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Howard Balzer, The Sports Xchange, gives the St. Louis perspective on the Patriots signing Danny Amendola

Mar 15, 2013|

Balzer weighs in on Danny Amendola in New England and gives Patriots fans a scouting report on the new receiver’s skill set. He explains that Amendola will be a solid character guy in the Patriots’ locker room.

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Thank our callers today for the patients. Promise we'll get Dolly at 61777979378. TT -- line is always there at 37937. Danny Amendola replacing Wes Welker and the Patriots offense. Which AccuWeather guy Howard balls are out saint Louis the sports exchange and Wendy's he joins us on the AT&T hotline. Before we get to the Yemen Dolan what kind of player he is Howard how much of an effort to the rams have. To retain Danny Amendola the services for next year in the next couple years. Yeah but it apparently were hopeful to bring him back pay that talks actually even throughout last season I would -- -- speaking after becoming. Freeagent but. It was -- obvious that he wanted to go to the market -- value because of the rams didn't put. As higher value on him has that haven't already been believed. They would yet. Certainly the -- is -- ended up where is quieter stand pretty much. What they were seeking. And the rim didn't put that much of a value. On the opposition effort and so they you know they they tried but they need to work around all the laws and what he wanted to and so. They basically said okay you're going out of the market let's see what happens what will be the people learn all this had Wes Welker -- New England. We'll all know what is values somewhere else would have been but obviously your values whatever one particular gene thinks that. Bar the one of the biggest things the group that -- -- and dole is Jefferson replacing -- Wes Welker who's reliable. Durable and trust and that's what everybody brings up is the injuries the amount of games played for Danny Amendola in your mind. You you bring up the fluke injuries at times but the fact he's on the field games played at some point has the matter. Now if it does not the matter I think that was part of the value of that the rams are looking at -- It yeah at all about a tremendous place. Well last year when he got hurt if he does matter and pulled out the other night yeah under attack student and all those things. There has a lot of thought differently but after two seasons. Where he missed almost the entire season in 2011. And then last year having. -- having issues again anyway and it kind of freak injury but bottom line is that -- injuries and so you're right there no question that that becomes part. The equation and you know it could just -- because it's it's got to wait wait let me let's talk he talked but he heated seat. The egos -- it is no doubt about that a lot to do we know immaculate -- tree guy and that's certainly without an animal that you didn't. Well that's the thing right Wes Welker depicts the same punishment keeps getting up. Would you consider Danny Amendola brittle. You know -- -- at its heart out -- it's fair to say -- I didn't -- -- injury dislocated his golf ball. You know that was in 111 left of broken bones -- also triceps. In all of that you know last year it was just weird the way he -- all. And it ended up there in the collarbone so -- -- you have. -- -- -- then it makes it one all -- by the idea but you know we know welcome to one knee injury. What the ligaments but. Not nothing else pretty much substantial other than that so. -- which we can label whatever we want but. And say they have been strange injuries -- the ultimate you know but not anymore that that won't bring you heard all about it but you do that would be mindful. When you're paying players about you know about that and how much are gonna commit I think that's why -- told Helio your don't think is that. We overreact so many times for the contracts. -- the average dollars per year plan. I'd look this is the it was Seattle all these contracts signed every year how many players actually play well so really the average per year isn't that important it's what you get your first two or three years and what the guarantee you Clark. And at ten million guarantee. It's nice money obviously but in this game but it's not that big. We're talking Howard balls -- sports exchange and Wendy's get a scatter report on Danny Amendola. Forget the brutal part but you you saw these two teams who saw the rams and patriots you've seen well we've seen -- dole. What Welker has this sort of as wild wild west attitude go over the middle get it and get up. Besides the injuries this -- dole have that you call them tough but at the slot. Howard -- wild man right to do what these guys do does this guy haven't got the patriots again. All he actually does that visitors no question about it and he did just get the actor there's no doubt then you don't want. We hope he. Got an awful lot of buttons and but he does play that way he does play while they're not that that is the way he plays so if traders alike because nobody nobody doubts about not -- to -- tell you that he -- Welker but let's -- doctoral Lotta years and put up under close. In a tuxedo. And have a nor -- Obama. But he still relatively young so in the next few people all the stories -- understood that you -- -- -- the real problem. But every time you're just -- -- cross your -- but he does get up after after that. As -- wide receiver Howard the question here is busy gonna go insider place Welker is going to be an outside receiver what was he had his best. In the rams' offense. He is no question when he inside. You know he played. In place some snaps. On the outside and do some -- -- and things like that want to -- -- take a couple shots. You're peaked too old but for the most part he worked in the slot you know he worked that all the field you have excellent on third down. And you can see it around to record. Over the last few years. What a difference it was. And in public what that have been very good team but. Mostly aimed at one then what he's been healthy and on the field they haven't won very much at all and when he's been out people have to see. Much to -- fact defector and quarterback situation Sam Bradford Tom Brady. Well there's like in the pictures you're established it in an established -- for more than a decade and they -- continuity with the cornerback with the offense. You -- everything they've been saying that what the -- does she is every year and you know and that's what it -- on the field camp Bradford was a rookie. In 2010 in the land improvements seven games and then go -- big part of that they're conservative on offense because they didn't have a whole lot of other. No weapons and a -- wasn't tremendously good. But they they were they -- look like they're any better -- -- -- out all these things happen Bradford also batter in 2011. That's pretty offensive in three years. And so that's that's going to be tough for anybody and and and so so yeah you're you're you're going to an established outside -- -- established quarterback. -- It'll probably be allowed any capital I'll just say that and electric says it all comes down there on the field that he can be very productive. Look he tells buddy Mike off the field clubhouse got a guy. You know funny. He the outspoken. From what we've seen the year. Yeah exactly and you know it quickly tighten it up about 45 minutes and a -- -- but -- good personality. And every everything well so I think in that respect in the that the papers -- gotten. You know accurate technical player no question about. Howard appreciate given us scatter report on a guy he watched a lot from the sports exchange Wendy's Howard balls -- Howard thanks a great Saint Patrick's Day weekend. Powerball drawings on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds that the ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible war moves in the AFC east multiple ports NFL network ESPN. Dustin Keller. Headed to Miami. To be their pass catching tight ends of that gets loose Keller an adult and pick them up jobs in Cambridge on the page as we get back -- your phones Johnny how are you. I'm John. -- -- disclosure I'm still a black and -- how many did you have an opinion from the from the other side of the ball. But I Max Boot really local almost smokers gone. He absolutely stoked fears in the when you went down value with a knee injury I knew your chance to win a ring now you what it was often. And then I would accuse awhile back I absolutely. Think that. That go check sometimes wake up at night in a cold sweat. I'm wondering whether or not you'll be able to win a Super Bowl without the Specter spy -- hanging over that. Well I'm not so sure it's -- gonna win when with out one I think it's more I need to win one to prove those people that doubt or that. They that I can't win one without want. I honestly I think he looks at this is now once the ball. But with all the chatter that's out there I need to win another one. That's right. And I agree with walker I think is feared balloting by the the scouting reports that you get from other teams you would tell you that it Ron Borges. Had that today which shall pick through because Ron's an opposing coach talking about how Wes Welker changed the offense the difference between. Welker and the guy in adults -- -- to talk about. -- About a personality gonna -- -- from him as personality as Anderson show up he's gonna do capital into the patriots do you say nothing. Say enough thing you -- personally you know probably there want to leave here. All of us second and there's a difference wanna make sure we're not didn't you don't. -- problem. To you and I even care to the beat you play who cares he just a lot of guys -- cabbies in the back. Rocketed song and dance room we're gonna get them over the -- get a paycheck loans get honest I don't rely -- now in -- Most people assumed that. It took him a -- 617 following -- 979837. You brag about you have to much error. Guys -- over here that it's not great to hear somebody complained there are so they can -- ticket and out. Your text messages well 037937. Month -- on Friday.

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