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Dale Delves into the Red Sox and the Jackie Bradley, Jr Situation - Could he be Starting for the Big Club at the Start of the Season?

Mar 17, 2013|

Fans have been calling for Jackie Bradley to start for the Red Sox this season, but it didn't seem likely until very recently with their injury situaion and David Ortiz possibly not being ready to begin the season. Dale discusses John Farrells comments about Bradley Jr and that he cannot rule him out to start the season with Boston. Dale says that would be exciting but it would also most likely mean that Ortiz is going to be gone for much longer than Sox fans would like.

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Well just what I said that the Red Sox probably didn't warrant a whole lot of attention. All of a sudden there's some attention John -- meeting with the media today down in Fort Myers. For the first time this entire pre season -- knowledge the very real possibility. That Jackie Bradley junior could begin the season with the big club on April 1. You've got a couple of issues here David Ortiz obviously. With his injury issues is probably not gonna be ready for April 1 and you got some troubling concussion issues that Stephen Drew is still battling through. And and -- knowledge today that. Pretty good possibility that drew was not gonna be ready to start the season with a Major League team on April 1. So for the first time in this entire pre season John Ferrell talking to the media today acknowledged. That Jackie Bradley junior may actually start the season with the Major League roster. When he was asked specifically would Jackie Bradley junior make the team he said that's -- relevant question. Now if you did that okay if you decided that that's what you wanted to deal. And I know that. And Red Sox fans have been clamoring for I think Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe put it best. When he tweeted out a few minutes ago. If the idea is to win and pitcher best players in the lineup. The Red Sox should played Jackie Bradley junior and laughed and DH and -- Jonny Gomes. And if if the season starts the way were projecting here Ortiz not going to be able to apply. Stephen -- still with a concussion issues and probably isn't going to be able to play either. That's the way -- -- and I've heard I've heard rob Bradford talked about this on this station in the past and I happen to agree with him. Unless Jackie Bradley junior is gonna play every day it doesn't make a -- a sense to have him start the season here it just doesn't. I mean if if if if he's gonna play every day and Peter Abraham just gave you the way that could happen you DH Gomes to play Bradley every day in left field. If he can't do that. Then I know you don't like to hear this Sino Callahan especially hates to hear this. You're better off with Bradley being in Pawtucket playing every single day. I think for the first time in this entire. Grapefruit league season the Red Sox are facing the very real possibility. Jackie Bradley is going to be here on April 1 when they open the season Yankee Stadium and they may not have a choice here they might have to do with that. So all of a sudden out of nowhere the Red Sox during the conversation as well. 6177797937. Telephone number 37937. Is the idea. Is the text line and a whole bunch of you who views that as well I was managing just before the break this whole thing about Jackie Bradley junior and John Farrell's comments before the game talking about this site as I said you've got two issues that -- is dealing with. One is Stephen Bruce got a concussion problem that they are still. Try to get a complete assessment -- and please don't start with the you know -- -- just like J. D. Drew. It's not some and that make light of its not something to mess around with. God knows in this town we've seen enough of concussion issues and what it's done to players. He maybe he will be out for a little while. What it means is -- -- probably gonna get a place is as you're starting shortstop. That aside. -- probably is going to be ready to start April 1 and it's looking more and more like David Ortiz isn't going to be able to start April 1. So one of the things that John -- was asked today was you know -- these guys may -- not being available does it increase the possibility that Jackie Bradley junior. Who spent kind of up. The golden boy of spring training you know want -- -- like 500 and it seems like every time he plays he does something great. He's the hot young prospect on his way up and -- was asked does this increase the possibility we could see Jackie Bradley junior and a Red Sox uniform start of the season and he said that's a hell of a question. -- it's the first time that they've kind of acknowledged. There was at least the possibility. That thing you got to remember here is that if he starts the season here and then -- a couple of weeks where you can play. And then send him back down to -- and and you don't burn the season. I think it's three weeks to be placed here for three weeks. Well what you got them. Is you have burned a year. And by that that means -- easy year closer. To being arbitration eligible he's a year closer to a -- free agency. Now if you're gonna keep him here all year and that's what I've heard a lot of people say -- look he's he's a better player you gotta keep him here you gotta play him here. I know Jerry is one of those people who has consistently said bring him up your let him play let him get out there every single day. And and -- he's one of the better players let -- You really can mess up a young player like that. And I think in a perfect world the Red Sox would be better served with Jackie Bradley junior at least starting the year in Pawtucket. Playing every single day. Getting in 04 at bats five at bats every single day working on his game even further and as the season progresses maybe you bring him up here to play. Injuries. Trade deadline. In a worst case scenario is a September call up in a perfect world you'd do that. They may not be facing a perfect world and it is at least possible. That your gonna have to. You're gonna have to bring him in here sooner maybe even than they would like now it may be it may work out great. He may come up here and tear the cover off the ball and never looked back and and I'm sure if that's the case then Red Sox vans and Gerry Callahan will say see at soldier shot so we should have been here all all yearlong. We forget what it was like when Dustin Pedroia started here his rookie season and how bad he was and he was hitting a buck eighty and in September and most red sock guy in April I should say and most Red Sox fans couldn't believe he he got to Wear uniform every day. It's possible it could happen -- it I don't think it well I think he's that good a player and I think he's that good prospect. So now the question becomes are you going to be comfortable with Iglesias sister shortstop everyday because I think at least at the start of the season he's gonna have to but he. If you look at the number of innings that different people have played at the shortstop positioning in the grapefruit league play Ramirez's head and shoulders. I Iglesias is head and shoulders you know above everybody else -- he's almost gonna have to apply. Mature there's anybody else. And he's probably not gonna get much for. You know he's going to be at the bottom of your batting order. He's probably gonna hit about 230. Or 240. And you're going to be frustrated and you're gonna get angry when he does not get that runner from third in you know when he doesn't. Get that ball through the drawn in infield you're gonna get mad when when that stuff happens because his Red Sox fans we get mad about that stuff so. It's just something to think about is probably gonna have to have a Iglesias start -- short. You're not gonna have Ortiz. Probably starting at DH. You're gonna have some holes in year in your batting order at least to start the season. And I was looking at an earlier try to find it here in awhile. But I was looking at an earlier supposedly what you see from batting order today for the Red Sox. Might actually be the batting order. When they start April 1 in New York.

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