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Boston Globe's Greg Bedard breaks down the Wes Welker and Danny Amendola deals

Mar 14, 2013|

Greg joined Dale and Gerry to talk about Welker bolting for the Broncos and the Patriots bringing in Amendola. He believes it's a mistake to say Amendola is a Welker replacement as they are two different players, even though they are both slot receivers.

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-- I mentioned last hour we have a lot of superb football writers in this area and guys that you can't wait to read when big stories break in this guy is one of them. You read his material in the Boston Globe every day and not every day at least every week Greg Bedard joins us right now good morning Greg how are you. I. And the rumors are that he's moving on a bigger better rest that did you read that. So I just turn on the street at I wanna make it big announcements Gregor we'll put that after another day. Matt Korea the Hollywood because we would have the scope. Hey big Greg did did the patriots want Wes Welker back and did Wes Welker wanna come back. Did the patriots -- what Welker back. Yes but don't bet but only at their fixed. At their number that's the term. As their number. After a number of their paying basically they're paying him dole looked the same thing so they -- we want a guy. At this number and they tend to do that and play. People against each other so to speak I mean not intensely but they've you know they say table -- look. What's what we want this much or you know we can get we're gonna have Danny Amendola in here for a visit and you might be a little bit cheap pursuing my wanna -- about lower personal bit of that it all off to such as the paper's -- -- to that. And do it did Wes -- want to return. Yes absolutely. Pay Greg down. When yes yesterday can you tell us how this unfolded do you think that. Welker was taken was blind -- was surprised at how little. Value we had on the open market. Yeah. What apple was and you know I'm tree guys are aware that you know for the past couple weeks I've been writing that will all alert is likely to come back to the patriots and that was appealing from all sides of people from. Started towards the end of the season. There would doubtless some rocky moments -- -- Courtney. Middle part to the end of the season. I think between the walker and the patriots were very good and people are a lot of good feelings that figure error rate you know. The patriots finally realized walkers from value this year with. Gronkowski going out and as going out -- going out yet the offense just. Kept clicking along and put up all these points and patriots finally realizes true value and they're reduce -- the -- this season both sides thought that was gonna happen without their there was going to be fair. Good value. It's just very good value were two completely different things to Welker and the patriots and yet each had their number and -- When he when he got the opera from the patriots. I think it's fair city he was somewhat insulted by it. But you know that this is this is how these guys value me all I'm gonna go find another team. You think there's anything unsavory or untoward about the way the patriots dealt with them with with Welker. I just. You don't personally and you know you guys know that I've been writing for awhile that. I have been saying that even though I love Wes Welker and I know his value and covered him since his early days in Miami I still think he's going to be good for two to three more years. I thought that the patriots need to move bought from walker. But the offense needed to. We risk a little bit more to try to get another Super Bowl title. Strictly because the two tight ends are here they only have one I would keep what reverend probably the patriots would agree. I thought they needed move bought from walker I just would've done I just would have said after the -- you know what -- we love you you -- lot forest. We just think it's time to move on we exceeded the crop league I mean the ravens the black guys move on Ed -- going to be on. Ought. If you look at every team -- they've retreated while -- that. -- make these decisions all the time but sometimes the patriots prior try to play -- side of the fence that the they don't wanna be back. You know sometimes you gotta make these decisions and I think -- did you should have gotten the embassies and that what we love you. Thank you for what -- done you've been a tremendous guy you're going to be an all -- you might. Very likely be in the pro football fame. But at this point in time we think we need to move on. Go go on another team we which is about block. But they they didn't they didn't do is replace them with another Wes Welker I mean we weren't you thinking that they would -- the offense isn't this the same guy just younger. I think it's a mistake to. Say that the Danny Amendola is. A west local replacement I don't think that's what it is I think that they're two completely different players. I think if different strengths and weaknesses. And I think that the I think that if you look at it more like this I think that. You know when making -- lot of different ways -- this -- if for some reason they don't find an outside the -- receiver. You know Hernandez can move to receiver but I think -- I think division is. Bet Hernandez is the -- replacement. And and Amendola. Is an upgrade on a Julian -- and type. Guy even though I think settlement back in the same position given to guys there but I think that the better way to look at it is -- often moving forward. Words are left to guess what the patriots offer was we've heard that it was a guarantee of ten million with the incentives that could have taken it to sixteen million. I mean if if the incentives included you know like defensive player of the year -- sort of see where he wouldn't be that fired up about it we have an idea of what they were talking about. From what I know the incentives were. Not very attainable for what smokers why did they they were not in the picture. First to be. An end they word things like numbers of catches are numbers of touchdown catches things like that. Via. You know bring different post season awards. So many yards that stopped him and that way I don't think that states. I don't think that they were attainable. For -- -- -- even look even if you put -- thing in the -- it says are more. You know you get X amount -- all pro wall. Slot receivers don't give protocol pro players they just don't outside receivers because you know the Calvin Johnson and you know wherever else because that's. There's only two -- the art Reese it's like you know a few days it felt like colonel nickel back from the -- protein but they're very valuable. So that type -- -- I don't think that what I know be incentives were not really much. He was years completely made that twice. That all pro team. What do you think Tom Brady's -- and Greg. What do I think -- thinking. I'm sure he's not very happy you know but. He's been this has happened before I mean lawyer Gloria Deion Branch. So you know Tom Tom will get over it and -- go Lana -- you can. Even even -- Israel it said hockey and go anywhere so it'll come as much as people think that Tom Bree has a lot of no clout as part personnel can make called to do this match he really stays completely out of it he does. And you know whether that's good or bad. We will have to see in this case but are you know I think I think -- -- be very happy about it eat he consulate sings the praises of west he's called the best player on the team. The best teammate that he's ever had. One of his best friend I'm sure is not gonna like this but he'll -- -- The patriots never dipped their toe into the freeagent waters with the first wave they always wait for the second wave and I think that's about where were rat right now where they are looking next. Why do better trying to get -- leave -- I mean I think that's that's the next thing and you know I don't know why it's not done yet I'm sure the same type of thing I mean the patriots. You know even though people -- -- and maybe there offer was -- Welker low. They gauge the market pretty well they knew that there was not much of -- market. For Wes Welker and you know big -- it pretty well I think that -- same thing it quarterback I'm sure the initial offer to believe. You know was less than maybe police people but but -- BA if he had a better offer he besides somewhere. He doesn't and now they got due to -- I think they I think they wanna get. -- the police done as soon as possible to at least give them. One number 11. Do you think they give Brandon Lloyd your -- brand and they give him the three million dollar bonus on sending keep them in the folder are we talking about. Two new outside receivers or. Well I you know I. I doubt that they do I mean I -- that they were pretty much set their mind that they want and to move on but. If if this market didn't work out what they thought. And you know that the the other option that X receiver that outside guy is not really apparent to them. I'm sure they give it second I would I would doubt it but yet you don't does walker think could change. Do you do you think this shows. That. That Josh McDaniels has real juice here in May -- is the is the coach in waiting. -- his shot specifically I mean. You know I did anything it just does he talks opened with bill and bills on board I mean I just think that. Tom this is the continuation of something that we saw. A little bit in the titans game more in the Arizona game yes they lost that game but the circumstances. Change I mean you look at the game plan and Mac game. What was gonna play twenties when he -- that that is. That is big big game plan moving forward now we only saw about seven map until and and it got hurt. But. I think built on board that I think the ravens loss. I can understand why people -- west here but. The ravens lost only reinforce what was apparent. During the season and has been apparent for some time now is that -- Welker -- Hernandez and gronkowski. The patriots have too many guys in the middle of the field and makes them easier to defend. You take one of those guys out and obviously the -- are going to be here forever. And you try to get better on the outside the patriot or -- to defend. Across the field I think -- and bill are all on board with this approach. And I think it's the right approach going forward and give them the best chance to -- suitable. There was reported interest in Josh Cribbs there is an -- -- to report that Leon Washington is visiting. Today with the patriots is this an obvious technology and on their part that they've got to get better in the return game. I think so and I think it's it's another. You know you -- watched -- I mean he's a good player but I don't think even if he's signed here it's not going to be. Any sort of big deal that they couldn't I'm sure he would be -- mean Leon Washington good player he's a very good kick returner but at the end of the day is that. Is that good enough for a 53 man roster and you know 46 man game day active roster I'm not sure I think it's not a case where. Maybe -- put a little pressure on Jeff Demps who are it. Who want -- Do distract -- maybe it gives them -- the second thought about maybe I don't wanna do that maybe I want to be back maybe I wanna have a job I think it's. I think it's that type of move but there's no question that. They're kick return game. Stunk last year and you know once Julian settlement went down took the proper term. Where were you one of the people online asking bill those questions on Twitter was that you -- and -- what asked at a favorite candy was. His. Now actually -- most of them knew the answers to except I think candy one I didn't. They didn't know the answer. You knew his favorite Bon Jovi song. Yeah I think that's been reported where he gets -- And that's true. That he -- those -- them. -- to state -- he picked the team that he's rooting for in the lacrosse turn NCAA lacrosse -- -- Yeah I just -- -- bodies. And wreck we always appreciate the time when -- ready to make a big announcement will be sitting right here waiting for your call. All right -- the Greg we -- I tried it is that they polish. Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe joining us for the people who don't know that there were two rumors out there one was that -- on Sports Illustrated. And one I think I've also read somewhere that -- -- -- L network programs. He's destined for a bigger and better things we always know it is that is -- of -- Burgeoning. Football analytic yes out there a good one and he's kind of at the forefront of that sort of he sees me you know we love as a guest but I don't think it's futures to agree it was not crazy enough he's kind of measures. Thoughtful deliberate. -- -- football guy. But and we talked to all year every week and Wes Welker every week at Salem and annoyances as we what's the latest what do you think. And he's always been around he's got a big -- Lloyd who knows me that he's in new X receiver. And the -- thought Welker was. World while I -- -- -- at one point for awhile while I was gone and what could make twelve catches for a hundred and that's really think that is gone but. He doesn't get emotional and he thinks he tries to think like village and thinking as he as he explained to us about yet too many. Too many options in the middle football field. Needing to open things up to the outside you can see where it all makes sense from an analyst -- except this the number one offense in the NF yeah. Number one offense in yards number one offensive points to average 35 plus they -- stopped. When it matters most. Well what's the analytic for that that that they were too predictable middle of the field. Yeah you get to an AFC championship it was Super Bowl and they needs take that away -- dole doesn't solve that problem know what he said Amendola is not the way I Welker replacement either so than that. Guy on the outside I don't know who it is maybe trade forum maybe it's Greg Jennings Wallace is off the market against Jennings could be that guy yup this gonna have to be an upgrade. By Saturday August 2 days away right and so Lloyd is 03 million. In a bonus on Saturday if they cut him cut him lose. And eat he wasn't terrible in this idea that -- Was on Lloyd was -- Was Doug Gabriel or Deloitte was Chad Ochocinco was wrong he was he -- seventy whatever catches. 900 yard 900 yards he made he just has does know yak it up not a lot of fight -- usually headed down before the ball gets there which is why he still. Healthy and and viable but. He's -- he's a Josh McDaniels got it right yes he has kind of like Danny Amendola yeah Josh McDaniels got so maybe it's part of the same. Same think in the same package that would -- -- -- Lloyd reunite these guys as they did play together for a game. Dale in Saint Louis when him and see how it goes quick break right back to the -- to -- Sports Radio W media.

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