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Patriots fans react to Wes Welker signing with Broncos, part 1

Mar 14, 2013|

Mut and Merloni take phone calls from angry Patriots fans upset that Wes Welker and the Patriots have parted ways.

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Yeah it's it's time nicest ticket in bill's face every once in awhile so there's this is definitely -- yeah. One of the guys laughing on the other end Troy Brown will join us later on the show with -- -- 93 point seven. WEEI your phones at 61777979837. The AT&T -- line is 379837. Greg Bedard a really interesting piece today in the Boston Globe whose solid DNC can check out on demand at WEEI dot com. Says puck goes back to last year. Patriots first talked -- the first the ball last year the nine point 515 franchise tag nine million bucks. -- patriots offered it to him he accepted last year and so for a season played at nine point five. After he signed that franchise tag borders reported that the next off for the patriots game well for a long term extension came in low low low. Or stop it this year but Darden writes given much lower the Welker imagine two years ten million plus incentives. At told Welker cute things is guy in the -- -- hadn't changed from the off from the year before it was time to look for another team. The patriots probably thought their offer if combined with the franchise tag a year ago which they didn't figure you'd play four because he would agree to an extension. Was more than acceptable at three years in nineteen point five million dollars guaranteed. Patriots could about Welker for the same deal for 2014. If nobilo last last offseason. But they didn't do the deal last July and expected welcome to give them a -- that discount. In any event but it Welker is mind yet to risk his career playing on that one year -- Why would -- give the team a discount on that now. And finally in the end Greg writes the patriots expect it Welker to pay for their mistake. -- last offseason with the help of a down market it freed a free agent receiver he declined. To do that. The patriots gave -- this deal. Well back to last year. If you believe the darn. A factor that into this deal to Kate we should offer a long term deal west we didn't you played for 95 as probable that wanna pace of this time. We gonna knock that -- -- panic and so the three year cute little deal. Will be an offer we should give he would. Last Aussie decade do that isn't that incredible. Greg's pretty tidy and can't do that that is incredible arrogance by the patriots organization I think yet you pay for our mistake. We screwed up should give you a long term deal. Now lets you play for to win -- factor that night laughter so really it's. Re not gimmicky and can expect the player and Mac you know that that would have gotten it done right probably three years nineteen and a half guarantee which -- -- he ends up getting you think. That would go to that'll probably last offseason lies at the players' responsibility legislate for that now just an opinion. The fact behind that but understand. What you hear that's kind of the area lawyers look at it. You asked the player -- wanna give when he wants just gonna go out there play on nine a half million which great seller. But once the player gets through it healthy puts another great year to get the kick back and -- Dario give you what you -- two years ago just guaranteed those ten. Can't do. That is on. Believable arrogance if that's the way it went down by the patriots organization incredible legacy should be surprised because. It bills use that arrogance here with strength before here's another key to. We don't really we we know that Danny Amendola signed a five year. 31 million dollar deal with ten guaranteed crichton -- know the cap numbers. And we have them with a capital B two million bucks a year take the ten million dollars guaranteed spread over five years. Again to getting -- the salary cap territory where the NFL and that's it in the NBA greats who just don't just kept guaranteed dollars. Okay so what's the salary cap it I'm I'm saying not so you know it's not out yet. I -- get Joseph Flacco who signs a -- the highest paid player in the NFL -- capita six point five to six point eight this year. Thirteen point five next year and then it jumps up to these ridiculous numbers didn't. What do you find out that game and those captive for next year's too because it's a flak -- year and it jumped to this and jumped to that. Yet she -- it's a Foreman and kept. We don't look at numbers yet just Texas somebody's -- don't know yet. Who -- -- -- -- a little later on nights ago it's a fair question but does that change your opinion terms of overall dollars the worth of Welker verses in -- yes. If your city when it does because if you're gonna send Wes Welker two years twelve at six Peretz a cap that's yet it's two years twelve million all guaranteed money all -- guaranteed dollars. Again yeah I didn't have the problem with signing an -- Dolan saving for five million dollars three to five million dollars whatever and put it towards the corner. So I find out that the cap pick here one they end up saving some money. The gap makes a big difference to me let's give back your phones at 61777979837. Paul is at Westfield -- Being withdrawn. It's awful. I thought I was here and think they what I woke up in her that well Welker -- -- -- right. And then you guys explain the numbers I realized. That a lot money somehow had to be going. You know I mean. And that's what it feels like weather that we got messy at the end Paul I'm not exactly sure why tweet last night I think that will. I can't wait to get the answer what people's value never get a -- not anti it was pretty damn good pitcher -- around here my feeling is yelled that there the story's gonna come out. You know what they -- like about west while I don't know what it is right now and oppose the footing jokes and opens that he took the night and a half million dollars last year when play. Offered extension and opiate like the personality west around -- -- -- was because Lucent speculating that maybe the they'll -- said. Tonya rely too much -- west be any of those things but I can't wait is it feels like. If it's about money -- -- to grind him over a couple of million bucks is crazy now. Offseason will go on continue with these phone calls to -- you know that the Ryan mallet trade talk -- up a little bit. Matt Cassel is a country by the Kansas City Chiefs. Bring castle back trade melt the browns -- somebody Yeltsin is quarterback. Week offseason and draft maybe a castle -- opportunity not a surprise in rapid Iowa Kansas also reporting that there is a cart is expected cut Kevin Kolb. Over the next few days -- a quarterback -- dollars in March 17 he won't see that that's Ian Rappaport that's reason being told now so. Kevin Cobb Matt Cassel out there. Of Lombardi out there in Cleveland go after -- could go up to castle. -- either one odd job in New Hampshire on Tom Brady's effect here what's up John. -- Right -- outcome because. You know like when when time negotiated his contract over the five year period or what have you heard it was like really I. As I understand the first sixty some odd million dollars. Spread out over the course -- So like -- and and I now understand why he was basically if you went under the markets he couldn't make the commander of a lot more money. Kurt what is workstations you know. And so I think that my understanding that he did that China helped the team along the further their cause. That they can secure some good camera you know and -- that. Probably you wouldn't really want to -- team. The patriots. Continue that lapses Contra. Keep them on the came -- and it hasn't liked what happens I mean the amount of money that we're talking about here is that really like pocket change. Compared to. What he gave up more laps and yet and it helped the team. John absolutely now and it will brings up point -- I've heard and it is a salary cap. -- -- going to be that much different -- everybody breakdown this this signing left and right. Nobody report the cap numbers. Because that the deal might not be process in the league office jet might not know what the cap numbers. Light -- tell you this right now an opinion on it without that might happen it is that if here's the thing. Of -- voice my opinion I think it's ridiculous the value of these two guys the same price. But if I find out that the cap hit -- won his 2.5. And you saved three and a half million dollars. Net -- and a half million dollars brings in as far as a cap hit goes. -- Aqib Talib. Because you work around bonuses and things like dead -- it brings in Sean Smith. Or brings -- a quarter. Nice -- -- dole plus player X equals what you would have got for Wes Welker. Don't back to where was before you had and I'm fine with that. You had twenty something million dollar with the salary cap space were up against the -- right -- it's three vs six. That three million dollars -- that's gonna make the difference. -- you don't I just it's another player it's not. It's not it's not that's another player. Sure but they they can free up three million by signing west for six cutting Brandon -- do the same exact thing there's a three million you wanted. If the let's say the salary cap that is six vs three. Welker Brady this year. -- cut boy that was a three anyway so I don't know you wanna justify did he wanna play and that -- you think it's okay to grind him now okay. I would say if it's three vs six and a three million dollar difference. That's still enough -- to be irate that they let him walk to a rival. For two years and twelve million bucks in my opinion even with a salary cap difference could be 234 million books against this year's cap. 6177797937. The phone number the eight TT tech like 379837. All your phones like restore brown though going where. First and goal the -- you -- moment. Brady after Israel curriculum wanted to strip joint. Through -- -- And you're about to Welker who wanted to hear. Great setup for. The day. Handle that we have to go without. Barely go from here. It's good to. This time. Just -- ground on the. Don't know when you look at all good you know the touchdown laser pass thrown by Tom Brady and the patriots have -- taken. With 418 to play here in the second quarter. Where do you put Wes Welker right now where would you rank him in receivers in the national football. Barton and I got -- walker. News. This receiving. I heard the Wes Welker highlight juror Michael -- -- they go wanted to narrated that it was a social democratic its best receiver you can have trouble focusing -- -- 93 point seven WEEI. Michael Irvin wasn't studio. -- -- back in the day best receiver in football. -- your football got to a twelve. Your main rival in Denver. 61777979837. Mike Reese will join -- top of the hour and 11 o'clock. This Tom Brady have a right to be upset today and the reported he's in Europe you had the Tom current report -- source close to Brady wasn't Brady himself. I use disparaging words about hearing about the -- Michael Silver. We talked about on a year yesterday. I'm his story about the patriots enough spending the money he had a source close to Belichick. Close to Brady saying it felt like he'd been pierced. In the heart that's who feel about this. There right to feel that way. About the -- after giving the patriots the team discount. Against the Kapalua next couple years of course she does reiterate this guy. -- good friends security blanket the offense. Whatever else running around. Not knowing where to be where to go whenever else is on the sidelines as their hurt banged up with a guy count every Sunday. Wes -- Korea has every right to be upset. -- he needs to take his ball and go home. Interest quit -- always a big boy you've seen this before. The -- do its thing and what they bring in a work with just one at six hour plane flight that Peter King wrote over journal for bow in the -- -- the craft Belichick not Brady we'll going here. When -- is name never came up. -- am shocked by that you know it gets to this point we'll see we have not official word. -- Brady might never get official word or some golf -- charity event the offseason but for now. I agree with he's got a right to be upset will see what else they do. -- for this team is -- you've got a two day three of free agency on bikes and low -- give back your phones or Mike. Morning guys they don't like we have -- -- you know if the argument is simply. Money for him indoors -- locker -- everything in the NFL it's gonna take welcome for that deal program and a little bit but I think that's what the argument we should be looking at here. I think if we if we put this down and make an assumption and it and it -- assumption I haven't heard anybody make yet. Let's -- Welker regardless of what the patriots offered was not coming back here in his mind he was gonna stick it to bill and he would not going to come back to the patriots. So if Belichick cash to -- on that assumption that no matter what they offer walker is not coming back. And he -- -- then moving get Amendola signed peace force someone else -- I think he'd be celebrating this -- a pretty good signing by the patriots. Saying that they went out and and looked -- options that -- out there now the replacement in the slot. Knowing that walker wasn't coming back here and I think that's the point that a lot of people are missing in this argument. That welcome may have decided in his mind he would just not coming back here and and Amendola before he left and -- somewhere else. The patriots had a -- All I just ask you this the what evidence do we have -- doctor Mike Reese here about ten minutes of Mike reported today. At the end of the day Welker went back the patriots and asked them to match the offer I would think that if they matched. US states what evidence we have we did not want to return to the patriots. While I don't think we have evidence one way yet because -- their doctor's report saying that he didn't go back so I think and who knows we may never get to the bottom of it. -- -- -- it might be your argument though we wouldn't it be better if the patriots. Reported we don't they offered two years ten million with incentives that apparently are attainable which I have a hard time believe because it's Wes Welker. But if they offered the same amount or more in west left would that make -- argument like oh he was gonna come back here no matter what. Yet that an offer less. That you're you're right Google we don't know for sure whether they were actually able to offer up a deal back to or not that that to me is that. The magic bullet here in this in this whole scenario -- figure out whether they had the opportunity or not because they did like I can't believe. Update it for that extra million dollars or two million dollars they would know via would've made a deal. -- Anderson this is this the part where you know -- five different guys forces that they brought it back to New England once said they didn't. Where do you go with that go to one way -- the other dispute that your argument. No they didn't come back 'cause Ron Borges said yes they did get -- four guys did idea. 41 I think he came back and said can you guys matches no -- later MRSA letters are today talking about Bill Belichick -- put you have. There -- other Bogart. Summer. You know or or -- You know that's been built built -- a little bit or the side and I think it would hope there's an important point to leaving. Com. I kind of agree -- that I really don't think he wanted to stay. Are there I mean. You look at the success -- -- -- year and where he'd been previously your name is not -- So on I mean you can't say that Welker. Could you assist them guarded army yet -- the pit -- here. Today the -- quarterbacks -- gut here. With a good do you think that our while why would he bloated one allegiance and try to get the apple. You know on. It could be from the previous period or not. Not you know giving -- the extent and. I mean look at. Yeah I guess is a personal it can be personal there's no question as a personal. I right or whether it's a goal or not whether it was Wes -- to sit there saying you know yeah you -- last year a body here. We've we'd be able to judge that better if the patriots at least matched. Wouldn't me. Actually they were mad -- that adds audio and he still will if they offered more they're smoking -- walked. Re -- they wanna come back -- took less. You know that was obvious. But if you offer more if if you offer less than the other team and he takes it. I don't even know arsenal I'm sure was some personal feelings but we don't know that does that offered the same amount. And he walked he bring up good point what you were spate of turner got to wake up comparing this to some people. Might have been long night for him. This will be able comparing it to -- you're actually right rate left for less money -- -- which gave him the best offer reportedly a no trade he just wanted no part of this. -- from -- majority of the reports today nationally and locally. He gave the patriots the chance now Ron Borges writes that it says that he knows definitively. The patriots did not give an option a match that. It from Wes Welker. We'll talk to one of the guys who said he did have that option Mike -- will join us he will join us next we'll get to all of your phone calls mutt and Lou nanny threesome.

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