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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, believes the chemistry has improved in the Bruins locker room

Mar 15, 2013|

Pierre joins Mut, Lou and LB to talk about the Bruins latest win over the Florida Panthers. He believes the Bruins have better chemistry this season after the departure of goalie Tim Thomas. Pierre also previews this weekend’s matchup between the Bruins and Penguins.

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It is. The parents of kids who parade. Through the savings savings has -- what -- -- more shots. -- prettier goals the night last night besides that short hander to mind -- what could be -- front runner for. Hello Douglas got talent last I authority deserve I'm very real come touch. Ever produced in this game that's Greg who's in for -- today and my principal asked -- it was the prettiest was -- the night LP ansari away -- all scored godly authority gets his third of the season. I'll cop and he's on -- -- back to back the authority to go. I'm excited guys on I got a loved -- you know lob on the fourth line -- -- -- -- -- but I -- you know -- my regular. And unite -- I was still researching. Such pulled up you know you were. Hopefully an app a go ahead why -- -- you ask me you know in the hallway and a break you know before it came on -- asteroid Bono was Lou are you ask me about you know were there any big trades you know. You know that was the -- like you know the walk -- -- -- -- first session already awaiting a -- nearly you know Barry Petersen. And -- source -- -- -- -- -- that's what you're went down everything like Derek is Immelman and who's in my mind there are like you know we're just pull -- -- when the buyer Stansky is due that day when the bar starts on the computer I had no idea of studies. Comes up. I -- the left. -- -- -- It's out of clay and later -- -- -- look at my -- my. Oh -- what odd distance disparate you know let's just give let's get the scout report that from from an expert the F. I'm Linda -- up that up top -- -- Our buddy from NBC sports joins us here on the eighteenth the I'll like give the -- -- -- a -- scatter report -- Ferocious competitor. Really good it was close off not a good with a I don't know because it always won a lot of races that he wouldn't shy especially in that small belittling him in Boston obviously in the old days when the world remember there are some other small group encouraged her usefully -- launch costs right. Though I -- people forget and now we have all the cookie cutter Arenas to have back in the old days spot regard it was an awesome place to the rink side in the physical duress that. The opposition would be under the same thing can be said about awful on the -- There was one very straight and it probably remembers this at one end of the -- there was a door that came out for the visiting team and opened up. There was always a little bit of a heavyset. Security guard -- would stand by the door and he shot the puck in that way that guard would kind of pushed the door and we kicked the puck out -- your own -- I was there was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great weekend for the Bruins will get the weekend include the big one on Sunday but. The game like last night the Bruins to not play good game here but. You know they play a Florida opponent that all of a sudden a short season looks up and they are buried in the standings how as a coach a guy's been. As insistent on a bench how do you remind your team and even though it's a bad opponent you gotta stay focused and a short season like that secret. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's he's really been tested mentally here now the bruins' cup last week played a game they lost that we they'll be cocky last nights -- at the same thing second period a tuneup the worst team in the league. And it got a lot of you know cocky in that second period there were flat is that typical the shortened season the mental side of. I think so absolutely pluses those guys saw how -- US for them generate shots in the first period and got the first period and that. The terrible you know they -- needing shot it is palpable Spock Scotty Clement got to be better now on. But I saw a lot of I've seen some tremendous help from Boston to I know people are ticked off -- they've locked in Pittsburgh. -- draw that field bulk Pittsburgh what Pittsburgh did the last night detergent executive team. But you know let's remember the injured Chris Kelly you've got some guys don't change in position to -- won -- golf all morning in the lineup. Yet the injury data in the Quaid sued the -- Campbell to get television minutes last night playing which I -- a lot of good stuff I mean I know everybody nitpicking and I understand the court to try to get -- players -- I hit a lot of good stuff from the outside looking in a bottoming out of the -- Yeah -- yeah I mean I almost equate it to they're there in the February doldrums of of a full 82 game schedule unique demonic. Bjorn to Christmas here your happy a little bit of a break they can monikers as you're fired up. And you and you hit that February lull before the trading deadline it's it's it's it's always. Trudging time in the NHL and I kind of feel like that's work. Where the Bruins -- -- the front runners you're seeing that separation. There's a ton of separation between the big dogs and and and then the and then the poppies and I I think maybe that's the the man told me -- take a period off. How we got these guys we -- them in the first you know we got a W here and they kind of know. I agree -- you know the other thing that's interesting. Often played fewer games after the first month and a half of the season anybody definitely outside Calgary. And I think both those teams are still stuck -- point five. So Bob we get a get a lot of gains fasting period -- necessarily catch up with the schedule. That's normal but normal stuff but they're creating a pretty substantial cushion right now obviously like to -- Montreal I don't think there's any secret that their point behind with two games in hand -- in my recollection from look at the standings this morning. Saw that again. I know everybody want to nitpick on the team. But I think Howard they get started elevate marsh and -- anomaly here Bergeron gauntlet has another self control the you look at the growth to Doug Hamilton I think sheriff had a phenomenal year I think one of the more underrated Professional League Johnny boy checks sure are you -- the depth to -- four requirement and talking about. Ford scored two goals in the last three games one and Ottawa didn't score Pittsburgh scored last night that saw some stuff Campbell degrade the stretch past the -- from great -- In Ottawa another -- -- -- -- -- I watched all the Bruins can't go along the way it came place I don't care who wins or loses -- underdog in the Bruins are visiting team and only. Well -- thank you -- as mentioned. If there if that was Doug. I would agree but you know and let's put it this way -- That's one that is one of the highly real goals for the year. Awesome share. Good to know what happened is it's not an article that gave way to set it just went down let's go let's go back to -- talked about the defense and you're going through read the roster here I guess my question is going to be come April 3. -- -- look to the playoffs and sale low pairing -- -- Seidenberg together UB and all all alongside the icicles broadcast when that defensive pairing. Shuts down the top line of an opposing team for an entire game. Where does that -- Doug Hamilton you mentioned boy check you mentioned parents -- those guys have been up and down does this team need to get. Eight ace ace stay at home defender to pair with Doug Hamilton come playoff time to keep charred -- number together. I don't know about that learning Johnny can be one note that in nor would they -- play the right side but I've seen Johnny put the left side to. It'll be interesting you know my number one concern that -- teacher Ali and I'm sure he and I mean camera looking at this and Jimmy banning. How bad is. Telling her how long going to be -- war. Do I think and all -- give me enough in a support role in the fight don't then can I go on that somebody without destroying the fabric of my roster is one of the things that I think especially this year. No knock on his promise you'll knock on Tim Thomas but I think the team chemistry this year is better than it was last year. And it's one of the reasons why you don't have pimp -- knock on the White House bank. You know -- attempt -- and after interference on the green energy stuff. He just he got a different dressing room now and it looks like -- -- harmonious structure and many guys have much more fun in Boston Bruins this year than they were last year. -- -- you know we hear you hit it right -- The have been on the head I've talked to guys and the locker room is a much different without him -- Tim Thomas again I'm not -- or not all he has -- you know you know what I know but goaltenders are different for different kind of people -- But in order it but he he -- you know. You know I talked with authority to -- is completely. -- flip flop opposite personality of Tim Thomas and by the -- Tim Thomas is one of those guys that he had his little anti TN no one came within it. And did he did what he didn't and heating Kate really care about anybody else who decided it was about. Him that there's not a team in the east. And I talked in Montreal Pittsburgh in particular both to the top teams along I don't think that it team in need to -- to play Boston tertiary. They create the Mets and Chris Kelly broken tibia. These southern hit you think there's -- dirty with that it. You know I think she was unfortunate to shoot passing to make that happen and I read -- guys are really good friends by alleged Al will be either Chris Kelly that you are -- -- try to do that Chris Kelly. There is another world that connect game do. Remember me on the cheek and black -- yeah you know virtually the same play just don't want by the center right -- compared to the other. But and obviously some attack carried off and thinking back complaint I feel terrible for Chris Kelly -- like the guy alive he's really worked hard become a real good NHL player. That's an unfortunate and he hopefully it's not as severe and he can come back for the playoffs. We mentioned looking to improve that their lineup call it a coincidence call what you want our boy call Soderbergh out there in Sweden I think the next night after. Kelly is probably out for a long long time. He gets suspended actually turned out to be four game suspension -- team loses that first game -- the playoffs. Also amber exodus at our end this season Libby get the Boston let me get suspended we'll get back. You don't interrupt you know -- and I we got to protect itself. And I heard about this they didn't know that was the actual number gain but I heard he'd been suspended. If you are suspended in -- -- Does that suspension carry over to the NHL. Let's Corsica the break the total punishment was seven games although -- our three biggest. To say they get knocked out and more fire yeah let's just say they do is that three game suspension carry over what plot that the bacteria over here. Yup a would you -- a great question -- would you care. I I I -- wanna. Playing as many games as possible and then I'll tell you why you know -- better than anybody playing on big ice is one thing. But -- guy at 27 he's only played a big guy your entire country never played many world juniors. So you're just playing a big guy and you're coming over here you're coming into this kind of speed right now -- you need as many -- of pot. What was yet it was seven games against three of -- a converted the fine so sect technically four game suspension they've lost the first once I guess to get bounced I would think that's at least three right there maybe total with one. No special that helped build such a big deal but that would be the one caveat on that now -- that I'm worried about. But again I wouldn't wanna be messed with the fabric of the team bossy because it's pretty dark trying burger on charges tremendously important to -- I'm -- -- -- -- about it. Child porn mostly guys are in nominal leaders there. You know you know what's awesome is is -- -- a man I I just -- -- -- the idea I mean offering up then that speed and they hit that that's setting hands on the fourth line he is such attacks he he. Causes so much mayhem when he pushes the puck forward. -- -- are opposing fourth liners and and that and that and that whatever defense of pairing is with -- opposition's four point. And and that's it he's the catalyst on that on that line and and authority -- it -- -- we believe every every coach tells every player no matter whether there. They're birdie or -- their authority gap up park event that pushed apart to the net and good things happen and that's what to do. And no -- -- that's phenomenal Campbell obviously makes you different authority in the speed -- Campbell and -- -- penalty they just go back to game seven. In the Vancouver boxing series and how effective they were. Obviously in Vancouver that came in particular they were -- that but I really believe won the game seven for Boston people forget about that. The ability of possible 44 lines and production up and in this series their four line attack wore out the defense admitted full frontal assault hockey. They were out the defense to the Vancouver not -- when the Bruins are on their game they're playing their point -- fact they're crushed in the opposition's defense they really are. Looking at the NHL. Finally and it's going forth the realignment here we talked about this before but I guess my biggest takeaways I I like it. I guess I feel bad at some level for the Chicago Blackhawks to lose that rival were at Detroit. That appears to me to be the only real drawback of divisions ABC and. That's a fair point but here's what they do get they're gonna get an unbelievable and I thought Chicago a lot of in the midwest like they're gonna get a few drivers situation with Minnesota they're gonna get -- more rivalry situation with Saint Louis now they're gonna get back to have a rivalry -- dollar which is an up and coming team which is going to be really important for them. They're gonna have to keep evolving with their rivalry with Nash coach -- We'll talk about geographical proximity Chicago they're still gonna get the plate to try to still gonna get to play Boston are still gonna get to play. I try -- still gonna get to play Montreal so that -- an aboriginal 6 present from the eastern conference for the love looking skeptical and want to hear. So what I mean -- much -- it pains me that he -- Detroit Chicago 46 times a year I still think it's going to be better off for them in the long run I'm glad that Minnesota or Chicago think you have a chance or real nasty. For a Long Island what -- -- what a great what a great job I applied me anyway what a great job they've done their duel going outspent us some money. And grab some free agents in and there therein -- gathered there there there there -- -- -- there on the back -- This is what you know and don't get paid to monitor the use -- he protective lists of a lot of these teams. But going forward I can play -- -- Minnesota players inside out Jason -- the kind of got lit up like Corey Perry at a university Denver really good player Charlie -- -- boxing kid -- -- -- -- -- because in the picture cousin yeah he's a kid that's going to be really good player right now yours bode got his first on the NHL. Last night you know when he's going to be -- -- happy -- -- need to remind me a lot of that would trump on acting that could play forever he's a phenomenal player out of street. They've got so many guys Johan Larsson denial when it comes to mind. They've got Markel and don't like put out -- about the problem I had these guys are well Minnesota is loaded for bear -- -- colony. -- fun at Sunday's going to be fun with the Washington but the camper is going to be Sunday on NBC when you guys have the call of which should be a nice little read that game in order to make it Mac. That's I think that's exactly so we'll try exactly but it will be a lot to guess Sunday the -- -- -- -- have a great weekend everybody -- -- have been -- at saint Pierre McGuire joins -- every single Friday on the show you're not gonna get a -- -- here in the down. He -- on the -- the hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible as were talking to Pierre McGuire the patriots. Debatable they solid offensive guys what was an official no they haven't both -- marked Brandon Lloyd this weekend. They have signed a new wide receiver to a three year deal with a -- next.

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