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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Mar 16, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Bobcats at the Garden, 105-88.

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I'm always concerned there. The report Gloria -- to your defense alone was was really good cut off a lot of drew penetration. I thought we did just -- -- jump on the boards and no other cross is there. It's sort of you know three errors we're concerned -- was true position I thought we did world. Drew penetration. And rebound. And then we shot tomorrow. I thought our -- -- -- guys with fifty unit fought it felt like we should have six. Just toss it I thought we gave up on notes in the kitchen breaks that I thought we and we gave up born and we just kind of went into them. Walked it up were no middle priests and and registered just push it up every single time and she would -- that nothing's there than we have time to run it. I run ourselves and I thought we scored a -- in early in the lead normal it's not called fast break points but tell us it is. -- Those great news through dribble penetration and now basketball. Couple we're in transition again. One has taken those those -- good. You have your -- he these new losses Mountain View. Some contract year I think he's just a social against. Newman a lot of money because he's he's been phenomenal against us and he started out like he's gonna have another career night. On the -- thought our guys. You know pretty much. Settlement check but I also thought of more -- team. You know I think individually or whatever reason we stroke -- -- Yeah. -- there would rather play that it just kinda. You know matured into that we. First -- came over that you got Brandon the second time he's got to picker and then it just does the same place discovered during -- go to. I love you know we call -- -- -- -- love when and and Greg give him credit because he kept same run and again run and again and -- -- It -- It. Yeah and you can call evolution if you want. What you wanna call it as vice. It's our whole team though. Debt they recognize something works why change you know why do anything else. Com and that's a movie I think it ever -- flights with no. You see and sometimes they don't but now they see it and are thought to Amanda also. You know tonight I thought Avery was the first one but they'll Brandon sought because it -- first shots of course he saw it and then. Just Altidore got to recognize that what's good. Yeah you know part two or three minutes and didn't play much in the second happening early foul trouble. Which helped Majoli got more rest but you know are true -- viewers why you play. You know between tremendous still his body feels like you played more -- He's always been under and he's been on the road and so career. Are underrated no room took when -- Our arsenal landlord determined squirming on the -- of seconds I thought to slow non athletic guy you look at them if they got a hell is he scoring. And then when you coach and you realize is that's low he plays at a slow pace he's athletic as Turkey strongly in most small forwards in the league. And he just surprise you with the fundamentals you know he's so fundamentally sound he actually looks I'm athletic. And it's back to a compliment to avoid it. -- -- Yeah I just making it just plays to what he feels he teaches us this is a professional score and he really is just knows how to play basket. Ball. I think they're really young pitcher watcher employee arm you know because he can do it above the rim but he chooses not to. You know we just so fundamentally sound his footwork. It's just really nice to watch it. Yeah I think so Murphy I think she's going to be deployed for long time he wants him. You know you can get a shot off just. He plays that a great place. Yeah I was just got I just so we had a run going and I thought we had a chance stretched the lead. To a point where we Britain. Need them as much and sort took the gamble it's -- Campbell most of the time. Because you don't get away with a -- you've you've verified it on. In the game to save time and now you have to try to arrest them that it usually -- disaster but we -- we would have to that is it. He was -- let's go to just an -- things happened. Rebound the heck out of the ball both in offense and defense. Through -- body were you know so it was good and made a couple great passes and just instinctive. Cuts to the basket. So you have to -- It. -- yes this is the news. Well -- -- -- simply better you know -- -- did you came in the played OK in the shaft eminently great. So our legislature. -- -- It it. And I don't say much I think Morrissey the more -- probably Christians and I don't Archuleta stale or from home. And just tell them what I need to -- team wise I just try to observe a likable. They're both great guys -- a -- room with teammates so likable. Now -- but I do likable. Quote. Yeah you know -- the -- system for four -- of the drugs that too -- this adjustment. The more stuff. In your -- and does that help. They don't think you did admit government's treatment now. -- Now now now -- -- -- if he's healthy eagle flight in the united wanna. We just don't know what it is right kind of.

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