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With Wes Welker gone, can Danny Amendola fill his shoes?

Mar 14, 2013|

We discuss the only topic of the day... the departure of Wes Welker and the signing of Danny Amendola.

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You're in a big show. Those are. Nice nice to you to join us. -- Actually. -- law and the air. Right now. You don't have a phone with the -- that one meals PP ten. You already you already accomplished that already accomplished that and I know what's next Steve Buckley Cedric Maxwell I was -- -- Hayward to Maxwell is -- the respect of the -- or you just wanna let Mac speak for yes. -- -- -- -- One time I'll go for you early. Though. Wes Welker anyway. This is what I thought I call eight judicial idols got. Wes Welker and hundreds are about the Celtics. -- possible. Did you guys are -- -- I don't think so. Because of the big conference call this morning noted that what are we gonna talk about knowledge stuff. Libya says no and we just to show up we said today Wes Welker what what which would Wes Welker and the only thing which way do you go though that you do you go I'm angry at the patriots or the injury. Anger which which way it's gonna be one way via. Though is the -- -- the enemy is. It's anger right anger and disappointment in the pastry. Oh boy yeah that rocker look toward the west -- because some people are upset with Wes Welker was people are uncertain you rescue me Wear it like oh I'm I'm. Angry and -- an angry yes angry. Disappointment. -- anger because anger the grip that I wish I can ask one question. I dis is this is sort of to meet a jumping off point and I'll -- that -- did make it personal. With the patriots I don't think now you don't think it got personal level I don't know that I -- -- -- it was a business. That answers and that's why I abandoned and and that's why -- that. And the strange that you would be injury. Well -- about why did make it. Even without my businesses understand that but you PC as the business decision right. What what makes what makes well maybe you don't let you know -- does make you mad about bad business. That business makes you agree let's pick -- from west Welker. Even though it's a business decision that you go to a restaurant and they have a certain policy. It's their policy but if you think it's appropriate to get upset about it. I didn't acknowledge that a player I don't I don't have. Upset when I spoke about the restaurant right well that's what I get angry -- -- -- I -- if it isn't welcome. You're you're right no it's -- but -- yeah I didn't know what a bad example but I'm saying in general in general if I didn't make the business decision. I reserve the right to be -- about whatever decision they may you can -- -- really different. Or it which I'm not. Worry about can be angry at the Red Sox -- trading Bronson Arroyo for William opening. For instance you can be angry at them. Wasn't personal amused -- love -- Bronson -- he can be angry I understand that. I I am still not certain that it didn't get personal that's the thing that's that's where -- come to a chasm here. This is why I don't think it was personal -- They look at it and you can question the business sense of this whom they looked at the guy that that is -- in his position so here's a -- as early thirties. He has caught -- to a ton of hazardous and has rose Tom Brady has got -- atonement has taken a ton of -- And we look at this position probably the same way everyone else and NFL does. This opposition that it's important we're not ergo -- not a gimmick and outside receiver so at this we're gonna we're gonna bet. That Wes Welker is best years are behind them and then we will bring in somebody five years John Boehner this to patriot way as it's always been the patriot way ask individually on almost everybody except comprehensive -- -- that way this isn't. This effort rodeo do this right I mean what they do most of their players as they say okay. You know what -- huge you put your best years. The next couple users want to be a drop all we're going to try to upgrade sometime or get somebody in -- -- like this would play your strength is that you could make the argument the patriots have done. What read did not do. In what he was saying the any did not do which is. Liberate yourself a player you too soon my rather than you regret what I look at our back that was his state. That was his statement on -- peace this is what I'm -- -- -- Never fault in my. A year. Earlier that you can't -- -- -- -- well I'm similarity. -- -- This has never happened this is never have been to the patriots. This is patriot -- that are patriots have not done this. Before they have never. Said goodbye to play here. At the height at the peak of his performance after of the equivalent of 100 they get these more Willie McGinest was not yet you don't think I'm hearing about it it's 21 Adam Vinatieri. At the height of his career. Well -- he went out my -- I don't think it's about how to -- or no no it was who has got in the Austin district a -- -- all -- -- -- -- -- -- two -- team. Jack item with -- I agree with -- I don't think you going to be the only disagreement when I statement with that statement. Other than Vinatieri is that it -- Vinatieri -- With the top pick in the NFL the time you left why -- the top secret in a minute ago that typically what. He was money well at that while he was money we we love Adam we've got -- but he was money for a team that was always going deep into the post here -- here's the difference. Even before he left. Though and hopefully we can make you know go back with you know you know you've been minority and sometimes -- make it went into that make it out of luck to our eyes here. I bet that little red likened to a lot -- and I confession reliable code that once the he's currently Obama really got -- -- -- If you look at it you'd already law. Some experience. And his kickoffs were the same as they were before so we don't already it already started to decline a bit. Now in terms of a big money situation with Brady declined a bit did you trust of Tom Brady won an NBP a couple of years as he declined a bit like -- you have based on the stats last year no. Mean even when what they thought one had lightweight and get the the touchdown -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- discount them now he's in BP two years ago. I'm saying to you Willie mcginnis. Willie McGinest was not a top of this game we left maybe Damien Woody was. You have been a lot of them -- Ted Washington. What I've seen. And what I've experienced that special when you -- -- -- -- don't -- much about picture but a look at it from a porn they really don't pay people. What I'll say about this is that. You talk about personal and I had I had the personal battle we're really aren't bad when -- -- what are well chronicle what was there was Bill Walton. On the play longer than me with Siegelman be the other did meet for the -- me at that particular time would you wanna move or we just pissed off -- -- because you bill that I. Did not were caught in the come back when in fact when you traded me they said they told me through what we can treat you. You know -- the -- that they operate you know. New York US market but -- so apparent so I yeah the stated and that's why -- say. I look at it do it -- that you look at different -- it both of these tree and I didn't take it. Personal at the Thomas -- because I look at its decision they -- to make only thing that upset me about. Tree when I was treated the fact that I had him and I ended down zero conducive to so they FitzGerald united hey that's what we -- -- -- they say it would mean what you got hurt and you did try to come back and that that that was the only name it was just. When it about me but that that decision. Business decisions that players make it and and I just can't. See how -- right now. -- -- itself and I understand you borrowing or care. A -- of them going and I understand you know about you all know. You falling in love with -- player right that you can't do that it professionals which she understood because trades can be made all the time. I understand you. At this point that their people back -- Madison it's like I used the example again of PO in Bronson wrote you club that had a music even altogether it's him he's you know played guitar and also want him. I understand it and in the U turn right around and traded the guy who was -- he was as close to my personal and and a rural. I'm talking about I'm talking. I'm talking a lot of them and I'm talking about eight betrayed and we'll go back coverage or throwing your starter than. But look like he's made thirty starts seven that you're wrote this note from your personal than it did not Florio umpire and you above. Whether it's okay hated trade. And it's OK to hit. -- -- That's what you original -- jumping off our and I and -- and I go back to my original question. What to personal. I can't he convinced. Right now that it wasn't -- what -- -- light of the events because -- OK okay. -- and a history of our Lady -- talking about hey there Rex Ryan thing which seemed to this Belichick off a few letters correct and I hope they're not entry way all right. Number two that going on TV thing I like to stick it to bill right. The three at the the way they used or not use him early last season when they were left with the other guy. About and -- Motorola to end and I'm I'm try to put myself in the shoes of the two PO. And saying well maybe we're hopeful we think well what it's all well hold on Manila is pretty good -- levs is that does give them. Based on the history of the guys on -- it what you see you're much better tonight a lot of good about. How well they'll know that -- and that that we can't forget about that because you have a personal. Stake in this that we don't I don't have a personal web publication you. Don't want and you consider him afraid right. Wouldn't say well he's what you have is the ball moved out -- have number I don't know but I don't personal stake in -- but let's just. -- if you aren't aren't there yet if I have a -- -- and you have a personal stay with him a little while at that and they're calm you know don't pay enough. You have -- yeah it's not an -- -- that you set avenue at the -- do for our country and I did have a paddles that are not -- are definitely -- but -- know I did have a business. Not -- wanna apologize what nine -- years ago at a picnic but I think that prospective just to stay on message here at the perspective. What you. Wrote a book on Bill Belichick are now you've seen him here for they're -- You've seen many -- the controversial decision. In thirteen seasons with the patriots. And most of the time. These controversial decisions. It is cold hearted business. Personally you mentioned by you mentioned well. Hey Wes Welker called him out Wes Welker did as. The dialogue think of what dialogue go back. And looked at Ty law and some comments he made about Belichick when trying to get out of town knowing -- -- that the in training camp. Did not let them go in in NF since the the patriots let you go on their terms it's cold -- business to talk about in ninety. -- well I actually no we've had problems with in the past you know and you that you can -- and did -- give the other team's problems now and matter and he's. No we. Under rated you know his last year it is actually that we released this time. Shotgun formation. Brady back to -- looks fires back. And Wes Welker Madonna -- Capital play offensive lineman for the Steelers Logan Mankins and James Harrison were thrown -- It's a touchdown pass to Welker and doing what has pulled ahead birdie the thirteen. That they aren't we can't get these aren't and where you are you can make sure that you oh is it. I -- extra month of -- upon our you know what you know about it. Are you recognized couple of voices there Tedy Bruschi was the first guy you heard talking about. Other patriot is viewed Wes Welker when he was with the Miami Dolphins and just to be fair here look I don't think it was a good idea for the patriots move up Wes Welker he's the best slot guy in the league. -- Kevin Dolan may have been measurable that Wes Welker doesn't have but he doesn't sit on the field and on the field is part of your skill set it just be fair Paula there Wes -- last year Miami. And it's similar to. Billion dollars last year with the St. Louis Rams. Danny ailment and the -- his yards. -- protect its slightly higher Welker get two more -- another one -- -- -- zone much Welker I want touch down flat in Miami and the delay three. The last few random. But -- had -- the guy kids on the field that is I've got what part of the considering I am I just -- a legal realign them. Recent piece today in -- in Boston. I'm territory -- this road no telecheck kids said that part of the function went off and basically. The op meant to set up that position in other words it is and it is in the guy it's the way the off the system. And this is are you remind me I know let's ride I know it's -- like -- -- if you if you if you ascribed that deal. To what degree. I don't advocate -- you -- think isn't system to. Yeah I don't -- just what Torre brought no I think he has them a tour Brown's award in the system where it wasn't downtown toward brown I mean he was that he would he would is that. He was in -- you know he played the slot and he also played hard he played outside as well more I don't know yet but but what I'm saying. He played that position that welcome play and arrived at a welcome. Certainly did and I'm I'm not making a bold brash statement here I'm simply adding it to the mix that if you if you if you look at. A new guy coming in the old guy going out when you got put up in Miami for a team a year and is some. -- here this film there's a method to the -- I don't wanna be a flexible and not give a given that. I'll give you that maybe the maybe the system. Helps that it helped. Wes Welker I don't think there's any shame in saying that -- Wes Welker -- -- -- library with prince spoke with the -- -- -- -- number -- -- art. With the ravens rather if if the system helped them that's great was made for this this it was good for the patriots -- good for Wes Welker. What do you gonna bring in the guy to replace Wes Welker we better be damn sure that guy can stay on the field. The issue is not all of rob Bartlett. Receivers were white -- -- the guys replaceable replace them with somebody who is based on what I don't know. -- look like Toronto I don't that you can talk about injuries like that but you don't know when -- -- -- you would never thought that was what was going to be out war. However long it was back and go about what actually -- although as well actually I'm not saying that Wes Welker won't get her. Is telling you what has had and I think this. What I like about it when you talk. Bring in a younger player you as a fact you have access which has been in place. And it's things like. Militants at all to what he's a bid to buy it seems like this system that you bring in this -- from today -- -- into -- would be a great system -- measures they might -- -- -- -- -- -- he is would be the past is that coming from with the best players to ever play his position -- it is -- it seems like maybe -- Real good the and I know people it's -- set and again they. We always think about loyalty to team we -- about what players. I don't give exist anymore. -- that there's just one question might be playing at Jacoby Ellsbury injury prone. Your side of the street till about. Three weeks ago I saw I was looking up some information or -- article that I'm about when -- I'm looking up some -- of researchers who improper. So there -- the same -- the same draft night. No I'm just looking back Kobe Ellsbury. Injured. In the K -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury. Injured in the minor league minor leagues early -- -- -- garbage that little boy who point pool here he's got this year. I understand Adrian Beltre that was not his -- understand who lives in its second place at second base on -- -- But if you look at his history. From the I don't I don't play my column -- -- all -- I'm not gonna -- -- -- quietly into the discussion -- what it is the injury -- yes. Got to do in the -- be brutally that we wouldn't wanna go here because it's so personal dislike it's like him is like personal is like complaining about somebody's. Medically it's like. Analyzing their about a history you're not the -- to do. You're not supposed to have a look at that some guys. Stay healthy I think you have it's a blessing all of whatever you want some guy unlucky sometimes when you go to another team is also. As you get to a system that you think about any that we got her of the past which was we -- remembered he had to -- that you most of the passes that they Brady grow our. Right on target so I sometimes that you go to another team. In in Europe could play here I think that here's my field. I think -- -- view with the keys would it into a slot position that the -- they. -- -- I do acknowledge it is my that -- saying that there's some -- about chemistry sometimes that you've been the bulls are in oh gee you know sometimes they get about let's get the phone calls talked about Bob's on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Disappointed but it -- And back -- thank you sir or thank you. Would in fact he appeared every 180. You know you. Am -- he doesn't on the EU will be not you know like I don't. Need them as you know what. It would have been if I do well or went into Denver and -- they've got to have all. I think they wouldn't have pulled them down the I'm gonna I'm gonna hole but -- credit to them could buy what you're pain and you start. Getting a lot here at the major try to get away the point where. Want to read the bit about Robert and I both went off a pretty good game plan or when it comes their way -- when you ever did he. I they are trying to get away from that they well. -- you hear what wise a wise -- game plan or in the playoffs not regular season. I don't argue argument is that playing. Veteran team you better or a bad thing have a guy who can. Now on the -- that it did I just say a tournament these guys that it's going to take two minutes time we'll play yeah he did. That it wasn't gonna that would have been a hydrant and apartment and that that to be even increase -- we think about it now we are these home. Regarded there are about him to -- will -- -- good. -- -- -- Yeah I'd like to -- -- put as well as well there are situation into it if it's dark world conference. OK I'm big historian. And I go back to the right days you know. And Mickey Mantle and no luck in America anyway -- you. Deal. Okay there's. Been an -- and I'm a baseball. But I see so many parallels. Like when we let Clemens go my -- and I mean the Red Sox right moments ago. At this they go in and told people. Whoa whoa wait a second you've gotten way off track here I don't think anybody complain when they traded actively he was a basically a failings are. Who resurrected his career when they made of closers. After he went to Chicago -- -- so it was huge rates later that he reinvented himself. So I don't think -- bring us into this discussion. Well I I think well Jeremy to reinvent himself there's next year we can't -- that's what he plays he's not it was going to be deep right now. Oh -- well I don't know now are just say you know -- -- know he's not and would. Is no point to meet these wanna play the same position doing the things they did before and I think his private going to be a good fit the the thing that Michael I think that you we have to look at it won't be the judge until a couple years from now. Maybe that did this couple years is going to be. How they play. -- -- -- I think that's going to be the question. Because we -- we could sit there and look at this is a perfect system obviously war wolf when he's going. When he's playing right now with -- no. Just all the passes with that can be done dim -- flame -- in the timing -- we did what many hands and it's unbelievable I think he's a bit of timing pants that actually did it -- would that. I don't know I think so I don't know -- I think quick slant play they used -- They can and that the network Patriots offense has been here since Wes Welker -- And that part of the reason we keep talking about what we're bringing us this guy isn't that part of it isn't isn't what can log give you this well on the system this thing. -- my so with the two quarterback. They don't have the big don't have the biggest arms in the world there'll it will they be a very very at. Meaning what they were receptions yeah I understand that but their beer beer at or what they do any also has couple deep threat to the patriots don't have yes so that's when we give he'll actually. -- more room to operate under the. An endless list of there is a lot of Texas them. This is fine a lot of people are saying this Amendola. Here's one. Dynamic Dolan is a better player than Welker was when he came to the net. That. That may be true and gonna hear from somebody. I talk with early today that he's here with -- war on on Danny and -- -- that may be true my point is we don't know we haven't seen a lot. Danny Amendola the past -- -- -- got a big -- Steve Buckley is here so it's Cedric Maxwell we're supposed to have on the Celtics Thursday that's really Wes Welker are very. We're spoke to have Danny Ainge Danny Ainge. Has canceled and I'm guessing you'll beyond tomorrow. It's -- so. He's only human -- on our offer and Michael you look really hot today thank you again. Tell you don't get a chance to talk to guy Danny and today you know what I do in the Denver's -- and everything that's what you're doing. He's got a good -- call -- talk about well your disease let Bill Belichick did it. I was afraid it would be Kevin Garnett and Paul appears to move up from those guys bill -- -- well we'll do something else we'll move on and have a good feeling like my object. And Michael -- funny you'd you'd say that -- it and I know you you say that and the jets on the object I iced they'll let it maybe even traded me they were talking about Josh Mayo maybe. Call yourselves would be the replacement. With a hated the -- wouldn't leave it. Why -- you -- Josh Josh Smith is not as good of ball players are in in the old days. All they -- tomorrow does it all these Danny Amendola as good as Wes Welker. That I don't know. I don't know rightly I think their I think that they could be in the same building I think. What but I did you talk about completely guy who would you tell by the got with the whole favorite. Paul here's what populace is all they've. And I don't that you don't -- about. What you would not allow citizens to fit. Hopefully I was go to -- -- about Danny Amendola anonymously hold very well. I was on the Saint Louis. Radio station this morning you're in radio and think who would want to talk about Wes Welker to amber and -- -- -- I want that that what you guys can help me you know give your scouting report. On the -- and a little back to your point. Now know we could actually won't let you back about white. Don't. Here -- the agenda just to prove to everybody and I think. Thought about it. Michael that I'd like little second put on a second the guy's name is Tony softly he was a director of college scouting with the Carolina -- the 2006007. He was the director of player personnel for the St. Louis Rams I asked him about. Danny Amendola where we are definitely. -- really that's the only negative on Danny is is the -- -- games that's really the only negative when he got here from Philadelphia I helped bring him in that regime when I was with programs. His deal was -- he's the Wes Welker alone two years ago the Alaska years. He he shed that and what I mean by that he is usable player and he's he's a playmaker he's a difference maker. -- -- defect in my column human crashed army out of respect coast. The guys fearless and everything he does you know return to get to that guy in his basement we're moving to a field. He's faster. He's quicker in and out it was cut its. Job jump defenders. I liked everything about Danny Amendola route running everything you know I I'm a little some prize that. The rams didn't try to work a deal to keep him here. Because that was -- rappers comfort zone Tom Brady's gonna like this guy. It and I think once the -- practice habits and on game day you know they're gonna follow the discussion they really are now will will they forgive him over Wes Welker no -- in their heart because what he's done. You know the blood swear and tears that he's he's given those people Denny illegals a good football player and I think they're gonna enjoy watching him play. You know. -- -- -- -- -- a little better now there you go. You don't an opportunity that didn't like -- -- -- might have appealed though I got what rate would you know what although. Michael. Say what his his his injuries were legit he had a dislocated elbow. We're cut a ball crossed the middle and he was trying to gain -- ballots and dislocated noble talked about. Had a broken collar bone and then last year. He tried to play through -- heel injury where most guys were sitting I'm done for six or seven weeks this guy would -- through a game he would look -- practices. -- -- sit -- practice and get ready for Sunday's just to try to be. That's who years man you're gonna love is heartening and low reserve have. About half what do season. Wow. Those were -- that's what I was saying before my movement to those who those impact injuries. As opposed to. Just you know you just running down field and we keep him -- you know basically. Injuries and injuries you know you're not an -- like an injury is some guys plus yet. About good to a war that bothers me about doing this month in this the first woman ever -- you are real today you are real. Real -- you're -- you are yet rate you'll what I call a -- they have right now yes instead of you you know. Your analysis as they always look cute. Good analysis as he broadcaster Bob it but it. -- day today you you are you are Gerald -- as they did that the person who hate each. You know who had. Pre season ticket record and they didn't play the game -- YouTube. It runs through it and I'm not and I am not saying that I've heard a drug to -- you -- -- our budget but as I mean it's really good this is really sad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been who. Removed. Renowned not anymore -- that you know more Macs I've read your movement that you guys I know. That's what they say about that that knowledge is just a little bit of enough is the coach to -- -- coach you've moved about this -- that but that Elvis said yeah this process has been in the may provide with three years but it comes to a head today whatever weapons -- ago I talked about him that was not meant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quite of their career. At MI to your yacht ran. If you wonder -- and be -- -- we Garrett on the very next year and you're donating that. -- Wes Welker and Amendola. You know what you read the article are at least one of the injury examined all the it was because of a bad. They're running or wife for the last five years right would break me in my back. Point -- the elbow injury. Any evidence -- managed to get himself compared to the greatest slot receiver ball aren't playing in the abominable lack old street Louis. -- -- -- why can't -- -- anybody car company are back this column here. And -- huge search your production like what Welker did. In five years we might talk about it. And adored the same -- -- talk about what what Iowa while her among them are somewhat we got to I can control the middle of -- deal. You know. Right then -- what all or should go get morning. And we don't make fundamental decisions I don't think it was a personal. Bank from bill spell check told the two years ago elbow checked out that the humor and he made a point when that's done now at the end of it. Eight in they have been doing that you know -- I don't know what bits of political what was that -- he he had -- -- the boundaries of older theaters that. It was all downhill after the browsers and he took it took about for a series and and that was I was pretty much it meant it was really. Not a not a real benching but I don't think. I think it is a disservice. Who who Wes Welker. To say that will be talking about Danny Amendola in five years and we were talking about welcome. I guess -- -- -- damage -- is what it is. It's a disservice to Welker special web may be a disservice -- -- but likely not until the moment though but I mean Max crowded today. -- say this is the all time leader. It's the all time leader in receptions the patriots. It's -- guy who routinely averaged over 100 characters with KP you look at his. Accomplishments here and I understand assist them with that had. But the system was good to him and he has exceptional talent. The system is there for other rule would have not have the reduction. In the durability. Of west while preventing the spot right you might you're getting cut a hole with. Get caught up in his ability that phone call or is all you very much that education last caller echo the sentiment that I -- in the program. This is not the guy. Running around all of a sudden he's limping and you don't even know what happened. Or. David Ortiz on all run truck suddenly has an Achilles injury misses seven games. These were impact injuries. And and those things that that is what Baldwin Michael this well what I filed a very earlier this right. It's a crapshoot -- Michael the scouting report is that your your your guy gave. With the scouting report saying that if you if he plays. With. Tom Brady. And do it it has to be we have to be seen obviously. If he plays with. Tom Brady. He has the more speed he can separate. All of these different things to point to make them exceptional player in the system we'll -- Like we'll --

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