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Mustard and Johnson React to the News - Aquib Talib will Remain with the Patriots for One More Year

Mar 16, 2013|

Aquib Talib signed a 1 yr/$5 mill contract to remain with Pats for another season and Mustard and LJ give their take on the situation. LJ is psyched that the Pats secondary may finally be solidified.

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Mustard and Johnson is Sports Radio WEEI. Multiple. Reports now have the patriots and a key to lead signing all want to. Year deals so the guy that pretty much shut down. Baltimore. Or as long as he was in the game problem was he was gone by the first half. And the Baltimore offense picked up after that. He has. Elected along with a patriots to return. To England for one year. No financial. Dimensions actually disclosed far I its concern. I think it's very very good news I think as Mike. Reese reported earlier what he thought would happen is. You check out the market it right now that may I I think for the crew should do the same thing you check out the market in if it's lower than you thought it was going to be. And you -- are short term deal and then maybe next year you have a terrific year and whatever and maybe next year. The the the market -- just like real estate you wanna sell -- house but if the market is -- real cheap then you're trying to stay in my house for a year and see if it gets better writes I think it's great great news for the patriots so because that solidifies. The secondary in people worry about character issues but I thought he was good and that's one thing we'll say about Belichick I think for the most pot. That's right -- being hypocritical money and you wanted to roll with a nine Indian. And then on the avenue and we get mad when he punishes people but I do like the patriot way in terms of you know not having too many jerks on the team that he or keeping them. Right CM according Wilson as you safeties. To leave and Arrington. As your corners. Five million dollars these financial terms of that one year deal for a key to lead the best crazies would have a market has come down like that means five -- let them. That's a nice to him -- you -- -- I think that means he's making more than last year that -- he's been about three Larry here but the again this is where you have to be consistent in terms of hit it and have a personal and data organs Belichick and the patriots I don't ignorant developer move. -- movement at the same time. You'd be moved them to wait and see where the market with kind of subtle and not sign this -- -- some outrageous contract. We are going to take a break -- -- data at all apple breaking news Aqib -- making -- I'm very happy camper -- and you have about it. How can you -- the guy is is that proven to be way he can stay out of the not about the patriots when he stays on the field. And we certainly saw right up until you know it is it's. When it is like anything else when they are not available he said real suddenly realize how invaluable. They really are by his absence. Was the best thing that probably happened to a -- -- it is -- Signing a deal and making a little bit more money into mainland. With the market unfortunately four quarters all positions in the. Most important thing you leaping up and the first point you raise was it right when he's got to be healthy but the second when he didn't look like a ball in tall grass. It'll look lost out there which is -- I was working for rent I thought -- I thought he really knew what he was doing particularly for short term so the patriots started to move some pieces around we'll continue to discuss that with you.

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