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Mustard and Johnson Open Up Sports Saturday Trying to Make Sense of the Departure of Wes Welker and the Arrival of Danny Amendola

Mar 16, 2013|

It's been an eventful week in the world of NFL free agency, and the huge news in this neck of the woods is clearly Wes Welker officially leaving the Pats and signing with Denver. Craig and LJ attempt to make sense of exactly what happened between Wes and N.E. and why he made the decision he did. Also, what about Amendola? Craig and LJ discuss all their reaction to the Patriots offseason moves and try to get used to hearing "Manning to Welker".

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NFL free agency day number five -- Marty losing my voice over this thing three days out since Wes Welker signed a deal with the Denver Broncos. And patriots. And everything they can through compensate at home for the sin of losing Wes Welker and I'll say what it is they're coming -- they are going. And it is a very difficult thing to keep everything. Square here as you just heard from the -- man. Couple reports out of Pittsburgh. Perhaps Emanuel -- deal but that which after swooping in from ESPN says no. We do know this Larry and I think the globe this morning has it all laid out very very well. We know that Wes Welker has left Patrick chart of CI. Danny -- is out to San Diego Dow Jones. -- no longer with the pats. Incoming. Adrian Wilson Danny Amendola Leon Washington from Seattle and the jets of course Donald Jones from buffalo wide receiver. In Kyle Arrington re sign it you'd need a scorecard. To keep track of everything it's happening today. Has that -- no statement has ever been more truth there -- -- are we sort of are rooting for laundry maybe they should just produced these NFL jerseys. Low ball the whole bit but on the back just put a number in a rather than named just put things and I'm a fan of the team. Or even got to put the the players' names and don't -- It Chester express how you're feeling about things because at the moment where you're just at least from myself hours just livid at the fact that they would. Just let rocker girl I still can't understand that even now. But I have to stand in people keep saying it in you have to keep reminding yourself could you get caught up in the frenzy of at all that it is a business our guy who leads your team. In something like like catches and he's about seventh in the NFL this year in receptions and had about six to seven touchdowns. I just in you see the guy out -- killing himself and getting punished and returning kicks and everything and the it's it's hard for me to understand and I know they say they wanna get younger but yet the people they're pursuing now in the authorities. Adrian Wilson twelve year veteran -- and Washington's hardly -- Still John Abraham long in the tooth Dwight Freeney has been here since the plot it seems like in the National Football -- -- art Pollard wreak Havoc on a variety of patriots he might be. Believe it or not he's had a visit he might be wearing a patriot uniform and -- may -- Bernard Pollard on the opposite end of the Welker spectrum. May be the perfect testament. What you're saying. We put our heart and soul into someone like Wes Welker and he is he would have made to worries undersized. He's one of those guys who's going against the odds each and every time he lines up. He has taken. A licking and kept not taken for so long except that ACL against Houston 34 years ago. I he has been that if it is. Football hero for patriot fans to root for on the other end of course you have Wes Welker who is the protagonist. The attack is Bernard Pollard was in the area as we remember when Wes walker -- was the out. In Houston Bernard Pollard related hit on Steve Ridley we remember that we know what happened at Tom Brady. We know what Bernard Pollard did to -- rock last year. Now this guy. Might be where a patriot uniform. Well I don't know go after him perhaps definitely -- Adrian Wilson -- -- my point is -- yes we asked the material and hate a guy one year in the next year I easier -- I remember and I and I took offense to him because I think it took offense almost everything he said back in those days was Dan do cap. Long before he said more days in first place. I remember getting. Angry. I think this is Warren might in days and today as long time ago about the time he took over the team 9596. Kevin Kennedy was the manager Mo was the applying. And I remember him referring double. And I took so much offense that like always sol -- is he's insensitive he's Alice doesn't he understand. This part in his soul of the game no that's exactly what Bill Belichick in most of these guys -- -- just. Inventory. They're filling out a uniformed -- except for the Red Sox. Except for the right. -- and I -- I reject it you know I as the intervals salary cap by n.'s Tim -- play on that is 62 games. By the 75 million dollar contract for J. D. Drew who was our very well visit that action and others I tell them on the field. And then you go back to well cut and a guy gets up after in my opinion I wouldn't have come back in the game and the guy continually comes back. This seems to be some confusion however Craig with the actual negotiations. As to whether welcome quantity. Three year deal for 24 million and then and he went decided pages said no to which -- with some incentives. And then he went back in and he tried to go to Denver and -- week you get from this and then Amendola. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they said look we can't wait we got to sign this guy so I understand is some maneuvering behind the current and by the way according to. According to. How would blazers sports exchange at. -- dole is deal not 31 -- said it was 28 point five but the deals also contingent. I'm on some clauses and it -- him staying on the field. Well since he missed forty games over the last two years and certainly. Understand. Where the patriots might be just a little leery of a guy they get rid of didn't seem to have that problem right right so it sounds as if even though we're three days. Since the news around -- a war for thirty or so Wednesday afternoon. Went after pretty much confirm a lot of people fear that Wes Welker was headed. Not just a way from the patriots but true of the Denver Broncos that makes it worse Johnny Damon going to the Yankees. Back in 20052006. You seem a little these teams still -- By at all -- -- -- by getting me on set because there are noticing that this is what we do all of us most outward -- the other we have a a memory problem. We're just a week or two ago. I think you're an athlete what do you think of the free idea of a maybe three years I want to force a third I all I don't know we all thought. Did the that these offers were going to be of around 789. Mil a year for a wide receivers and the like -- the but up the salary cap three million -- Brady made his his moves. So they have more wiggle room. So I'm if I -- -- -- told you. If you could get woke up the six million a year for two years which use them. We thought that would in January it would just dale bargain basement Steele on Saturdays. Discussion. But as we get closer -- the tampering deadline over and the out now free agency period beginning. People started realizing this market was not going to be bountiful one for free except for Mike Wallace X yeah Mike Wallace got a nice very nice deal it's dark and a map there while our producer he'll have his own show on councils have you wanna -- -- -- -- -- Where were posting up the alike. Who is that what voice out there -- determined like. -- says -- slot receivers I'm no longer about valuable I mean last time I checked Victor Cruz. Is is every time -- ironic I was in the end -- he had ten touchdowns. In yet the value of a -- in these guys take a beating on the inside. All of a sudden now they have value is not as great as some outside receiver who doesn't catch half as many passes well -- gotta remember. Manningham makes the great catch against the pats in the Super Bowl to -- Super Bowls ago and next year playing for San Francisco so. No one is immune from any of this they really are so what are we saw a man about with Welker I assume you because I -- well. -- listening to a to it was fascinating radio I was driving around doing some parents and Wednesday -- listened to Michael beat. And Wes Welker could possibly have betrayed he was holding out hope he was waiting for those final 36 the report. In northwestern Ohio and unfortunately. I think every patriot and anybody who loves football and obviously the patriots have taken over. This area. The ratings that say it every single Sunday in the in the post season they go through the -- for every. Game they play most recent came this guy. Beyond Brady had to be the second the second favorite. Of the New England fan why not these guys that such a great relationship more catches than anybody in the NFL. -- 22 catches last year. -- -- we we don't think about Larry we think of him as a slot receiver doesn't have the act yards to the used to doesn't into the end zone as much as he did it one time. 300 and thirteen 164 yards. But the guy is not an amazing player he still has money left in the tank in the worst thing about it is. I think everybody would have except that it if they if it was being so generous well. I can see him. Wearing a 49ers uniform right can see him. Playing four or Seattle you know everybody wanted to or or Tennessee. Everybody wanted to be the go to the NFC or team in the AFC. It wasn't going to be an obstacle for the patriots now these guys have done nicest ticket and bill's face several months while. Well I'll tell -- well they have I steroid thing right now -- Denver they had -- Marius Thomas -- -- 94 catches last year and Decker had 85. The other thing he kills -- who have all of this is. He's getting older. Just right Peyton meaning is going year to year the gimmick and a move like brightest right I don't think now. If you listen to Walker's press conference. He slipped up and says something that I thought was very revealing that nobody picked up -- You know not well -- ousted but he he was trying to -- said he was selling himself. -- he was he was trying to convince them. In terms of him coming up there in playing for them in its fight. I don't think -- had any any idea -- or -- turns at trying to get him against Stokley and everything about a player's -- 36 years got about when this even Stokley had to admit he said this is a great even those guys they are probably cause in the loses job. This is they all I'm saying about Welker it is very simple. If it's not broken. You know there are plenty other areas to tinker with it for six million bucks a year over two years when a couple of incentives. -- -- fit very nicely and other way Brady in all of this. Finally can we now in Costa Rica and now we're threat don't have following sort tweets are really they know -- can we re. That Tom Brady exercised two or three weeks ago we called him no bull we called him. Selfless. We we we called him eight great benefactor for patriot fans everywhere -- outlook and right now. Was not his fault don't put it it it's incredible. How much we perhaps over rated his influence. On -- that's a point -- -- or you know what I remember time with the Bruins. Many years ago when when Jacobs was just don't bring the team and not spending any money on the talent and it. They have a couple of big superstar as The Who sat there in did not -- And finally at a at our basic Adam all. Dale that was our Craig must that you said that it you know deals have -- elation to re born I'm celebrating greatest player -- by Adam oh that was the only guy eight. Just stick to test the end up in challenged the Bruins ownership and he -- jettisoned out of it right and I never forgot that I say it is the role. Of the superstars. Just stick up up a little guys improper craft just go through by the way he spoke recently said he lobs I joke. Any hope Ferrari for a long time yeah. I'll copy the kiss ended their own bed. Actually last what they did -- had. I got to watch by rob don't let me -- -- man I love Wes Welker this is my camera and hope humans and patriots a lot of just like time. He's gently in his image on and well -- John Henry again I swear to god John Reebok crap. Our now hybrid owner of the -- Wes Welker. I hope Lieberman's signature -- life just like Tom Brady's that's John at. Well that you have some things in common as they didn't know what I mean I don't know what you mean -- I now form that that's all -- let me put it this record patriots will always be my number one team my favorite team my love for pollen of the patriot I don't want any other coach -- ballot check. All right -- but I don't know if there I don't know if I wanna play for him. I only know me know make it because it's I don't and I understand -- -- business and I understand that's the way Europe operate. But it's not like you're doing this guy a favor you're not paying him for past performance. This guy you missed the -- -- his game Cragg our. So you're saying that this isn't exactly a David Ortiz golden parachute will. Let's just play for us for the next couple years and we know he's still have awesome talent left. And we're at the same time looking back -- -- wonderful career rewarding you for that as well this guy can still. The a force. There's no question about that we expected embraced -- the restructuring. That would free up money for Wes Welker if proved to be. Completely. Otherwise I'd take one thing if. By him if from some of the other veteran players on that team and I get her. I don't -- back. Let me put it that way I don't hurry. Act because what good -- to do you. What good does it do you when you should be have a concussion and and they sent it back out there on the next play. And then they call you and number in the guy still come I know he'd drop the ball in the super ball I know we drop the ball. In the playoffs about if we didn't catch some of the other balls that he caught they would have been in the position in the first place. He's a brilliant slot receiver he's Brady's security blanket he's used to having him army even -- truth. I'm even disappointed that Brady I think -- she is in the position where I'm not saying he should tell them who they should keep -- who they shouldn't but gosh I'd like he has something from a guy. He we bought. Very modestly. Says I don't get involved in any of those decisions. We thought he was. Being slightly disingenuous. When he says that we really believe this guy. One of the great players of all time certainly one of the best players of his generation. How could he not have some sort of impact on the decisions -- ultimately does look at what's the biggest from the patriots have had but there wide receivers. Nobody understands where they're supposed to Karl and this goes back. Two -- one my last Red Sox comparison at least for now I like he argues -- -- rape how many times do we say why do we let these guys ago. Who thrive in the mark on the baseball players got -- that we part we let them go elsewhere. When there's so perfectly suited both to. Up playing on on the Bentley diamond ideally we'll all the other things around it. We we let guys ago worthy organization Red Sox organization. Allows people -- apart who know how to deal with everything you have to deal with -- Boston. I I say the same thing able -- guy. Who understands. How to work with Tom Brady. You know it's. As Chad Jackson Chad Johnson Doug Gabriel Jabar Gaffney she'll -- these lots of its train station it's not easy. It's not easy guy that's right to me out of Tokyo when they signed pro wide receiver. All of a sign in the secondary Intel I see them out there running around inmate. Seem to understand what they're doing -- I'll be happy about it. All right so we are not happy we have not going into our state of -- happy about what they what they've done to battle -- -- I think I'm sensing kind of surprise I'm hearing a lottery anchor from view because. I -- hearing just listening to the hands on the radio. Start the rationalizations period is beginning. Well you know -- and always for five years younger pretty much does the same thing but he's he has been hurt are our ally now does that add up to effect is a problem -- re. Top receivers right now Hernandez. Rocketboom and re going great point they have what they have a comment exactly I don't think we can't answer -- question 6177797. -- I -- 3737937. Point 72 break and will be right back. -- -- -- -- -- hope you lose institutionalized. Just like to bring. -- you know it is just see it just didn't work out and you know that's unfortunately that's the business side of it and you know it's and it's not always but the prettiest that side of the business and and everything else but. You know you just you know you move on from it and you know you look for the next opportunity in Niagara won here in Denver and I'm I'm really looking forward to -- -- bad -- That was wearing an 83 at I heard bidders count now I just had -- -- -- -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- I was watching my a seven year old indoor soccer game in one of the stars on the team. Was going up the field that was sitting -- his dad. And -- that. Your son wearing number 83 soccer's number he says because he's a big football fan loves. Wes Welker to let minorities wearing an excuse is Monday said he won't be where -- -- By the way if I don't know if you can get it on on Google are are not Google and YouTube to replace -- -- whatever but he has been and had a free agency program moment Bill Polian and Bill Parcells appointment. Watching it was fantastic. How they broke down free agency in the salary cap. Am 12 with the things they said the stuck in my head they suggest that said your team has a 102 point three years salary cap figure this stuff. They said you have to a lot at least ten million. Of on touch money because -- for the practice squad players. Unita for free agents that might walk on Unita for the draft class in the -- -- they said Craig that -- -- out sole legal devastated team. Is if you are paying a guy some pretty good money in he gets injured. Because not only is he on the books you've got to pay him but now you got to pay for his replacement they were talking about the value. Of having a guy who has a history. Of staying on the field. That you you know -- to that crippled you with a salary cap if you lose a guy in the camp play for awhile. Now -- paying for two players right -- -- they really broke it down by the way -- surprise because polian obviously was the GM went when he was there with our Freeney and he was one of the freeagent TE put a flag arm. He says because he thought he was nicked up with with some injuries. The other -- -- flags on certain plays and he was the when he put a flag on in this has been discussed last year they went from the 43 which we thank him as being that great defensive end of the war three. Along with -- Robert Mathis. 2834. Stand up outside linebacker and that was an awkward situation not comfortable one for Dwight Freeney. Certainly be happy to come back but that's another great point you're making because the point there were making as and and -- we're starting to learn and I think if we have on our radio at least I AM. Is that just because the guys Kroger might be a great player for the ravens in in one system they play end. You've got to look at the player and say can this guy play in my system and that's what I keep asking a vote. Well occur -- when you have played is. Who can perform Thomas when they brought him in the and he can play three or four positions and when he was with the ravens and saying. Well obviously whenever he was doing with the ravens they have a support system in such that I allowing him. A look as good as he like remember Ray Lewis said all know where you get him out there on his own he's not gonna be all -- any wasn't. So just because you signed he's name players doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna fit into your scheme. And here it goes back to I was saying they have not had a great history of signing regions. As as you said you pretty much rubber stamp the in bill we trust Matra. You repeated it he still had to say you had to throw that disclaimer Larry well this is at stake. Thinking about which one I still want build knowledge argue. Okay Tom revving up -- look at it. Guys ten directors I don't want you could pick you picked -- two answers are probably the one Arctic are the wanted to take. -- that by the way how the ravens -- this salary cap you know that was gonna happen it happens well as a member of the patriot thoughts what I as -- -- from a state right now. Yeah I'll take either marble. And well I would to a they would do favors and -- didn't have yet to -- because obviously -- is slightly -- -- that rob -- you know heading to the city of brotherly -- for the first time since Bill Belichick came here in 2000 the year he went five and eleven with a quarterback whose name wasn't Tom Brady I'm gonna get off my knees and do the show I'm actually not to -- -- my knees. Every talent mentions bill bill as we get me criticize the government says tomorrow morning. Remember guys I know I'd I think is secondary picks have been a disaster I think has ride out ribbon -- the other thing I don't like about Belichick is. -- I think they got to stand up give -- give you a long explanation for why they do the things they do. But -- follow Robert these players you'll love him on the field I think I ended the season the top of his games what the seventh -- -- Best wide receiver and it in in the league. And that the economy and that's it. Like don't ask -- questions and market to give you any explanations. Removing on in your chest -- left -- empty feeling. That you don't if you know for problem at all in you know this guy was a gamer into me he understood the playbook. We've all we've been through a month but come on laughter they always use that phrase Bubba. One of the things we all agreed -- We ought to a person -- called the show. Welcome was not the one that was broken. They need help in the secondary and yeah they did whether Brandon -- were your guy and not by the way to -- -- trying to keep an eye on that because he's supposed to get premium dollar. Bonus roster bonus -- to the team right in the either gonna try to renegotiate -- -- -- -- out of town. That's I think what most people are upset about this is in for six million credit. Mine right itself on how the Bill -- really plummeted. Since we have this discussion seven days ago no one was -- in the conversation. Two years in twelve million and we or Larry. We we shocked at that number I was think they got wrong I was asked the -- that I I figured at least eight. But I mean that again you -- -- crop but I mean Mike Wallace -- and operate at a banquet Miami but. But hot line. With -- -- made six mean a year so I just. I thought of that money I said wow. Now is on the patriots vindictive because they'd like some of the stuff Welker did it because they did offer Welker a three year deal before that he turned down. Geez I'd like to think that. But I'll tell -- -- put Gerry had the line of the week. This week playing off the got five doctors had -- -- I get those two confused yes what is which now resuming in on which one out which one talks will have more than the other Jerry Jerry OPEC. Jerry. -- are another rip off the godfather of course Al Michaels -- take over the business because it is the key is he tells Sonny -- the emotional one. Of course. This is it's not personal. It is strictly business and Jerry turn that on -- I really believe he said. That this particular case as bloodless as Michael Corleone light as Belichick has been over the years. In this particular case arsenal might take precedence over business it seems zip. They had it in for Wes Welker personal because if it's business. That the guy was to our you know at least I get older I get older. It was at the top of his game well. I thought Manningham had a great column by the way WEEI dot com has some very very good writers. By the way if you get a chance you really should visit the site between Rais and that -- in many -- in others that they've got some very good -- has been that great stuff this week on. The the welter brokered departure. So I like I said IE I understand that our -- I think there's Adrian Wilson again. Infinitely twelve years five time Pro Bowl or hits on 63 to 25 to thirty. Yeah at that but again and -- In -- They seem to be INR Leo -- while we're not out there running for running a -- of -- field. Goes back well respected you see any. Sign of slippage certainly. Against the ravens. Certainly made the catch against the giants -- team got lucky once again -- -- about last year and I got away is that he's he's sweating bullets across the across the last over there can easily -- does. Shatner claims that the the -- -- making big blow. For Vick may be com. You know right now everybody's still throwing -- -- anytime after reports anything we know that that's the truth but it's still matched them. First round -- And the giants last year they -- women more round of playoffs last year they didn't make it. That's the only thing I gotta -- the year before they won the Super -- that's the only apparently an illicit nuclear repellent check -- I'm upset with -- -- accurate about it -- the two Brothers I think that that is a good -- excellent really it is only me but I still you know I can't think of too many of the guys that have been Belichick but I am upset about it it's -- to be upset about -- on each and every Saturday. -- Missed buyers out of three. Playoff game and you're -- it's it's there -- it always does -- Qualified on a qualified by saying. Well of course there -- be no -- else I'd rather have a dog I'll college and nobody's. Perfect for you gotta look at certain situations and and certainly there -- certain decision top Barton made the one out in San Francisco the -- one could question. You question any quotes that loses Greg it's okay to do that. But I'm saying right now I don't want another record can you match with his over ten years span. I cancel and I'll ask him a question how many ever -- as he won since 200420050. Update -- Harbaugh was. Have emerged as real coaching talent cloth ones won twice both against the I don't think fallible I don't think you'll see one of them next year -- question Bill Belichick is a great coach he's going to the hall of fame belongs on. On -- Rushmore perhaps as one of the greatest ever but he is. Unfortunately prone to making mistakes in free agency we certainly you've seen it. This one is a big one did you think he makes a per in this particular occasion printer driver it would Jerry -- idea if if he is truly. The Michael Corleone of the National Football League east east east he sounds more like a Michael Corleone in godfather three. The wanna got one more -- out there with a horse in the bed and a that was could it actually that was that was before he took over that was still that was still Marlon Brando's deal.

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