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Chris Price helps sort out the Pats free agent frenzy

Mar 16, 2013|

From letting Welker and Woodhead walk to signing Adrian Wilson and Talib, Chris Price is here to evaluate how the Pats have performed this offseason and where the team is going from here.

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John Ryder bag with a give back your calls -- see all lined up but to on the line right now. The busy guy numerous articles up on WEEI dot com. Always a great to have Christopher price join me in check him out on Twitter as well Etsy price and a fellow. Pretty busy actress. They are getting nickel or Betemit and patriotic or or an area I am part of our hard pressed to remember. Such an absolutely amazing. Sequence of events where it should we've got away you. During the regular -- kind of condition that it kind of you know understand what's going -- -- coming up next but I can never remember such a -- course of events over the course but off. You up to this point over the last 45 days in which has been you'll -- story after victory after victory that the Welker stuffed nose seemed like it was -- It does. You're absolutely right we'll speak of that don't you join me of course on Thursday night late night but. A different audience here in the evening what were your -- will for will get to all the different moves there's so many of them but first up. The Yemen dole Welker situation. Where did you stand on that do -- for bringing Welker back to what's your stance there. I think you know if we're talking about about a blame game here in Hernando wouldn't question but -- know people part what is it going back and forth those folks on Twitter but this. Is that I think both sides are culpable here and how everything went down I think that you know that the putrid -- -- better record -- could it would better well. I think that it's a mistake to look at it as a -- walker written that. But it mistake to look at it as a straight up in the door for -- swap all you really do have a similar skill set. Human dole is not going to be solely responsible for a speech and -- -- -- -- overall approach and production itself -- possible. It's impossible after becoming here in such a hundred went out to not gonna happen what you can't. The -- in terms of overall expect to see truth is you can look at this start as being at slot receiver. Also a special teams value if you eat healthy you're looking at a guy who I think reasonably content seventy patents in the top of the beauty products agriculture. All of this is really boiling down to effective the opposite changing it so all the so much more and replaced on the shoulders to be young I didn't that there wasn't much -- -- -- lecture but I think. It could be even more -- -- reporters could get slicker look people don't want you to put that help people report I think one of the things it's important remember. I wouldn't be surprised -- -- -- that that your whether whether it's two or three guys because -- a ballot in the -- yes. But but seeing Brittany it is in that -- -- we've seen him moved all the over the field before. In human goal it does Hubble would have been a traditional route to -- not plopped it a little bit outside so wouldn't be surprised between -- -- -- The Communist on the spot in human dole on the outside as a way to put extra stretch -- We mentioned while you're off a loss there they also. Lose out I did he would Eddie he heads to San Diego before we get to the additions will -- focus on a couple of players that they've lost. Now. With a -- had gone. The guy takes on our responsibility change of pace guy as some third downs. They bring in Leon Washington. They've. Probably bolder and for -- is is that your line of thinking are you think their line of thinking there. Yell first but on policy that some you know it the president of the the -- mobile truck that -- it's been puppets they commute between car to get over this because -- -- -- -- would yes. The people. But you're going forward it's going to be a lot of it is going to be country -- the -- because there's going to be displayed. A certain multi dimensional player toward the end the year last year when it comes the catch the ball out of the factional -- about a guy -- more than seventy catches as a collegiate while Al. He shorter really good of that -- in limited action albeit in the -- -- this season but I think arena is going to be the guy. Who's going to. Because -- would its responsibilities there wouldn't be surprised to see Washington in the mixer but he -- integral reliant -- whole lot I think he's primarily -- -- we're. Acquired to be part of that special teams units that return here I think you're gonna see a little bit extra there but it's primarily -- people -- when it comes to working in the third that entry triple. And that's that's an upgrade is that he won't he get them according back here kick returning kicks now -- now that's Washington's job has probably will be helpful from a quarry as well to just focus on defense. Exactly I. I'm really glad you brought and we've I've talked about between folks before they did their. Really struggle aren't consistent in the return in particular the secret turned it. Since a lot about what they'll after the 2007 C it's been up -- -- we've seen a few flashes recorded -- returned for touchdowns and Europe but. -- never been able to develop a real consistent team retreat in Washington the guy. We've joked about yesterday at a conference call some of the trip got off as part of its 33 one now. -- -- 3220. -- great interest and see if you can handle the bulk of the responsibility but based on what he did last year. You'd be operate you know you look at it from you look at what -- it would bring into the fuel. You just in terms or pure returning -- -- -- across the board in terms of these are special inaccurate but just. When you look at his performance is reason to believe that the -- -- keep better return did you know that were a couple of -- Western -- for. -- You know with. We haven't heard too much early saver to Wilbon of the interest maybe from the ran as an amateur heard too much what's the situation -- Sebastian Vollmer and is there a possibility of bringing him back. -- requesting an -- I think that right now it's my understanding that. Like to leave -- we're gonna talk about the police situation but I think one of the -- it's important to look for is marketed kind of shaken up a little bit in guys are kind of you know looking forward established contracts in looking to kind of roughly akin to what to replicate those contracts that we talk about the quarterback Arctic and said -- salt -- -- -- to -- clearly -- prep record for quarterbacks but. In the future trickle -- profit I think as a result that. In in thankfully for irritable quite I think when you're tackles you're looking at a situation where I think a lot of the league looking to magic war situation he's considered one -- we -- -- -- -- -- on the free agent market. Because the market and they think once that you have done. -- -- you'll start to see things start to all of replaced but that the Rover's right now that. It's a slightly depressed market out there per -- you know not a -- the way it was slot receiver walker situations are walker or hatred and I think -- crossed the slot receivers are devalued and I think. We're starting to -- got a little bit with the tackle -- I think that that the numbers are a little bit smaller than what we first anticipated. And again the market is kind of thing itself out and I think once worn get -- I wouldn't be surprised to -- -- work. Our library do you whether -- or so world within a couple of days like feeling at that -- is going to return knowing eventually it would be surprised to Uga. Putting some sort of quality and contract what you did with the -- all the critics these golden playtime incentives if you see all the export all the money and in -- so or a we would start to shake up without a market in all about it because. What they were Tiger Woods Christopher price a great read on WEEI dot com and check about on Twitter. Add to at -- price NFL John Ryder here with Chris. Now the eat everything seems through -- working out in terms of the you mentioned Ballmer in the tackle situation. Look at how some of the quarters ended up getting paid last year Chris. And today I I feel like the steel balls steals. -- in Aqib -- one year perfect. You know a guy with character issues some baggage it's it's. Going to be Paramount for him to perform well because he's going to be a free agent after this season they get him on a one year deal for five million. Gary really what I mean you know the price tag of one your side I think it was a win win for both sides because the patriots. Get a guy who -- able to. Really help them stabilize that sector of the courses taken up with these again we've talked about as for what patrol all of by any but what -- -- be able to do with the putrid because plea was -- You were able to better maximize some of their defense is that there were able to do a better job. It utilizing their talent moving government quarter. Ordered sixty moving powered in from the outside into the slot workings of the city it was a as a as a a nickel cornerback in that regard. All of but yeah it was a perfect -- for the patriots they were at the benefits. You know for really good car car back for your five million dollars to leave basically. -- signed actually contract yeah that that really it's healthy Arab. To perform well once again over the course the year in the open market they did in 2014 when you look at we talked about the depressed market for quarterbacks. To me they would consider. Where we were last year Cortland Finnegan is expecting forty million dollars guaranteed. And this year I think it's a real contrast between you know is one Europe when you're down it's also worth mentioning to. This is a really good route for us to compete with an open to compare that a couple of the opener and it being in the context of that market he -- -- for the -- gonna go short. Until the VP investor a pick up at all they're they're they're so hard you're between what you would have -- four problems. But in invest heavily in their defense -- -- Google right now to return to come together really nicely you know we still don't know it a hundred of Chicago a murky legal future. -- to be kind but you know I can see Terry where they have seen secondary back and -- a regular basis the other point Ford 2013 SP question with the lead. To help you in orbit helped prompt you saw little district -- this season begins stay healthy. Can keep -- asking you -- -- clean no pun intended you'll see the guy who really at least at this point should be elite quarterback of the patriots in 2013. Do you think he was the best available corner route period a shot Smith has signed others have signed but out of the remaining you've got -- Asomugha Brent Grimes a few others out the -- but. If he was the best of the lot remaining out there. I think when you look at for book live from an overall value perspective. Is well that affected your view of familiar to be offered few in the with only have to see that there's a limited background their. I think couldn't figure those two things in I think it was the best guy available I think that they wanted to back you know people were talking about franchise in the wake up -- standard. I just think that that was you know again I think the people who really good job reading the market in the and I think. They're gonna benefit from the report again I think to leave. It is healthy is -- trouble in please continue to play at a high level as he did when he was so you know or suspect that the in the -- couple of real order. As usual Chris -- popular of the text for the images knocked couple of those up -- -- times more questions for it. Someone asking -- as Q where does Jeff -- fit in native anywhere and also. Situation -- Ryan mallet in terms of betrayed. And -- the -- things first there's still an uncertainty around that because as far as I know you still interested in doing. Track in football in I think that the pitcher all the interested in having him do both. So I think maybe Leon Washington brought in as a way to look and you know. It you gotta make it I know that they like him they wouldn't of kept -- around. All last season that they did like him you know they meet their investment in him. For -- investment in him and electing a political world you would be that there are going forward although they are also like to them. No he doesn't have sticking around not just literature and guy -- -- -- guy we talked rivalry in value than a third down into a guide them. The number of Kuwait he can put stress on opposing defenses so you would be of interest in addition but I think right now there's a little bit of uncertainty there when it comes to his future and we. Talked about right now. I think it is still. Probably at this point that he -- more readable ship particularly in this market when it comes to. Back of course I think when when when you look around the league there's a number came out there he could use that dialect I'm not talking about you know the guy. -- come -- and -- or -- but I think there's there's there's a real market or -- like relic you'll -- up. I think the paper it would take a second round or because they output in that. In the a couple of years and there is there's a constant drone of talk. In nothing I've heard is -- what you think in the Cleveland is bringing interest in not seeing that they're going to be entry tomorrow. But I wouldn't be surprised to see something capital Ryan -- in people between now courtesy although the Michael board in personal chief. Very kind of -- loved him come out of the drought. I think if something happened -- burger team out there looking for back quarterback or you'll even stronger portrait or whatever it is. A lot of bad quarterbacking there I think you can sell the team Ryan -- you know literally over the course -- regular people when you look at. His college career it would -- his nose clean -- knowing that he's very good job. You know this guy from four burrito and art into an accurate to call I think a lot of built their interest of the public and especially short. If they if they do deal mallet where it is if the patriots turned to for quarterback would -- be a possibility of say Ryan Fitzpatrick I know that. You look at says some of that I'm sure would be probably a veteran somewhere but. You look at some of the free agents out there at the quarterback position and outside a Cobb and and Fitzpatrick of course question whether they you know where they wanna BM whether they want to compete for a starting job with the jets. Or elsewhere but we -- to the patriots turn there. A couple of corruption I think that there human interest out there in the open market for my money. I think that Patrick would make an excellent backup quarterback -- and -- some of the good backhanded compliment but I think he's Smart enough greed I. -- starter went down for a couple of days -- a sixteen game but currently there -- a couple of I couldn't handle all before for a couple of so so you know mr. on the second report to Patrick is insisting it. I'm a proponent that your idea that you need to draft -- quarterback premier oil falling one registry treat each -- -- your -- Order however local you always got to find some agreement to impart some doubling him and you know you out so. Regardless. I would be surprised -- -- -- -- -- were remarkable round pick up somewhere off the street at least it also outlawed. Also is still kicking around all the guys who do it now. It a level with the Eagles so there are a lot of possibilities out there the -- or. Is it to remain to be here are the shake out between now is currently. -- -- and I know he's not exactly in his prime but a guy that I was championing foreign and really happy that they added. In terms of a veteran and probably this defense could use especially in the secondary. A veteran now I know it's not varieties Harris is an Indian people are seeing Harris in part -- of course Seattle but I help active too bad when Harrison -- up a little more than Adrian Wilson does but. The move adding Adrian Wilson and this is a guy that. They were they were lacking hard hitting safety and at times can get to the quarterback as well -- Yeah he's a really interesting guy I think that bidders are located boom bust potential there when you talk about the you'll -- It's a category. Wanna see how much you have left in the tank because you know you played. It's pretty have very high level for over a long time toward the end of the year last year in the past you -- -- taken off the field in in political situation that you saw a -- and it -- across the board. -- wanna see how much you have left in the think it's you sent it back you know on the back burner with career. I looked either. -- comes to going -- with an unbelievable. Hyperic -- I mean you -- great locker room guy you guys should leave about it and people here don't collude -- -- loose because sell the company or the younger -- People are overworked -- you'll bound and determined that it looks you going to be your -- all -- round later they love them. They don't sleep and awoke again high character guys -- you much you know left. He strictly in between national gallery there reaffirming their -- that particularly if you did or -- defense that back X 330. You know I could complain that money position which is that -- -- impact spot. Who come on the field for a linebacker in passing go. In your it incredible commitments -- that position not doctor. The interest in the -- you'd kind of a hybrid because -- the -- the if you look at the -- you go here's one -- but again I mean it's what you know what to think the other thing and you could pick. They said at that position now and what does this mean as well with the addition of Wilson do for Steve Gregory. I think they're set at the position for now I I think it as its stand right now. Gregory you're the starter in this defense in it will -- again as it was an intern in early march it march. I think will have in this situation a guy I also think it's important when we're talking about god will sentence them to pick -- to be made. This is what the -- whoever spring -- a bunch of guys in the kind of sift through the -- complain at play in that they have no problems. It -- Redick you know bringing guys in your critics argue -- we saw mr. with guys like. You know John -- you know without are relatively hard outside and just didn't work out in oak. Across support. Oracle for -- -- comes to mind a couple of years ago -- just. Kick the tires on the detriment because. You have -- -- that once you're there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it'd be -- I think are great. -- pitcher now in March and there was a lot of talk about but. Let's see how they look when the government feels pretty -- through the summer and still -- things but now that. Yeah right now you're absolutely right yes we've seen -- Joseph Addai and who managed to you with. Fewer of these names. If -- followed with a great example that you know he did it -- Chinese college and some of the guys work out because they're great pick out. In some of the guys are gone before you know labor in it's it's it's the way it is an -- against. -- beside a Portuguese veterans in in. Some of the work out some of them don't electorate says it is these sift through these are in the final two important department and political -- -- as we wind our way down this list the other news of the day Brandon Lloyd gets released that's not a surprise and they market it. Opinion that three million dollar bonus is there a chance and this is play for so many teams is there a chance that they bring him back the patriots I know they could potentially do that. I guess Sanders might have something to do that whether they. Give him an offer -- died and you know there probably is someone of a market for Lloyd even though it was a mediocre season just because there's not. A lot of at wide receiver depth still out here -- free agency. It's interesting. Really go around -- around them because you look at his numbers and you know at least something 2000 yards. At the third or fourth option in this offense -- it will. Is there's no way -- -- that what you bought some great numbers but you look past the numbers. In mr. it will eat -- It just wasn't quick fix for him in the opposite and I -- still trying to wrap it around your idea whether or not it was. The peachtree meets here he is still set in trying to meet in the red in its current figure -- we elected him deeper. We -- wait for it you know make that work or it was Floyd -- underwhelming. You know not see her as -- offense. I do I -- them back yet that. Josh McDaniel worked with him for a couple of years before it in England and you'll probably it's. The president anyone into the recently but it didn't work that being said. I could come in business -- or who is packed for 2013. Reject rate. Good bit written because of the immediate was because like that they would commit burglary -- lost. There is no market for there. Could we see him back in England -- its way forward -- -- -- I would completely closed the door. A beard you know brave and -- here in the -- yet but it -- to bring them back. I think -- -- to have reached a certain expectation level as to what years. And maximize what -- going forward. In terms of our receivers now it did. Do you think -- be willing to give up for a round pick for a -- Sanders and also they had Donald Jones is he more about a complementary guy and and we keep going back that -- deep threat -- the what do they do I -- going forward you think here at the receiver position. I think June the one of those guys where you know we talked about them signing a bunch of guys -- -- complete plea to a strict new one of those. To see -- is. -- -- The per. Lose in the connection a little bit ludicrous. I all right that sounds good we're losing your connection a little bit -- -- -- -- -- -- no I I think they're understanding -- is a really interesting guy perk for a couple of reasons that they bring you would bring interest -- -- The guy -- could kind of operate outside him a little bit so I do think in my gut I think that they would a third rounder handers in the dispute after remember. -- -- -- New week and -- rival Internet because they're there's -- earmarks -- their few similarities between. That situation in the -- -- situation or not only improve yourself you'll be in somewhat. Leaders you know who -- -- -- -- title you're so I think standards. I would be sold loved children so I would have to -- see how you sit in the. Know what's left here we mentioned the receiver position what what's left I guess defense Vander pass rush situation old guy they bring it Abraham. -- out of those still. -- -- you like better. You know I -- -- A deeper in the probably a better fit. I -- it when you look at them both I think -- -- triggered a poker world. They're looking to replicate what Andre Carter blocked this defense a couple of years ago. Both of these guys that disputed her career turn out there are counselors are situated spoke out structures I think. If there in the book properly they could count 00 -- role in the defense between the sides should. It's my understanding right now that they have left town so there's no sense that. You know some sort of Hewlett committee and obviously concede that the drop of the hat because it's such a fluid situation but I I think -- both the offer really unique skill set to begin at a poker world. You're able to replicate what Andre Carter blocked the field for -- 2011 the kind of shore up but snagging the -- inconsistent how well. So is that that's what's I mean what. What's left for them to do really I guess that. That they're right there yeah I I think that it at that point I think. I think that there might be another bowl level finding or -- I think they're gonna have to address the road guys. -- element in all her I think which means that jump out right now. Term priorities for their own free agents -- the first -- the second. In days in you know you'd you'd think about -- those. Veteran defense events and and you start over toward the drafted in again I think this could be good draft. Proposed defense is back as well even -- like I think that you'll be able finding value could play out very clearly consistent level. A rookie in the year so that example OK because again who drafted -- position -- expectations. Would be to take a gun in the defense of sizable group -- you commute to trigger what they were the Chandler joked about or Lester. Yeah I know it seems like there and a good spot in China they don't have a ton of picks but in terms of the draft is measured depth there but there's depth -- the receiver position on or off they go that route in the first round. But they do have some options. They do it did they really do -- I think this is a really interest thing for a visa creep in the I don't think that there were. All that surprising the Welker moose decides. This is how they operate with the other work entry into you know there and slow and steady and you know you look at the track record of the teams that operate in the same way that the patriots through -- not about winning entry to -- about weighing in March but winning in you know December January and February. More often than not that's what good teams do that -- as if you don't talk about the spewing out of the giants of the patriots. You know -- it seems they're Smart -- -- and as a result. They're often the ones were playing deep into the. Lastly Chris this is a real interesting situation Denver as going out with -- Elvis Dumervil automated they don't get the paperwork in time and now he's. Let's go his agent fired his agent how do you think that thing evolves and developed. That it is that they didn't really hit the net income from what I understand right now here on the bereavement radar screen. Alms. It but it got to get a bead on it because -- change in representation in oh. Usually you can get a good idea from representational worry because visit who's controlling interest. Well right now he's he's really have to get a read on the situation. What I do know is the patriots haven't reached out as of yet. Of it is also entry into it's important to note that at that position. The patriot like those outside guys more like Chandler Jones and -- Justin credible long lead guy that you could -- the marriage to Merkel kind of a smaller stellar guy. So it reared its so I don't know if you would you would fit for what he treats -- Of -- services probably New England I think creatures in the area. Yet -- and I know Denver's try to get him back again and in rework that they've got the players association involved other things involved as well so. I entrusting their I know last deadly lastly Chris -- wanna ask you this because that a few people bring this up what do they have been terms I don't know if you know the south -- have roughly. What the patriots have left to cap space. It's a fluid situation right now I'm trying to get a handle on myself so I couldn't if you would definitive idea. But there are now seeing that they're not the position of you know there's there's not -- A situation where they're gonna -- aboard right now. I not to say that current cocktail or whatever but. Their relatively well situated are surely knows to expect that. The bulk of human that we were put out space. But the patriots are culpable there's not -- it hypocritical and break the bank on someone who may Alter. I don't know the specific numbers as you sit here you know to. Yes no it's it's understandable especially with a flurry of activity yesterday and today. Well excellent Chris is always really appreciate take solace timeout on Saturday evening. Lower. Corporate we will all right Doug thanks like crisp -- as an excellent job. With the patriots in the NFL -- WEEI dot com.

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