean this is going to be this is really interesting and everything I've read three or four out -- a piece is already today. And that's definitely the picture in the mix here patriots Tennessee. Baltimore. Aren't here in Miami Dallas and they'll say haven't run out of money -- it's unbelievable. No I don't know Miami Indianapolis as a talked about last week conviction -- you know they had they had a lot of money on their cap. But there apparently in this in this Dumervil sweepstakes is well that it would be to rip it. If the patriots to pull this one off again Dumervil here. -- eleventh sacks last year for the -- tackles. Played all sixteen games is going to be very very difficult but the Broncos. To get him back. So that's on the table as well -- your thoughts on all the patriots moves likes dislikes. The Bruins. Just you know I thought one of the most -- -- the year yesterday you could argue maybe the best one of the year par sixty minutes a hockey. Outstanding they put the pedal to the metal and didn't let up I'd I'd never really never thought the game was in jeopardy at all by yesterday once again up to that lead. It was it was great it was great to see a loved apply a lot of flights that happened yesterday -- -- on -- Out there that was that was attest that. That's on the table as they said the Red Sox as well as -- last night an -- It's just a -- Todd isn't it it's just a matter of time. Don't we he hits a guy like it's what's his name last night the shoulder and and it being the beeper and just. Don't you just aren't you just know what's gonna happen what are -- waiting for the severance. It's. Got to wait two weeks -- remarked he's got to do something stupid again and probably be released or whatever -- -- -- -- I'm I'm still amazed he's on the team might understand. At the thought process behind but he's put him in any role but. The -- a time bomb waiting to go off just a matter of time. That's more time to what 777 I'd have ignited resembled a bag out. As many -- we can't let you guys lined up all right let's get right upon the public vote that ticket at 1217 but we'll get -- -- early. Today because normally on until. 130. Our half why now. Wow but -- to talk to you guys is so much to one I don't want to stress again I want say how much one was on Friday can't tell you that was one. Of my favorite -- I've ever done what jacket with a top foreign Friday we had a blast was so much fun talking football and hockey. What do the best of what they do outstanding. And you guys the best of what you -- let's get to your calls -- -- -- -- protect your W review -- repeat MR. The united under mark you do. There are currently I just wanted the court are -- -- -- -- -- would Koreans and ever remotely -- a book that firm arm out. And I -- I need any anecdote. Again you had earlier been more. They on the deal once secret -- quality -- it I don't know if it yard. What will be and a in the I mean I like what they did there like I mean how they're doing to eat regular day. Every every year there -- Indians -- You name Hancock patriot football until maybe June or July and everybody. Every year everybody overreact everybody. Are there not and it that I am in current and again. You added I do what he did he show earlier in the book to everybody electric -- a lot more than what did you shape eat. It's a wait till the end of the season that you guys will be more -- what -- usually do because they over. -- -- the Seattle -- would put people over the heads because of all those ridiculous open hail marys that Wilson got away with and keep you know the pay to play it back. Bad defensively that game there's no question but I mean they had that they were there on the verge going up like white step team poet Kinect game they were 1116 in the red zone that game it was I was now. And he does know what the end of the season there aggregate better. And the only thing I care about the brits I don't care about -- yards or can't stress enough I care about turnovers caused and points allowed and in the end. They led the AFC internal I was in points allowed were tied for night so I doubt I think about it on the war last year upper stay healthy they'll be better. And I think there's no way and I beat YouTube page. It would have had a better he went to enact their cheek in due game against Baltimore they've probably would've won the super. What got to go without it it it took awhile if there were called market took a while for the mean all of the rivers to catch up. It wasn't like we went down and I was Sunday were they were not throw the ball over the -- but once they did. I'd definitely effective pitchers -- as it's a time and time again once before the patriots were the red zone in that game a bad also play golf fumble by. A fumble in the game -- -- as well by Ridley where it was a killer beat Baltimore more physical we all know what's assists and addiction but over for staff they've -- had a chance to put the rate -- away in the first have to endure but. Baltimore made plays that there and that's why they want in a simple -- and what are we capture of Dexter Eric. There aren't. Have been around for a great year nineteen back -- the station -- Great to have an excellent progress thank you very much. Love love love that you're on this morning so the question if you are I'm. You know a lot of people are all over the patriots for not resigning Welker and and of course I'd -- Welker but I'm in my mind you know I I. You have been on the page it's really closely. There was a great article about Ernie Adams I think it was quite like ten years ago. But the but the ads do a lot of analysis. About. Each player one. You know one problem how much of an impact a player can make in their role and I think they really invest their money. In certain types of players like Vince Wilfork. Essentially. You know it's a big investment player because he almost requires double team all time. You know gronkowski. Aaron Hernandez and even I think Welker not that bad -- -- -- 32. It's is where it really is speed and -- I think it speed has been you know is out still drop off over this year or next year what Welker and he Welker. Yes I'm talking about Welker it was 32 and speed. -- loans and just a little bit. And makes -- huge efforts and he's going to be open or not and I think. You've had without -- Hernandez and they have gronkowski. And they have obviously. I'm pretty dynamic and quick action in -- Brady I think that you know the the trade group audio -- ago. Because they wanna trade advancement -- player. The end of act that you get on -- 27. A lot younger I don't care what anyone says he doesn't eight CEO. I think it was you know that -- Yeah -- but you Kemba Walker showed no signs last year slowing down at all he -- coffee is durable and I understand -- -- Obama I'm I'm a much or sometimes the computer's speed with quickness now. I haven't seen Wes Wes Welker is quick iron I mean as far as this beast Ehrlich is gonna burn somebody down the field but that doesn't happen all that often but he is one of the quickest ever. And that and the slot position that makes him so great dynamic and -- the same kind of kind of player I don't I don't see any evidence -- that welcomes this is gonna slow down that much. I I don't think. Agreement instilled in speed and quick as I met the quickness out there and I'm. You know and they didn't you know he says he's quicker than Welker now it's -- route running unsure Welker is better. But Obama and actually got an amazing now when he did his arm Columbine he did an amazing job. Wouldn't quit this you know so I really didn't think that on. It obviously they're not gonna get so produce like Welker did but it may have -- for the value that they thought. With a five year guy get brought up about it for five years. That is 27 years old that can fill that role in a little bit more pop in you know can complain that receiver. Outside receiver a little bit better I think it's a good move by the types. And I'm a smoker. Optional thanks Erica bigger some reports six point 77797937. Steve stayed. Matt -- you guys lined up to one free open line right now 6177797037. Texas 37 out of reasonably can tweet. At these -- three to six speech shepherd out of -- Patrick stay here until 130.

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