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Troy Brown, Patriots WR, shocked by departure of Welker

Mar 14, 2013|

The former Pats WR joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the departure of Wes Welker, his initial reaction, and what Tom Brady may be feeling.

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Elicited the biggest guy in the world we got the biggest heart so that makes up for a lot of you know beside different since his mental toughness his physical toughness you know -- There's just nobody like I think there -- so you know when it mattered most -- comes -- with that. Tom -- -- Wes Welker. Now be doing all that stuff for the Denver Broncos mark -- 93 point seven. WEEI normally at this time a Celtics Thursday we talked to Jackie McMullen Jackie vacationing. In Barcelona as you probably know if you heard our show earlier in the big show on Tuesday. When Jackie joins us she's brought to you by eight -- say insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by -- hill Ford and with a big day in the patriots and a big day for Wes Welker we talked to -- patriots Monday regulatory brown who joins us -- on the eighteenth the outline. Georgia is your initial reaction yesterday. When you got the callers to the text of the Tweeter whatever that. Wes -- to Denver two years twelve million bucks. It would I would pretty pretty shocked that. -- number would be that low it and you know I know he's he's what thirty -- their commute though is coming -- zone. But. Really surprised that you got out of New England for. You know just -- million though you're more than what you don't get in New England -- That is the though the patriots put -- in the wrong that the way they operate and they were willing to go. Opinion out there so. They had -- Atalanta Apollo radio they wanted to make the same depicted the domestic with the idea -- it. Not have anything Glanville but there's a bit -- demand up in this door for somebody you know then. You. Make plans to get younger. Yeah I know I was shocked to about the money the take away the money are you shocked that. Wes Welker is not back here to debate remember well in early in the year -- Comcast watching games Wes is an out there that you and -- both sadness and oh so he's going on Wes is gone. As you know that was kind of you know there does that make in the print -- player is that but that that much money. And they haven't hidden on the land start with these you know what kind of thank you for everything you've done for you know we return to move forward. With the that the other people and and that's the way I thought that the well look better than what's on the play different then. You know and they behead them and -- in -- about a lot the looming government plans several different places. And I mean to me it was kind of the right outcome of them on the walls that. You know that bit that maybe his last season. Given what he's done for this team and and you know we can play the role Troy he's are your surprised about you know the market and that'll didn't play out to more than two years and and twelve million bucks when he comes back and barely offers the patriots an opportunity they made a mistake in not matching that if they had that chance of bringing west back for that same two years twelve million dollars. Well they they had enough already I mean you look at the way it went down and then somebody that there was days went out and these. Until. So they they have the number four west you know can we do that we'll have you back with this number and you know there and then possibly still grab them and go through but the they want when the -- opinion and that's the way they do things and they they have the market don't they know what it is and and obviously. You know there wasn't a whole lot else but they're much better than what he got from Bill -- you know also. I mean when you look at it is not that big of -- difference but you know that the what do pages in the ballpark so what do you what do you into the did you do in the ballpark and and I think only that I want to know if they made a mistake I'm not doing that but I don't think they've built themselves and and better position than they did in 2006 -- limit the number as in David given that it. And -- have a plan and little scrambling to get musical world and Doug Gabriel went into an uptick in the support Def media. Midway through this season. They're not in the best shape like not a big going to Amendola they have a budget cut in -- can play the game ballot to be back this year fullest and hopefully. For the football team so. They've got some options would have to put a little bit different without question I don't know him and -- that we don't look -- -- a man on the a really good football player. But you know we will see where if you don't be as tough it was to -- and that is durable. As -- was was that football team and network definitely this. Long list of wide receivers they brought in in the last six years for the -- through free agency trying to find went through the draft and every single year with a Brandon Lloyd -- it is you know the connection might not be there with Tom and he always sees number 83 out there how difficult would that be for Brady now. -- -- just gather dust then. Be able to. You know -- found another as a target to make -- guys and and and nobody really better at that -- come you didn't do it several times throughout his career. Coming up and pointed to that more than 2006 season when you bring in -- -- the week the game. And then -- able to -- laden and put up with the that we make it to the championship game in -- championship game. You know and get beat because you know we just couldn't perform in the fourth quarter offensive before -- -- I mean is that they can make good distance thing that I mean the page is no availability if there's anybody that knows how to. Use the people that there would be Belichick and Tom Brady and they've got to get this. They know what -- And they use them and they and they figure -- and an Atlanta got the blood and it's up and they can be. Wrote all the different players the great players that have walked with a B Seymour and or -- they -- traded or whatever might be people that left here. Is -- the biggest transgression do you. Biggest surprise. -- outfit complete sense. It's humid they know they they they know. What they wanna go they know where the numbers are as far as contracts they know of a thing where they will and not willing to go more than two years on on this thing and and you know have a guys in the big guy guaranteed money over the four years and been. His performance drops off pretty quickly it happens it happens pretty quickly to a lot of guys. You can see the guy go from you know 808590. -- is not down to 4040. In the matter with these. That the wiggle them and they and they know that and they got a -- without thought they could cancel them. But that much money into nuclear right now in itself whereas we've got we're one that was -- world without but the move on then that's somebody else different. We're talking to Troy Brown patriots hall of fame our guest on our patriot Mondays on all things Wes Welker yesterday. The crazies is not a penny more right Troy that they had their number. They wouldn't extended a -- you know it's really two million dollars which in the NFL landscape is is pennies. Is that is that when when that happens right you you've been a player on that block from how does that affect teams he talked about. The players have gone Ty Law not -- back went on to New York in a couple of big years you've seen. How the players reacted is what it is that locker room say when they see a deal like this words really pennies on the landscape of bringing this guy back or want to Danny -- Well they -- had been right now and they ended march I think a lot of the guys that -- this figure it out and get over it. Gonna do have a the due to -- that you can't let that affect your performance I don't feel. But that there will be some discussion about it -- most of probably aware of and the like robot -- locker room that. When I went down the play the game of the old guy there obviously cleaned and and then they'll move forward from it but you know if there is -- -- for a popular of the young guys that don't understand the business just yet. And how it works and you know whether it also put the money and noticed two -- -- -- -- you think you are. You know you can always be replaced. Whatever released dart. Not back to -- being so and also put them on notice that the book and it works both ways and dugout and then other than their public detonated the day but they'll figure it out and get over it and if the business and -- -- move on. You with that Tom Brady particularly you on that team in 06 and a lot of people think and it. You know Brady wasn't happy we negotiate lost his guys a couple of wide receivers like you said had left town give a sense that what Tom that he was frustrated with that. You know I got the sense of that when it went in with Deion Branch. You know that when when he left. Really thought he was kind of frustrated by the move and but their frustration with legitimate because. We don't have anybody else I mean in an album 34 eagle I think it depends. And not really expecting -- come in the -- starting wide receiver but it could be basic via a third. Sometimes for the gap of -- when they needed me to be upon -- area. And finished -- my career that way and then all of them posting to a rule compliance -- please game. And that really wasn't what I expected to do. Thought thought that that frustration was really does it legitimate but Tom Brady and and not have -- Gather in -- ready to go but -- and -- being integrated it is he figured it out pretty quickly I mean look going ahead. Basically put into practice. And we went out there and play pretty well with them and as a pretty darn good season and up until that you know as the fourth quarter of that in the game. It was you know kind of a pretty -- good season -- revenue put together an office two women did. Did you ever just kind of go to -- invoice that meant to say you're you're 35 that year Troy I don't want to add in of the UT I thought. We're sensitive to the did. You have a personally. You know not really believe I must've been adequately looks. -- You don't get well they -- -- with the they look you got that you got to go play -- and elect but does this repayment of political analyst playing on that Thursday as opposed -- Friday. Before the game knowing that you played that first game. -- We keep taught or is it is a fan base and -- immediate Roy you've been there you've heard that raised the patriot way. In this case in this case it seems like Wes Welker did everything right he played. 97%. Of the regular season games while he was here in 97%. He missed three. Over the course of six years to return punts he gave you is Brady's guy. The patriot way in this case they wouldn't go up a million dollars a year to match it -- me that's enough frustrating as a player. Over there as a Catalan. If whereas the that it the world -- and another go Atalanta. You will hey here's what you would never be out of the pages whenever the what happened in the Baltimore you'll be that it happened that picture. They would they don't put themselves in the kind of position -- at the release. In Belfast the start than. You know the longer role players from their roster because they just can't afford to people you never beat the patriots and that position. Because they aren't afraid to make the -- a -- yesterday. With with with with Wes Welker so. I it's on the on the field this year west is not here -- Danny -- dole you said you're not sure what he can do let's let's. A sick of the guy he did watch a lot of and Aaron Hernandez debate tag Aaron Hernandez Troy. As the new guy in the slot and we saw the hits that west -- thought -- that you take Hernandez. At times when he got hit. Has done a lot of guys probably the able alligator arms it seems like he gets he gets -- he gets affected by that can he long term. -- that next slot guy in your mind Aaron Hernandez. It was a thing he's probably just as quick as well as -- -- -- precedent -- any vigorous fundamentalist. And trickled past the matchup problems for people limit. You know then and the biggest question is just durability. -- -- missed three games in six years in the -- and I don't know if weather than that in new England and allow them. And that's the thing is gonna be hard to replace them as you saw listed you do both -- in this. In even Sankoh would that hurt for a little well and it did so that's the big question put them -- afforded. Can they keep with somebody consistently on the field but Tom Brady could be that one guy that one piece. Everything continually count count every week you know we get the week. Right now that the big court tomorrow because of monks have been hurt -- and is gonna hurt Amendola have been hurt you -- look -- a different team. He's been hurt and banged up and that the big question mark is are they going to be durable enough food that was then is that those fees. To be interesting Troy last one for -- defensively. He is a quarterback at the next thing they need to go get quarterback safety somewhat defensive backfield. Got them at my lifting on the job man they have they have to make -- they have to make an impact the safety position. If you were the keys to the walk. You know no matter what you think about his style of play me please give. He'd change the way that defense played their attitude and know what they want to do over the as you saw in a Baltimore game when he left it was a completely different game -- without this so you need somebody. That's going to be aggressive and don't care about didn't beat and just says that type of personality. That is don't -- -- dog. Serbian as secondary at the core position in the in the impact -- decision maker that is you know we'll get back going to go out in the right place. Does that make a plea that he committed and that will be the kind of over the pages. Troy great stuff appreciate your job I'm -- -- get your take on this we'll see a couple of weeks. Also ahead this demand the president himself and he just didn't CPA even though. They've got on -- to get a couple more and I think they're gonna get. Just because of the way they spoke of the CPA excellent. They complain to -- about that too. -- point could take short thanks -- appreciate it Troy Brown joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds at ten times faster. And three G it's AT&T rethink possible and yet anti. There after that that the national perspective was as you'd be right that the owners won by the owners crushed the players when it came to CBS that they sort of caved. Maybe Troy is right that part of that caving is now. Being evidenced by flat cap stays the same like guys being cut a lot of these player market wide receiver your quarterback Jason Cole Yahoo! Sports and.

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