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CBSSports.com's Jason La Canfora on D&C: Pats always have an eye on the future

Mar 15, 2013|

Jason La Canfora joined Kirk and Gerry to talk about the departure of Wes Welker and the arrival of Danny Amendola in Foxboro. CBSSports.com's NFL guru says the Pats and other successful franchises always seem to know when to let their aging players go and focus on who can be the next big thing. La Canfora also says things are looking good for Aqib Talib to remain in New England, because if he were going to get a great offer from another team, he'd probably be gone already.

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Dennis and Callahan joining us now in the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible from CBS sports. Is Jason -- for Jason how are you this morning. I do worry what's reaction around the NFL here it is. Welcome leaving New -- going Denver. But there's an initial surprise in that. You kind of distinctive Tom Brady Wes Welker you know two peas in pod that they'll actually get it done but there also was a strong sense all along that. The patriots were not just in -- little extra money around. For the sake of doing it and that. You can see from the it -- and traded and you use it and just leading up to free agency. -- Mike Wallace has become a pretty clear that none of these guys are gonna have a field day in the Greg Jennings is still out. Now he's trying to get more money out of enough money at a Minnesota that they can read greenback. I think that's going to be materialize expect it to be honest with you I don't think there's going to be huge -- spreading these guys so. You know -- with that in mind me. You have to kind of do what you think you have to do it especially organization and they're still trying to keep to we -- trying to. Keep Vollmer. You know if they could add someone who could help them stretch that he'll be able to do that a lot of those guys out there now. You never know what happens on the trade market so they need to have some flexibility there and and you know. Website guess what -- feel rollout but it's not like the offer that they put front and it was completely out of the ballpark -- You know they tremendously low balled him in the market had spoken and kind of the Tennessee -- -- that -- -- for sniffing around but. That would be more money out there for west anywhere in this is kind of what it is when you're when you're at this age that's just reality. But you know and a -- and an Amendola. Do we do that here. I think it's four bullet to -- before and have but. Very similar players and and Wes Welker stays in the field and Amendola does not is there a sense that. Amendola could step right -- and be Wes Welker. What how I get the question is how long does -- walker keeps -- -- -- it means everybody if everybody decline. It's it's it's it's just reality we get older. We're not to say we're not sharp injuries take on the comeback from and he's taken a lot of beating inside that slot against much bigger guys for a long long time. And there -- looking toward the future there comes a point where you have to have focus on how much are we saying that starts what he's done in the past. And how much can we projected he's gonna keep don't percent of women don't hurt. -- -- put on the field as a pretty successful so they're hedging their bets that. This -- moving forward will be able to stay healthy and he's. Entering his prime at 27. Whereas west is totaled 32 and note that they're thinking we're going to be paying more for what he was that what can be it's not like that contract and I am like crushed their cap or any Capital One way or the other it's not like. You know I mean look at what -- Miami gave Bryant Park like I'd much rather have done that -- don't deal. That Miami gave prior -- they get that don't have much more special player. Much more active. Mormon nose for for for for big plays more of a guy you can do more I think after the catch in prior art management is security here it -- touchdown question. I think you need to look at the entire composite of all the guys you're compared with not just haven't all of us well how about -- delivers the rest of the market. I you mentioned the outside receivers and they have till tomorrow -- believed to give a bonus to Brandon Lloyd or move on. If they move on if the patriots move on Jason likened for a who's out there who's available we obviously know Mike Walsh is gone and other than Greg Jennings which does seem likely. Who else. Well I mean north the issue -- to consider as the Victor Cruz makes any sense there's a lot of teams considering. With that first round tender and the giants not having the greatest cap situation in the world there are a little bit vulnerable history would say. These guys generally don't go after each -- restricted free agents for whatever reason drawing a conclusion as -- -- but you know. It's it's still would be an option I mean otherwise I don't know that. Much great is gonna develop. In the trade market and the true game changer in the marketing person you are and it. He was he was gobbled up right away via trade out of those in -- other guys. Like that little problem -- the patriots also very adept at moving up and on the draft board as need be so they can also turn your attention drafted as by the particular target they're. That you think could really change the dimension of our team that the -- Austin from West Virginia continues to get a lot of positives that there's enough receivers that. We have the pedestal so where we're maybe you'd then make your moves and in late April. Pretty -- -- art Pollard he says he's out there it's been rumored you know maybe -- pages may look at him maybe Jim Wilson coming in today -- Abraham tomorrow any news about Pollard. I mean you know it's another guy -- at this stage of his career you're not gonna have to break the bank for himself to looking forward enforcer looking for someone. No it was gonna bring that that aspect of a bumper. Back there that then you've got enemies he's not going to be tremendously athletic at this stage his career and he can get hurt gambling in coverage. But I mean that's kind of -- the patriot way you find some of these guys toward the end of their career. Who we get a little cheaper and maybe you -- one or two more good years out of the summit I think he's someone that could make some sense of that yet. Art does spoke to a heavenly players left early and -- -- movement was seven on seven -- yeah. Evan and open tryout I spoke to us and has had a bunch of they'll be fine. You know that this happens it happens dignity it's just it's just reality in the -- with. Pittsburgh north and sent daily Pittsburgh lost men and all the lost Wallace. They lost Harrison. Casey have been done. You know nobody's trying to that would help find -- -- if you lose bill. It would only quarterback. And you have stability to coaching ranks and have a strong analysis. You survived this and involved or will be okay in the third third. They're gonna have more cap space they have other moves they can make like became concerning the continued assign value created you look at their Super Bowl is. Jacoby Jones you guys just talk about Pollard. Vonta Leach. Don't order it on -- -- would be projected these guys are -- free agents decided the third wave of create insulated Bryant -- they re signed just before camp started. You know I would be an undrafted free agency. If you're technical people like that you're okay -- I like the patriotism and the ravens and and the -- are -- are gonna patent Harrison six million dollar to James Harrison is you know why he's navigators and five years ago his editors and right now. The papers aren't gonna pay Wes Welker for the Wes Welker for years ago. They're trying to plan and that's what next let's walk Byrd of west but it reached a price point he thought the ravens are gonna pay Paul Boldin. Six million a year when you have equipment that's the going rate for guys were five you know 567 years younger than him. They're gonna try to get some value form and they're gonna move on and try to put on the next equitable with the Steelers drafted next James Harrison that that's the reality of the business and that's by. These franchises have been successfully got to sell scalp you have to know. When it's time to give the guy -- third -- fourth contract that would let the let somebody else do that. In almost about a week ago somebody said Miami might have the best receiving corps in the AFC. And then in the three days later west signs in Denver and someone else said Denver's got the best receiving corps in the AFC. Do you think Denver and I'm I would say Denver's got the edge now would you agree that that's the best in the in the league. They have. -- -- stand -- with -- -- would certainly thinks on the director and Thomas on the outside you know got you got active tight -- to make plays I think stoke -- probably obsolete at this point with -- that the cabinet -- -- very very dangerous team they franchise -- But that's another one -- Like a Democrat to win this year that -- not that far away from being -- Obama is right now it's a -- and have the ring -- work I mean they got to make a decision to revoke that they're not gonna pay him twelve in -- The paint chip barely ten million dollars this year but that's it that's not gonna continue. You know Peyton Manning is very very much. A year to year proposition. -- I was gonna have to get paid. A year from now ourselves so you know that that's that's -- -- -- -- -- held together -- paper -- but -- volatile -- -- try to win right now knowing that if we don't do this in the year -- We're looking for a new quarterback. We're looking for at least one new wide receiver probably a new tight -- You know -- -- you know they've got some things are gonna have to figure out there as well moving forward. So you know. It's a gamble and I understand -- they're dormant but there's no guarantees it'll work if it doesn't. -- -- -- in the same conundrum that other teams again except you better hope of the rings to show for. Seems at the cornerback sort of market -- has played itself out the last couple days -- Keenan Lewis and and Sean Smith and in Williams with the Eagles putting that means for to believe it is still your understanding that he. Might wind up back in doing. I mean it's as if there was something else out there that -- is so -- couldn't pass it up. He wouldn't pass so for him still being there I think that's not a case where. That the patriots are Smart they've done their due diligence in this state they know that he's got off field issues obviously you know is that strike if there is want to be significant so. That's gonna affect your market value period that's gonna make people a little bit hesitant to put the kind of guaranteed money for you that I'm sure you'd like to see so. You know that's going to be a market that slope they've played and I think there's certainly is is that a good chance at the end of the new -- that is it that the money wasn't there initially. And you're still sitting there then you have to -- well okay maybe there's a little more money from me -- -- somewhat but two are really wanna go. To a team that's totally rebuilding -- staying here. You know in a locker room where I seem to fit in and where they're gonna maybe help you stay out of trouble. And then that helps you get that next contract in the bit rather that you go somewhere else for a little bit more money you flame out a couple of years you do get in trouble off the field and indeed done earning money is an NFL player period. -- Jason appreciate it thanks for your time. Great stuff is always huge market for CBS sports.

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