Mar 14, 2013|

Boston is nothing like Seattle....check out this bit to hear just some of the differences.

Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

Four -- sold could come to Boston he has to have his final days in Seattle they won't be that they were Brock and I just muddle through the show prize. Yeah crying because he's leaving a city where fans come up and say things like. This solidified that. Just say thank you for all the work that you did he did a great job and thanks for everything -- and coming to a city where fans cola to see this. I think you're. Friends in Seattle column to appreciate my -- friend that you are pretty woman but it is important to have. People that intelligently stir up a dialogue and that's what makes sports great friends in Boston region for different reasons -- yeah. Why did you. Showed him about that moment. You know we've been on the always sitting around doing mother's -- Bats in Seattle former players like Jay Buhner -- to compliment blank pictures to the -- -- in the apparently unarmed they know they'll be Arabs and other sort of -- -- -- in Boston. People called to -- on former players. Even though -- crappy baseball player who could -- We get it Giambi added go to Japan to get a job I can trust us believe. The Mariners general manager appreciates much of the enjoyed listening to your picture perspective is very good. In all sports Boston's former manager well fees none is nice for an embarrassing things you know -- jury in the mouth are. Indeed Boston is nothing like Seattle but don't worry too much for so when he gets here in less than a week ago showed that he's gonna -- any of Boston and them and then we'll start with producers -- -- -- for a guy. He's on the phone hey for a guy can you pull up my and my computer and 321.

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