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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, Welker wanted to stay with Patriots

Mar 14, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Wes Welker signing with the Broncos and how the negotiations went with the Patriots. Reiss says Welker wanted to stay, but the Patriots had decided to move on.

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Happening right now. -- Welker. Over any -- on me give me one -- one drive for game I'm particular precision. Over where a war of Wes Welker over the wrong for our room. All of the bigger received. That's how much he has refined. Hope her -- he has his game when you look at stick it eat it two years. Never before in the history. Of this game. In their history. Of our game we play -- we call football have we head. Slot receiver. As the prime mere. The great Michael Irvin talked about Wes Welker it's -- and -- 93 point seven WEEI. You'll take that rescission the Denver with Peyton Manning two years twelve million bucks and a great story written today. Not the brightly Mike re -- -- boston.com. On. How we got to this point where west is in and Danny and west is out the Indian dole is in a Mike -- ES PM boston.com joins us on the -- the hot line pretty crazy. Point four hours a year like I'll start out the one a bigger question I have because you write today. That once Wes got this deal this offer from Denver. He gave the patriots an opportunity. To match -- is -- -- up this morning into the patriots have that chance at some point yesterday. Absolutely I I stand by -- and -- on the way this stuff works is when you write something or you sort something. You have to be willing to lose your job you know if that's incorrect in and. You know it comes down to a trial you don't have to write anything and not only gripe about it I I believe it to be 100%. It's true I mean there is I can go into details of the discussion but I wouldn't wanna violate you know. Confidence and go that -- Barbara. I believe strongly. Have been cold that he wanted to stay here and at that point. When he got the offer from the bronco was the patriots had moved on and the door had been closed said that the offer was there they were moving from it and. At that point west had a decision to make and it -- it felt like he couldn't come back after the offer being made. Because he had to see a little more respect he felt like that was undervalued. Well here's the other big question I have because evident Campo you know you eat you can move on if you improve and other areas you can becoming better football team take the money -- -- The face of this that doesn't look like they've saved anything. But have they have we gotten any cap numbers and do your best estimate what could possibly be because if I find out image Dole's first -- cap -- deflect GAAP. Is two million then you can look at is look at -- four million to save and a defense. Lose this note there's no cap numbers yet I mean if you look at it from. They looked at it from the years perspective that's really the key is it's two years verses five years and -- your terms or 27 year old community. If you're if they're gonna have served the production they're projecting -- until it comes true. Ultimately it'll be a good deal for him in terms. I'm chances but I mean not the projection minutes. Whether that comes to fruition and then you had a shirt saying -- Welker who pretty much everything you could ask for. And you're going incurring some riskier because there's no guarantee they'll -- -- -- -- it would do the -- And here's the question too because -- said if you don't save money. But you decided to go elsewhere attacked teams differently with maybe an outside guy like a Jennings or do whatever but. They've sort of for the same amount of money just replaced welcome with the younger one that that's hard for me understand. It is well -- so basically I mean I guess what it would come down to as the patriots set what they felt like it is the right value and that you. You look at what Welker got there from Denver and it wasn't that far off. You know so they they weren't that far off on their options. And but can we can argue whether that was the right decision or not and I think that's there. But this -- the way to do business public it's a -- -- shouldn't should they have. I'll bet differently for Welker based on -- -- -- -- the franchise I think you can make it stronger argument. That that's the case but that's not what about -- what they decided to deal. And they see a younger player with a more long term upside. And they made the move. And I asked the question about the the offer back to the patriots is not his conflicting reports today from a bunch reporters here they did it. Or they didn't I'm curious -- when you write about the incentives that or part of the deal you reported that it was two years ten million dollars. With incentives and that those in the Welker camp. Believe those incentives were going to be too hard to -- we have any idea. What those incentives war and -- on paper they look impossible. For west to reach -- would have been tougher to make that extra money. There so I'll give you an example on two with a two year ten million dollar deal with a chance to go as high as sixteen million with incentives. But it's your Welker he's got to look at and have cable and I got to be able reached at instead appears one of all pro. -- -- can have a great season but you got to factor and how exactly he's gonna measure up against Calvin Johnson against some of the other great receivers in the league. So it's not you know it it looks good on paper but if you don't think you can reach it then it's. It's not sixteen million and so I think the question what's a reasonable number here to reach an agent summit and also. If so what happened at the start of the 2012 when the patriots. Started to move away from -- a little bit and that's he's an opener in the second game. What confidence you have is your Welker -- that might not happen it did you know about that could happen again and then your chance against Saddam is gone you have no control over. Nobody had no baseball that's got away from stats you know it's more boat -- appeared -- games played. Other incentives -- -- public percentage of snaps which he feels like maybe the team can control things like that as well. There could have been -- are much orbit pro would be one of them but do they do stats -- catches and yards. I'm sure absolutely they'll be one of -- percentage of snaps would be another and -- that would obviously be absolutely be an incentive that you see in a contractor patriot air. Like Greece ESPN boston.com. A great piece today on how we got to where we are now Welker out in the dole in. Danny Amendola Mike did you get the impression that even. Even prior to yesterday that when that did -- these legal tampering period started -- the patriots are interested in his services and some sort of deal. Absolutely -- and that was basically beat the trump card if you will that the team help. And that's probably why they accept they held so firm on their numbers they said. We'd be happy to have -- fact. As two years and ten million would be incentives subset of sixteen as we just talked about but it seems if that doesn't work for them. Would be comfortable moving on who is in the Ayatollah. At these numbers as we know he agreed to because get a chance to talk to -- over this legal imprint period so it was almost like. Even -- was working against Welker the welcome campus opened the patriots might sweeten their offer a little bit. But the team had reached a point and I think it's an important -- you talk and extended over a year. You know what indication did. The team have at that point if they were. You know we think we can close the deal here I don't think they felt like they had that indications of the market open. At that point you gotta look at it from bill Belichick's important what do you always say got to make the decisions in the best interest said that he would if you really thought. That he could with Wes Welker. Guadalupe Amendola as well and again we could argue that you know they couldn't have you know sweeten the pot for Welker and and you would it is. Bad if they extended themselves to do that I think that's a fair question to ask. But I'm just trying to put myself in in his shoes at the why they would go ahead and make that decision and say you know what were prepared at this time the move on from Welker. So Walker's gone and those in -- downgrade I get decision but Brandon Lloyd how how does this play out in the patriots. Who might not have been -- leased or -- excited with his performance Lester but can they afford to lose him as well. Well -- one -- none that I that you mention it to downgrade in and I don't disagree how much -- they feel the same way. And and I think they're pretty -- on. In the doorway and I got a good look a contract numbers are the first and the second thing is on -- I think it's in attendance of this and I think the plan all along has been he would try to you know address that position. This year and. I would be surprised. If he gap with the team this year on his current contract numbers. So with Amendola -- where do you envision them playing him because you know a lot of the calls that we're getting in my initial thought was he'll play in the slot. They have Aaron Hernandez you have -- dole may be Brandon Lloyd is not here. IDC -- lining up easy and inside guy or more outside guy for the softens next year. My my sense not that he could do -- and I probably wouldn't that's pigeon hole in one or the other question. More -- most likely in the slot. But they're gonna move guys around all over the place that's part of what this -- -- -- vote. The versatility. That they can present and the stress they can put on defense and the people that bigger. Then Welker I think it might look at him and say he's a little bit stronger media has little bit more sure hands. And I think they'll move the ball around. -- -- we saw in this ordeal between -- Amendola and how to go about them McKee said no surprise here at the -- the patriots do business. But this needs to be a lot of help the quarterback position they don't have many guys on this roster right now. What direction do you think they go to they wait a few more days with some of the other big guys fall. I'm -- the quarterbacks I think that love that helped to lead back Hulu and and and that market is settling right now we haven't seen a lot of big deals there I think that that could be the next domino to have. All -- You know am resigning or going somewhere else. I think that and Olmert to I think those are the two right now that I would put on the radar as sort of you know maybe the next thing to happen for the team in terms of how this market. And down you know how this works usually the first day here you there's the big money and and then it comes down a little bit. And I think that the -- teams use -- there's going to be a lot of good players. Out on the market that might -- it commanded a certain price in past years but maybe that number is gonna come down and they are going to be able to get some good players had very reasonable prices. The report definitely out Washington in town today my -- are really good kick returner I returned to a sixteen punts last year for Seattle the 825. In kick off return is that a spot where they would pick up a guy that is who simply. A special teams got a -- versatile players. How does he fit in your mind to with the patriots wanted to. Our I would think exactly that actually got return team we haven't seen much of it. You know since what Brandon paid a couple seasons ago had -- you know flashed a little bit you can sell off the radar a little bit so I I think that would be the spot they have a little bit of the background with a more of their assistant coaches Brian de -- was we. The jets when when Washington was there of course competing against some of those years when those patriots jets game took a lot of respect their work they -- -- not so much. As they go that -- I would have got me suggests that. You know all the right we have heard him and also anybody -- you know because you -- Washington was strictly a special teams guy you know it's going to be and that running back room and yeah add -- is that you can doors closed it -- Now back cast of being released on Kansas City Cobb is an Arizona couple more quarterbacks up there in the market has been some talks about. Ryan mallet being traded may be interest from Cleveland. But the sound like from what the reports I've heard the pics look for second round pick Mikey that seems awful high. For me for a guy that's in play that was a third round pick that sat behind Tom Brady and you thinking get a second round pick if he goes would think this is value for him. Actual third that's seems a little bit I think it's the top part of -- that -- got to make it enticing enough for the patriots who want you know to want our trade him away and if you're the patriots why would you do it -- anything. No more than -- they have a third round pick it's got to be third rounder better and that's where you draft -- also -- make sure. -- replacement Palestinian Belichick. Up and says that's the one position if you don't have. You know someone who run this year you put your whole team at -- so I would think it's gotta be high traffic but I'd also say that. It is conditional. For a future years I'll spell check out of the old goat -- future certain. You know you don't know what -- tell you that he would make it conditional or place higher performance. So the better he performed before he performed the better your pick could be let's say two years from. Last month for me Mike -- dole and Welker route they were sniffing around Josh Cribbs Donald Jones. Apparently going to be in town today what do you think happens in -- Andelman is he back with this team next year. I think I think there's still interest there and we're not that he hasn't signed another year we haven't really heard his name strongly linked with another team -- shadow. As good chance that we'll be back not valid. You can always change itself have to protect but I do think. It's still mutual interest there and -- return assists aren't in the right. Like great stopping going to be yet on line ESPN boston.com. -- patriots or should get some of these questions and many more about the patriots Welker Danny Amendola. That's at noon on ESPN boston.com Mike we appreciate the time will talk -- -- soon. And a great story today from my -- ESPN boston.com and his mind. Well Curtis camp gave the page is a chance to match IS I like stand by it and I believe Mike -- percent I'm with you there I agree with them. I'll listen Mike Greece is a guy that. In -- credibility down their photo -- and this isn't exactly report that maybe makes the patriots look good. Right patriots had had a chance to offer. As a make him look -- the funny thing is is that they'll -- it at the pictures didn't have a chance. The kind of come in match you -- that they'd probably look better. It just west and -- Daly shot to match sure I find it interesting that front -- assist -- and it's it's that. He's usually on the other side. But I trust Mike -- patriots no question in my mind right now. Chance to match that offer and we come back and it is futile calls in ninety seconds just to follow up on the penalties about the incentive. You know the idea that it was all pro and award. Being the incentive and for Welker. I'll really does have a whole lot of control that would get it to that any focal ninety seconds away.

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