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Comings and goings at Foxboro, how the Patriots core is changing.

Mar 15, 2013|

Tom E Curran, Pete Sheppard and Jack Edwards break down all the comings and goings from Gilette Stadium on a day when the changing of players really heats up for the Patriots.

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I'm not sure what we're gonna get it through today. Soccer. Out on -- and curling probably not. Now let me it will stick with the -- National Football League in the National Hockey -- thoughts for the most part Jack Edwards in the house for mass tonight -- expect that it true professional all the sports someone who has never been a true professional as far as being on time to this or any other show Tommy -- up the -- will be here. Whenever ties is -- real time jacket in this Tom time yeah well and that that's what happened if you got -- you can do that at. And he does we we're actually start the top and get his take on. All things features all think Jenna felt Jack rates -- great to finally were big big a big forum every read a lot of your -- by the way. Where -- -- don't ask me I've no idea yet agree one last night about bringing the bacon pianist you know well yeah Shawn Thornton. Or great they had there will lots of talk about who would -- national football league of great result of free agency the free agency via. Frank that's going on around and patriots making some moves of grown still a lot of a lot of opinions and passion one way or the other about Danny Amendola. And Wes Welker talked a lot of hockey today as well new York red. When we were all of Michael in light of day and you said you reach you were talking about. About Danny Amendola and Wes Welker and you thought. Before it all went down. -- -- -- -- -- -- got a good thing going I mean that's it and and so now you're just sort out their La La land and you gotta wonder if if Brady throws the ball over the right shoulder and any makes one catch and he doesn't drop the other -- -- makes the other catch and they still and they still make this move then. You know what is the emotional reaction but you know that's it's a great unknown and it's one of the greatest things about the NFL because. It's it's a league it's 99%. Talking about it now and they played sixteen games a year. You know and here we are what five and a half months before they're gonna play it down in anger and you know everybody's. Needing catharsis over this because of the possibility that. You know. That this guy's not gonna measure up to what locker did we used three syllable words in this show Arafat insists that's -- house. -- them -- it doesn't matter what time -- miles we cater to a one doesn't matter can be -- seven to a -- I'm not I'm not count on him we started off a all right let's let's just let's just jump right into a time and but so far -- -- -- -- -- for those who have Europe but so far it hasn't bought everything has gone down yesterday and what let's start at about today first what do you think about what's happened to their support competitors. Well if you look at the fact that Emanuel Sanders is in nick and have him for third round pick he's agreed downfield threat. Stop the great a good downfield threat who could be better that'd be good get for them additionally Donald Jones he's kind of a -- at this point priest when he five. John Abraham when you look at you know the ability at a pass -- to 29 year old a 23 year old Jones in Yanukovich. I think it's what they've missed a little bit last year after the analyst Andre Carter and Mark Anderson that somebody else command so -- you know what I wrote this morning or actually late this morning. Was when you look at this team there's a hundred years worth of time on the planet between Adrian Wilson Dwight Freeney John Abraham -- But if you look at this team this team is loaded for the latter half of this decade they have to be tied into a 23. They now have a 27 year old slots -- with 32 year old slot they have 2.4 year old running -- -- 2.5 year old safety in the quarry. They have a linebacker -- when -- seven point five point three. You know you can find the make it's it will force in the Brady's but. Generally speaking your quarterback does not play like your father's 36 year old so I think that they're primed to move forward and with all the emotion. Attached to Wes Welker. I just wrote this you know it's it's time to stop pumping the Wes Welker its route tree and look at the overall forest. Because when you look at. The rest of the NFL you tell me who does it better on a regular basis. What team Baltimore Pittsburgh giants. Mean these teams that he to miss the playoffs. We're 11 page -- Pittsburgh are being arguably the two best the giants Arabia a close -- -- missed the -- yes well why did he bowed out of at the house floor and gotten that's why it was the big picture I just but I -- -- -- house. -- and Nantucket and it doesn't pay for the nanny. But it doesn't put you -- private school if you go on the radio for four dollars and talk about on the patriot to do it right when you meet. OK guys that does. If you go on the radio and say. The bird and go fair balanced and trying to look at before if you sit there for four hours and wave your arms and get to you know five a lot of fire pitch. About some guy getting screwed it's that's fine but if you didn't see a company didn't he come and I got a lot I. I couldn't care less about whether a guy gets screwed or not it's it's about. Doing what works and -- so now you're venturing into the unknown and you know granted I haven't covered the NFL for a long long time but. But there is a real value to stability and when push comes to shove and it comes down to those plasma moments where. You really can't added up -- know what the answer to the equation is going to be. Familiarity really helps a lot. I don't disagree with you in and also when it comes down to those critical moments. You cannot have your slot receiver. Incredible as he may have been. Beat a hub around which the retire -- -- wheel turns and that's what happened with Wes Welker could just quickly interrupt you real quick Mike reached reported -- -- and it is now. A San Diego Chargers. He would cut out of the. -- so Mike Reid's reporting did anyone that is now in San Diego Chargers -- -- on Washington is that's the data is to bet on big anyway had -- All agreed that living in San Diego makes you soft. No we know that's okay. Bill I would I don't know how -- the X games for a few years until they told me I was you'll -- flat out does that -- you'll discover the X games against you that fuel Mexico yeah exactly the techno and and it was in San Diego a change from Newport, Rhode Island and went on to San Diego. And we're out there for about nine or ten days and and by day six it's like you know at school. Seoul high clouds today at an off. And Burgundy that got. And what does it Diego means you know it means the but think back to your Richard original -- your argument what it's not a knock you got -- not I I tend to agree. You but. Still it's compounded their ability top of discussion orchids and a -- -- asked me to imagine this and I know -- be we think if this guy has a non -- on factory. -- knowledge economy this point because it's it's. The spin has been absurd to the point of ridiculous is that the same place and I'm telling you if Danny Amendola as a non collective contact ACL -- he blows in Houston -- wouldn't he be it wouldn't he be injury prone. You're my -- -- -- I can get two point okay allegedly broke out. I'm not you can understand don't oh well I mean we're not talking I mean Wes Welker is an incredible player he took every single hit the chops and popped up. With determination every single time let's not forget. Danny Mandel is not coming in the bad hamstrings and blown up knees in a knack of -- history he fractured clavicle. -- -- dislocated elbow these are kind of freakish injuries I freakish. As. Blowing out -- ACL. In Houston and one on non contact injury. -- which one I agree with you on my I'm -- but -- but you can understand why people I know. The severity of Mario created I know that but you can understand. No sometimes back karma follow certain athletes for what I know I know that they were well growing as well -- let's just when it is one well that's OK that's just one crop up. If I'm wrong but isn't the injury rate in the National Football League 100%. And it's just a matter of -- -- and the truck runs you'll over when you step in front of the truck. I mean it's it's incredibly. Violent game so. Predicting injuries with a guy it to me is is that's a red hair blood that's that's not an argument that holds water to meet this whole argument comes down to. Venturing away from the known in favor of the unknown now Tom what you're saying is that. There's a strategic adjustment that at that centering so much of the offense around walker was the fatal flaw for the knowing them. Patriots ought to say and I'll say that as a component and say the largest component -- this is they can't stop people from -- -- the largest component of this is is the eight to nine million dollars that Wes Welker was seeking. And the five she and changed the patriots are seeking now people have been saying it. All the patriots needed to do was give them six city what -- state no. They had to give a greater nine the reason he went out there was because he couldn't get eight or nine -- ended up settling for six so it it turns out. The patriots had the market right now we can have a discussion. Of whether he deserved to be paid on past performance. And you could probably bring me around on that but if the patriots. OK okay and I don't disagree. But if Wes Welker knew that the best he was gonna get with six. But to think you would a state. If that we've Wes Welker hit religions do the best he was gonna get -- with six million dollars or do you think you would this picture. But that at -- bring Bennett brings up what you pointed out I think first that. They had Amendola targeted. On Tuesday as they were so freaking far apart eight or nine fellas will boo -- is -- -- nine would make it up that money. You by the fact there are some of the reports MO amateur remembered that you guys all mixed up some of the thought that that. Did do you believe you wealthy elite fighters do believe at the end less activity to come back to the patrons say look this is what members offering can you do. You -- matches to do better or you think that that never occurred there -- mixed reports depending on who you wanna -- It's been out there -- both sides I do believe that that occurred and I do believe that and actually I know that the notion was entertained. Very brief. But it was not pragmatic to have two slot receivers who on the same job for upwards of eleven million dollars just didn't make any sense you know Wes Welker. In his camp 18 or nine million dollars we can discuss whether he should have gotten it. -- crappy edit on the table for a last year he had two years and sixteen that's three million. He turned -- -- to get to ID and you know he gets six million dollars so again the patriots didn't get beat by six million dollar offer by 500000 dollars or whatever was. -- -- When they decided they weren't gonna go to eight or nine million dollars a year. -- -- -- -- this whole thing and -- were -- today some retreated out by. How come Ozzie Newsome is against same kind of heat that Bill Belichick is with bold -- not on the face of local boards or agreed. You are great I mean is Ozzie Newsome. Reviled there are the other ravens have the ravens turned from. Cinderella. To the deaths are the way the patriots have when you have a sustained run of success. And you have a coach who is brilliant as he is is not a will be -- Does go to target for the national media if you don't say. Yeah but I'm talking about you know people wanna keep the gonna keep comparing Garrity comes up today guys about ten million -- albeit it was only two million. Ozzie Newsome -- Wimbledon Italy became got a couple million bucks and elect arguably one of the best players again emblematic. Golf yeah so I I don't see how anybody I don't think it's apples and apples bowled well no I don't -- -- -- it's not apples to apples but that there is. Somewhat of a of a little nervous about Larry I'm sure I know people Baltimore lose their minds amid -- which trooper down there in the same scenario bush. But you know Ozzie Newsome is a catch in nearly as much flack about Bolden in two million dollars as opposed to what's going on -- I just think it's a different standard and it's never going to be the same and you can sit around all day long it's how come this team doesn't get that knock on the team doesn't get this. It's an unrealistic. National and local in media. Myself included perspective on the patriots I mean how often have you heard it said last. Too -- some patriots have most of quality years. Well who stuck him up like cord -- usually the -- they've gone undefeated and that's me and they've been defraud a freak in the AFC championship games and that's -- I mean it makes a salvo beat if they wanted to do Vick could go what a DM suitable tomorrow all the fact. In fact of the matter is that that you know every team talks about turning over the roster. If you believe that actions are more important than words the patriots are really one of very few maybe the only team effectively. To turn over its roster unsentimental. -- you know it doesn't matter what you did because you as a player are bargaining for your future. And the patriots are one of the few teams that acts on the future not what you did but what we're going to pay you for what you're going to do and if they're estimate of what you're gonna do doesn't fit within their cap. Well you know what. Then it's time to turn over your spot on the roster. And what have I mean who's left Tom and hope a -- who -- agreed now find for you will be interesting and I don't read too which kind of refers to. Are urging a quick break 92 break it has been -- a lot with if Michael today along with -- Jack Edwards -- play by play voice -- -- at CS and and he's a top car and thanks jurist on football extraordinary sister companies have been through I'm happy guys -- -- 6177797937. You can text that 37937. Also -- Tom current. An act real Jack Edwards had a second break Tom data cavern Gary see you guys all I -- And I guarantee you we're gonna back got a lot of calls today given all of you -- many of you have. Lots of opinions and thoughts and a lot of passion about the sub it would against the Bruins as well of the later rod. But at the start it's about the patriots Welker. Football and hockey today Dick -- a sports -- not three point seven of them WE yeah. Well our home I would be careful with his spirit -- has -- little bit. Well we had opportunities as critical corporate field that was very different picture. You look at the history that we don't have -- -- -- we declared over the basic optimism leaders felt what if what. -- there -- -- of that of course and the football player. So we'll have -- rated as -- definitely skeptical -- to a business believe that we haven't won a political hopeful that every -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have cynical that you have approximately. Live. Much of what occurred -- if a bit. The comes out to be involved where. That's there was Roy -- last special teams guy. You know Washington early today via conference call here a Sports Radio WIP -- Lola copy current and Jack -- today here on the big -- in four Michael Holley and certainly besides the court he's kick -- return for touchdown. It got progressively worse after that as far as special teams -- kind of excited about the Washington on -- much you have left in the tank but I certainly it's got the beat upgrade from what. We've seen. Last year. Yet demo -- he is not of what you call it explosive kick off for turner and Brandon Tate. Despite his two returns a year he was not an explosive kick returner and they're fortunate to get to the twenty most times. You wanna get out to around 25. You want regular tour around 26 and you know whether or that's Washington's -- roll or for turns into something -- will save it. It's good to have Leon. But could heavily on -- on and -- we want them passed through -- Now what's -- which are best guest guys would be would be fixed it happened here down the stretch was than what's the next big. The big name to predict -- decided it's going to be -- You think it's going to be while Abraham is word that neighbor what might be close yeah to Adrian what you're close but that there won't have to for -- handed -- more than likely out of it. Yes he's he's out what I can't sign to what about us what about to leave. There working on getting that done they are absolutely working in the expectation is between shots -- the Kansas City. That if a five he's missed three years and eighteen million and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie although he didn't have the greatest tenure with Philadelphia side for one year in five million dollars the market's depressed a little bit I think that. Keep to we will probably see the writing on the wall and say you know maybe I should go where it's the go and good. Are 6177797. 37 Texas 37 and three sevens and -- -- -- to be sharper Tommy carjacked -- what's common tick up first today other big show. -- -- I expect that Michael -- and -- for I'm all right. And you're -- OIR. Not a conspiracy theorists at all I and you guys got more about ought to. Respect that. Everybody talking about Welker what. You know. The deal may look like and I -- -- I heard was probably eight the year for three years is that fair. -- -- -- -- I don't know what you heard. I mean but I I think you probably in the right ballpark that's what they were looking for. So without. How -- you are out with the patriot. Get the market so -- all. Where they start to their guns at -- any airports see our student -- -- -- airports -- -- -- -- No. Knowing that no output around there had in my mind there had to be some type of collusion or something. Between different team. I don't contradicting myself and stable but -- an epidemic and that's about it in the -- -- -- for Welker go for that low. It seems like. The prices on almost artificially. Well it's probably I mean it's got a good market research quantity you know I guess instead a looping around the easiest answer would be. Good market research instead of a conspiracy theory yeah I mean what is it was the NFL nine point nine billion dollar business right annually you know. There are people who get paid. Just to figure things like that out and every NFL team not only on the field but off the field self scouts. Where are we vulnerable. What is going to hurt us where must we strengthen our team -- do we need to be right how good of these players and -- would really puts all. Thing on its head and it's something that I've talked about in here many times. Slot receiver he's not a wide receiver is a big freak indifference and you see in the contracts. -- you see it on plays that are thrown back shoulder that a player has to jump for the may or may not be able to twist his body to make. And that's a reason while that guy who -- slot can take a thrashing inside and do things at the big guy can't. There might also be times when that's slot receiver kick go up and catch a ball on a critical moment. That a wide receiver can't NNS. Crazies that may sound you know next time you. Think about buying life insurance ask the agent to showing you the actuarial tables say you know what -- 37 year old. Overweight point -- overweight white male. What are my chances of dying in a helicopter in the guy I'll be able to tell you exactly where your chances of dying and a helicopter are a and that's all the patriots -- the market for Wes Welker. They Newell always going to be out there and that's that to me is the most ironic thing because as we heard the six million dollars and we didn't know about the human goal having signed on Tuesday. It felt like a bidding war it felt like a bidding war on Wednesday and that's because we -- we in the media wanted it to be organic is boy does that make weird color drama than the Pope. But because he wasn't really a deputy one -- The bidding was between. The bidding was between. 89 million which David Dunn wanted with a caught the cause the the conflict was between 8000009 million which is what David on one in the patriots offer of five or six -- That's why Wes Welker was able to go -- -- the market and -- six. Were you guys in the camp. Where. If you knew -- Welker was gonna get the free agency after we thought it was gone I mean I I wasn't I want. I -- -- I felt about it said that on the show the guys the other dead -- and -- it up just minutes before as Michael was left and -- -- I told you want the free agency was gone like well I mean. I guess you say that about well a lot of players and a lot of times it's Trueblood I'm just not true I -- I think most of us. Kind of shocked right overall debt that it went down the way did. I mean without a fair to say and everybody in the media this is likely to be committed to the blizzard. -- of the snowstorm last Friday to -- to go wrong basically every bush I don't think anybody saw this coming not that he wouldn't go to Denver but the fact that it went down the wade did. -- night. It's who I mean everybody has their sources on both sides it's you know -- cultivating sources on both sides not doing your job. Things moved progressively better between the patriots and Welker over the last. Two months since the end of the season. But you know whatever was perceived by the New England camp has been progress. Was. Really them coming a little closer but not willing to jumble the agency we're gonna do XYZ four. And it when it got to that point when the patriots realized it was gonna hit the market amiga -- quick. If you're about to lose electricity gonna need. To get a new generator -- fuel once -- out. And that's what they did they get their new generator before it they needed it with the name and all but the buyers in -- he Maloney and he talked about. Some close of a man down -- area that was so close to Welker told him. That while Gore's going to be he said released to release them because its franchise but he would have been traded. At some point last season fairly early if analysts -- helping did you ever hear anything like that Tom did you think that would ever be Colorado think you would have entries. I mean -- the -- always exists. But I don't think the likelihood was so would have or could have. Are two very different thanks Kyle Arrington has -- with the patriots and for all his prevails on the outside I think that's. Really important resigning for slot receiver. And give every morning -- everyone big money last month -- as he did it wanted money so certainly wasn't big money. Barnicle batteries -- -- he can play both digest he said it's he said his downs. On the outside but I think that inside he's excellent and he can play OK for you on the outside in a pitch. Here's our Gary Connecticut up next here on WEEI with the -- -- Well I don't yeah Gary there sale and tell me it -- supported you look at it respectfully take it had -- -- quite sure. Will bet you others in the whole force not betray. This sort of treat you get the -- cut down and that -- basis they like in the days -- out. If you want loyalty get a dog what we believe that this morning I've sent and I am working for you document. Yes I think I did did you colder in the Adam Vinatieri thing. -- I'm just glad his thumb didn't think. It out there I've just you don't say and it's the same old story same old song and dance they would not and a thousand times and despite the fact you don't think the dogs are gonna keep coming through the door. Pretty good dogs keep -- and whether BM a blowout. What am I bet that it could you couldn't want -- -- not every got a certain -- they never can let Tom Brady bill you know what that is come on -- -- diplomat met for -- he never misses the game and that's exactly right back on the field. -- thought our kids -- this city look at him too much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We want check every -- bringing up my. By the computer -- how we caught up all the all the time yeah hadn't cropped up all you got behind him throughout. The Brady get back to the senate well there. Let's stuff faulting I mean it's really not all the go ahead -- at that they're not making their decision on on one drop or one role or or one. -- -- one situation. You know that that's the hardest thing to grip because everybody has an emotional reaction to a guy that you've seen and these buckets for the knowing the patriots for a long time. And the patriots have made an unmet and all unemotional calculation. And he was on the wrong side and and his agent I must say was on the wrong side of the calculation. They didn't read the marketplace the pitcher -- the marketplace they said you know what at this point. That doesn't matter you know. With -- you know one guy who's your double -- new a new generator. And a power is going out if you leave but we can agree that Welker is a special place and a Dolan is a very good player but Welker is -- That's it's because while we're out of -- really -- the Miami yeah she did well against the patriots and it that you had a great game just your picture it's when -- -- he went one up and but again I'm not saying well of course -- -- it was brought to a background sure and Sam Bradford was only Danny Amendola. Who had 85 -- two years ago you know I mean with three years ago I put it. You can go round and round and not seen as a system receiver what you're he's about to play he's demonstrated a high level of of scale that the position. It that's what 77797937. That's a 37937. -- we've got he's just reduce their act up Garnett the real Jack Edwards quick break. Kevin data Eddie and Rodgers and guys like god what -- phone -- -- for the -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah. -- obviously public record -- that it woke -- No we talked briefly yesterday about. -- it is that what it. Is that. Before. Areas Danny Amendola earlier on the bottom of a swimming pool. Just a bad connection anyway via copper -- you know those don't usually in an ice could -- -- the consumer injury prone but I shot up a yeah. -- -- You're you're really over sensitive about that was about -- about the news about the people labeled him injury for -- it's silly it just becomes overly simplistic I agree nobody knew the freaky was a week ago. And now because they say you'll hear he's injury -- everybody says he's made a glass he dislocated an elbow. -- came back in three weeks from a freak and were broken clavicle or up Welker blows out his knee in August and again outcry of course is always that the -- any pro player. -- I have no doubt that economic I still think the production of -- walker. But I have no doubt that Danny Amendola is gonna do burger here to do very well here I don't think anybody I don't think it's it's unfair to say he's going to be what Welker was. Because you -- about the best at that position. Maybe that's ever played the game but. There's no doubt that if he's healthy that he's committed. Help this team a lot of ways I don't like the fact the -- what had either. But there's certain sacrifices you have to make you know they get better with it was real special teams now -- Washington on special teams and is that you -- -- interest before. Two days ago you really pissed with this Pete go. While the Cecil and it's the wrong move Bobby Oswego I don't think it's the wrong move it was I don't think if that was the decline welcomes him in the idol -- they're gonna have declined his game mind about. That's a little bit different the other ones I understood I should get a nine million dollars. Now I -- I give animate. I would given me I would of what's -- between ninetieth. Million. What's the 36 today. A quiet a five day you know. I -- it comes to -- more after the game ten last year Mika as a very special player that I think he has -- pick up to -- advocates who missed -- -- -- look. If -- -- health of -- year and Oscar -- at this will be forgotten. You know -- probably by week five or six if he did they get off to a great start to stop and have a very. Really one best offenses in football well he had everybody who can't stand we don't know it's in their valued notions have got to be sent down from live. Television's. To watch the playoff games next January probably quite likely to February and and all the people who make all their money in this business. -- rail against the crap the patriots do will continue to make him money in this business because the football happens to be good when you -- I don't. That I've been on your side a lot of a lot of the situation on pages have been and I mean as far as I'm I'm not disagreeing with -- -- saying -- I understand reasons in the past Aniston about Seymour and all the people aboard just brought up to salespeople. Have come back to do nothing basically against the -- -- tonight but at the tiger all the right moves being honest with -- they can make a case by Asante Samuel that -- -- -- 101000005. Field bring up branch which might be a branch was was doctored. Okay they've made some mistakes but overall. How can you can't possibly complain about the body of work that this group is that Kraft has done since they've been here. And what Bill Belichick is done since he's been you -- boost certainly mistake of my goodness. After GM's in this league would like to trade. -- -- to Donald last 1213 years. And that's what it is too because in a league in which you don't. I think I think something like. 26. Of the team's. While the patriots have been at -- Have been both last and first in their divisions which is the cycle of the National Football League. That's -- cycle of the NFL it it punishes success it actively -- makes you play the hardest schedule you get the worst draft choices. -- in in the most trouble when it comes to the cap space -- -- you've achieved something in that elevates everybody's value artificially. Whether or not he actually was the guy who major team win. It it knocks you down and it lifts the bad teams up and they are there every single year so you know it's their jobs their jobs are on the line they're making the call they made it called west while. And -- reason that did there is because they -- calls like that one. Oh no question and it takes big balls to do with their Don there's no doubt about it. But you can not arguing that it -- access -- -- target's success whether it's one of these moves Tommy really come back and -- him in the -- Under a bridge for the operator okay they still got there she chipped to -- we should call -- and had it not the whole team like -- my -- -- at the flow. Eric Alexander may -- wasn't covering Dallas Clark in that game maybe they went up. I think I mean that's. It was still somehow got that if you tip your game that's about the post about a subject to the ex of Kevin. They get -- door I kept. -- your questions -- it's on what is it my friend. It beat it. And watch here at dawn that they would when the game plans that he -- how to go on. Arnold was a punishment as much as it was unilateral get a chance to go down to training camp. But sure unanimous had a remarkably productive camp and I think in resigning Aaron Hernandez which they did at the -- -- -- UN signals there. That they were interested in not necessarily moving away from Welker but -- making the offense more diversity seeing what they could do because again at the end of 2011. When you're asking a 5890. Pound slot receiver to make is difficult to catch -- he needed to make this salt away the Super Bowl. Things are skew. And I think that that's really you know what it came down to it that overstates it a little bit but Wes Welker limitations as a player. Could be. Helped or minimized by making other players better he did his job so well all the time that his role grew beyond what should be so did most. Front suspected illegal respect than that the what I understand that so I mean they needed to make players better -- -- punishment. I think -- gonna do great patent to have probably Obama content Christina on -- point yet as I swear and that's systems. People walk. So yeah I mean it worked so form I mean he he he felt as if I mean monetarily. Not good for Welker he thought to be eighteen million out there and it turns out to be twelve but. You know it all comes back to their five year eighteen million dollar deal he agreed to initially with the patriots. Is a -- and New Hampshire next here on WEEI Dana. Or did our year. Could be could be. Could be a gently Ali the worst that can be a -- pin you know he can be -- help workers -- well ahead. Doctor -- Goodrich there's a change. Made a couple caller yeah I can you guys can go -- this -- I don't agree with the well prepared. But 100 series of this he doesn't bring your view idly he skated so much punishment over the years. Even the mighty have fallen so I don't know what's gonna happen in its not yet but would -- no but that's -- this week. They'd never gets in the big show as much as taught so. It may be somewhat disappointed that Welker in the elephant bought up is that -- -- -- -- from Colorado. Actually that that has been brought up there in the book a much sure that was overriding factor. Do you think you go on that stuff can contribute can really I don't talk to sheriff's wife wanted to go to new Yorker I think that had something to do with the -- in this particular case. I'm -- maybe. Maybe a little bit I mean it's a chaser I think yes and you'll still playing quarterback who Broncos -- that. Instead of instead of Peyton Manning you know that what worked in the other direction and that doesn't matter she's governor he's not. Rogers of Rhode Island Roger. Get Roger a run they welcome thanks -- chicken and. You go to the best -- Obama who brocade and there's a long. Rule of war on world through world attributed to do people report tomorrow that the brawl to -- filled -- Forewarned about well. You'll be good and simple things. -- Yup yup -- Phil Taylor is a young. Defense attack a lot of Baylor. I have to just call up real quick but. We became in the NFL this year but the year before. And if it was from mallet who bike and biting museum is enamored with. It moves ballot out of town before. You have him come up there will be hell of a lot while she's -- mean the first rounder for a third rounder. But it's a whole lot more important position when you talk about quarterback as opposed to defense attack. I want to -- is quick report to break about about. You think it's worth a third round pick for Emanuel Sanders if they went that way oh yes definitely because a third round pick and -- on notice somebody on Twitter after it put out about Emanuel Sanders. He's Pittsburgh receiver third receiver type can really fly. What if you be if you're the patriots -- in you have five picks in the stripped. And you go ahead you spend a third round picket sign this guy to a three years. Ten million dollar something like that is not a better bet to grab some guy at a -- Susquehanna University -- my my world view is dominated by the Boston Bruins and they've done OK with us from draft and develop but really what this team does is they look at real performance in the National Hockey League and they acquired in Sanders has not been. He has been at their receiver type 41 catches. He's out of the dots don't Jones at the audience but. 41 catch alas he's just he's just beginning unique receivable researchers also -- refusal. Very fast was taken just a couple picks before the much lamented Taylor Price. Did you watch 77797937. Texas 37937. Tweet at. Radio individual Sports Radio don't -- yeah. Seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There have been pretty well but both days but -- don't -- What. -- -- -- -- They -- recipes and Beers. It's related but the thing that was our game and recovered part of it could actually win a football game part what. -- Washington earlier today via government 6177797. 37 Texas 37 that is seven to provide a UNH. And the pride of -- answer them right in the same room -- Tommy current. And a jacket respect off. They thought -- unbelievable go wildcats ago that would not. -- It -- a guy gets checked every seven out of 37207. Says that gentleman Pete ever. One wants to vilified Bill Belichick from west leaving why isn't anyone pointing out that Wes is agent paid him into a corner. And that's why Wes has gone -- west to pass on contract for two years and plays hardball with the patriots sports in the papers to move onto the next best option. When the dust settles Wes is out of New England no wonder the patriots can't deal his agent in the and hats off to Belichick. -- planning ahead not being caught off guard while thoughts. As I was down on them go who is that guy atlas 270 he's out of Maine and -- their explains that that is straight thicken up there. Music -- -- it's to make sense that's good horse sense Zachary. They have this when the bill project is colonel Jessup a few good men you sleep on the black freedom which I provided an inquest in the manner of which I provided. Nor for the pass to consistently BA's two ball content of the need to play hardball. Comment. I mean yes I mean that's and it hurts it hurts like hell doesn't initially yes it does but you -- roster as big as they have in the NFL. -- at some point your number and you know when you when you cross that that the plane. There were talking about with the accounts it in the in the bunker with their lo green visors at. You know the -- comes in on the wrong side of that lines are -- those sentiments about it in his appointing you we can rule out. The number of dumb contracts were actually the number of single season salaries that absolutely made no sense that we can go back to Ochoa make it six million. Shaun Ellis -- four point five. Or even Brandon Lloyd signing a three year deal. For twelve million dollars but the patriots had escape patches including with Brandon Lloyd now word is that they are trying to work out. A restructure of -- contract before tomorrow but if they don't. The patriots would be on the hook for the six million dollar cap -- -- three million dollar option bonus so. They always provide themselves trapped door. So what I'm getting and is. When they make mistakes and they have quantity and Ochoa Shaun -- and perfect shining examples of outsourcing is worth the -- -- and any last year they always have a trap door and and -- that to me is what's interest. -- is in -- huge NG up next here on average. Pay people atomic PR value to them and wanna talk a little bit about the patriot way manner -- -- everyone talks about the -- -- one is football team orders that it -- because -- And army I'd pick -- time that we put mr. Bill Belichick on the next Emeril how about a -- we can go back five years and Diaw all these detentions and all the all the puppet. Brought people -- brought him on draft picks can create an. Who who does speak agreed to commit to -- -- bank like an inning and and a couple of the guys ultra -- grafted onto. And and and say you know what the solutions are the best for the patriot -- sport and how about watching a deliberate speed about the culture. Notably did think that was his son talk about this before you came on I am in total agreement with you that the era swings and misses via like socialite for Nene. How many regular season games that inane -- how hard did the patriots try to fit the square peg. Ochoa into the round -- the patriots a lot of teams go downswing -- that stuff a lot of teams that still have Ron Brace on the roster or Patrick Chung would Darius Butler. But -- sort -- -- -- players what do you want to NFL well loyalty. The loyal look at what the ravens Justin where's the loyalty that has got at -- has got at the whole team the loyalties to the w.s skull. That's that's where the loyalties and easy. Brutally cold business that way. And and the patriots with their actions. Shielded. That's where their loyalty lies and that's that's what I mean don't. Feel much here I don't know why why you say that in order why he's that -- Basically because you don't have a track record who -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm appear at a corner. And he had a modern Internet -- was that the associated total cost of fifteen games. You know how many non contact injuries he's had caused by turf. Zero how many as Wes Welker had. 11 a typical one real -- OK and rubella in Houston so is the unlucky is the injury prone I mean. If Wes Welker had the city -- used in the first week all the same elements happened he -- missed the entire -- 2009 season. You know what it is it's it's the arm waving set up for the I told you so. When am until it goes down next fall because. Somebody misses a block any gets blind sided herself like that -- and it's easier to stake out that high ground resolutely way to -- stake out the high ground. That -- dole was gonna get hurt in September. If you can bet on it right -- -- Leon Scott at a Madison you guys lined up and some real -- -- don't have -- open lines right now but we will take off her back got a lot of calls being -- Tommy current -- Edwards -- the big shorter Friday.

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