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Patriots fans react to Wes Welker signing with Broncos, part 2

Mar 14, 2013|

Mut and Merloni take phone calls from angry Patriots fans upset that Wes Welker and the Patriots have parted ways.

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This is tremendous silent for Denver you take a guy. That that is so productive so durable so dependable. Can -- zone coverage can be man to man coverage he got to deal with them every single third down and he still finds a way to come up with a 118220. Catches a year. And you moved from from New England to Denver. And he's gonna fit right in with Peyton Manning and it hurts her -- a lot. Eric Mangini earlier today on Wes Welker to Denver -- Lou 93 point seven WEEI your phones all day it's on seventh. 77979837. One point out that. Last night -- moment -- -- I'm driving gradually on the way. -- feel the biggest. And as I'm approaching it kind of look towards the water and see flames. Tennessee's smoke. In my quotes come from the situated area. Anybody can be heard from Doug. Situated lately. Is Doug OK we I had more reaction I don't know what it is just a -- yesterday on Twitter related about west look like I am very concerned about Doug -- ball just hallucinating. Right ahead and that's that's like visual. Of this house of this one room the patriots memorabilia. Up in smoke. More importantly I'm wondered if if he still blaming me. Before you send that text or where's the guy Steve let's dig dug in as Welker 151000 dollar fan room LOL your fault west is gone Lou I got. You know like I'm sitting here just completely perplexed as to why Lou are already well not lay off. Wes Welker. Big guy is caught 120 receptions. -- -- -- finally here every day about to put. -- in December 6 put it Wes Welker. Gets better from there those -- never heard Doug constituent. Any Amendola compare to Wes Welker you know this guy has done so much for this franchise. Has been a part of one of the greatest offenses. 2007. And you know you can -- Russia. -- -- I would say this. -- -- we have apple phones all day we get Doug constituent -- the front line and -- wanna hear from I want to counsel and console and come a little bit worried. I want him to be able to get through. BO talk -- talk through this because he has 141000. Dollars worth of Wes -- member believe that it wasn't a standby. And let people to come out of town guys like Lou. We drove west at the airport last night so that get him out of town a follow -- Mike said all probing incentive. Got a crappy incentive you -- contrite and twice understand that but say the patriots decide what does last year 20112000. Their -- -- easier. Every year thing you just back up just a job benefit at an odd number year good numbers for him. That's a tough insanity -- will what role the one that would scare me throw bullets all pro is percentage of snaps. That would hurt you that as you would you would just sit there and say well Wes Welker -- his money. L he's got his guaranteed cash. They'll -- some 75%. Of the snapped to 67%. As snaps and no big deal he's got his money that and use and they should be using a more. But it doesn't affect the -- Oh he stepped wit big big dollars in city after a differ 80% of the snaps -- is it written and it. Before everybody went down. Good god Arizona game Bedard the that you of the game plan was 125 snaps. Weston told us that after the game so you know at Gillette -- -- and his deal is based on percentage of snaps. Nadia I might not reach this -- -- snapped a down my numbers aren't there. To make an all pro. I'm probably not a 115 catches in its -- In in their mind may -- wasn't regional because it's heartbreaking look at -- spoke on reasonable what under ya gonna catch again. I'm just shocked -- Belichick has that like stats incentives. Right -- the players got to be Smart about -- that. It is -- -- -- -- already five more catches to reach a million bucks. Tick up a guy needs two more home runs he's got up there -- not help esteemed attorney two more bombs you flashed some people the first two games last year it never happened. I feel a little better about him getting all pro -- not a catches but. I think he and David demo right the question okay what are they gonna do -- what do they bring Meehan and am Mendel. And that will be interest in Jason is in Portland we get back -- your phones at 61777979837. Jason how are you. I'm doing great are you guys what's up Jason. I I'm here to a smoker and let me pray that -- it's all I I -- -- I think he's been great for the patriot. But I got from the Arctic air re read it then. But I believe that it makes the patriot that you. First is I think forum a year standpoint my part of the out. They're getting a good player I you're at a two year are you -- The second is that. Europe -- -- if you're in its projection. Feel like on the back end -- the you know the last three year. They're going to be getting a deeper or. A really good number six million dollar a year and they feel like you're going to be much better not mean that they feel like the value -- either collapsed three era where. They're gonna be getting an eight or nine million dollar cheaper if they need. The production -- the patriots but. It out out and look for what's number three. And number three is. Our health production and I know that now our beat that Welker played -- -- game my many more game a lot years. That Amendola. That Welker and I intake at every week I think -- man you not to get out. From now I think it only a matter of time or what are -- are actually -- -- out I just think it's impossible to take hit after hit after -- not a am in all of its apparent -- Saluki and other -- and entering our ports and question party like. What was the collar bone the other when he drill down on the turf and in Saint Louis and just it is located his elbow. That was kind of -- -- And it looked Danny handles a tough player he -- -- -- -- that's you have to go by that now -- he's not often up were hard worker I almost feel what Danny Amendola. That the facts the facts on the games he's missed it's sort of like Jacoby Ellsbury facts the facts. At some point got a look at. It always is is he brittle or did you know Beltre break a rib and a -- fell to shoulder and -- sub you know sub left shoulder dislocated. It would easy -- right place heart in an adult plays hard but at some point that. All that really matters. Is GP. At that fifth. Games played you know my feeling and you -- project I agree the projections -- no question about it as the patriots thought right I've got. They sent Wes Welker out of Miami to a five year deal in the end you looked into aborted deal look at the production. And their thought is same thing with the Amendola freakish injuries. Tough player but freakish injuries. Five years from now you're 34 and five Republican its radio teller kept go to the roof. We got a pretty good deal to the production again. My only thing is your quarterback. Of four years from now five years should now where's Tom Brady. It was still a level is he still here. Who knows -- it felt like I don't -- -- -- one year at a time in the NFL regular periods CG two years tops Jason. In Portland and thanks -- -- Jason you you gave three reasons why I think it's good deal five years -- to the value it's six point one and the health. -- reason wasn't there. This -- dole is a better player -- -- Dole's better player that's what I care about you guys that all of these cat ends of the police team bill there's now a junior GMs are called the show on defending Belichick. I don't care about five years now quite frankly. Because half these contracts in the NFL wore out see Wes Welker the other -- don't. It's like -- about the player now gives this team the best chance to win its west -- and Welker. That's the guy. The short term the window for Brady is. It's not shot you got a nice stretch here 345 years should he stay healthy. And so when Jason lays out those three answers look at your if your Madden franchise signing a players' strike and it. But for this team with five years left them Brady's deal I want the best player. And the fact the best player here is Welker better of the two. And he signed for two years in twelve million bucks that's what I can't wrap my head around for football camp point against the guy should brought back. Again. I look at numbers and radio that's fair. I look at -- numbers because if if it's for Natal and a certain way where. It wants to salary cap goes crazy 2015. And adults typically be 90 -- they could move things around in the -- not a cap all the chest. I'll watch and GAAP numbers by find out that they read in west at two years twelve so six million dollar cap that image -- you one right now. Is Tutu and a half. Yeah I'm back to where was before I think you can move on to save some money put in the defense -- up in Toronto on Belichick and the patriots Matt we have. Neighborhood where the show -- listen I'm -- candidates have a different perspective. -- I get a lot of sports talk radio went from buffalo to what you wanna talk about it fan base that it is starving her. Winds mean we have to think about where we come. It'll Belichick put -- in position to win every year that the that the key to our offense is Brady we all know that. The pieces around him or the last ten years. You can't put those guys in the field -- any other quarterback in the productive so I think the fact that west left that. This stage in his career that stinks we problem we're all emotional about. But you kinda young kid in his prime. And let's prove out that he -- you're not healthy I think we have to get the chance. The fact of the matter is. Belichick has rebuilt our defense but the second -- third youngest in the lead. He rebuilding the offense on the go and these guys honestly think that we're not a playoff team right now. No because the FC east sucks and you're gonna win the division the what does that do it now let's change it. Does that put in perspective Brady make everything go on our office. Well that is going to be functional next year it's going to be a playoff loss is it gonna be good enough we haven't finished building the team. It is is everybody knows built got a lot of things going on and hate we let. Six million dollars -- and a ballot if finish but it six million dollars per lose and lose -- on a soapbox for about two weeks here okay Uga you can't relax too much fine. You'll bring back when she you skin the cat a different way -- -- got west eight after nine million -- you saw the money that came it was six million bucks you tell me. You could have brought -- back at six million and money that defense to build up the league as wanna build it up to six million dollars to produce affordable to meet for a guy like Wes Welker. OK so let's that's the moment that's the moment you're -- you wanna live for today I get that I wanna win too but listen over the last ten years have now won. Are we not spoiled rotten. Our way -- can buffalo again you want to buy you wanna do now Matt Matt Matt listen get a good point the snow come on with it right and that lets wait and see. You know do the numbers actually even out. Over the cap its -- different Kerry -- We actually love -- pro football facts. I think reiterate net. You got some stuff from Cary Grant right on the head and do this quick break we'll come back at your phone calls and -- that's -- burn stuff he wants to tell you about the caller football -- to going. It was shocking video has a lot of time for political life got a look about. The blue. Chips and. Six offensive line first down for the patriots and Jackson for Brady won't want acolytes seem. It appeared from behind the leaders had about a ten yard line he's got a BA. First and goal a play action fake school Wes Welker he got in but -- -- real -- and Eric Smith admitted youthful it. Really gets the -- Looks he's got time gritty flushed from the pocket will be -- to a -- Welker touchdown patriots. Tom Brady sliding to his right and finds the open man eight strike to Wes Welker who was applying himself. In the end zone. Part of the Wes Welker highlight -- Next touchdown catch. They'll make will be off the right arm of my -- ID 37 WEEI phones all day 61777979837. The AT&T -- like cranked up at 37. 937. Get bald on Twitter at -- Maloney at Mott and UT. WEEI got to carry burn stats about the pressure all jacked the. -- at their peak. Yeah I think it's a good article -- starts -- office but the third line says but the reality is all the spread about Welker is a waste of time talk. The reality is this folks. New English new England's fortunes have nothing to do with who plays slot receiver 2013 and beyond. England's fortunes have everything. To do with finding a shut down corner any pass rusher. Two things that they've failed miserably in recent years. This offense can be quite literally could quite literally collapsed in 2013 with the Welker but the team can still contend. Even be better off a pair that office with a improved defense. It's no more complex than that. I like -- but I think he's wrong in this case. Offense in the NFL is now becoming. And as it was is the stretch where defense of the most important thing in the eighties. You bet ever pretty damn good offense right now okay and it Heatley says the collapse as the be competitive. Yeah you win the division because by default you're gonna win the AFC east it's brutal. Miami -- -- your your best competition. And your -- their. Account as a quarterback. So but that's not the answerable Welker -- We all of that to get better defensively. But the setting collapse and still contend I disagree scared more Denver now. You're not with Wes Welker in the slot and Dominique Rodgers Marty quarterback. They're offense -- couple moves for their offense was really good. Now they're really really good. Okay. You'll see you all what other defense plays -- what did you ranked as the number one Jurich is most likely AFC represented in the super bull. As of yesterday we go off the year on paper yeah right now after yesterday anything or hours -- -- of free agency. The Denver Broncos probably favored to win the AFC it is no question about. Did you feel like up before they signed Welker and output the patriots are Houston as the one -- -- Denver Stewart well it wouldn't delve -- -- -- water sleeper quarterback. World because don't -- was still in the wing and sure. And I sell Baltimore has done so they dropped out. You know Houston is still there. Mean if Houston had signed Wes Welker go Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels and aryan Foster I would say they would jump to the top. Because they're pulling from New England. But what I'm saying is great so they're the team this year at its course 34 point nine points per game during a regular season. They're offense you. Last year was it. I mean they got better as the one on defense we like to kill their defense that there were top ten. In terms of yards and points for the Denver Broncos you cynically crappy schedule Mets. Will you looked at me there -- she was. In the biggest play of the year other defense that against bought them they give a huge place that they're -- -- Baltimore and because they're offense. Their defense. They did they lose the game because one defensive back they're starting safety who plays -- the ball who placed on the defensive side of the foot that's a sign that. -- more my point is that yet their offense got better. Awesome pitchers signed Adrian Gonzales and call Crawford. Great offense that's awesome that they're offense wasn't the problem. The to have a great defensive team you set in -- and they need some more explosive offensive players. The references -- -- the best wide receiver core football is no question about one -- top quarterbacks in football you match but they're all it was already really good other audit. Better they hearted -- now when you matchup against them this year was defending well in the slot is they are okay that's that there -- their better team yet they are. Put this on the hand them anything. Atoms on a cell talking about the patriots today -- -- what's going on. My little gone on and so it was an emotional thing airlock Craig Scott today let's try to -- a little emotional out of it and let's take a look at what we. Are the patriot not a beer cold calculating and unemotional. Obviously it -- -- hand and in any you know scenery but Belichick reacted angrily and moved on from I don't -- -- Under the it's actually in the office. Watch film have probably watched every play -- -- actually Ronald last three years. And determine. This without the ball well but they -- -- is better than. You know and I'll pay what don't we -- a two -- twelve million was I didn't get it -- -- stunned -- I saw that right. We're would be medical community didn't rain -- How come nobody got a bird not really not pay you might ending. What do I what I ate right no one even gave. Three. What I'm telling you. And that -- he can't. His report Tennessee got bull breeder who were 370 million but it could you just do you. At seven iron. That was -- -- when he when he -- silent -- said boy he got four years 35 -- at 432 that year or two and twelve and eagle. All the crap it's wanna. Every week you really get a stupid or every human league value question -- -- -- that featured -- at age. West should be furious with his agent talk what a horrible job I wanted to stay into England. Like clearly wanted to -- -- New England speak although England thought -- we absolutely love. Apple would like take a peculiar and allowed it to ridiculous let it go to free agency -- they went free agency. People -- with bill that will move on we'll pick our goal what can't come back and Denver and her well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just bank under. Wedged it there have to be some decline in what what do we tell you -- -- Mike you know like we -- trade -- receiver 120 catches. Beginning at three all are. There's going to be some. That slump that -- Well and you could say that Adam and I appreciate the call animal is as good regional pick on the stuff. But if it's true they went back and then again the chance to match and they were to win ten and were so. We want to -- -- to win ten. We mean that they were back -- match we have Mike Reese on the year I believe Mike okay and others in a report out there from -- and I respect in Ron Borges what his XTO. He says they didn't. In this case. Mike on the -- says public the most recent one OK immediately but do you want the most recent guy -- talked it was like I don't get text from brought about what do you separate. At least I don't. Like to get -- tech optical spectrum that being said. If that happened Adam and it was two and twelve they came back this match it needs it now moving on am Mendel. It is cold and calculating I think it's also stupid. That's my opinion right they're gonna want -- gonna win the AFC east. They're gonna compete for playoff spot these you know likelihood. But could -- dot Welker -- little -- ago. Might be Texas and he probably heard this rob orders on DNC text text or you were to be excellent excellent okay. The NC a 100% guaranteed that walker did not approach the patriots with an opportunity. Someone's source is line. We start talking about Mike Greece. That's written that I trust -- Detectable if you don't trust me it's well at -- -- -- -- I want to believe Greece and McCain bush who. Is that just critic of study broke me down. Broke me down. I wanna believe. The west wanted to stay here I guess that just one man's opinion we'll talk to a former patriot other great in the wide receiver group. Troy Brown -- top of the hour new in your phone calls all they'd -- one hour. That's the way he's always been in the US those only one had to -- -- what way to put it gave -- include everything that he's gotten. You know there's. There's more tests this that a 185. You know and most teams in the NFL also. You know we just committed group under the protection. You know he's just you know he's a very good player. A stop Brady field today believe Mike silver you believe. Tommy current. By the way did not talk to -- directly we cleared that up for Tom and always on Twitter today. Try to remind people that his report was not Tom Brady's words they were somebody close at Tom Brady. Using those words not Tom directly get it right. But silver current talking to sources close to -- saying he is in a bad spot silver particular saying as he's been pierced in the heart. Pretty apparently on European vacation -- -- -- Microsoft's somewhere in France. Told -- his take when he does come back we'll get a take from Troy Brown on top of the hour Texas as much you sound like a guy whose girlfriend dumped him before prompt. You go bit you big baby west is gone get over -- play golf. There's your typical. That's big baby there's your Belichick guy right there who cares about the team Belichick said it must be right. Despair at the move you don't apparently wants everything to build houses correct that's your call. In fact we asked the poll question there pop original ball question was you know is the still believe. That phrase in bill we trust. You can text your answer yes or no to 379837. Text here right now to 379837. And it's gone up there is one move. And I got to -- am surprised by the early returns. 52%. Of you say no. In bill we trust. 5248. This a very close battle so far. He text your answer do you still believe that model in bill we trust 379. 37 text to 37937. Part of our poppy -- sample question that -- Thought Detroit brown top of the hour about all things -- in this team's offseason. Ralph's in Cranston Ralph what he sect. -- -- you know a previous call out swinging that well maybe they liked him and don't look at. I mean you Geithner it's at what it hasn't you know -- injuries might have been twenty others and -- 18. Of the 32 teams with our major injury without particularly care. Without any real problem actually helped -- this guy really -- only in the player I idol who I don't I don't like I talked. Nobody went on our route route for Obama's second -- what do you what do you mean he's missed all those games. Without a serious injury what are aware what I brought me out a book -- ball dislocated elbow. What do those camps during. Shelling is that we get to sit here right to play I wouldn't get hit eager for now. Welcome to -- you know I didn't want them at an annual show I want a twelve million. But now that we're hearing we could get a guy that eliminate. For pre. And handles toward victory in their careers together it and it couldn't come up again. What actually you would this definitely is a personal thing I'll check out like oh probably personally look like. Received a lot. Not like as -- possibly some of the comments possibly can comment question well thanks that your local. Built by now and then or maybe it's white get a comment. I Belichick just did not like this guy personally and we've seen the sport that rules are. How does that still work export. Although he's won a lot of into a lot to look at who we chat with the patriots but it's -- I agree with it will. It has that that you data and it's kind of -- someone asked the general public. Here. Six million before yesterday's order and let the -- 06. Million so we want. That's the other part of this and thanks for your call. The idea that if -- that they could match this and Jerry Kelly and made this point to wanna give him credit. If it matched up to twelve you'll be saying today. Belichick's genius. Bill Belichick locked in Wes Welker for two years and twelve million bucks but it's guaranteed six of the capita less than eight -- an app -- nine. What do job by Belichick and -- terrorists and and he got a begrudgingly. Democratic he's stuck to his number I guess you can do that. He's been brought back Welker at the broncos' number. And it was reported that he almost went to Denver and that Belichick's that this incident yell up our offer and I get a for two went well in these days away from Peyton Manning. -- well. It's exact opposite conversation today's no question about in bill we trust your team building what to do it's okay. Walkers take care of what happens to Lloyd what are you what the defense instead it's. This guy getaway over a couple million box. That's the conversation they sign Belichick parodies I welcome back as a genius. Probably a lot of teams the same thing I'm just really -- a prize is not get blogs for assets. I think that that the market was what it wants. You know and in a tweet up there break a kind of upset that I felt bad for walker because I thought that. -- -- he -- you're right by the everything he has done in what he's shown us in his career how -- he is how reliable he is a durable he is a good years. It two years 126 million per and you watch all these other wide receivers. Who. Our younger. And play on the outside. The bottom line is if you could ask any of these new guiding these guys it's -- who would you rather have. And eighteen catching a ball it would be Wes Welker. And of course the people they can't just can't seem to separate the real world the sports world come -- with I don't ever feel bad for guy playing his. Child support the six million per year I. Separate the -- please. And how much the NFL war. Billions and not what whatever the portal is. Separate the two with sports in real world of course six million dollars is an amazing amount. I just thought the mark will be bigger I thought he'd make more money. At that more teams should be adjusted all your phone calls until 2 o'clock next hour wanna get into the Josh McDaniels aspect a year and how much control he seems to have a -- -- patriots player personnel but next. We'll talk to a guy play the position for a long time for this team Troy -- last for what he thinks about Wes Welker to Denver toward brown -- next.

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