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Friday, March 15th Whiner Line

Mar 15, 2013|

Boiled dinner? Yeucchhhh!

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Views excuse views expressed and expressed. The wind like this car is like ET TE Chris Cox. This -- discretion advised. Only Morris. And now -- warning airlines. 'cause I was driving from the former. Seat of all NHL power Montreal through -- free and independent states of Vermont New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Is strong we want an odd thing royalties. And now on royalty in modern times is something that is perpetuated by those. Who didn't actually. Make those great conquering achievements and establish their rains but rather those who find themselves because of a certain location and history and an accident of birth. To me in a position to carry on the tradition WEP guys who ordinary lying there yet. Those royals sit there on their shiny trolls and friends in their hand mirrors. And try to dictate morality. According to them dial 6177793535. And the rest of us those four shall -- masses are just -- -- -- -- -- whiner line well a couple hundred years ago but -- rowdy radicals chart chart has some Boston bars went down to the dock and don't think king's -- into this'll be seeing and in doing that. It struck a chord. That rings true even today and now on one confronted. -- imperious concedes. Awaiting that court flight. It's not only the right thing to do it can be a heck of a lot of fun and who has more fun than us WEEI. Whiner line. But every time here than I wanted to attack Canada. Every time I know. And that's -- -- on Israel and goes and arrows. Kate what are what are my walking into the old. It's Tommy courage should feel very privileged today. He's in sales in Rome with the only three guys that are not -- contact -- Pretty special at a map very it's a little senseless and I have them. Do Arnold W group you don't of the book and they were you don't pay rate over immunity. They twilight has brought by AT&T WEEI live is available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T AT&T the official wireless by the Boston -- with the most -- coverage at times faster. All right -- ballots lookup field though we -- on. I have to go -- glad they know what they've added yeah. My aunt. How -- they acted like the how green in -- I'd have to. It makes it creamy -- house office as oil it is Agassi at least I'd rather get on him he started off. It. Seemed to why but I -- an oil or Ireland Atlanta and what do you Irish yeah. You Irish Jack it could be worse without her at that point -- point out. We grow up. Under the rule of you mentioned Jack. Imperial rule you couldn't sought action at a -- I mean it's worse dancing like the boil -- -- Which times Pakistan are in the Irish -- for this road with green miles during a game to force the grass because England. It's stress. So. We prepare. We aren't. Open and this guy. You -- okay. We met that people it is found that. It is like both congress don't. At its height schools and colleges these places they've grown up. On the seat of society. Now and as a result Jack -- -- you tomorrow project and I. Let's send them all -- to -- ever will pave the most. Cut the civil weeds its its loyalties previously -- which. Well you see -- Howard Cosell you get away from the fact that boiled cabbage smells. Feel rich and -- Yeah apparently happened -- But WellPoint agree with. Him just like that -- talk about tried match. And so my headphones. Influence its access. Mean you got the pot with skill you fry you beat up that one party pro or report. It. -- it would be due course. Days as a rough it's it's twelve days before the most anchor and stays at 93 really well. Can't stop on commercial all suddenly get a guy got. Telephone number what -- do pretty -- bit of -- point. Think about that my own home that this might happen. Yeah and I got the skin color yeah. And pinellas -- But that -- Now these guys -- prospective model but it's that those -- his best -- Tom Brady. We've got that cut back. -- Bono left well. All -- that. Because we did it voted against it but it's been backed by the but I'll say it bit by -- it all. And that message. Never done. Some kind of a middle ground that the guys happy utilitarian. So called politics thanks Chad Ochocinco -- prolific motivate -- here. But -- -- is an effective company men who felt good about king yes. And that message -- very good point actually the it was a mistake. Know exactly how was the patriots front office but -- core war players. If they -- there already. And that -- I think that's -- read thirty million. Jimmy 61 year. Was -- him yet on what you're going to be more if -- they offered west five for one year. And don't forget Bruntlett got out of -- -- -- look at 62 requested. Enough it wants 62 at the time. The nation has done a -- yet if they shouted at three years at 24 and guaranteed sixteen politically just paid him nine -- it would have only old himself. Excuse. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know -- -- sport is clearly got shot to the bigger lead play by play guy for the World Cup when they got the way importantly. -- kidding me. But what happened did -- teach a first grade art class I guess it could be worse could have joked about being in the play by play guy at the World Cup and these scores. -- -- -- -- just two World Cup soccer still pretty good. Alec and so far Q1 to -- -- -- all the time. I watch more soccer than you want to the other sports combined. That you don't know -- something I should be saying you know what it was what -- dinky must be. Easy. Well he -- hey I get a cup and I have one thing. I couldn't be any happier and black out the fact. So that he had an effect if not it. Activist view all of. And that message. Like that Jack Jones for four hours and I and radio -- and god bless it. Almost into the big and I'm thinking man this is a good -- but the one thing you really need going to be a week. And all they called the I -- radiant and beautiful girl who might have content current descend from the -- and and that W. -- -- Thank you oh lord thank you. And now vigorously today at all I think I've seen you -- -- before you are talkative today but but not a -- -- you were just you just had a lot to say. Yeah -- at the expense of everybody else experiencing I like the cabbage bowl agreements so. That was after. -- I guess doc -- -- -- bombed out. It will -- -- client about -- current. I don't know what 800 get there is not that upset because welcome to -- squash. Nationwide yesterday of people Seattle again anyway Matt yes and he -- paint the picture some in the paper he really -- -- looks really good mile -- god doesn't it includes or is it yes he's got more -- ever I think that he ever had -- babies -- -- it's Mike Adams and -- -- on the elderly Italian Mikey and thousands of others happy clients across New England. Don't have the balls to stand up and say I'm not all in the product it's something different and happiness. It's a beautiful people out there there's a lot more you guys in the Arab emirate. That you know you know. Consider this has been a pretty -- it. But so what point at the bwic Edgar particularly Latin boys. Try this thing boy -- -- diluted -- It's bad enough when it tries to talk. Well he metal slug received. Full or the mentally. And you try it and tried I was broke the well there. Pattern myself your -- Carolina rendition -- planet Mike your. -- -- -- Yet to winners that's another thing Jack you're the only guy has -- a planet -- in this room lines have been three winners of Ross. To -- about six months. He -- this on that was a sentimental favorite. You know it's all about work pronouncements like -- ordered -- -- -- workings are impeachable Latin song from the 1930s like it grass. There was no complaining I was really shocked that. To have fun days they've added that there is telling his -- It's not I didn't get. You know you have. -- check -- past that you've got Apple's I'm happy that that what happened. I have no probable Obama. But unpaid -- Probably. -- bad. That extends. That you'll a couple of decades. And that. He's got a few potatoes and does that bother you while I talk about -- -- -- GA TT the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most forging coverage. The New England.

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