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Thursday, March 14th Whiner Line

Mar 14, 2013|

Wes...Wes...Wes...Wes...Wes...Wes...some chick from Good Times... Wes.

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Views excusing views expressed and expressed. The -- -- stars -- -- Proceed with caution. At -- this discretion music box to. When Morris and now -- know you -- your line. This guy here all right never seen a machine operate like that in person. To see video game numbers and while dropping off factor OK and now you're not a fan all right. You're not someone who's on another team or watching TV you're not an analyst you're part of it -- WEEI. Warning airlines they want you to be a part of it. So get get with the program because obviously do not get -- and -- -- because you're dreaming -- seeing that it was amazing to see it's amazing to see because you don't understand it dial 6177793535. You still don't understand it and it's amazing to you because you can't get it whiner line stopped green and get your playbook if you just wake him up now I don't know when this was six minutes ago or something like that did not so bad and get to the stadium and watch some more film if you still think it's amazing and now -- -- and -- and you know what -- -- and you execute out there you don't think it's amazing you know why because it's what you're supposed to do. You are still and talk to be a member of the new England Patriots offense to join the system -- WEEI. Hawaiian Airlines. And stay home. It -- a bad day he responded because. Part of the whole amazing performers by Tom Brady -- in my US. Long touchdown pass to Wes Welker who is now aboard the public Arco's. Washington Davis press conference today in Denver and he did stay in the press conference that he pursued. He -- the bronco. Because I don't call it -- and -- it -- wife she's from there if you look for a job. Is it for a job fast just -- three. Cents. Why does -- you by AT&T WE I live is available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T AT&T. The official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most. Four G coverage in New England -- -- vote. I just my card and resident in an ironic I was the script is like like Teddy was -- Ochocinco. Had. Scott -- get it -- this is your scripts you know listed as testament. You know what's going to -- big bill would you have Bernadette and I talk like we had yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They. -- yeah it's our job tell us about it. -- -- -- -- you know on what he's done. She got her she's now. I'm pretty sure it's just I don't know and I got to look at the good schools should. There. -- on marking them I'm guessing she's no longer looks. Listen Jake is still lives oh. Man he probably shouldn't -- those aren't up on so I pulled back. Who you think we're looking she's still alive she the ability to Odyssey. Operative she is fifty while it's really turns fifty this year that's about fifty my -- Thelma 55. -- -- -- Save those pitchers police. And protect our top story and and I appreciate that. Have offered a pretty. Data -- -- and I get what they're bilateral all of more more to go boy what it would do what the final hour mark mortar shells. And you know that -- Texas. You know with a real loser is your doctor Robert Leonard have you seen Danny Amendola -- -- good yeah yeah yeah good hair LLC the good -- Wes -- a losers here just as he goes to Denver but he may lose doctor Robert. Will watch from afar. Particular play it was Kobe Bryant -- -- always doing landed on about page don't elect he kind of broken that they don't but. -- very dangerous -- superior then I think. -- by Buckley -- -- one that got hurt but ultimately gonna have to react. -- You know. Analysts won't miss you and Brett spread like the other guys Jalen Rose. As with the says that the very yeah I -- you -- That's what Kobe said -- says ask him ask -- -- he said. All the guys came to Grozny. It was done it yet which is that look there -- another ten years ago. He's still think about what you growth while we sit and only thing about it we don't play these guys anymore so you know what I can't get them back to make you. While. My aunt had been an important but I don't talk about what -- -- one point two billion people. Just pick it -- Dubai Matt. -- -- Pitcher bases its name -- frank. -- Francis Francis but -- -- that -- -- -- it is a difference. With his elbow exactly what I -- that's almost smoke did in the attic in April I called to another era. That was the thing. Objects to a snowball book -- and -- alone oh as well local was dumb sexy. But bit. Of -- back next in the book but always at the tool belt that -- him it's a wake up princess -- in the late model. Our -- yeah -- app and it market top credit. It went well there are -- and whatever other cable guy. -- -- -- -- And this message is so what happened here now. There's a lot of people saying that people close to Brady were upset but it wasn't really Brady and says that I have a very short amounts to his driver. I've got a problem probability. We have a very. Remember who's doing what happened in the music they'll order meant what -- -- -- -- -- given a bad about that -- out of a man that nobody able to have both believe that it won't know but it could not -- I doubt I'd get up what what our prospects all our format might have what what you thought what a horrible they thought well I do not know mobile. The vocal about reports you know. And that -- that -- if there's aggressive and he noted -- about I cried but that aids was a little hard to think. He was wandering but didn't quite matchup was good effort rhythmic great effort. At a going probably and people still call at ARAMARK -- -- that the any. Armadillo. Back any I don't the name is Danny -- And you know payment to. Texas is when does a bit -- come back from vacation in the big -- well. What the big show much longer on Wednesday. It's a new show news show. We'll I have myself in -- all. -- on Wednesday march -- I don't know I don't know the name is going to be -- -- and by the way I enjoy Bob Mike and Mike. About so it's like I ever -- and I will help -- -- -- a couple of he'll still can and unrelated note have good. -- That. Now a solid play he'll get it under way to development of enjoy watching and bingo on TV's -- -- count it and I and by the way -- outlets -- America did something with last -- -- -- doing something studio but we have some way that he got -- -- the Celtics you know the the -- game -- that they -- All by the way you guys. -- my god says who's at Thelma. Fifty that's your sister is born in 1953 which means he NCAA to the united 6660. Austin there's a reason I do radio. Hi all. Now sixty. You know women looked good sixty. -- he got so. Yeah yeah -- Always have the big. -- Though. Yet to act out in the open air -- god on your Alley perhaps they Amendola. Also remember and they don't know that it although you'd. Over the apartment you know what what political. -- they would welcome. There Elmo cookie with open arms. And the message. -- truckloads. Of equipment gonna miss that went. Terror attacks -- an -- writes the correct yeah yeah everybody's Padilla right. Had a commitment to -- have a veto for the record in the future reference. And why they'll for the patriots his name is -- had been all like wanted to know about Bellotti had been no. And that message. This is a good idea actually want to give the mayor's name the wrong way and see if he gets it right. Back into it -- is. Hot on natural sparkle. It's dropped. He does I -- -- commissioner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They come Brady you're lucky little buddy with a million bucks. Can help goldfish mortar round out cut more than -- and I look forward to whip up at all referred calls and it says this is a great deal. And message to. -- -- -- -- I don't agree with that or five years I was talking about the departure. By the way easy to go tonight. Yet about Texas this topic go to stop doing that T Rex moved with his arm when the cameras from the waist up as it was -- Rex group. Short arms that. That doesn't he Drexler got out. -- we animated -- -- gonna work -- -- that I don't have to do that Tommy -- green below little talking to concede but was due to an African advocate is this just an estimated REIT currently -- my hand just to accurately properties like him infomercial on that Fletcher of. I have come to realize they can have bill that would acted like that aren't brought it scored his girlfriend who had everything including muddy Vick walked. Unfortunately he can't make didn't feud between -- can hurt by by -- what Welker and then there's. This government patriots isn't I want -- -- pull -- short span. I want them to do the complete opposite of everything knowing. A lot of the in the -- appropriate since -- -- -- -- -- match. -- -- I want them to make predictions for a critical in the we're going to strip the ball on camera and support towards the please it's going to be up what good do it -- Bill Belichick. Wake up and all the -- In 2002000. -- -- signing these -- wannabes that it would be taught that kind of grow from all of and get picked up a big speed at wide receiver world -- other women who were born again. And the message. -- tighten World Cup tournament I got my governor Eliot very poor people are. -- lot when I woke up Macs. That's that's what's wrong with that opinion -- that -- -- bigger on the bow wow oh my god somebody rattle the cage here. Did she fart on the view. She didn't she did not edited the audio was picked up by the microphone to view Whoopi Whoopi cushion. Bad. This way. They're adding. Check it out wanting to pay you know they have about -- I got him out there. And I am going to be their -- and populated area -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a great ones are just like -- half which I think it. In fact that Barack. Why have you not -- -- I would not -- background. About. Not you have to thank god you know about -- -- Ivory and gives me a story -- -- had conversation already talked about you know the lord brought. -- with the Max had a very striking pair of socks. And somebody took a picture of us together and put it on basement in among like Europe. -- colorful Sox picked us that book with the statement you gave -- that you weren't afraid to show your evidence that was that was through your pinks and some real low -- that happened. Meals and it was badly. And with the -- evidence I'd be an Amazon jewel and the day off this well. It's called. -- -- Gonna -- anything. It was Brooklyn. That's pretty good right to those camps on talk over -- is one song that inspired old days up. Inspired of the serial killer that song that's what they get Charles Manson off disaster. You'd be -- back. You got screwed up. -- upgrade. You'd think yeah and got pregnant out I think I get paid. Okay and -- and I think now I. Am you know like I had to come back. The only. They have gotten back up kind. I asked about Scott I have -- -- That yeah. -- -- -- And the message. That act I Hyatt. There's a lot of high powered by the idea GA TT the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins whipped the most would you coverage in the --

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