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Dale Arnold Breaks Down the Great Start to St Patty's Day Weekend with a Solid Bruins Win

Mar 17, 2013|

Dale gets this St Patrick's Day edition of Sports Sunday going talking about the Bruins taking care of business yesterday in dominating fashion against Washington. Dale says it was a festive, energetic environment at the Garden yesterday and the B's won in all areas. Dale also gets into the Wes Welker situation and that he wasn't all that shocked that the Pats basically decided to move on. He discusses how surprised he was that Wes really was not at all excited to be a Bronco.

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To wonder how many people party called in sick for tomorrow. Original hard. Lesson. Awful awful cough. Congestion here. Chairman and make it -- -- -- I'm just wondering how many people expect that what -- how many people on Friday called in sick for Monday. I went Saint Patrick's Day actually falls on Sunday. As just right. In these parts army Saint Patrick's Day may not mean much in some parts of the country but Boston Massachusetts Saint Patrick's Day. Putts and Patrick -- mean much you should about the garden yesterday. Walt was that fun. And it was one of those I I feel so bad for the people who work at the garden the bull gang guys. As it was one of those horrific days where the Bruins play the early game 1 o'clock face off Washington Capitals. And then while we're doing the post game show Barry and Gordy and I while we're doing post game -- fifth or studio. Up old gang is going like crazy behind. Florida and get things ready because the Celtics are right back on that same in that same facility last night. Both teams came up with wins it was like the world's perfect. Saint Patrick's Day weekend Saturday. I pilot saw the the evening portion of it on television didn't see -- in person obviously by I was there for the the afternoon portion and if you if you scripted a Saint Patrick's Day noting. For hockey fans yesterday was it. You beat the Washington Capitals 41. You beat the crap out of this team. From one side of the rink to the other and I'm not just talking about the fights although they were included as well but I mean just pounded them. This was a team had a three nothing lead against a week ago down in Washington ended up losing game 43 in overtime. Really disappoint probably the worst loss of the year I mean in my opinion even worse than the lead that they blow against the Pittsburgh Penguins lost the game that capital loss was probably the worst one of the year. And you just knew the Bruins wanted to get back a little bit -- it. There their coach Claude Julian and I don't I've said this before it bears repeating. I swear to god every but he's pushed this year's been the right button. Every time he pushes a button it ends up being the right one whether it's. I think I'll start who'd opened. I'll save Rask for tomorrow I think I'll start him I mean we. In the Bruins analysis both there we try to play guess the goalie when it's not clear who the goal is going to be we try to play -- world. Always get it wrong. You know always how he had to go ask this time and then who'd opened leads them out but every button Julian has pushed this year's been the right button. Including one that he doesn't push a lot but he pushed two days ago. He called out to players on what should be the bruins' top line. Called up by name now not dramatically he wasn't railing outcome he wasn't ranting that he's not John toward -- He's got a little. Sense of class and dignity. I'm like John. And you know he'd he'd called out by name he said when I get enough from -- -- teaching -- important. They're not playing the kind of Bruins hockey that this team needs -- them to play to give us a chance to be successful. About six seconds into yesterday's game Lucci each important. Met in the corner unfortunately for Eric feared he was in between them. He got rocked in the corner by both of them and they're afternoon was away and running. That line provided the first two goals of the game port scored the first goal Lucci to set him up. David -- she scored the second goal Portman -- Saturday it was it was like. The script. -- Julian dreamed about everything was perfect. By the time you got to the end of the second period. Nathan Horton already have the Gordy Howe hat. And for those of you want longtime hockey fans and I understand not everybody knows the Gordy Howe hat trick is simple it's a goal it's an assist and it's a fight. And Nathan Horton interestingly enough he was kind of joking after the game he said. To the best of his recollection he had never had a Gordy Howe hat trick before yesterday. He actually had a goal and to assess a fight. It was a fight that that actually brought about the more interesting part of the afternoon from. Matt Hendricks is a tough guy for the Washington Capitals and I say that with respect as as you guys know I really like guys who played that way. The Shawn Thornton types the other. The top guys in the NHL it is a brutally hard way to make a living and I have such respect for those guys who do it. And and I just I I I just love the way those guys play and Matt Hendricks. Interestingly enough got into a fracas with Nathan Horton. Port had yelled at him a couple of times as they were lining up for the faceoff and -- important said he yelled at Hendricks three times Hendrickson every that looked -- And then the minute the puck was dropped Hendrix sprinted important. -- a couple of blows before -- and even got his clubs off. They had a pretty good fight Horton got bloodied a little bit. It. Not a huge deal this fight's going the National Hockey League but you know they both got their five minutes for fighting. But it really made the bruins' man. As you guys know you guys who were Bruins fans. -- importance got a concussion history. Don't love it when Nathan Horton has the fight. Mean the last thing this team needs is to have Nathan Horton take a shot like. Jon Scott gave to Shawn -- earlier in the season get another concussion and and lord knows how long he'd be out. So -- or really matter Matt Hendricks they made it very clear to Hendrix as he went by the Bruins bench. -- his afternoon was probably not -- -- about ten minutes left in the game yesterday. Hendrix was on the ice. And Sean Orton went right after now you can't just drop the stick and gloves and I mean Orton as the is a legitimate NHL tough guy and understands there's a certain cold a certain epics that has to be followed plus you don't wanna draw the instigate him. But he was passed he kept challenging him and Hendrix was backing up and you could see he really didn't wanna fight with Thornton. Any really was kind of looking for a place to duck and hide. So adamant quite cut off the the escape. At one point you could see Hendrick skating backwards you could see Thornton and McQuay both skating forwards. Both kind of -- him -- up against the glass and basically saying to home. You're gonna have to fight somebody. You'll get to decide -- did he picked data McQuay now. This is one of those classic cases where you know how there's -- there ever wants all you run into a decision in your life where there is no right decision. This was one of those there is a right decision. He had yet there was nothing he could do. He had to fight with one album he chose -- aid. Get beat up pretty. He was not available to the media after the game they said that he was getting medical attention. And and what the Bruins were doing was telling the rest of the National Hockey League. Gonna do this. And the Bruins are probably you know one of the biggest toughest meanest Aureus hockey teams to play against in the any NHL anyway and back. If you read the Washington papers today. They spent pretty much the entire game stories. In -- The Washington Times in the Washington Post whining about what the Bruins were like on the ice yesterday. They don't wanna play that way and they don't wanna play that way against the Bruins because it's not a good way to play against this team. It it's probably not a good formula. What you saw yesterday it was the Bruins so called top line and I say so called because as far as I've been concerned all season long. The Bergeron. Marchand Sagan line has been the bruins' top line because the team's top three scorers are on that line. Everybody thinks great she Lucic and -- should be the top line and they should be. But they haven't played like the the top line yesterday they did. And the Bruins have been kinda. You know playing pretty good hockey not great but really good finding ways to win yesterday was their nineteenth win. Yet they've they've really done it in some instances almost despite themselves because they haven't really started clicking on all cylinders. Power plays start to show signs. But I'll say this and we were kind of talking about it after we were off the air yesterday and Barry Petersen said to me. If that line if the crate she Lucci -- line plays like that. That you saw yesterday. Nobody in the NHL can be. If they've got that group going -- everything else that they get with that kind of toughness with the kind of all of determination and grit and goaltending by the way. Because both their goaltenders are really good. They get that they're really tough perfect afternoon if -- a Bruins fan and at Saint Patrick's Day. And you're about six green Beers -- -- afternoon. I mean it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend it everybody was in the building at a great time yesterday now this afternoon. The Bruins -- right back data and unfortunately. I work for NASA and unfortunately this is an NBC. They have the 1230 game today Bruins in Pittsburgh against the penguins when these two teams played earlier in the week. The Bruins played Monday night in Ottawa. Flew to Pittsburgh got into Pittsburgh about 3 o'clock in the morning played Tuesday night in Pittsburgh against the penguins team that have been sitting there waiting for them. And to their credit the penguins just dominated in the third period and up come from behind -- This time at least there are a little more even footing Pittsburgh played yesterday as well shut up the New York Rangers now they were at home so they didn't have to travel. But at least when they meet today when the two teams get together this afternoon in Pittsburg. It'll be a little more even footing in and we kind of called this the revenge weekend for the Bruins. It was it was like you know they had they had that awful. Three nothing lead lost to the Washington Capitals they were able avenge that yesterday. They have the lead against the Pittsburgh Penguins gave up three in the third period the other day -- lost that game. This is like the perfect revenge weekend perhaps -- I've got to finish the other nap this afternoon against Pittsburgh. Because this is the start of a week away from home. The Bruins are on the road the rest of the week they Winnipeg and here and who care all you worry about is this afternoon's game and that's with the old. So we'll talk a lot about hockey as the morning goes on I'm here till noon today. We will talk. And Celtics as well as they won without Kevin Garnett and there's a pretty good chance -- the Miami Heat come to town tomorrow night they're gonna have to play without Kevin Garnett again. We're gonna talk some football because. I'm a little baffled by what I'm hearing from patriots fans. As have been listening because as I've been following this from afar as I -- on the radio all weeklong. Seven following from a farm thinking you know for the most part. Patriots had pretty good week. Aqib Talib on a one year deal may -- couldn't be better. You got that guy. To help kind of stabilize your secondary. But gee you know you've got him in a situation where he's playing for his dinner you know that that old line about playing for your supper -- it I love that the I love Adrian Wilson is the safety on this team. I think Adrian Wilson's plays that Rodney Harrison role that veteran hard hitting. Guy in the back line who you know not only provides. Pretty good play on the field he's not exactly over the hill 33 but he's a veteran guy. But he also is that that locker room leader type the Robbie Harris and -- and I think that's going to be great. Actually think that the patriots have had a better week than what I've read and what I've heard from you guys on the radio. And I -- the Welker thing just drove people crazy. If you -- and if he get a chance do this Mike Reese writing on ESPN boston.com had a great piece. Right after Welker went to Denver. In which he laid out Howell Welker in his agent really did miss play this one and if you watched Welker is press conference in Denver. Exactly looked ecstatic bidding for a guy just signed new contract with a new team and that receive passes from a future hall of fame quarterback. Sort of like a guy who may -- regretted his decision a little bit and I think Welker his agent misread the market. I don't think that it was agent ineptitude. At the same level the -- bills agent had. But I think they screwed this one up and I think somewhere in the back of Wes Welker is -- he kind of news knew that they screwed up. We'll get all of that as well a couple of lines will bring you guys in 6177797937. As the telephone number. Texas won every it like a whole bunch of -- party have at 37937. You're always welcome to send your comments or questions to me on Twitter -- dale. Now please feel free to use that as your avenue of communication whenever you like. -- but the Bruins game yesterday with one of those perfect days at the garden and I I've got a feeling Bruins fans I don't wanna talk about what happened yesterday and what they hope will happen this afternoon so the Bruins are probably atop the agenda patriots are right there as well. Baseball is probably the one sport not gonna talk a whole lot about today although. This afternoon you'll listen to Red Sox baseball here. All its own already -- stick a hockey. Where's the pass rush and a welcome thing was despicable. By Bill Belichick. Italian. And and text or whoever you are server and or ma'am I don't know did you listen adjacent locker on fourth. When he was on the radio station late last week. A guy who knows a hell of a lot more about football when I do and may or may not know as much about football as you do. But he had such an interesting point about the Patriots offense and the issues they've had. You've had Rob Gronkowski. Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker as your three primary targets for Tom Brady. And where all three of them work. The middle the football field. And good expenses. And the patriots run into that problem at the ends of seasons here the last few years. I've found that kind of offense is actually parties to play again. Patriots. Decided they wanted welcome back by the way. And that. Became clear that that wasn't gonna happen. Things outside the hash marks from time to time and there's a lot of that that's involved in this whole thing as well get called the 6777979837. I think there is due to both teams. -- chipping is in just come from one side came from both sides and they're fighting for their lives are trying to. Stay in their playoff run north and themselves in the playoffs we're trying to better -- his team and you know we're certainly weren't satisfied. With are our last coatings and there we needed to be better so and again desperation on her side made for a for pretty emotional game. Well repeat that effort this afternoon and Bruins fans will be beyond ecstatic. This is the second half of their revenge weekend in an effort like you saw yesterday afternoon today in Pittsburgh against the penguins will have. Bruins fans even more ecstatic. 617779. 7937. -- says read the reports dale Welker sold himself to Elway not the other way around well do yourself a favor text there. Go to the Denver Post this morning read the story by Mike class KL IS. Read the story about Mike -- about how this whole thing went down. And in fact John -- sounds like even sure that Wes Welker was being totally truthful -- In the piece today Elway says well you know we made our offer and then Welker said he wanted to talk to his wife. But she was on an airplane and he couldn't give him an answer and Elway says. I'm not even sure if that was true or not but that's what he told that's you -- the piece in today's Denver Post. And then tell me if you truly think. That that you'd think. That you know Welker had to sell himself to Elway Elway made it very clear that in fact incredibly elect patriots that they had two targets. Wes Welker was one Danny Amendola was the other. And in the piece by my class today eighteen he'll tell you flat out those were the two the two guys and it was going to be one of the two they hoped. Ironically it was the exact same two guys that the patriots had targeted that position. Just think that Welker and his agent means read the marketplace. By the way there's a lot of that going around because and I'm not suggesting collusion here. But if I were -- you know I'm more cynical mind and of Byron agent in the National Football League that suggests the risk pollution because prices throughout the national football late. Seemed to be less than players and agents thought they'd. Let's get to the call 6177797937. States on the cell -- Steve you'll pick it off for us this morning on sports on. There are legal or good morning Steve Murray are our -- are what your career would I appreciate call thank you. But what would go on portables pitcher -- groups and bill we trust what beginning of the week out pretty bomb -- -- earlier. With at least two people won't do a lot of credit I think is pretty -- And when you watch current contract to. A -- extend that okay when he was playing may have to leave most preset all the quarterback -- -- And the week comes and the ball also in Washington believe that the contract also mum that can build trust. Yeah I had and I do think that we have a tendency just as a group all of us a Steve we have a tendency to judge these things you know like by the moment. And the minute you know Welker leaves we think everything's gone to -- hand basket here. And we don't realize that there's probably a little larger plan in place here in the there's other guys who were involved in. I mean I don't know whether Dwight Freeney is gonna and -- not mean and I know that he's one of the people that they visited with. But I just know that the team that takes the field next September isn't necessarily the guys who were on -- roster for this club right now. They get so -- and -- can they -- judgment to let. -- we always do that well. We all -- at all well look this is gone everything's awful here look what he's done he's lost this he's lost that. I I just as much as I've seen of the way disguised done business. Over his entire tenure here. I don't like every movies ever made. I don't agree with every movies government. But for the most part wouldn't you have to say he's done a pretty good job I mean isn't your team. Right there in the thick of things and one of the best teams in the National Football League every single year. And haven't they banned for a decade now. As he made mistakes well of course every every general manager every coach every player every person makes mistakes. Does more good than bad or this team would be a whole lot worse than they banned. Up Paulson provenance good morning Paul Dario. The more that they are Michael throat because so much I think you do great job and thank Eric I actually agree with you when it's so refreshing in that. Some of the things -- say interest will -- with emotion aside and think without collectors -- it is and which are doing and I think you're exactly right when you say that the agent and I welcome -- -- this whole thing missing a little slow while I was resigned that a truck -- -- -- to -- -- we're clear there was more. And you're exactly right in this place. Starting with the two to sixteen and then the franchising and the whole thing it's double -- they blow and when you say about the press conference that we have the rest of the guys smiling it's clear. -- look which he was in the twilight you know. I mean did he look like a guy happy to be joining a brand new franchise I watched it and I went gods smile a little bit here. -- -- a -- you like I was doing the same thing here it would -- you knew there was a smiling you know as I would treaty being is that struggled. You know I I think -- was psychological review options -- and particularly silence. Some selection rating -- They were talking I think what it was gorloks and he became a little closer but you know the -- and stuff -- -- -- it's it's -- business. And so I just and it in your opinion so -- it was a -- -- when you back out to beat the patriots are about McCain. What about what they've always done under Belichick's -- not always what they've done most of the time under Belichick's Belichick's regime. Is that kind of stay away from that first week of free agent signings they stay away from that first expensive way of and then they dived -- after that and and squat try to -- the better bargains at. Almost always the way Belichick has done business and it's exactly how he did business this year. You know and we're watching -- emotional week tiger he -- the piece that we normally go to I would repeat sent. It on the range Wallace of mobile labs logo Green -- want a smaller or overlooked. Don't know if it is -- and the pitcher's out pitches abandoned and left. Leaders and other than a week Chechen problem -- and a great catch along the sideline applause I'm very demanding him there are patriots win -- to as not to watchable also I mean we're not far away -- still the posting this -- also. I'm I'm so happy -- that they I think they did that a that we conduct. -- thank you. I I I appreciate the call I actually think as as the week went along they actually did do pretty well and and they're not done yet. I mean I know when you guys know that now they've got other things they're gonna get down here. Don't think it was quite as depressing as many people that apparently thought it was as the week went on marks -- New Hampshire remark -- -- That gallery of the Florida. Is lemon touch based on the early this morning and and actual hockey and they can I can't get downtrodden you know when we had -- -- strikes. In the recent years and games are against it my whole world stopped -- -- grew in just a potential out against caps. And I play games like that that just keep me coming back. You know I -- -- credit -- -- games this year pathetic game which is probably one of the best hockey games ice in the book. Bruins play. Well it today and it was the perfect afternoon if you're a Bruins fan because let's be honest we live here. We -- like rough and tumble hockey we like the way this Bruins team is put forth. And I don't Adam -- was kind of whining about it a bit after the game and a lot of teams in the NHL don't wanna have anything to do with the way the Bruins played 88. The way the Bruins play. Bruins fans love this rough and tumble team Brad Marchand got a fight for God's sakes. Now it was only his second fight in his NHL career and thankfully for Brad he'd picked on a guy who had never had a fight his NHL career Mike Ribeiro. -- but the fact that they were fighting and scrapping gave me an idea of what this team was thinking about. Absolutely and I mean. I like it that casual hockey fans but everybody that I've ever known that it he shall watch hockey is it because at the -- Physical sport and it and I just think that the way to Bruins play hockey. I have been playing hockey. It's the way hockey should be played. I just. What I love more than anything else and I love -- about the sport in general but I really like about this Bruins team. And I said this before and you guys noticed this story as well if you go back to the Matt Cooke incident. Where Matt -- elbowed Marc Savard in the head and and in effect ended his career that day although mark tried valiantly to. The play after that and did play a little bit after that that was the hit that really. It was the beginning of the -- You go back to that day in the Bruins embarrassed themselves and they know and he sat. And they all said that and I mean from from the president of the team Cam -- right on down. They all said that's not how we play in terms of sticking up for each other and being a team and and and they all said then it'll never happen again. And it hasn't happened cents. And the Bruins some Matt Hendricks. Throwing punches at a guy with a concussion history in -- important and they said not only are we gonna tell Mack Matt Hendrix this this isn't a -- out. Were gonna tell the rest of the National Hockey League don't do that here don't -- what -- this team because if you do you're probably gonna have to fight your way out of the building. I'm just telling as a long time Bruins -- Long before I ever was involved in broadcasting the games here -- that's what we loved about the Bruins teams that we grow up with. They were a band of Brothers they work guys. Who would you know fight all night long if they had to to protect a teammate I love. Players like that I love games like that. And everything about yesterday was perfect. 6177797937. Text line 37937. Twitter -- -- be like to use that at dale.

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