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Rob Bradford joins Ryder to give a Spring Training update

Mar 16, 2013|

In the midst of all the Pats offseason talk, John talks with Rob Bradford about the recent developements in spring training. They focus on what to expect from the Sox's younger players, like Rubby De La Rosa and Jackie Bradley Jr.

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John -- back way I see up there on the phone lines still wanted to talk patriots and I'll get right back to that the first stuff here's will switch gears for a moment toxin baseball. -- the great to rob Bradford of WEEI dot com was down there in Florida house go rob. While ago everywhere ought to talk patriots -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- a third base coach actually telling me why the patriot should not -- guard Robinson. This morning so it's business if they -- fever everywhere you. -- I know -- feels a gigantic patriots fan as a go to most of the games. No I don't know PW all the games yes they a man caves and up multi year government gave the bull. -- used to television set a good name by. He you know he's due -- they'd bring you for your risk to two -- develop leak out you know ball Robinson -- -- not even a bad idea of having been former quarterback Curtis what -- people for the patriots. I liked his years of not only are dead down there. Cover the Red Sox and baseball but you're getting all these important football knows from bra patriots notes from Brian Butterfield. Welcome you ought to last spring training grow our guards made an appearance could -- -- you're being given out without anyone noticing until later that night what do you. -- Brothers appear at the Fort Myers ale house problem and there was no no hiding there obviously. No and it's tough to hide that guy you would think that he could add some power to this Red Sox lineup he would they. Yeah yeah I love you all their might into -- suddenly you're looking they were hurt you it's it's built sidelight here we don't know. Even if you -- hit Monday -- is scheduled. And Stephen Drew has become a concern as well -- take those two cargo -- up. All of sudden you're very very -- -- Net you know Ortiz I know it's tough reading gauger really anyone what develops -- what happens here woods would David Ortiz. Just pay a prediction overall under in terms of games a hundred or less. Are they go over or -- -- are prepared. They're not discouraged too much by the injury because again to what and -- not securely and in which could defected. -- -- -- -- So they feel like where is it a little bit they get -- -- -- -- play without problem. By bill he would win column today. Do it okay you know like pearl said yesterday. Or the other day -- -- you know he. You might be taking cracked a Monday which obviously would be the next -- or you wouldn't say that that was still play. It's said that you he's making some strides but it's still reluctant like he says Jack absolutely a military guy practiced but he'll make good our markets. And a world goes. And how little cute downplayed or not but it wasn't exactly -- -- -- You've got a week after opening day you're going to be easy because it might be -- a couple of weeks in this seat. -- you know the Achilles you're right but at the same time with the heels and we know that he's not to you know a guy -- Who with a speed but -- would think that would affect his swing though and -- both heels. Well and -- -- -- Democrats that they knew that he was hitting would you eat all through spring training and even the occupant. He was hitting with the Achilles problem as -- it was whatever discomfort you and didn't seem to your problem. Soul yeah I think it's still just a matter of its flooding and then running in the coming sort of have to pay out there running which was. Obviously indicate what he -- tapping it throughout the last couple weeks so it's still -- problem it. And it it'll be -- also what are they gonna do without it or whatever time he's out there. They are I think we're chart right now Lou when you look at fifteen the way shaping up weather go to -- keepers took Peru. Uncertainty about some of the other bad. I think they're they're gonna hang their hats on the pitching believe it or not and had our encouraging that prince throughout you know. And now with the DH situation what -- a bit I know be multiple different guys filling in. Will it be I I know go homes at different times will Napoli C anytime and other wanna get him in aired at first base most of the time. And what does this all mean for Jackie Bradley junior if anything I -- making -- -- -- I think it. Two on trial that today it's going to be probably due to matchup probably positioning -- him. -- not -- that that's going to be also depended on who make the team. And then bite you mentioned Jackie Bradley junior which are still don't think is gonna make the team. There's always that possibility. By the by -- he doesn't -- -- -- could be as good every single day player. And and that ordinary got that from that's why people bring up. To put Bradley junior there UT -- go. It's all -- By -- a lot of accuracy goes into playing Bradley junior navigate -- it real quickly about the contractual situation. Is that. He did they call up before people well. And then he doesn't go back to the minors and all -- career which could happen you know he can catch fire that you -- the year free agency. So what they are after all that but I think -- don't wait and see how that kind of played out over the last couple weeks here. -- Bradley have the potential to be a five tool guy. You have variety it's not going to be a guy who has committed thirty home -- because. I only deteriorated pretty you'll probably go straight to a couple of years ago I don't think you -- ever feel. -- you know sixty dollars. He'll succeed gates -- I think he's. -- the ball well above average defender he's a very good -- rather they'll feel is basically. They dug a little bit of pop you gotta agree army's per -- agree I don't play so I think he can be very good at a lot of different things. But it might -- -- -- in the UK where yeah the -- sweet elderly at a couple you -- a lot of guys period. Like you buy you Carter's jump out and -- 4040. -- if you think about the power and Ortiz and missing some time where they gonna get that power from. Napoli in the middle of that lineup that probably counting -- middle Brooks who knows it's hard to define what Ellsbury is I expect the dread Abbas -- open. Oh with a solid season where we think they you know I guess that's the real issue is that middle of the lineup. Yeah and I think that they don't really know you know you out -- wild cards in their right you know middle brought. You have Napoli you have it felt very. Are you have you have Miguel has some power but I think -- that's why they're counting not the encouragement are getting from the starting rotation to try to carry -- widely figures. How about you -- obviously becomes look very very important part of this equation. The guy with a home run -- you'd gotten a career and buy it if the committee to me. He's always clean up forty -- -- career. And you've been some good light and Brooklyn guy do it all whenever EDT at the -- -- -- -- And if -- a little somebody's daughter but I think different the first time you kind of being upset at -- shipped its -- is looking forward to it. It's not going to be able to do it alone I think you got a copy of production out of Milbrett. I think we don't let that stop -- and as the biggest wild -- of the law they said it might be so yelled very. You know naive you mentioned a couple times encouraged by the starting pitching I know Lester has pitched well. Outside of Lester at the top of that rotation who Wear the Red Sox and Oreo from watched some of the starting pitchers down their most encouraged by so for the -- Well Lester is who looks like he did before last year. Our coal group there have been very very good ever since he came back from a hamstring injury and and you're in the you're leading her configurable buckled everybody involved. Is that if -- if -- between pitches and -- diet exponentially. Where early on in -- -- his time between pitches were up twenty -- fact. And now apparently in sixty seconds. And for everybody who watched the game and for everybody I think negate that a step in the right direction and really it's a good thing for Clay Buchholz. Because ever since he started started and made this a priority -- in the out of it he. Even better better pitcher in spring training by he would bring to the -- is good all black -- today that you solid once again and then brought in pretty good last night. And then you actually -- For the year I know -- why has been talked about it but still I I -- a number of players aren't contribute as open. -- coaching staff side. As much developed what's all the Lester was told to me today. If you look at the guys -- number one starter in the major -- And you know as I say top alert issued by the number one guy that's how much he's impressed. The trade and always -- is remarkable -- that -- if Webster is amazed and say ruby Delaware -- so whether he's you know ends up being closer with the we would how hard he can throw or if he's part of the rotation whatever the case may be and I notice. As the work itself filed but isn't that is just remarkable and you've got Crawford with the elbow irritation and still complaining about Boston but. He said back in not only show those contracts will we get a return to. All nothing else if you have what mr. live up to that kind of promised that we just talked about. And that because -- Now become one of the best trade to get a five if you factor in the money. And and you know they'll -- which is golf cool little bit malaska party is good fuel that work in progress but. The region Pedro Mikey just said that your potential will be Iraq equipment Norwalk and -- And he's got the type of potentially. So by an advocate you take Webster in the money good on its own. And you know without a doubt it's as. A pretty one of the better trader -- -- Or a baseball history for that matter. -- what I like go down that road well we're we're we're kidding Farrell the other bed -- They'll win the wind blew it made them -- well straight remember that yes which was unbelievable that you reverted well we've all his money. And I took a barrel yogurt could have been the best treated based auto industry if you need help on the Mike Napoli. Who they originally got the trade and they put around both Franklin took garbage oil and and so by Beijing in Detroit now -- -- you a couple weeks later. But that could have been a bit straight in the paper audit street my mind. Yet you know you know it's. Some that is the -- get the wages possibly -- -- the Iraq. The but you you did well in the -- -- -- I know what his music. This doesn't really matter that much of Vernon Wells is still the highest paid player on that angels team I believe. I think they did. If you go according UK and data than the red card called us yesterday. It's is that it is an artist. Who gives a lot of artwork for major league baseball players in the dead ringer for a well. And so I just I thought it was ironic that -- you have. -- you have a guy who was traded in and the players trade -- father in the -- almost. -- -- Also progressing it seems making strides anyway is it's did you aboard looking. Put your immediate. 986 87 they think there's still some more than they are more of a lot yet from home. But ever since -- and took a step back and had a simulated game you've been good -- Feels a lot better about so you can tell you feel like he's a pitcher again. That you can control the situation he pitched another and today one strike out no it's no runs no walks. Ed and so -- whether or not -- -- -- for -- to be seen I think it can depend on all of other guys. Could depend on how he continues to progress because he does have an option and -- and our guy like Craig Morton and you don't want a little guy like him. So I think it is that an idea that government to be seen but usually dirty Stafford Daniel -- over the last couple week. I -- rob I guess I just can't stay out of it he says it's not intentional but Alfredo Savvis gives a ball run to Sean Rodriguez and hits him with a pitch getting heated exchange of it's always up the weather service. Yeah I didn't immediately if you started -- -- comments after the game I thought I was pretty telling you is there -- way Alfredo told me this. And I have to go by what Alfredo center but I stated adamantly say. That we do not intentionally hit batters but he says -- -- -- times. You look at and operate a student actually. Hit that guy no question about it and was this the sort of Alfredo told me I can tell you what good BP people are beyond the situation it. Over and over again until he had. He dialed again you're I was surprised. If you said it -- -- pitcher -- did good. -- it would surprise Alfredo haven't slotted into that -- pitcher -- The name. Well great stuff rob always appreciated. All right we'll continue to -- you talked about Ottawa extract more info from mr. -- great great and his scouting worked down their excellent stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rob Bradford WEEI decked --

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