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Dale Takes Some Calls on Welker and Gives Us some Possible Trade Scenarios for the B's

Mar 17, 2013|

Dale talks B's and Welker with callers and then gives us a variety of scenarios for the Bruins as far as adding players and/or trades. The bottom line is that the B's are in the drivers seat and can really afford to make any move at this point.

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Is remiss in our number one and I apologize for not wishing you a happy Saint Patrick's Day. I'm sure that everybody in south they will be sane and safe throughout the course of today. At least hopefully the safe part. Our number two sport -- Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold until noon Pete shepherd and at noon today he'll take it to 130 in the start of Red Sox baseball talked a lot of hockey -- a lot of football and our number one is the free agency period the free agency frenzy as hit these parts for via. But the patriots and their moves the last couple of days both positively and negatively lost some guys brought some guys in. And the Bruins with just a thorough beat down of the Washington Capitals. Yesterday at the TD garden. Boy yeah it's funny hearing you know really astute hockey guys -- -- so much more about the game and -- guys like that gore -- second Mike Milbury. Just the last Alexander Ovechkin who could probably or possibly be the most talented player in the National Hockey League. And is what they call in the game in the vernacular of the game -- He just you know he brings that some of the time in the rest of the time he does bring it at all. He's gotten coaches fired he's gonna get a general manager fired. Or Adam -- might get fired before this whole thing is said and done as well in his very first head coaching job. Men don't match in a few years ago like five years ago it was a very legitimate sports debate you can have sit at a bar with your body and you could be. You know hoist -- up -- talk about who's the best hockey player in the world Sidney Crosby here Alex Ovechkin and it was a real. Legitimate sports argument. There's no argument anymore. Alex Ovechkin is even in the discussion anymore. Not even close. And watching him yesterday. I mean -- I can see why dale potter said you know what I'm just gonna go back to London in the OH -- Worry about the Ontario hockey league team that I don't want coach this kind anymore he's in sales were projected talent when he was thank him. Or at remote it's his first chance to coach and NHL franchise and he's got that long -- down at the end of his bench -- practical -- you guys 617. 77979837. -- and reading and Mike I don't. -- -- is going very well thank you and they represent after the -- Thank you very much. I just slaughtered to I I that this thing for -- -- look for the Bruins were a couple of years he's been on my mind you know. And I know I heard you say that you you you really believe that they have to do so. I there's no doubt they're trying desperately to do something. Well you know again I mean I'd still allowed me about -- get I didn't so messed up the -- the the first four lines and anyway but I ever feel like they need to good solid veteran defenseman is there anybody available that might be on the radar out of them I think any defense more than anything else. Well I mean stick with Furyk with Calgary and there's another target right there. -- I mean. It's funny -- out we were talking with the Peter sure rallies Thursday night about this and -- he he'll tell anybody who asks. East trying desperately to make deals right now he's got salary cap room to play -- he's got money to spend he he wants to make trades. Annie said there's just so you people the trade with out there if you look out west practically everybody Stallone in at least. Breathing room of a playoff spot and there are so few teams who who just know they're gone they're out Florida's one that their Don their out. But the guys that you might wanna trade for all hurt. And I diplomat Q1 11 last thing I'll hang up as you let out. And I love gamble that I loved watching and I love watching it grow I love watching the mistakes he makes and and and that's that you see him being coached on the bench by the players yup. I'd give away how do you feel he's gonna he's got a he's you know in -- short -- -- that that this this case that they go on that. Can a kid that age you normally. Can even handle -- -- -- rotten. I'm gonna tell you this -- got hot Mike I'll tell you this if they added defenseman. It ain't going to be Doug Hamilton who -- saw out of uniform. Good I mean he is that good he is one of your top four defensemen he's not going anywhere if they added defenseman to this team. In all likelihood it it's probably among Quaid -- -- who would give more time sitting on the bench. Yeah yeah. Well thanks -- I'm guilty or not. I appreciate golf thanks I wish you could but no we're not on today unfortunately. NBC as the game today. I mean it gives me gentlemen. You know -- corned beef and cabbage and all that with my family but come on. We ought to be working tonight Jack wants to be down in Pittsburgh with brick I wanna be sit in a studio with -- -- in the studio with burial like much. But I want to sit in the studio. He knows I'm honesty -- our worries on the cellphone and Rory I don't. A good argue. Yeah I got pretty straight quick things about ruined two I guess more mediated treatment and or final question. Or -- one I don't is more unique line in hockey then. Which each trait she -- line I mean when they're big they're on and how it hit it I don't know who go matches up well at the cap. I'll wave it and hear what. Check that but it it -- I mean if you're David crate G you've got to feel ten foot tall and bulletproof Don check. And you can feel like he didn't you -- your typical I think part of it is the way you able clay. I'm. Could open the cheer so I -- I didn't know too much about him but I feel like -- you know bottom bottom -- -- -- Could be starting a lot of heat just struck me. I might this -- it and I don't want it and they're not trade him by the way I and I don't want him to trade him the heat he sold valuable to this team in this shortened season. But I think you're right I think that there're a number of teams in the NHL for whom he could be a starting goaltender. Yeah I really really hope they don't look to move them that's oh god brought that up as many that in the and that the question Gloria and I know the call previous just talking about -- Are there and I think they've been together along obviously not double. What the art lie I -- one -- or they roll the third line -- -- -- I only got hurt I feel like you would like. You know HL charity like you know you get your third yeah -- outlined give relief -- I know they want to go. Get someone like ridiculous but it need to look at all come here and you know. Eight on the third line of achieving that my question now you know hang up -- -- -- and just wondering though you know cool realistic candidate can I got -- and we'll corporate their umpire. Well again -- a guy whose contract is up at the end of the season the the appeal for a guy like and will use again was the example the appeal for do business. Is an opportunity to win a Stanley Cup. And and go from there -- the season go where you want signed where you want return to Calgary if you want whatever you wanted to. Nothing could be huge appeal to a guy or that kind of an opportunity. In do you wanna skate first or second lining Calgary and go nowhere. Marty -- -- third line -- and and have a real. A very real chance to challenge for Stanley Cup championship. I can imagine that you wouldn't wanna do. And and I I know his name is the name because he's probably the biggest name out there and has the highest price tag he's the name I hear the most of the guy really wanted them to take a run that unfortunately got hurt for the Florida Panthers Stephen Weiss I thought he was going to be available on the guy that you you could go after he got hurt. I know and ensure rally told us this the other night when he was in the studio -- this at at the garden. He's trying desperately and they said there's lots of phone calls they talk a lot. It just aren't a lot of teams who at this point are willing to give up the ghost on the season. Teams that are willing to say you know -- we we we just don't have it because she got a bunch of games last what's the message you send your fans. What kind of crowds he's going to be playing in front of if you go -- and got your team now and start shipping guys out of town. The trade deadline isn't until April 3 sure rally is one of those guys who wants to make -- -- out today it doesn't wanna wait till April 3. Which got to find a trade partner he's got money to spend he wants to spend it he's trying to spend. Somebody's gotta agree. And at this point he's have a hard time finding a dance partner Ronnie is in Somerville they -- running I don't. They -- and happy they've got it thank you to. Okay dealt you mention enough. About. Yeah. The locker getting hit in the eighty Baltimore game. You're at it that he got and they bought target. I mean I I do and how he gets up half the time. OK dale my question is why would god but annual. Call. Is number after that it. It's good question and I you -- the only person who was asking it at the time they obvious while I think there was two parts of one. They obviously felt he was OK or wouldn't still be in the huddle. I mean that they felt he was okay and and my guess is if you the other team -- probably taken while the knock on backed him next time our bank. Well because I think that -- there would -- sort of the conspiracy a bill at check in shot. To get walker out of that out there. Dawn c'mon now -- Yeah I like conspiracy theories as much as the next guy Ronnie but. But do you honestly truly think that ballot check and Josh McDaniels were trying to get Wes Welker hurt what they try to win a football game in gold was Super Bowl. Why would you call it number about -- date obviously thought he was okay you play the rest of the game. Leave the game you know. Okay. And -- -- sit -- and they'll pay money there's no doubt. Combined eight trip to the Super Bowl met all whole lot more to them then I guess somehow try to get this guy hurt. I mean it makes no sense to me at all like I was as surprised as you that they throw to him the very next play. I was surprised it was on the field. But let's be honest for his entire career here haven't you been surprised it was on the field half the time. Mean he takes some kill shot over the middle and you'd think he's not get up from that not only would get up and go back to the public wouldn't go to the sideline. Now I -- sari there's no conspiracy theory here. The conspiracy as they desperately wanted to win a football game and gold was Super Bowl. It wasn't like let's see if we can get Wes Welker blown up. A free agent at the end of the season. Let him walk if they didn't want him. They didn't want him they tried to re sign him. And as it turns out when you'll look at the contract that he got from Denver. Don't just think he's probably say it was agent widen it to stay or otherwise. That kind of idea. Jeffs on the cellphone -- Jeff I don't. Guess I'll have to have a big impact expect thank you YouTube. You know. Our current net a little bit about current getting rid of Lloyd. You know indicating that are part not a bowel. I doubt it's about catches and I believe you know. Brady's Montrae isn't you know is is a great are yet to be open war. It did not score a lot of stretched out but he went there. Wet it'll play is needed to be aid you know the situation where I can understand that the appropriate -- -- -- you know. Interpret that kind of money debt debt debt -- hey you don't go another direction you know I'd get out that bit sort of. -- hatred that I heard are the airwaves. You know this week at -- -- -- sort of contemporary look at IPO like. You don't eat eat eat eat didn't job. Well I'm not gonna pretend to know what he was like as a guy in the locker Omar or how hardy worked I only know the stuff by red. You know I wasn't in there to see if he was making the trek to the weight room on a regular basis the things you read was that he wasn't necessarily work out warrior. And and the things. That that I sought just observing the the football games was I mean if he had -- been dead last in the NFL in yards after catch kidney. It never seen anybody hit the ground quicker than he does. -- When he went right cricket but you would be -- the deck and they would grow -- it'll burst out and eat I eat it. You know yards after the catch by. Like I -- you I don't I can be. You know I read I just think you know he came in here. And you know another click here you can argue and -- keep kind of you know what. What are. At all on the sideline and end up out. I mean he he looked like -- you know well. -- not a problem. I gotta be honest -- the F as I watched him this year and I know that if you look at the total number of catches I'm probably being too harsh. I was disappointed I expected more. I thought he was gonna bring more to the table and he did I thought you know Josh McDaniels had coached him previously and Josh lobbed a mini wanted to play for Josh his team and -- I I thought I was gonna see and get more from him than we did I thought that -- price tag was a little hide they wanted to restructuring down that would kept him. I thought that he was over price to be honestly I think that there assessment of the market and and what he was worth was probably accurate and ultimately they couldn't reach an agreement on a restructured deal I wasn't that surprised to see him now. A bigger carpet there and a broken man you -- well I agree with you -- and Eric. A little -- local it would be you know an absolute great. You know. Application. What do you think it would take their and then I'll take my comments have you. Had that great a crank out. Why I I appreciate call thank you I don't think that the price would be excessive and on target but you know what -- to give up to get him. You know when you're you're probably talking about some some combination of draft pick and or prospect. Mean this isn't like Iginla who you're trying to acquire. I -- If you want to dream big we talked about this week ago here's how you dream day. If you're Bruins and an amateur wanna do this I'm just giving you an example. The -- They're gonna have problems. Keeping everybody that they got and there's a thought out there that Corey Perry could be -- Because they're probably not going to be able to afford to have to re sign him at the end of the season. One of the things I read a week ago is that the price for Corey Perry would be a first round pick we understand that. Two prospects and by the way we're talking top prospects. And an NHL roster player and I play the game with a a week ago when I said that if if this -- the price for Corey Perry are you gonna pay. If if the price for parry was the first round pick obviously. Ryan Spooner Malcolm -- bond and Johnny boy to. And I just used point I picked the name. Off the NHL roster. A name that at the Bruins fans would think twice about but -- could you gonna give up something good if that's what applies. Would you do that as the Bruins fan. I don't think about it. Now bears. Thinking baked out the problem with that is you would never make that deal. Unless you had Corey Perry signed to a contract extension is a free agent at the end of the season. -- never gonna make that trade. If you lose all those guys and he walks away at the end of the season. So the question becomes how do you ensure that you get him signed to a contract extension is that a sign and trade type deal. Where the ducks signed him to a contract you'll agree to and that he agrees to and and you make the trade. Would you be willing fewer Bruins and give up something along those lines now bears dreaming big four. That's a top 64. Make an argument that's top 34. That's the sort of thing and I think I think the Bruins right now are are open to anything they've got a core of this team that they would prefer. Not to bus stop the -- it got a certain group of players that they don't want to mess with here they brought everybody back essentially for a reason they'd like their team a lot. I thought this was a legitimate Stanley Cup contender and based on but 193 and four record they were right. So the question is. How much do you wanna mess with the because our roster to make -- trade. And how big a deal do you wanna make from a financial point of view because they can afford to do almost anything they want to do they could afford to bring gambling again. The money between the Marc Savard long term injury and the Tim Thomas contract that they traded to the islanders. Make it afforded to almost anything they want.

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