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Overtime with Grande & Max Podcast - Tirico; Crawford; Ross, Terry and Green

Mar 14, 2013|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell's weekly podcast: this week we revisit five solid interviews & talk about a couple of big upcoming Celtics match-ups.

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Time would show. Tony Romo things. As always we've proposed a degrading attacks over. Yet been awhile ago. Regroup here it is something. -- with the Celtics over the last days so he's doing just on the podcast Celtics going to do you think Patrick's day weekend 35. When he dies but jockeying and -- or Eastern Conference playoff positions which. Five through seven range -- We begin with what happened last Wednesday -- which is fascinating I kind of stepped back from the seasonal little. The Celtics are at the long run things have cooled off that the losses that -- to game two loss to Oklahoma City Charlotte but Wednesday night. At the -- We have been documenting milestone for Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett even right now when he was he over the last two years but. As you climb knows it will -- that climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The cores like -- it in the world is that what the -- -- -- The air is getting crazy -- for Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett when this man of power on Wednesday night. Both moved up into very rare air in NBA all time -- this history Paul -- -- Charles Barkley did win twenty. On the all time list one in the same night when -- -- free throw as Allen Iverson Kevin Garnett. Passing the logo. Jerry West -- fifteenth and for Garnett but makes this so remarkable the scoring. Is back. This is the greatest defense a player of his generation and now he has it needs an NBA scores. What to show you what he was in the slot to the opposite him shoot the basketball connecting and remembered this about Garnett he's always been a score. It always what the past first. So prohibit the -- where it's at now is pretty amazing. It is like watching history of CNET report. Guys knocking down shots bullet up the list. John have a -- -- mayor -- -- 08 cal with you know names which are you know. Up at the rafters and it is you see that history and you just have to appreciate that that. That you watch unit and you watch it and how they did at the that you look you realize -- or a -- He changed the culture. It changed relate. I think the legacy football here. Without Kevin Garnett you know what that was going to be all -- I'm not sure Paul Pierce is going to be all the table without Kevin Garnett and win that -- Ray Allen was going to be either but it was that is 2008 -- -- but I think pushed Paul Pierce and rang out across the threshold. While the hall of fame although he -- Paul Pierce's numbers now would be hard to deny he's gonna finish the year twentieth. On the all time scoring -- Kevin Garnett has another name he's gonna pass him next couple weeks he's gonna go past Reggie Miller and -- fourteenth. On the NBA's all time scoring list for a while going into the offseason. The sell it as a team what's interesting about. Lavishing all this tension on Kevin Garnett for this extraordinary milestone -- Jerry West is that. This might be one of the longest stretches maybe the longest stretch you -- Kevin gonna kind of struggle. As a Celtic -- really not saying it was that one game tracing back to that. Remarkable performer again the triple overtime game against Denver Kevin Garnett. Optimism returns efficiency. Really has been the same guy over the last couple weeks and it's -- is going it's that Wednesday nineteenth and a lot of people fill my Twitter -- saying hey Kevin Garnett beat tonight -- I was all I'm sticking with no Kevin Garnett needs to play his way out of it. Especially with a few days. In between games that's exactly what we -- when. Well when you think about Kevin Garnett you think about it be great player you know that the thing about the time you have a porky. And in the MBA and you know I like football. If you have a game maybe the next day two days later and gave the race a race that memory. Jason Terry said -- best. You know we interviewed him after the game he said you know what that it was a bad game we needed to get the taste out of my mouth that. By doing that I think that's all the way to get the taste out of their mouth with that game. Coming off the -- loss in Charlotte the Celtics rule last week on Tuesday night went into Charlotte and suffered the fourth worst loss. Of the 458. Game. New Big Three Erin you suffered at an attempt worst team statistically and NBA history you don't take max's work for that's what Jason Terry told us. Put that out of my mind very quickly obviously not the result -- warning going -- without doubt one of those pins were. Which we will -- women especially those to them prior. But it happens you have a bad night got to come back and fight and I'm glad. We will go on about the threat could hit the -- that -- real quick. That's one thing we talked about especially Kevin Garnett this is trustees and I know how you are about the history of the gate and you're watching living history you see. Kevin Garnett has the body of Paul -- of my -- how do you look at it as a player. Closed almost seems like every other night you know -- he's hitting a milestone towards perhaps somebody on that chart but that's just close to the hard work dedication. That he's putting into it and now we've been wrong. I've been around longer -- who have you went up up up some people playing at a high level. What they have though that's about it we talk to you before it yet. With early in the fees that you would try to find your way which issue be it. But now it is take comfort level Jiri at what that you toll to fit. I'm a rhythm shooters they'll fight it in the twelve shots -- gain a -- if they'll call the wolf. You can tell you're still the -- lot book called the well which is doing with this team with this particular time. We'll definitely and it's all about haven't rhythm being consistent. And knowing that it's going to be a low. Our commitment all that the players would like -- flow and as you've seen the way we play well for laughable monster we've had a great rhythm what we're doing ball movement and -- -- -- Fans now. Play video games they've played Tennessee basketball Apollo orbiting on twittered to me to give. A separation from humanity of the game I think one of things that gets overlooked you've been. And championship teams you've been in locker room for guys that like each other as much. But it is very clear when you travel with this team and you're on the plane in the locker room despite what happens on the court any given night. And to -- can't underestimate the importance to the fact that it seems. You guys really like playing with a chip. -- we left -- with each other and making him but it is life. When you have guys like Kevin Garnett and Paul here -- seen the hard work that they put into this thing. You don't wanna come in and be a cancer you wanna be at writing. And know that if we can do this thing together collectively. In sky's the limit because when your plan when all the farmers like those guys who always have a chance. And especially against the -- Toronto Raptors and the way you guys defend -- and I want 1288 is the final. I know it's a few games ahead you know you keep in mind a couple of things Miami won their twentieth game in a row there could be a long winning streak going in here but. In your life I know we don't get to talk to you between now and then on the air. You got a very big night coming and next we -- back. Don't know what not -- -- authorities feel now WB well on the ATP are well. On behalf of the I don't know what happened on -- -- him back and well Mark Few days don't give out more about you know they'll let you know but it at least that's one back -- -- very emotional and hope that it -- we. Jason Terry joining us after the Wednesday night win for the Celtics it was. And interesting stretch of games it's been up and down so if you didn't expect them it would Oklahoma City -- right at that game on Sunday before the bad loss. In Charlotte but going back before that. One of the biggest wins of the year for the Celtics what has defined the stretch is not only that being in virtually every game with the exception of the game against the lakers in LA and the game against the bobcats last Tuesday night. The Celtics have -- account a year had been in every game. But the difference here lately they found ways to steal the -- in Utah they stole laid -- the great Doc Rivers timeout -- -- another big time out. In -- -- it's it there was no way to self esteem went with four minutes to go down wind died. At Indiana in one of the winds of the year they came back to beat one of the top five or six teams. In the NBA hero that night as he's been many -- in the second half of the year was Jeff Green this is Jeff Green immediately following Mets dealt with. Landmark win this year adding the -- Jeff Greene joins us downstairs on the court here at bankers life field out walk us through the final seconds and how that play -- -- -- they were innocent. -- the live with the men go to Kevin wolf. Global growth the and you know you got to -- -- to both members like given the all that this is leverage on it and took very if something goes wrong. How volatile votes throughout the old it. Probably the problem. Is the point you know when you get a position like that you make it great hit yeah but what you make the case now -- -- -- -- you got that make that layup with yeah. You yeah yeah -- You notice us. You know me being. Let ago that I am in -- -- go come come -- gonna go back. Not invited by the contact and who no doubt going to be -- -- articles don't put on the glass and it's over the. In Utah Doc Rivers called time out early in the fourth quarter -- looked like that he was getting away you know you're down fourteen middle of the third quarter year and Doc Rivers called -- -- what was the topic. We'll. That is off. You name it topic that you know be aggressive continue to attack. You know don't be appropriate. You know they together -- you know we in and down vote. They made their run. Does that it will no benefit themselves. Jeff used you say that it's the -- simple yet but sometimes. You look at team to the U that the year is like they were tasked with the team gave up its last I think the last but that a half. There's never a league that is insurmountable to you've got because there's no need you at all. Yep -- all of that we gave all the disabled list and forgot when the wind nothing now. Not every doubt always that I think now we're on the road -- it takes him with a group that you have the ball movement that we have that was on the documents from the -- -- on the front room in the rotation and you know we're just thinking what is you know. It took awhile but no we got it going and got to the you do. No bit off his game definitely is John we people what they go over and over team and we we go back to what ball what we you. Early in the season when you weren't playing well. And Kevin Garnett -- take you out here or there or two to this and grabbed Hewitt said. We are going to be Q yes without a ball with a big Kurt from a from a teammate -- to get her a while. Come from everything he says the us. No positively beneath it features you know got a ticket on you know on the way to implement. To hear first from noon. You know sort of point in the season for me not just wanted to. You know they would know what I'm about you know attacking him over to us. You know being aggressive and we're gonna tell me to be aggressive you know with that applause when that vote not just took an attractive team work and teamwork and. Sometimes fans what Jeff Green and they wonder of mostly what's going on in that -- -- they get a read on you. How much does the good the and it's a good thing you realize the fans wanna hear the answer this question how much on are you having with this report. I mean does that give our you know them all of the years. You know jet from me. Is you. I'm lucky the play. Alongside his -- you know majority -- that I have with them you know because you know there that is so you Norman joined the you know taken you know everything in from them you know everything they've been through their whole careers you know just doing the people off. I don't so a lot of emotion they don't flow of people you know if you no that you gave them you know have fun on the drama -- -- the number of the beautiful. Last question -- quickly. It almost seems like it's at the college environment you've got to blame him right now yeah. Mean. We're we're making no death or you know -- I have one man I got there way into and -- time that we have together. You know -- that you come across like through you know. Great that a year ago it though you know -- welcome and together build another thing you know them from defeat. Jeff green is going to be an integral player I've been asked them a lot of interviews radio TV shows of Alaska -- Who's the X-Factor for the Celtics in the playoffs to me it is so obviously. Gordon Jeff Green because -- know what Paul Pierce Garnett. Terry you know what they're going to be on the left. But the difference between. Jeff Green we saw in the first half the year and Jeffrey we're seeing a lot of nights here and second. Is what's going to give yourself the chance to upset some teams in the playoffs celebrities talking about profits and getting out sports and with those don't. To me to sequence that stands out. Is Jeff Green playing defense against LeBron James against Carmelo Anthony against Joseph Johnson against the guys so it's gonna have to stop -- they're gonna win a playoff series on the. Just think of it this way. He's going to get a chance to prove himself gave because somebody's coming to your home -- pretty soon. And they might be rat winning streak in this could be team -- so I think it is about what he does on the beat that Soviet offensively you know you'd love to see how explosive -- -- But what I see in him. Is he stole the gain confidence in each and every game and more so. His teammates have gained confidence in you know and that is that he. The what you have to do it round the table and -- to get more more laid out it's a matter of pride Jeff Greene has started he has adopted. But we've really only seen LeBron doing nobody else which is backed up first. Then get the head of state well -- that's what to do it so Paul Pierce says that when you guard the project -- Eight indices for me to say look human. But if you cut it off the first time. What he does he backs away. And maybe go into what are you select who would you plan ms. Pacman they have another gear you can go to super speed. Well that's what LeBron James that's because the super speed which you -- -- so if a guy backs away like that brought you can't allow him you go with him. So we can't get a hit the steam coming toward you. So many changes in the celtics' roster over the last few weeks we've -- D. J. White Shavlik Randolph got a little bit -- run this past week as they try to get acclimated case itself which you need to have a certain situations but. Those will be almost emergency break -- situation. Danny Ainge made trade at trade deadline to bring Jordan property or because Jordan Crawford gonna have to play. And while he has wild Andy struggle sometimes the defense of it. There's going to be a game he's that guy we've talked about over the last couple years that there's going to be a game somewhere that Jordan Crawford maybe in the playoffs is going to winning game. For the Celtics with some kind of offensive explosion it was similar to what we saw from Jordan Crawford in the game the night before the Celtics won Indiana. They want a similar game in Philadelphia Jordan Crawford -- immediately following that game. We talked a lot about all the new influx a lot of new guys in the locker room and was this that night which you did tonight what Doc Rivers told you he wants to -- And need to be aggressive the whole thing growth of this. You know me just learn how to play off people I think the biggest -- just. What. Learning to play with the Celtics obviously it's different system what's different from playing with the Celtics have we will watch it we used his left that the we're just the mentality me. You don't wanna win every single you know -- myself. You know work and all the things rumors work in this day and leave them with a great combination. You know we've beaten them. There's a lot of youth there's a lot of talent in Washington what what is the what was it like for you to walking to his locker room and all the sudden Paul -- home once night it was on them. -- -- -- -- You know you open Gaza movement of the bureau of Famer -- and just the article in the work would they do it there's been those that have left. You guys lots of it tonight's game you had an opportunity really close the door there are several times you -- -- -- -- be a little bit. Disappointed that you guys didn't close the door early on you know things are no turnovers and made news disappointment that the but the way of -- we scored they. You know he wanted to tighten up with a picture -- from about February 12 on the one of the -- hopefully -- and I know he gave up with a -- about. Ninety opposite rebounds to. While. -- Today that was tough to make that stated their coach doesn't make one noted that in the month. Jordan Crawford joining us downstairs and what was this isn't very usual schedule break the Celtics won game seven days but it worked out better you know for all you guys were you what was the primary focus. -- you for Terrence Williams with the team went to Chambliss ran over the last week with only one. As martyr in the guide them in their government says the book. You know people -- to learn we're. You know with players like -- you know more to learn how to play -- -- -- -- -- One of the newest members of the Boston Celtics and if you haven't seen it already find it don't come LeBron on YouTube. Back in the day demand and I try to -- but now you know that's a great Jordan Crawford moment -- might as well as Jordan Crawford got the tape but that. -- and I -- that literary bio talk about a half. Jordan Crawford why that's the word used to describe him we were joking during the Wednesday night game against Toronto as he was going down fast break. How on earth what does the scouting report tell a player defending Jordan Crawford it Jordan Crawford doesn't even know what he's going to be the human machine gun. It -- seen the shot he doesn't -- but. That that you ought to be here towards exactly that to shoot the basketball be aggressive to govern this way when you cross that fall off period. UN Iowa always him being a -- echo when he's going to become you know staff staff ball buried. And he'd never be that we we only felt that the pieces of it because he tried to acclimate himself to agents -- to fit into the team. Well in this case Jordan Crawford it's if I'm Jordan Crawford on the -- either of the score and -- a -- -- point -- attacked the rim and he's that's exactly that. I managed thing a couple of weeks horse here on on the radio Max radio side you know sometimes you miss a great conversation we we. Have had some really governments over the course this past year was -- we have people like doors were Taurus would agree conversation right final I'm Chris whenever. Out of LA -- one of our favorites in you know in my particular vocation why quarter of the industry. Right now Mike to Rico is one of the guys who is absolutely -- capitalistic. Was a Monday Night Football. And they called the game itself it's actually both teams last weekend but joined us for the Friday night game. Against the Atlanta Hawks and we -- fascinating conversation about. Play by play as it is now about Monday Night Football what was it what it will be. You know his view obviously on the Celtics where they are in the course of the season. And you know venturing into Twitter see ads for the first time so Mike to -- join this before the game in Atlanta last week in -- -- -- get a chance you know a conversation. That's what podcasts or four. Few nights a year. We'll get the cream of the crop we get the least we get. The special yes the people to whom we need your entire show around makes career here on the nights they come to view tonight -- Right now -- that's what the rest of the putts at. Mike Tirico is fear you know voice the a Syracuse salaam last night we did the continued national television -- -- plate dominance. -- -- university with Marvin -- eagle at the end he would deny you a date -- -- game -- -- doubleheader you know like some some schools -- quarterbacks. Running backs linebackers quick parts. When you turn -- many of the -- so make sure we turn out -- brag about please think if I chose poorly. Coming down coming down to Syracuse and you know I was I was staring at a I don't wanna wanna be behind in the line of like thirty other people wall once I try to carve out my own path and Agassi and here I am in -- when he you can see the game while -- but what involvement that's you know among many things will get to the team and how -- -- the game we all -- to Roger -- -- how fascinating it was with the dissemination of information. But today as someone who you grew went to Syracuse. Grew up in New York -- -- -- with the -- like mormons here in the building tonight news consultative pervert the big east back in the day. This is asked to be very melancholy and be paid for those with the growth of the BS's. Awful it really use it'll be hopefully knowing the people who have. New console on the core of the big east we're going to be in New York Knicks we can turn it it'll be -- -- an Irish -- -- bill bill Drake can celebrate. -- life well lived in -- Batman -- -- was for about a 3%. There's progress when you really do pull back and Jim Calhoun and outside the lines. On Friday but he made really good points but it suits for a long time. You can't have teamed with the eight billion dollar budget. And teams in the 120 billion dollars or sixty -- about basketball budget. Be in the same house and playing for the same thing. If philosophically knuckle in the same way of security it before so in the long run to Smart move before Providence street -- the other half of some schools I feel bad for connected to snag -- left out Syracuse Pittsburgh West Virginia found homes the hole lead to disappointment what. What one. And win something. Moves on because of progress technology or finance. It hurts you because what you were raised on its disappointing agree to watch it and one last time glad that the -- these pieces -- -- progressed. But throw but he talked about that I look at. You know how they -- he was making the -- and I live their pullout -- with limited book or allow the South Carolina but it yet. And now it is all up and down the coast which is the bases to be that didn't -- -- and Jim Boeheim said it best. Bill because I grew up listening to him mostly he was the guy who. It was clear point he said. You know what our rivalries and those schools they're gonna end. Why because -- -- playoffs every year it's at saint Bonaventure was Syracuse its biggest rival for the big east. But even dream about point 28 Bonaventure when you do it's an important game so the people who live in your new house we've beat up on. We scheme to defeat those people who become rivals and you're right. These -- South Carolina people's perspective it really if they were back in the day. And they were darn good. And now that will form and that's what -- Syracuse and Pittsburgh. As long as they maintain equality with North Carolina and duke in the other schools who have taken their -- being -- BC -- great basketball league -- football league team. The hope with Boston College you're going to use that piece has been missing from the week. QVCU like now fire in the ACC because the advocate that if. Beyond football it's interesting how those of us that it sort of two -- we get our jobs we cherished history and evolution sometimes comes. Harder I think for us it's interesting to me that's the usual talking. You hold. What we grow up that's the most prestigious play by play job exports within a -- off the job itself is much different than it was growing up just as in thirty years from now whoever is now growing up watching you do it. The job will be completely different than. And you're in the same boat. Running most of this job I remember doing a big east game when night Daniel Abrams -- BC and it was in the old garden. And I remember being able to do a game up above. We're -- -- the -- -- it's at now I got it now I understand why it's so -- you just felt that history. -- CV has come along and more people consume the games. With Mike you Tommy -- games on TV that you guys -- the disrespect -- people love hearing you guys when they're out about listen if you look can ship the comfort. He did just that change the radio play by play man was when you associated. As the voice of the team. And it's evolved on TV so everything has changed but the -- football used to be the only game you've got. On prime time at night during the week they get to those yet Sunday previous seven nights at football games before we know it will be every other night. Have force forced them on how do you period that you did to our listeners. Into what you do because we see you. Golf I mean we've that you with everything we haven't it and that's -- and I think that by the government the -- true that you. Although -- that you do so easily in -- which is I appreciate that I love what I do on the man. And it try to maintain my approach to man -- -- -- -- bogged down as they did early on and snaps and writer. About the people would be the lost art department and try to do that and it worked with great people and the events -- very similar practice. It means that familiar the charity of the people. I think like doing. Your -- -- you leave. People around -- and if so studio were game 6070 years. College football basketball go back to place your State's thirty years now for my needs student. And golf is seventy -- here Ramsey people's views and on player after player but think that are on for me now one man on. We're in the World Cup for the first time weird it was a short that was OK now stop operating at a public Gus Johnson is going through -- fox TV. Be ready called World Cup when he tennis I've done the last couple of Wimbledon -- -- down hard you know so. I promise I'll spend hours a week ago on tennis at Wimbledon it's not cram for finals. Not that I ever did that. I don't know I don't and when that happens there and but it's -- things -- do we want them as too. There are lessons you learned to have a conversation with a football coach of production and months later something you learned a lesson like that will hold out and indeed. Apps to curiosity. People and for me and now he's growing on me. And it. I'm still amazed now on it's even docs office earlier tonight. -- news. -- to report things that we talked about all one that I had for a day emergency team that -- -- resonate. Avery Bradley interviewed him. It's -- talked about the whole Texas along. -- of NBA players in the Seattle based Seattle Tacoma based group regards. With the old list and he does it very simply I think world really good like the batteries and all -- -- -- one. We spent a lot of time in them here if we couldn't go -- we don't want to go quietly. I've read rainy day they think that while those guys got good way to get to. Never got. Or they way they ball players don't come from the northeast they -- in the south because again that's what I'll I'll remember that makes us you know what cardinal last hope. And next -- when you do an NBA -- Seattle which conflict obviously real well. The interview tonight with David Bradley the last time you were here at the pre interview -- did it was with rock solid. Because we all thought it was going to be playing that day at Miami game we just -- And then. -- what got hold in this fascinating world of which were all in with Twitter which people at home we're getting it from but we used to get information first our but -- -- gets it. And all the sudden you and me and who -- was calling that game that Miami game within a completely different world trying to watching information. Disseminate. About the Rondo injury and watching the narrative of the team's season entirely change -- games. And the most bizarre part of the wrong -- The end of the game stars asked all just because to communicate while you're just communication we wanted to go fifteen news and the coaching staff. What -- didn't tell the players at halftime and so we were under the impression that they do that we've been saying that bubble game. Miami's players news. Because Dwyane Wade went into the locker to use the facilities to the bathroom during the game you know that's the third -- our Jacqui the -- thought Jack McMullen. And found out what what do you do back here. Broncos Vizio via really hear -- councils are received them released art -- -- back up we'll keep the heat players knew everybody in the building. Everybody watching -- TV. And the Celtics you know those that really just an odd. Day and evening and I still can't believe they're here I am back here for the first time since. And the Celtics are 113 for veteran whose remarkable got the other -- asked you that your view from -- now that it is. You don't have run though the team is playing well. What do you think from the outside the team's not better -- playing better why they play better if everybody's doing everything. You know it it behaviors admitted -- -- -- -- -- -- but -- when you -- that. That lot. I use that yesterday on talk radio got this. That is the -- you're out of me but and I I don't want my accident I believe the Fed to understand that without benefit. The team everybody else and now it. And the big thing -- -- they've kept that all fears if those with a beat everybody else accountable well wolf is that the and that's why -- the equipment. But two point one it if you're at home do you think -- Everybody's got their chores around the house and somebody can't do your source for whatever reason for the bomber data -- what happens to -- towards not get that no other people picked up. Have a quality of how they get done. Could be significantly different. But what you might realize is yours on May be the best dishwasher in the house he leaves for popped better than his older brother but you never know it could you never had to do. Rondo is terrific defender run those great distributor. Rondo gets the best news more. Now he's not -- one. All square witnesses guys the defensive tone that we need help people like all the little things -- -- They can sustain it as it goes on it it'll be hard particularly good if -- hard to get better plug. We know that every applauding for now and without those two up Paul Evans execute the obligation that's the one that keep me up tonight. Who's the best -- company in any sport on -- -- -- -- Paul -- accomplishments. Leadership. Longevity. And residents -- a lot. Almost any sport I'm honestly with hockey I can't get one in the NFL I'm trying to publish scramble hard previous -- I can't they go. But don't you write your really your Detroit Red Wings teams late ninety's you know those veterans -- 2000 that's about the only one that -- tend to doubt that this was you know it's about the way back. That's -- that's a dad travels a lot. And everybody else -- the -- of the pick up on them and god I've got no doubt I said to pick up things a production means I'll but it -- that -- And file I found our way my son -- put the stuff -- his -- and -- vote. Back to back off world. They think it's sort of the draw worked here. Instantly anyone that standing in the place where you are to show Twitter -- all of our lives. Some of the better so for the worst but regardless you have to Tippett talked about evolution. What has been the patrol in the -- of -- I needed ten times they'll -- -- into today if there is silly stuff that's out there that is mean spirited. Negative and out -- hurt people without any consequences or the ability to face somebody. And -- Wednesday. The positive is I'm smarter I get more information more knowledge seem more different view. You points and I also understand I think what people always want to see a little bit more than they used so loved the information. -- -- -- we take. The 10% of -- different lop it off but. You -- -- politics into about driving you to America so that -- would it make the best to move on. Mike Tirico joining us always we love spending time and you know that deficit lunatic French they're trapped overrated -- but -- also. -- if I can debate right now. Nothing but the best nothing but the biggest names. -- radio network so that sort of look at this next part of the season. It is. The strangest times notes have been away on the -- for the last six weeks at home stand here with games against Charlotte and Miami. But then about the march is that means a lot of other events here at the gardeners. Colleges high school different attitudes that means it's gonna go right back on the road. And this is the one thing the Celtics have done is play well. On the road absent signature wins the Utah game. But the host Rondo Celtics this let. Between home and away. It's staggering right now the Celtics went out on the home or eleven and -- winning by nearly eleven points to gain what. On the road they are 69. Outscored by three points and obviously the reason that's important is because to me there -- any. Very good 7080%. Chance view that the Celtics open the playoffs on the. While you'd think -- opened on the road that that would be a piece something you know that you know you wouldn't wanna do you hope you. You get home court advantage but the thing that you have to do is just concentrate they continue to play well. And maintain a certain focus on both is that the floor. Eventually good things -- to have for you the thing that we've seen that you really like about the -- other than maybe that Charlie gave. -- the fact the -- just don't get blown out and they give themselves a chance to weigh in at that he has on the road. And that is always a key. We need on the road state it hailing distance and the felt that just that. The first 31 games of the year at the Celtics fell behind by twenty points seven times in the second 31 games. It only happened 131 games don't happen intro to notes -- twice. Since the first of the year is the Celtics finally. For the most part all these games they stayed close which means. They've been -- which reminds us that our. Favorite guests join us this past week in Oklahoma City our annual visit with good -- JR -- -- to be hall of Famer Jim Ross you get a chance to your conversation. As the UD podcaster -- -- cubicle headphones on your on the elliptical machine. You've -- this up in our gift to you as our yearly conversation with a 10. It occurred to me a couple of years ago first time that we do this with JR that. The problem was so many people want to hear and you have so many fans worldwide net became broadcast itself with -- by the NBA so it's one shot deal you have to listen live or you're not -- hearing and I realized so many people in -- chance to do that. So we view this online people -- listen to whenever they want at their leisure at their desk pretending they're working -- the cost them by as many different ways. If you look at this particular conversation which I know what a lot of you. One here -- we'll get to the -- bit and this being. Now playoff season yet AMP -- playoff season in double that you get that second place. Any thunder situation here when we first started doing this but thunder were on the rise. They were a young team they were losing a lot of games -- supportive the fans work and now you have watched it many many games it part of this Oklahoma sports scene. -- now this become the team in the Western Conference what was this part of the country estate in this city like. During the NBA -- Or is crazy you know and I learn something -- this morning up out mystery man on the in the day. He owns everything else up -- him out of on the NBA -- its secret way pay patients. It's all it's just a matter of time that David Stern probably won't be the new broad general manager into the futures were -- I'd hate to see those two guys roomed together those workers stuff out organized conversation the the atmosphere was. The only way to describe it for. A sports fan is that. It was frenzied much like the sooners going to the national championship football game. It was yesterday everybody was all in. Allegiances. The thing about this team is that. Since the federal building was bombed in Oklahoma City several years ago. I think the state just look for something to galvanize. All the constituencies whether beat the sooners the local state team what -- -- may be. And a thundered down that they have brought all sports fans and their respective sports bases together. And I think that's been really great for the city it's been a great economic boom for downtown Oklahoma City. And all the ancillary businesses so. -- Oklahoma City Thunder has been extraordinary for the state you know we are talking at dinner last night about their fans at Tulsa. Dude that's at 200 mile round trip this season tickets that directed at a mile round trip to come to every home lenders. If Philly in the NB -- we will go there aren't that many markets left -- is the primary thing in that particular market is like going on New York there's a lot going on Boston's like going on Chicago. But in -- San Antonio in salt lake city Oklahoma City seeing a little bit in the NHL but it it really you really think he ripped. Spring practice is going on for you for your services have very very busy time here you are you excited about -- the fall. Yeah I think you know we're we get a thumbs up three new coaches. And we'll have a new offensive system to some degree because -- quarterbacks vying for the job that probably will not be decided until. All of this. Can run and that's something that's in the last decade was Sam Bradford and Landry Jones that we haven't had to say. Running quarterback. -- pine for the days and quarterback brawl. That we never saw. At least the last four years that seems to know is that this is the RG three college athletic -- now in the NFL and that trickles down. Other problems don't use a little bit of the they're bringing in the coach some of that in the senate. -- that. Champion that off this afternoon in the 49ers are run and we've got a big kid name public bill that's -- of a young Roethlisberger is 66. 250. The bar. Hard to get down. That -- players that we got a couple others that are not that large obviously but that they all can run as the bottom line and and coached as a fifteen year. Replacement coaches which is highly and you feel his style in this thing. -- as we transition to our annual you know are dumped heavy conversation comes wherever we happen to come to Oklahoma City and this year and last year to. It was sort of this time a year now Ager in the march obviously you know -- -- rainy season we'll get to the second. Unprecedented. Hall of fame. Class and -- happen at Madison Square Garden of all places but this was a very difficult week for a lot of people in the industry put himself because. It is extremely rare. -- particular business when you hear someone universally those grades and the character and everybody knows all there -- no movies passed away this week he was one. It sure was especially on Tuesday at the age of 58 and I had a long history within going back to the early eighties and his personal friend of the third. Music -- a group as a resting in a Mobile, Alabama always wanted to be in the business didn't have the athletic skills to be a wrestler. But he had the entertainment skills to be a manager and he was a very account manager. It's hard to. -- them for some of us that have been around the undertaker. Incarnation that television persona since its inception. To see the -- without Paul bear. Our -- without the potential for a reunion as it -- so. He's a guy that was severely missed at Vegas. I don't know how it is in in professional sports that I know that in show business you know obviously someone is universally liked and doesn't have any. You know vocal enemies. -- kind of rare that you mentioned John and I think that. We're -- in this. Paul -- bill moody polished solid person got the I. It was -- arson doesn't need the it it. He was always Ballmer on television person behind the scenes. With a real name of bill Moody's -- of the multiple personalities that we all deal with a on a daily basis and John or sports entertainment but he is that he is a good good man will be missed obviously his funeral was yesterday. In mobile. Young players develop in the NBA in professional sports we have veterans around them and in the sports entertainment industry. To -- the undertaker was probably going to end up in the hall of fame eventually anyway he would have been down that track but. It's hard to envision it happening without someone like Paul they -- to be with him at the start and -- as a fan as a longtime fans watching now. He sees me there's so much young talent as much in a lot of ways there's ever been but now. Part of the business doesn't think it's easy to be as many young manager -- development and they're the people to enhance the young him. Well it's a very unique skill base and and yet have a a a genuine feel for being an antagonist. And a lot of guys that are great managers that we can name. All the very guys even the Freddie Blassie's in the grand wizards and and some of the classics on the WWW. Days. They all. Learn their trade in the and other territories of the regions of the country before they made it quote unquote into the big time in in the northeast. And so I think that's the that's the issue -- that. I don't think that the dividend be created this intentionally moved away from managers as much as. It's like the NBA. The find me a seven foot two gathered in two to three. He has to learn a further back the basket more. So it's a different ball game with a different environment. That you know Paul Raman is three mere. Figure on WW television. But he's a product of the environment that we just mentioned and he's also very very good antagonist that. If you and I talked about at dinner you know we've you can argue with him and -- -- -- -- Vociferous argument about what would have -- but that's just his personality and he's very very good. -- what we get up -- you you always says you don't believe. The street today the -- those circumstances really under which the streak shouldn't do it every year is a unique situation yeah. And to me it's almost the fifth as the fans. If there was a guy. I mean this is a -- this is the ultimate Portsmouth to be passed because the way the title changes hands now. This is the one thing left -- it makes it unique and special after. Well just with too few punches with the year that he did. An unprecedented run in this data in the Twitter age to which we have no patience for anything -- the longest run. In 25 years the only thing left for in the ultimate -- left to be passed as the undertaker street get Russell media and to me as a fan. If there's a high Pittsburgh. It's the -- well you know even though. I personally believe the undertaker will never lose wrestle mania. I think that this story leading into April 7 at MetLife stadium will be very compelling. Because. As you mentioned if I would tell the story on WB TV. It would be in this that there will be other definitely champions there will be other long rains. With a -- law and diplomacy of -- that remains to be seen but it's doable. There can only be one person. Ever meet demand it in some winning streak only won't ever Iranian carnation. The man of the year to -- time. So I think it's. Really an intriguing. Storyline that's an interesting match up with styles. Both undertaker and are big MMA fans. I think that -- you'll see some of those elements. Utilized. -- the question always has to be. Whether we like to bring it up or not is. At the at the end of takers -- late forties and all the injuries that he's had candy hold up and is he vulnerable. From the fiscal standpoint and does the WW believe that maybe it's time to annoys. In your -- man forever that you -- if you beat him to it is that's kind of might not my thing you know the only opening you know sort of -- years you know in this in this conversation. With a home favorite industry is. Isn't in the end of the day is in the business cyclical nature of it isn't passing the torch at every level. Huge part absolutely without question it is a huge part of it is the obligation. Of the older guys to somewhat anoint our our elevate the younger guys -- the next generation is. As strong if not stronger than the previous. Whether that decision and now those. The thought process of the will be very intrigued -- disbelief that. The pope's ability to verbalize the story that can be told. If he -- a story that it for years we kept the undertaker seemingly. Impregnable -- had a coat of armor that could be dented. Is it really is mother nature just -- here. It's not that way he has only Russell we have seen since last year and after last year -- had two major surgery. So he's had he's had one match on the road that was in Waco Texas off Broadway not advertised. -- well physically. But how can he hold on. That's the biggest night and our and our Super Bowl. On April 7 because like about half. Folks a machine he just keeps coming and coming and coming and that's -- going to be real interesting of the clash of styles there. It will be one of those matchup with the broadcasters dreamed of all. It will be one of those matches that if you're a star. And have to follow it. You're gonna really -- -- anxious moments because it's got to follow such an emotional presentation. This great shock to me. Is as big a singular element. Today Israel so many presentation. Is anything that we had. And you kind of vindicate them again I don't think people truly realized when you think about that show. The placement on the show. The corporate structure everything involved in this suitable the pressure of what they're two of the biggest game players of all time on the first ballot hall of famers. But the pressure on Johnson you know. And a rock to do this again. To carry the show it to end that she could tell in more compelling story in a rematch. Situation is to me that's that's extraordinary -- that's absolutely in the other factors that we have to is that human element of fans sitting there for four plus hours that today if you factor in the time that they get there they parked the get their seats weather could be whether there could be certainly could be you get there early. And then the show that -- the paper music for our broadcast. And they're gonna close that for our broadcast so. They have no option but to the extraordinary. They got to change their match -- a little bit that some of the presentations. The F two fan favorites the lack of better term. -- and rob you of those in this somewhat polarizing as we've ever seen. So the pressure of those two guys is something that is never really out -- we've spoken about in the locker room area because. You wanna jinx anyone kind of goes and so did but we all know the pressure on those two -- to deliver its enormous. That's going to be amazing weekend I think that the hall of fame class is going to be stacked anyway before. Also it's really it's -- staying a couple of years ago we were doing the UN -- to -- in the -- first time it. We had little live within seconds -- between free throws like kind of throughout. Very quickly -- the standard mount Rushmore question who the four guys to put on mount Rushmore -- it. My own in my own mind. If I assume geographic bias and I was surprised when you said Bruno San Martino and media portion of what a hundred guys as they can always be entertained. -- surprise that he -- to the front of your mind. You know again geographically I was thinking to realize what Burleson were to -- was. I was really happy to see the reaction of things against type and our lack of attention -- Real sympathy to us from the -- thirty years and yet the reaction in the respect for someone. Who has really been for a lot of reasons has been a part of WB TV rights to see that reaction that that love for me to be realized that New -- -- -- reason. While thinking you're right about that it's going to be the most emotional all things we've ever had regardless sold out it's the -- of 188 time that Bruno sewed up the hard. And we're give him credit that sell out because of -- sold out of that was that was announced that front -- but you know it's great to say hey Bruno. With a 180 time you sold -- -- guard but he is meant so much to so many people. Wrestling villains and territories. Would dedicate their body of work to get good enough to get there quote on quote run and -- both New York. Which as the northeast Boston. And -- in New York City and Philly and so forth. So everybody warned that run -- Bruno when he -- if you're lucky you got one shot the garden. My boss bill watts who was -- -- third year -- the business got three runs with Bruno in the garden three shots. And that was highly unusual. And so who villain in Bruno's relationship. I felt like I knew Bruno because bill referred Bruno many times in my formative years. And of course I was a product has arrested venerate the monthly wrestling magazines -- and my god you couldn't read a magazine. That -- minute. Well -- she gonna last in every situation and include like the -- this is my show. And I drove idolize pop back. I could be the only one targets and not with burdensome to rather with my back and it's on overshadowed again my guy Madison square just it's just the way it worked out. To be it's funny you have you're you're crazy childhood biases -- who look at the businesses fail to recognize. Who vocal was snorkel with a simple we all have our guys and to me that body of work when we talk about with C upon justice will always be two guys came before -- and after Bruno while back the body of work will always be. Unappreciated arm of. Bob -- -- suits the Oklahoma territory. After. Coming down from. His college days started Amarillo. Inning made district food Oklahoma's just made since the adjacent territories. And he was here for a little for a little while. Very quiet very Joseph you would never thought that -- had their run but you know the story goes that ms. McMahon senior wanted a Jack Bristol life. Figure I wrestling hero. And with Bob back when he got that -- so much more because Bob was reliable. And durable -- the strongest guys in the business physically and mentally. And I'm happy for Bob of their great night if I were four -- the all -- they. I was struck the -- -- -- Mick Foley. And get a Roland get some laughs out there because. I think a lot of the other inductees. Are gonna have more when -- things to say and Nixon to gamers you know that wells anybody is. Some women usually unique I think. With him about it stand it would be great but what is far this -- great night and might be. Obviously -- throughout the Sierra Club back when my good friend Mick Foley and of course when I get older I had my a certified electrician differently. -- -- -- that's different you know if podcast. For -- time all right obviously thank you guys are rough for much of the stuff we don't need to do -- refuse if you can't do it during the game up to play is going on. And obviously we can do it we can do it for hours and hours and go on with -- but it is -- you were. Extraordinarily. Popularity and love the people have for you just wanted to hear your voice that demand for this. You know it's fun for us to have you here I know you love being around these but this is. This is something we do because you were. Resonance with people. They just want more and more of today are some numbers we appreciate. Appreciate you know. I was always great to have you here enjoyed. Always -- Your valued friend that. As such respect for Boston in that area. You know I Stiller on the Boston -- that one day. Where we had a paper view in the old garden. And I have I share locker room of the size of -- plausible gorilla monsoon and it was just an incredible day because. He told me so many stories about his experiences in the garden as the bad guy as the good guy. You know the one -- Bruno all these things. So to Boston's. What my favorite spots that. First place very raw oysters. And not -- We will talk about the kind of fortune you maybe. Last night and I. May be a quick picture over later maybe I won't -- I will say that you Amanda I and I won't exactly tell you what it is that they are happy last night except to say this. To eat them. You have to have. And believes that your man. And today our course joining us doing color of the three man Booth we had going in the second quarter and Oklahoma City and now the Celtics while the fun. In the final guest stars stuff thoughts of SARS the fate when he comes through that. Heartbreak deal of the season the Celtics are almost there into the fourth quarter of the season. When the so the school out of that western trip they always go to Texas late in March he's going to be at Dallas Memphis the world and strip that is coming up for the Celtics next week he once that's over. Then you've really made the turn for home they're going to be some very important games lately against Indiana. And maybe the most telling games in that final twelve to fifteen game stretch you're gonna play the knicks twice home and away with the course of six days. Nationally televised game on TNT your boss -- Easter Sunday night will be at Madison square garden and the Celtics are gonna make a run. At that fourth spot. Those -- games you think about the injuries that Nixon. At -- you you -- future opportunity because. This might be a wounded team. You we don't know what Carmelo coming -- but now style -- looks like he's going to be out for the rest of the year so the opportunities could beat the if in fact you point to make a boom and extend -- we'll see if they concede the fault though a huge western. -- swing right now they have going on -- see how they do it Matt and we appreciate the opportunity to be in your -- for the latest edition of -- Grady and Max overtime podcast. So which will resume Saturday night with a game against Charlotte. And forwarding past that only you know it's coming on the schedule on Monday night march 18 the Miami Heat. Winners as we record this of twenty consecutive games a commander Boston maybe. But the chance that the longest winning streak in the NBA in forty years with the Celtics stating in a -- be extraordinary drama for Miami's final visit. All of the regular season that's the latest edition of -- -- overtime podcast thanks for -- up we'll catch -- next.

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