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Mustard and Johnson Talk with Pats Fans About the Welker Situation

Mar 16, 2013|

The boys chat with Pats fans and non fans about Wes leaving for the Rocky Mountains. We get a variety of takes and it seems this is a debate that is not going away for quite a while.

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How orchid almost two decades wow 1995. We got together and -- -- com. Shall we say involuntary vacations later here we are. In 2013. Wes Welker for the 2013. Season maybe the 2014. Season as well and who knows what happens after that two year deal in Denver for twelve. We completely miscalculated the market we had our discussion last Saturday. But the patriots scrambling to atone for. That miscue at least from my point of view Danny and dole coming in. With his new contract for five years and 31. Million dollars. People western has been on this this radio station a couple of times. Promoting. It may -- propaganda rising the Amendola selection I know -- -- -- -- this in theory. I can understand what the patriots are anticipating. Doing. A little more versatility and size of the Amendola one of the things that Mike Reese jazz and his peace and ESPN -- boston.com. Larry is that you look at the drops that's certainly something that. Has been a problem for west in crucial situations Super Bowl in the AFC championship game. And dole has better hands fewer drops. -- per catches. So that's certainly something that work in his favor if he can stay. Healthy and we talked about this in the top of the show you know -- debris dropping a ball winner on the sideline yeah right lady and and let's let's take a look at the receiving corps. Right now we don't know if Brandon Roy who return as you heard of the -- say 5050 according to time he current. I hear hear other receivers right now that we know we expect to be playing next year patriot uniform they have contracts. We have Danny Amendola and we have. Rob Gronkowski and and we have. Amanda Hernandez. Aaron Hernandez and we have Julian element. He sees some sort of common thread. Through those. Receivers. Well I don't see ice I don't see anybody you can stretch the field I'm talking about injuries -- -- -- -- none of them get a gap -- you feel about getting out. -- -- -- -- Julian element was the last time he polygamy was gonna be the replacement for Welker -- work out there I'd they were in my. -- friends over the years her group -- Smith used to say everybody's going in the warm -- you go to these basketball games and the -- -- that there you know of the the lay up to roll before the game and these people doing these 360 dunks and banged in shots and from three point range. And in the game stats and akin to a -- So everybody looks good before they get on the field and that's the the one thing -- again nobody's saying of all with the argument can be made about welcome being a hall of fame candidate certainly but the stats he's put up over the last six years. If he gets a couple of more with Manning. But the fact remains he did hear -- I want to broaden the conversation just slightly. Anybody any thoughts are and we they have signed already Leon Washington the patriots kick -- -- was when he when he odds. And Leon it was 29 so they've upgraded that Carl Jones had 44 catches last year and a touchdown against the -- ya -- I'm nervous about any brief ride receiver they bring in as skimming on the stadium but they need to do. Well here's the other that's another problem right injuries were into not just the injuries were need to get him on the field they know -- a post at all. There is a long list of patriot wide receivers who were expected to have some sort of on the field relationship with Tom Brady. But things did not work out Reche Caldwell Joey Galloway. Doug Gabriel Chad Jackson Chad Johnson. Also known as Ochocinco. The list goes on. And non there's a graveyard filled with ex patriot wide receivers who could never equipped with a quarterback. Is is Danny Amendola going to be a player that come right in here and replace Wes Welker because you know what Larry. You may they may say he's a different. Receiver. That he's bigger he may have better hands and has a little bit more versatility can catch the ball outside the numbers. A may be eight in catch a ball downfield every now and again. A patriot fans are going to be. Scrutinizing this guy very harsh just kind of unfair but that's the way that's where it's going to be a and he's gonna half do. Immediately. Find a way to click with Tom Brady it's gonna have to happen quickly you know. Patriot fans can be all business. And that that's just the reality. What's happened down there and I just wonder. That's right I told you the biggest shock of ball a top of everything else's. Viewed at W could've had him for two years for six million a year that that's where the man that's where my complaint does. Other stuff you can go back and forth on if he wanted not eight or nine or priced himself off the job but. As we sat here last week if you could have in that you position would have been resolved. There are no problems are never right there anybody complaining he would like to drops but. Nobody really complaining about the slot situation I just wanna know what Brady thinks about it particularly after he redid his restructured his contract. And let's not give back to the falls 617779793. Cent a couple Texas saying that and omens are free agent but I was 1000 Bedard this morning coming in on the replay and Bedard was basically saying from the globe that gentleman was returning to the patriots so we shall see if that is the case. Let's get down -- Rhode Island and listening on 103 point seven FM I assume as Ralph from Cranston. Good morning -- in my wrap things moving in on. My pleasure you know -- we were talking up until this week. We everybody mr. market's -- received -- -- -- where you know we bring -- actual -- million shall we try check of the -- if you could brilliant card back. At two years twelve and six year. You'll do is -- -- that this was personal decision was really football decisions as much it was a personal. We know -- -- I mean we've had a lot of success here over the last eleven years but this guy cranky he will be controlling about -- couldn't have been. I thought he didn't like what what -- pulled a couple of things people whistle that idea at all. In the face what this team has lost its without a doubt it talks this football player on the team that doesn't happen out of players. It lost their it's. Probably one of the top three or four plays on the which dropped out of the IP section score extra. I read the article states. The running game -- -- -- -- that you had to restart guar. Reading and what every other international hopefully -- smile on the face when you great data out. Wouldn't it make any sense to do yes we eat principally is that they are certainly are what they're doing now is a personal. More than Ralph. Ralph just stop for a second when you say you -- they need to do some of the defense I understand that but his deal very similar. And Amendola his deal was not where it was not a our salary cap. Crash or -- -- it was a it was a fifth it was the six million dollar deal so that had no Larry shot. And -- I'm saying is it because of that price tag that would have nothing to do with them going out and signing defensive players. If anything I thought it went -- It's personal. Great that's why this was a person all right bye guys that just didn't like is that not a real rewarding -- lectured his name now and I -- a charge. If we had up to -- it's over the first -- was going to be and the idea let's go to the U. You. At all or adequate because those guys is is what they are in this system on top. This has to assist them you have to take a lot of hits ground is not little there's a little bit but it -- look at the way this system that is put into play -- -- on. I cannot pat. Right if your question ballroom medals right all right -- -- -- an audition right. Or right in less they're gonna get a guy can stretch the defense to catch the ball outside the numbers -- little more regularity to bring light these guys are going to be asked to catch a lot of balls over the middle. As you pointed out Ralph excellent observation. The more -- that go over the middle the more you're going get slammed to the ground where you spent time. On the sidelines 6177797937. All boy this is a special day a very special addition of Boston and Johnson show because vote here to grace us -- Joey. Anybody no idea. By the way -- state shall stay. -- -- -- Well you tell your listeners out there on the -- going to be essential state. Voting action will strange calling me. We deeply intertwine. Rates are among Larry's people. Dobbs celebrates after they tomorrow -- corn -- are real well yeah well yeah wearing green -- to church that. Hot hot like that attends. The high event. I think great you know I want quickly on the NHL's seating. Seating in the NHL. Craig -- point is invalid because see what happens in the NHL was first placed eighth spot. There's only like or six points separated right that's why doesn't seem like India mean everything he. But Nicklaus Nicklaus to spark that gives the efforts. Outlook that I can call oracle -- diverting attention -- all right -- he quickly. Well debate between -- All our -- -- cupcake. He can he brought the -- Built to cover almost its order on here. The winter. You can't just talk about more than money team. -- -- Another rate is doing. Volatility -- Angelina. Jolie. Before it got me viewpoint it's not because I actually believe that you wanna talk to you today. We today you must have been heartened by the news. NFL rules change -- another dark role that -- rule about twelve years and this is no longer. A little. Bit you know -- got it all religious call to retreat to everybody else's material. British -- in North America that was me. Allowed out any better back it up in my stop now. The similarities. Of the Orioles -- opposed to when things and in doing -- collegiate start and I went a little boy -- open the war. What the patriots went titles and three -- -- and when the bullet to the 71 titles and three and then one. Not to but living off past performances. Building a low and almost blindly Obey them right -- don't dining and we freeagent. -- agents that are able to sign people aren't the check like sending him taking things personal. Like Kim Campbell personality probably -- it'll. Okay now what it and then replaced these people. Would -- market. Cody replacement. Event following -- that you're -- -- -- you -- tell you that it's. It's not. It got inadequate in particular that is one sure sign. The base of the French. Right rate due to -- Wednesday to -- well yeah it wouldn't take on the -- I don't discount. Right so now we are. No championships. Remember when -- -- spoke out about that yes it wouldn't put them on right but the patient titles. Democratic. Also women here you know you're not tell me that when Manning retires again trade Brady to rock Colorado so if you win another so. The ball well let me let me really good bragging about their -- diplomacy is right. But the -- -- and the simple. Apology hate and stupidity. Lost well all right and waving at the patient toggle just like the painting. Just like the Yankees were the dailies grounds. They did but he could. Greg is the keyword. Protections upbeat and story competitive. Actually didn't listen to the words stay competitive. All awhile right. Yes well there's still only actually have a shot at a ring but the reality is you're not in its own -- you will be in modeling somewhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not just -- getting optimistic about the Danny Amendola Jerry is great here in front Munich are. Forty. You served a long time and am glad to finally got out furloughs are great that he -- at 6177797937. Mustard and Johnson returning after ninety's. Just win baby. Yeah I get ready for the big day tomorrow Larry's going to be partying hardy with -- couple extra helpings of corned beef and cabbage. The cabbage like the best of the corn beef -- -- that's grabbing a you don't look like not every Saturday night. Well as far as the cabbage for Wes Welker is concerned twelve billion yen and that's over two ears might have been able to Iowa. Little bit more out of the patriots. But I I'd -- one of the one of the theories was. Patriots were low balling Wes -- we know we can't -- catch the high ball but apparently wanna catch the mobile either. One of the theories was well. We gave you on the franchise -- 99 point five million dollars. So should you expect the hometown discount the next two years if you average it all out -- -- the nine point five. And then maybe six or even five million over the next. The next -- ten million altogether it's close to twenty million that's a pretty good deal. But Wes Welker certainly we justification balked at that idea it hasn't yet gets her next year. And he's he he's not able to make the kind of money that he would of I'm going else out there one thing and I think this. I -- is a little bit about football Michael Irving -- this -- swore up and down a boat west rock Welker anybody who's played the game and you watch this guy out there. In he has an instinct. And know we're the openings are on the field and he's he's in perfect some particle would Brady. He makes his moves again I -- throwing this out there because this isn't just of our rob patriot bashing I mean is still my team. I stole -- support the team of the team just like what they did but. Is there anything else you'd like to see them do I -- I really think a priority is assigned to leave I really argue if not him. Somebody in the in the secondary. To sign him I've got to shore up the offensive line at all they're losing ball mark. I know Thomas is not a household name. But he was young and -- a lot of potential and he could play two or three positions so. I think they need -- but you don't by the way Brady's gonna need a few more seconds to prided operating receiver. I think it's important that he has protection. Meanwhile some of the other news you're talking about some of the weapons the Brady might have at his disposal next year. Emmanuel Sanders. Was almost as Emanuel Lewis was a boxing promoter -- of the ladies in the ninety's. -- she's a boxing manager and his record terrain around trainer Tommy -- yup. Emmanuel Sanders who was really a third or fourth receiver Pittsburgh has some speed. I can go down the field pretty well of the Pittsburgh paper says that the patriots of actually signed him. To a restricted free agent deal -- chapter says that has not happened although the patriots may be bawling that'll -- Victor can -- he's a -- and he can tell -- but the bottom Hillary was like a third receivers in a lot but he's absolutely required receiver but I mean you you don't have to play callers Larry why was he on your show -- in that area Mona. By the record in the eighties. The weak side linebacker code of -- with the patriots they did sign him and you were sitting on the edge of -- I was wondering about that yeah it's still no word yet according to all your sources Larry that I'm Brandon -- Well I got to college the patriots now because that's -- my information. It's oh this is right go for most of my info to Fall River Steve your next -- Sports Radio. All I wish. I could be argued that while you walk right. You'll be lucky Stafford to Venice and if you call back you know I think if you're called back -- wind you can stay -- for three out as a. You know why I think in a while when I felt like -- shut up on your 20/20 six well. Think they're happy as you know you've got a lot as a they'll they don't talk about it and meet the I like 56 you know who said don't talk about history. All right when are you bring something up that make it to make educated about what all of our people what it looked at this. -- -- that I'm thinking about this discussion. Grandpa the patriots had a heck that the rug back there and now you what I think is what happened they -- -- got to -- -- equitable the other shall. -- -- -- Okay that's a good -- what about 9/11 grip on what happened at the plane crash I mean -- everything so simple now light is not simple. Where you're you're here's your US judge -- -- and sophisticated. And complex perspective on life. Resentment and they are like I want to tell you what all went well. An idiot in Poland I wanted to say I'm glad people probably would take you to visit but what you look at it. It's a little misguided because I didn't see any adult actually that statistic. But he's. A -- to a -- to places like welcome. Light never this simple question that instead will walk the -- look like. -- -- -- Did you ever go ahead and it now O'Neal who -- not AT and so we would be outraged. We would be outraged when it. You caught a little. Your place -- the great apple one of those bowl. You know why because I say why the outrage -- announcement that Britain's -- Steve I'll tell you why do you do you wanna hear an answer. Is this rhetorical question yet we're actually looking for respond -- I know what did I know you're okay once you give me your answer we'll see that jives with mine. Uneducated. You meaningful ball and walk. -- watched radio media that thought it was to the middle so upbeat when you work should -- not this bad. You don't understand why you -- -- so all you never understand why didn't we. Could you got wayside right rather wasting graphic appear to her grandson just marked out the rom six welcomes. That you -- -- of opera five. 79 BRD president it was legal -- commercial Steve this just in Victor Cruz has signed a contract with the St. Louis Rams about just getting -- hit a basket thing. You know. When. You know well welcome now. And -- -- out this word. He -- It anywhere doable who now has two rings. An elegant and rules. Are rules Hillary. And think that the thing that we've -- them -- that. I guess -- it as an astute giant opinion that you are as I am right. You surprised that all of a sudden now this edict has come down that the slot receivers not that valuable. Well here's the thing Larry but I -- -- welcome the great player and they animal probably here's my pick up his -- -- scores. I know -- immediate goal -- people what they want. You know and -- I'll -- The government does not that's not his fault tolerance. Like that I've always wondered why the yeah there we had no one of the year. The they have a lot of guys do the same thing between Welker and gronkowski and and and -- the -- that I like these guys that you know. The ball yeah. That. -- the difference is only want them stays on the field. I know I know that at a Daria you know what the court but one guy in baseball I cannot stand the most anybody but a player. Scott for a but I think I don't think that this situation here would welcome the patriots was more the agent. The last days go on down the wrong wrong when you start blaming each agent's job is to make as much money program I do think he didn't have -- good field. For what the market was. Really why. I don't addicted dot it was eight or not seen right and it was one. No -- acted when they rejected the extension before they sign the franchise tag two years ago. Projecting into the future would be not wise to say he can make more money is a free agent. The market changed this year I mean it is the -- -- -- some visionaries will be able to see two or three years now why. -- still -- though -- -- -- on that yet I think they know that started a long long time ago I mean like. Opening day. Whose lineup with the lineup that kept him -- is not -- -- Julia element I think Belichick Italian for welcome for a while now why not gotten hurt. Why do you think he did that if he wanted to see if he can replace them. Yeah absolutely -- do yeah and I don't understand it because. We have a -- you know. You know what I was they wanted this is when it comes down -- they wanted them. They wanted them being the agent and Wes Welker. To put their name on the dotted line at -- number and bill who was involved he's both a coach and a general manager. Involved in the negotiation has controlled the financial. And that in the in the salary cap. He was upset that Welker didn't sign that extension and you're right it became personal yeah that's where sometimes perhaps the player personnel guy in the coach should be two different people. Let Conan you have Belichick have been the player personal guy. Pretty much since he's been here I don't I think he had to come on his terms when he became the the N the the no longer the -- the NYG day. He had to have full control in what things was never part of that was because of the reasons processor outright that -- our strategy going to be above tropical the other problem was Parcells was the factor there too if you remember. You really wanna be under Parcells -- -- Parcells is moving from coach who strictly general manager. He didn't wanna be Parcells whipping boy basically. If he's gonna come he's gonna come into England Bobby Grier was the general manager the first year if you remember but really develop Belichick to control your organization. Org tells her you wise is the NFL network and they have DN bomb on the talking about cap expertise that's like me doing a Weight Watchers commercial. I mean why were driven have a guy on the at a jets Hormats. There are told about them that they're going to be a -- for years. It's amazing well you know I wonder when the Red Sox let Cody -- go I think you have a guy. Who who who did well this market who became a fan favorite and actually put all the issues they went through in particular brought him back. Welcome as a piece of paper around here he's succeeded in this bar. You don't get out again you don't sign somebody just as he's in favor of the reality is this guy. What has -- eat it in you're not paying welcome price has passed you paying him for his present and future at least for the next two years. By the way we have to get our alarm annual -- -- in order a -- Sanders is the Pittsburgh restricted free agent Emanuel Lewis played Webster on television when my buddy the late great Alex Harris and Emanuel Stewart. Was the trainer for Tommy the hit man -- so we got all the manuals lined up and of course Larry's favorite actress in the 19770s. With Emmanuel.

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