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Mustard and Johnson: Welker vs the Patriots - Was it Personal?

Mar 16, 2013|

The guys continue to talk Welker, Pats and free agency and get into a discussion about if it did in fact become personal between Wes and Belichick/the Patriots.

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Quarterback they have a great team you know they -- doing fourteen to last year due to their great team and don't wanna win and so. You know so like it was a it was a good opportunity for -- step slain -- the hardest part. Was Stephen -- so. -- -- you know he's a great competitor great player great friend you know across the board so you know we're supposed to. That is Wes Welker form burned away England patriots slot receiver of course now head to Denver two years. And shockingly I'm I'm just trying to be used to this number twelve million we thought the market. Was a little bit more favorable toward. Slot receivers and all positions if you're just tuning in Aqib Talib is gonna return to the patriots for one more year. At least one more years and one year deal with the path for five million dollars a year so they start into. Hunkered down a little bit and that and that backfield -- offensive back field you have. -- Arrington at one quarter you have to leave it the other major Wilson via. Arizona. Strong safety and where he so truly belongs -- a free safety Devin forty. And Alfonzo debtors and pay his legal situation yet to be resolved. He would be the the fifth. DB. Like the patriots pro for -- -- Mike Florio sums it up best a month sentence but cornerback market stinks this year. Two sentences -- quarterback market -- this year so our -- believe we'll try it again next yeah that's set to conceive the market is more favorable next time around lineup and you can get another good year out of the team Aqib -- and keep them on the field I don't know how -- it is simply -- five million but still it's -- I'm happy he's back. Any Quincy your next on -- -- -- idea. -- of course happy back Larry get an eating dinner last year they would want a simple well he might -- Well Larry is a good battle with a secondary people I don't beat up the -- of lying in get a pass rush on the quarterback. This is the second area is useless. Where you know -- they signed that two guys out of by Canadian Football League in May have Freeney. In Abraham -- -- what any other the with the any of those two guys excite you. You know -- like you know yeah absolutely I'll take anything -- -- all the way. I think that's the reason why apple at all odd look I don't -- -- -- but he don't know how to move down you go the other way you build a defense maligned apple and. Who has run over my house. Not clear if you get into the world. And all of patients but. -- -- -- get questioned at the white plays it -- it would raise the plate a wide receivers they've brought in because there are reclamation project. Donovan -- popular receivers that all players trying to reinvent themselves. Look at the lightning -- in July it. It training camp out all the Ollie has been they all got hot -- -- not being on -- warrant. -- Anthony Gonzales. I applaud anybody that is managed 85 west yeah I feel kids is so who else that they aren't. So tell me about the free agent signings they have now. -- -- created another way I I agree with you that they tend to wait for the market to saddle. And then they are -- go after the second and third year players. It -- question as to why certain place it was it would wait until his team get. -- Consistently get all of that out and out I like to refer to them you know. Kept the ball but first I didn't -- wanted to play -- them that you said that he played the game. It's happened. Gronkowski Hernandez as a as a so called slot receiver will be will be will be an. And that's what happened it happened one of the I didn't get that I don't often get shot down the block shot. Do you agree with letting Welker don't. For younger player. They had Vick I had mixed -- -- at one point here that the guy the guy a great play I look I love welcome but I hit it on the other end. Because beating up the other the wide -- to support. The inside game you aptitude who watched and I just think they thought maybe he was one -- away from from being -- -- being gone from Korea. And so they -- put up you know I heard you say earlier that you don't look at you know look at age you know that the first thing you don't look at under the accord H. -- at age orchard park at age I just said most of the guys they've signed during their thirties. It is an outlet they they traded -- 2727. To eleven call right. Particularly you'll want to you do look -- Larry I. But I -- dole has been injured a lot more of them out. What can -- that I think -- earlier this year all kind of explain it. -- WE might of but the fact remains that. Well -- has been very adorable. I. -- a year Anderson I I think give you when you try to defend -- varies injury record attempt at saying they were just freak injuries and things we be concerned about. Our injury yeah. The problem is you have a -- that are capable does does meaning of sport. -- -- the Bob -- actually become date but the the plays that it would break -- -- to reflect rain delay I elected he would not at impact player you would you would you. He was and I compliment that that's providing brought out you know again this. Stayed healthy boy named one of those guys went down he was catching go to receive that you. But that act like I -- that it's ridiculous -- And by the way I I I throw caution to anyone out there is that -- predicate offense doesn't comply and -- slot receiver I'm sorry I I I that's. Why well what are you read it -- any what you just mentioned is three players who seem to have a penchant for getting her. But if -- -- away versatility to it smuggle one guy who didn't get hurt again. I understand that what -- thought about that type yes it more than just tight ends on the patriot. But I didn't also. The block these -- using I then went quiet out. Hot button and went around you take away but there -- reaping huge subject themselves in some triple play. Yet here's the problem you know they have such a high powered offense this thickly and everything else and in the regular season we have seen over the last several. Is this defense is can shut them down in the policy. Let's let's not remember up again a -- say god that did not -- to let -- championship game two years ago against Baltimore before -- -- -- -- They. They want to help on the field policy at the ravens did a good job shut them down. That got you -- like the other thing is about it and reverses the patriots Greg and the difference woke me. What team that pathetic defense because. Don't take -- get indeed dead in the water up and you can actually make the argument out at Denver on paper as a better option. Well I'll tell you but -- I know recently I don't we judged by what we last saw but that delivered to keep it's as the work -- you -- particularly secondary. I would I wouldn't look at -- I wouldn't put the patriot side of the Chicago hit category. I mean that they end up I think. Say what you want pick -- up what 28 points to the ravens in the last last year I mean. But there's no question of the regulate regulate and Danny the question remains do you feel better about his team right now than you did two weeks ago. -- I know but I just I am asking you right now. I think he can complete. If that that -- -- completely out -- that it would stop the seat next week. Now I don't feel that I absolutely not. And by the way. The -- guidance that he kept it -- -- kept it -- He's gotten anywhere -- I like him as a -- but the opinion I don't like Kevin -- a -- all same appeal. Real policy it like you you don't know comparison and it and the fact that obstacle Adam Gault and my. -- -- what was it about Kevin farm that we all -- including Brady (%expletive) -- -- -- know where he needed to be and you'll almost almost every bottle stopper got third -- -- -- -- -- I was gonna say they don't give it was about what you get to know. He gets no precedent on that matter that most people agree that the with letting him call -- -- Here's the problem you're mentioning players David Patten. The first the first incarnation of Diem branch. You tuchman David -- those guys were some -- -- Brady in those early years. We have not outside of next inning loss. Found a receiver and outside receiver wide receiver of pure wide receiver not tight end not a slot guy. Who has the communication with Brady that translates is it coincidence on that we -- the greatest offensive season any team -- -- Hedman -- -- -- I've always said this I think that -- you know in his later years that first that 23. Touchdown catch season Brady set the record with fifty touchdown passes. Moss set the record 23 catches. For touchdowns. I've bought rainy Washington in the MVP that your rate you want it I -- moss completely. Transformed. That offense I just. He's an app of the monster that remember that Belichick special in this Israeli possible goals -- the Belichick's off Leslie wants to know if they can never Halloween party -- Belichick says you know court that maybe they're asked approaches maybe I'll come along. I don't get it I don't know. How that was lost I don't know honest and Hamas ended up target certain plays I don't understand it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's some different guys that come through here cannot do it. And attacks it's a pretty good point. I mean is almost the opposite I still give the edge to Brady if you're asking me who's better breeders may give the slight -- -- because of the two more super balls. Let me think he has to be better at working with receivers who come in as new players. He he works moral on the offseason colleague guests on yeah anybody in almost got there are interchangeable. It's almost as it is exchangeable theory right. What he might be able to do -- very different Dallas Clark in his scary when he might be able to come up with -- -- guy remembers Gary Clark was really morbid -- it tight end slot receiver hybrid Welker is rocker is strategists. Mary right when and how we do it now he has Decker. He has Thomas. And now we have as Welker that is going to be very great interest and a very interesting and I agree Danny they got to fix that got to get to our -- factories in -- -- author of the defense is like. Michael -- your next hey Michael how are you guys are right or you -- nice to hear from you. Thank you it's good to speak to both of you as well you always have a great show one thing I -- and put into an all sports networks is pretty much you guys and that's that. Appreciate it thank you like to hear from you more I love your call. Thank you thank you I'm I'm according you know no idea patriots fans so I just other prospective I I think first of all to think that this wasn't personal with Welker leaving it and where he went is really folly. I think basically he couldn't get the patriots to come across and then. If I remember the beginning of last season he was not even first string he was. Government started the season. And and a -- enemy gets hurt. They you know they punish him so they don't make -- the -- per -- and get -- get on the field makes a hundred taxes plus. And he still can't get a deal so what does -- do. He goes on the market now may be other teams offered him a little more than using you know then a six million but maybe it's just not enough and he says you know what. I'm gonna send a message. Two to go and I'm gonna go to what I think people around here called the anti gradient -- -- Manning. -- like Damon going to the Yankees. And I really think it's lap that Belichick and maybe you also agreed fervor of maybe he'll sit Brady did not speak up for him and you know when it was and we really need to sign this guy. We need to give him. What he wants or come close to what he wants and I think that's what happened. Do you think it -- I'm just thinking for me that I asked the question last week I'll ask it again. What the heck do you think Brady is thinking right now like it if that's to me and I readjust the caught my contractor and take it a given seven million more to play with this year and eight million next year. What the heck am I thinking when I'm reading. That Welker is not going to the Broncos. I'm -- you know perhaps I'm thinking maybe I should have campaigned for him a little bit more maybe I should have really you know stuck my neck out for him a little more may -- I just thought he would. He would stay because. Do you think did. Do you think he maybe did. I don't know what he did I'm just saying that you know perhaps in -- his mind he didn't do enough but you know unfortunately you know mr. Belichick is someone that tyrannical guy. You know as people and you know -- You know part part of being a good coaches not only punishing players who don't do something we don't agree but you'll have to forgive them when they when they performed. Let me ask your question Michael -- you bring up -- -- benching point if if I make current player on that team. Am I gonna kill myself member Machiavellian about it to be feared than loved him I can't kill myself to rush back from an injury when I see what they do a guy like Welker. Well that's that's a really good question I'm not sure that you do you know I heard what do you know keep to lead said he's -- stay for a year but I agree with I think Craig said he's just gonna wait for another year -- -- you couldn't get more money because this year it's just not there. So arm no I don't think that the sad thing is that I don't think mr. Belichick breeds a lot of from. You know capacity to to be oil at this point you know after a time you know I think mister Kraft does. But I think mr. Belichick. And basically -- -- truly wanted Wes Welker back. He was going to. Tell Bill Belichick and the guy running this organization and not you and other ones like you learned from Parcells and you can't do that you can't do not take -- Michael Michael when I can and often -- go to the national and then I went to the globe and I went to -- you know Kenya army all they want -- to go. The globe offered me a ten dollar race and that's probably offered no I get caught down to the -- -- a subtle point here it is this is the billionaire publisher and -- to -- he says laws and we appreciate all the work you've done and everything but down. There's not much we can do about it -- so why I love for people say like the people who own the team every pilot that we'd love to keep your but there's not much we can do about it. So I know how welcome feels trust -- well. And and crap that someone who's basically let Belichick run things the way he does not have to -- to -- I think it I really think that mr. Belichick really need it. To learn some capacity for forget. Well. Let me know when that course happens Maria. And I think that's -- that's why the team has taken a downward spiral because I think he's. He's -- you know he's just figured that being tyrannical was all you need to do and you know unfortunately the results are that they haven't -- as to what many years so. Michael Michael great call call again man I love having I was really hurtful to me like an hour from Everett analyst for about Parcells -- -- -- -- there. Yeah you gotta teach forgiveness maybe you could suggest they be maybe attacks and the bill could read about forgiveness Yemeni thing in mind may be like yeah maybe the new test now okay. I know because I towards nobody did the same one. People always cross country for -- crabs. You know funeral -- but yet. You know we went -- grandfather died he -- bench the guy.

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