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Celtics-Bobcats game wrap w/ Sean Grande, Bob Ryan and ESPN's Ryen Russillo

Mar 16, 2013|

Cedric Maxwell had the night off, so Bob Ryan & ESPN's Ryen Russillo sat in with Sean Grande for tonight's Celtics/Bobcats broadcast. The guys wrapped it up from the Garden after the C's 105-88 victory.

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All right John thank you well we the Celtics played best of it is -- that -- know Kevin Garnett to sell it to these winds. That is natural for us and we thought the world by the way. For the Celtics that given what happened in Charlotte Tuesday night. Four it'd -- team looking at. This. Indestructible monster coming in on Monday night this is really what Boston. Is that there. They feel good about themselves now they got that little. Irritates me that that's -- fact that it that the error that the memory now what happens tonight and they hit it with a great team effort and they can have been only replicate that aspect of it. Monday it's going to be on I -- -- doctor always says going up against an opponent when they don't have their star that he actually doesn't like that. It feels like everybody's gonna let up a little bit I think it's unbelievable I don't know that I always quiet but it's really it. Psychology going into the game to spot not a Celtics really gonna wanna hit it in Charlotte because what happened the previous two games. Not having KG in -- may have refocused that immunity. But now we don't have a perfect guns so let's take care of business. Which is very pretty that's a song that. I was really I don't know who have been here but in the -- -- the if you take your business with social. Why is meteoric rise. In the industry. You know woods was. Lit up for the rest of us to follow it staggered through that. There's -- with questions about how you staggered me just from the start the ninth and give them the mystical people to the -- first time on the floor. Think that the that date. They establish something they they they gave them a lift and activist artist David back -- -- have to make that point game but I've not but I mean. I don't know what it means for the big -- have no idea -- Randall. This is the Charlotte Bobcats did it but he made a contribution. At a big guy it was a big guy things -- This team can use but I don't know what it means that future what it means that these -- the -- Kevin -- -- if you ever gonna have to play until it is to have bodies that. Play it helped that we -- like this could be -- let's say for the sake of this discussion. At Miami wins -- Toronto tomorrow and the Kevin Garnett is healthy enough to play on Monday night against Miami. Is there a significant for Celtics team is having a chance. Do you worry oh Miami's bid for history -- Miami will be by the way playing their fifth game and seven nights I love Boston these spots. Never buy -- with that team together a couple of years ago -- coming years you can apply yeah Boston's gonna put on the gets -- hearing about what they were. Here's the problem Miami's treated these gains -- this much motivation. As that he gave that -- -- season whether it was pacers recently hey guys if you're better than us that you're getting to our level. Because of -- provide your Nazi thing with -- Oklahoma City so even if Boston's healthy. And their their their own place I don't know Miami early I don't love them and that's. It was a that title defense season so -- was going to be very similar way into Miami -- near the winning streak was placed differently was earlier in the round at this stage. But I guess this is right where the Celtics were in their title fits when. Kevin Garnett got hurt the Celtics looked like they were you know they were headed. For the lakers obviously in the finals that we were all surprised -- -- -- -- -- -- -- truth is that that's the only thing you're thinking well LeBron got a hurt. That that would be I think mine's still gets the final -- of the front gets hurt. Well with the birth weight can replicate so many of the front skilled. But. That that got to equate beauty of them that they they have two guys who could take over our game. We know that but one of them is that the after the heat of of the palace right now and I he don't not to -- do not tell me. That that he has circled his mind Monday night but -- about the while that they'll get them they'll get. What I. Garrett on T. They'll get them to block there are two Celtics seasons to this point there was the moment Rondo in the won't without the prohibited on the game against Miami the last time they were here the Sunday afternoon game. In late January so here we are we've seen. Thirty games with this ridiculous Celtics team as they are constitute. What is. We know they're gonna win the playoffs not likely to me to have home court advantage because I think Doc Rivers going to give away games down the stretch just remember last year so that -- -- that play Atlanta. That was essentially for home court advantage negate that he would choose rest I think that would happen again. What is the upside for the Celtics in the Eastern Conference playoffs is there a team out there besides Miami -- salute you. Know. Gotta -- beat the pacers beat you definitely beat the X and I really was a big supporter early on not a team that can beat Miami. But it team that would not be intimidated by the star power Miami because the attitudes a lot of swagger on that team in an ad like that that's -- got to give it a shot that got -- things fall apart. In Brooklyn as much I love this for surgeon Darren Williams Bobby start a player like that guy we go -- -- this is one of the top point guards league he's gonna do -- a little bit longer -- the worst couple seasons ever had. But there's no team there that I don't think they can indeed if the play of the. I have way they play -- two thoughts and one is that you think that that's the X-Factor team because that's starting five is formidable yet Williams is playing better I would. I just I'm just pulled it out there that they could. Get it together and eventually -- and number two the team for me that I don't wanna play among the all the other news is -- Height I don't like playing or I'd love for. The portrait -- didn't he look. You remember he didn't get playing and accurately this here could very well open -- the series he artistic very badly I don't like that the problems that -- -- last time -- better you know him better. And I just about them Ottawa played a lot of freedom and and -- -- -- -- I'm -- that even if they were healthy I'm not afraid of them I I think it's. That they can beat anybody but the thing it's about the east. After Miami everybody seeing the same -- who can't -- I mean you nobody knows who that identity of the team is it's gonna play Miami 82 cup finals nobody does it could be anyone like teams it is -- why not us. It is looked like the -- and RD number one seed. Racquet -- constantly changes to that number two team is going to be with Miami in the Eastern Conference finals normally wouldn't look at -- like this than ever gonna have two guys here same time against self. That wild -- question about the Celtics is this and we talked about what the upside is in the playoffs this year -- -- Rhonda we'll come back next year. Does rush around a comeback as the same guy he has been. Or does this it and I don't mean I mean the physical health is one thing I'm talking about watching with this team has done without him there's Rondo. Have that cable car turn. But his career the way of Paul Pierce did his first year with Doc Rivers where we've seen some guys either do or don't do it that state 78 years in. Does Rondo have the torn his career. And become a player that truly goes the next level and quote unquote the most condescending terms we have finally gets. Well to answer to what not but I think I have my answer you have framed by with -- I like that I was no. Know what him and then it's not that type guy. He's got all the sense why -- apps and games at home without it it often don't you think that there's going to be discussions between himself that he -- -- them in the GM and the coach I don't think he cares that his re right I thought if that's that's the talk to him if they -- to him -- -- -- that -- he's going to be -- -- -- about this. -- and laudable that rate Michael. And and you'll get something and and don't look back if he's going to be that way because how can he if he's rational look at what's going on in -- And not put two together and if he would -- you used to do that that you got to get. Stubborn players what makes them great often makes them so difficult to manage in situations like that. If there is rank your stepped in as anybody and be wise you have to deal a team that now a lot of people talked about it you like as -- the best possible trading board -- -- talks with the patriots -- -- no one ever knows we got it you know to say that they were about -- of their injuries. Hussein can be said about the Utah Jazz and the operation that they were out there of Salt Lake it's a really want royal. -- and organization. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plus not liking Rondo it's about looking at what works having any Avery Bradley having Courtney -- under project. We engaged submitted to the wanna have interior doctor -- more years there's stuff there that clearly works now to take a position of strength. At a big if they could get one that you guys they're favors I still think it's going to be hard to even imagine them moving him because they moved him for the face their franchise there -- But it is Skinner who like do really like or maybe it's a Millsap -- traded one of the younger pieces as well. I do think that there's a trade here because you taught him to do whatever they can't to at a point guard I don't think -- just a sign a guy like all the Iran to -- billion dollars a year. Just asked him WW BP. I don't think people ask you that this -- -- -- that it's just as much as they use their. Ourselves like at the facts of time Brandon -- And blitzes that with the patriots today 10580 is the final Celtics beat the Charlotte Bobcats that goes seven games over 500 only watching like everybody else tomorrow afternoon as the Miami Heat going to Toronto and try to extend their win streak to 22. It's only happened to the times in NBA history teams -- 22 in a -- obviously to great Laker team that did it. And in 2008. The Houston Rockets won 22 in a row and the team that ended their 22 game win streak. Was the Celtics in Houston on their way to the championship and that could be the setup for a national game audience via a Monday night. Bob Bryan. Ryan we're still. Well this is sort of only once in lifetime bucket list. Operation here these two guys if I'd get a game ball up by about Brian is my guy he's the man he's done it as well as anybody activist talk -- -- -- -- -- -- but this -- huge -- -- -- so -- -- -- -- And that on that note will do it for us -- -- be back here on Monday night it is just like his playing career. Max doesn't show up when you went lower Echelon team and he'll be here for the Miami Heat them down on Monday night so John -- wraps it up now.

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