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Doc Rivers on hating to see Welker go and resting the veterans

Mar 14, 2013|

Doc Rivers joined Gerry and Dale and discussed his thoughts on Wes Welker leaving the Patriots for the Broncos. On the basketball discussion, the C's head coach talked about his plans to rest Pierce, KG, and the other veterans before the playoffs. Doc also chats about avoiding Miami in the early rounds of the playoffs and all the recent milestones achieved by Pierce and Garnett.

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Time for our weekly visit with Doc Rivers brought -- by northern bank and trust Colo space and by Mercedes-Benz. They -- Dale Arnold course Jerry already know how aria. You've got to go with great thank you you seemed a little upset with the Wes Welker departure yesterday. Well just kind of well planned around but I would have -- worded you know I'm like well that's what the big Celtics and led to bloodshed that. Did that he'll move you number one and David if you go to Denver. Who I think in the near future will become a big rival. Did it feel. Like. When you guys -- Ray Allen to your big rival in Miami. It didn't from me but I'm sure it did for bill motivated more pork brought up personal for the patriots. Light rain was horrible personal for a and so on your bid to overthrow him -- Let's talk a little bit about your team and I'm always curious about these things when mule. Resting guys when you decide Paul Pierce is gonna get tonight offer Kevin Garnett is gonna get a night off you get a call from the NBA about that. No I haven't. You know we -- -- we have endemic where we are different did last year remembered I think about it are familiar couple years ago or. We arrested more are two world regards appeared to want to and I met sure -- the group were rescued ray Paul and Tim Moore and getting. But we didn't get to talk about that a few different that the good news. And why you didn't do it now you don't like one at a time. You decide to do it this way for any reason doc. Know that -- I'm just going by what I see. You know. Paul always banged up a little bit in the Oklahoma day but -- just the Oklahoma trouble. Don't -- very different group there are. You know trip when you travel -- basically four -- do all important and inflated but they -- twelve new. And you have -- they've been turned. Don't biblical days drugs. And I assume you're gonna continue to do this pick your spots and rest your guys. It works. Yeah over the long golf you know -- -- give -- but you're going to want to win every day now. But you also want to be fresh in the right. When the playoffs started. Out to do that with Kevin. Let -- and then maybe partisanship. -- week we have considered doing. I think I know the answer but I -- asking get the answer for real from new as a coach do you ever look at things -- consider things like. Seedings and where your team is sent. And if were in this -- -- we would play that steamer if we were -- Nazi we'd have to play them in the second round is that ever enter into your mind. Now I hear it but I did -- the talk about it all the time but I don't ever. Give it much start. -- -- I know we're all close right now you know. In Brooklyn in Chicago and Atlanta Milwaukee but. -- goes into debate guys you know it you're just gonna go play and win and I've ever been a pitcher and so. And it always seemed by the way that when and and I've seen this in the past where where you think teams are trying to. -- well let's do this and then we can play it never works anyway. It doesn't work if you if you wanna build the -- about to beat somebody. Are -- someone until you disrupted. Focused on being better and ready when the playoffs start. I -- teams do that at the bottom. Not in the playoffs but. Teams are trying to get lottery -- I just don't think a lot of computer at work in the playoffs. And try to do different -- probably receive as much as people think we we do. Do you do you look at it the way everyone else in the world does is the longer you can avoid Miami the better. I don't. You know our legitimate she worries that that's one -- You know -- legitimate do a little taught -- -- the other one is the sooner the better you know you know one of the first round obviously. But you know Kevin Paul. Are yet. Will be fresher in the second round of the third -- to the W -- Does it seem like Paul Pierce and -- Kevin Garnett. Pass some milestone every single game you guys play. -- -- -- About that yesterday you know week left for Kevin. The informant who later worked what Bhopal -- we're gonna have to cut it to begin to point later -- -- But it's brutal when you you names like Jerry -- You know Kevin Garnett just past the Indy logo. You know an end and then and Paul bass Charles Barkley -- when you remained like that. You know how lucky you are the coach pitch approach and -- like that. It's seems when you watch Kevin Garnett working you know on so much better than we do when I watch him work he seemed so intense he seemed so locked in on what he's doing. Whatever once in awhile he'll surprise me his vague knowledge none of the crowd. It's like he understood what was involved here in any understood that the fans were trying to pay tribute I'm I'm actually surprised when he even response to. Well you never know whichever. You know we were very careful. With any of those things celebration of the -- ball. Because he'd still like to get some relatives -- -- And you know a little suburban go to the game ball you don't do with the door to the locker room after the game. And it's just -- wish that you want but it focuses. But I do think over this year it's mostly I think youngest they have that you don't know how many years left that we don't know that. But I do you think you starred in two. It now which. A lot of that. And appreciated. And so to there and and I'm happy doormat. And and I think you said I know other people said after the game the cool thing about. I scoring market scoring record for Kevin Garnett is he doesn't care about scoring he's one of the most unselfish guys. -- who's ever played and he areas Kleiman the record for scoring I mean he could as he can eco score much much more over the years could me. Oh my gosh yes I'd really figured if you wanted to or to the barely. Score and just focus -- -- We would be talking about -- television for the record right now. I think that's so good he can score -- but also opened up until he's been. Does he have a sky hook as human name one of those two. No I don't think you have yeah. There and you go to money. No one has ever had to invent a major. Why not it doesn't look that hard. It is that I bought scores of -- kids you know I almost laughed when a group where I can do molecular tightened go to work -- their big guy with the sky hook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Magic that it wants and people in Boston will never forget it -- -- right I mean who else. Had a decent Scott Cook. No one ms. -- -- jump books but no one had that shot. And you knew -- would regard and I've seen so many people work order that just Sergio -- that's not really. I love in on getting your historical perspective on things and -- -- reluctant to. The name guys you know the greatest ever at this -- that. Because who knows you know who knows can come up who's gonna come along next but. Is that better a better on ball defender in a regret than Avery Bradley that you've seen doc. Now -- bill proper. Would be the first -- -- -- -- my committee. Alvin Robinson was pretty good. Scottie Pippen. Was great at -- but he is a three as far as the point guard. Well pressuring the ball you haven't -- guys get ripped -- -- court the way you agree is certain of the list. But does not permitted to almost every single -- got swept Brooke you know he did it last night to lower. You really haven't seen that may be Walt Frazier you -- guys remember. -- district without court but. To do it -- consistent they've -- -- I don't know about the thing. I mean to stop and the ball and an obscene I saw Dennis Johnson a million times episode on Cheney and guys who were considered great defenders on the ball. But just stopping the ball or in -- steel on the ball. Right he broke I mean I've held there. Unloaded a little. Over drinks but he after last night I think you might start to drink and he drove him nuts. Terrible problem I just thought -- deducted a point where became so personal bravery. But they forgot about their team and attend the game and that sort of -- What happened in Charlotte. I don't know I wish you guys to tell me we -- -- I mean we're flattened considerably. It happened. No really is no excuse for that now in that game. Because the game we did have a new day in a day off so we have a lot of arrests going into that game and and we deployed an agent. You know -- when it happens. But it's no fun to go through. The -- resign yourself as a head coach in the NBA with. An 82 game schedule that going into a season you're gonna get 345 of those a year and -- not -- do about it. The you don't resigned himself to but when it's happening. In the middle of you gotta make decision. You know when I'm literally one didn't inevitable result -- slower because you could hear -- -- On the view you look at last -- Chicago law students. Federal convert -- but fortieth one point and it just happened. And you just don't like it as a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for. Did you see the play on Kobe from Dahntay Jones and Atlanta are. It's. You know I don't wanna get into which would look forward to -- to someone else but. That so -- -- changed played and you know rule states you have to be allowed to come down. And if not it's an automatic. See if you wait on Miami is always a chance you know Dahntay Jones will get underneath LeBron and you'll have a better toward or away and you'll have a better chance. You have got to give that up -- that you know. And I'm you know. -- -- -- the -- you know obviously have been like play but he doubted his credit. It's simple mettler. Time now for the coaches questioned the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealer see them for limited offers on select vehicles that your local Mercedes-Benz dealers on the web. At MB USA dot com. -- as you watch the Miami Heat who have now won twenty in a row even though they are the defending champs in your greatest competition in the east. The almost have to give them some big grudging respect and admiration for how hard it is to do that. Yeah but cut it should always give your opponent respected and what they're doing is amazing especially when you you factory and it. Every night the other team. Is playing their best they're trying to beat him. You know I think people -- defeat the Europe we want it. We won Beijing general. You know before Kevin went down. And we were on that same kind of role as well so. I understand that it's hard to do that -- of hard to do on the fact they're dormant it is pretty broad. By the way I have been more impressed Sunday. If Sean -- he had let good ol' JR do the coaches interview with you before the game. Yeah that would have been very elegant fun. And I would have been doing -- at. Great to talk to you again thank you Oakland he does. They care that is Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. I I say this that -- it is not against them to sit here. And -- pushing buttons he is the best. Coach. Slash manager guest. In boss and -- -- -- again he just answered more questions about Wes Welker and -- Jack -- and it's not even close might be right -- quick break right back -- -- -- that you -- 6177797937. -- -- telephone -- Sports -- --

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