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Ron Borges, Boston Herald, says Wes Welker is the definition of a tough wide receiver

Mar 14, 2013|

Ron Borges joins Dale, Gerry and Kirk and talks about the Wes Welker situation. He calls Welker a real football player as he always takes risks in the middle of the field. He also shares insight into what really happened with the contract negotiations.

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Yeah. -- -- -- -- Lot of great football reporters in this country back there are a lot of great football reporters in this area one of the rights for the Boston Herald. -- must read on normal occasions anyway but today in particular. Ron Borges joins us right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible good morning -- Right thanks very ill. Or get upper. It today just the gloat as you have the right Borges a given that man you wrote two days ago. That the patriots off from was laugh of really low and I think that's a pretty good description. Well site yet the insists that story to -- And a look at these things differently maybe that. The NC football players who need a real football players. And they take real risks and very few guys that I've seen it taken more and Wes Welker. And reward might get in the underpaid most of his career. And shabbily treated on the way out pretzel. There's no -- equal. Is it safe to say that based on what we think is the offered that he accepted from the Denver Broncos that we as football fans. Probably overrated how much slot receivers are worth in the NFL. Well certainly very Euro one that's sure -- I think. -- situation. Do play elsewhere is -- -- might have been a little bit different. But yeah I mean anybody I've got to get paid like Mike Wallace. And you guys earlier in your right if you know as to. Fast. And and take it down the field -- seventeen -- to catch. They get paid more whether they're whether they proved to be more productive and not so. So probably so on that arm position. But I do think if he was playing for the colts are cute plan for the Broncos initially. He would have been treated it. Hey Ron how confident are you in the source that told you. He didn't come back to -- is 'cause there other people are saying he did bring that two year twelve million dollar offer back to new England and they refused to match. Well I don't say -- things under percent number one and number two. Go back and read what I've been writing about the look at situations the last few months and read other -- writing in saying and you make choices. Right. Silly he didn't come back -- it did Denver say was that wanna look like a Johnny Damon deal with a said the take literally begin -- run Mac and going on with the suffer. That's right and and M walker. News that and what people. -- was what you last year. Tuesday night. I think really. From what I've been told that really for the first time in the all time he's been here. Wes Welker finally figured out they don't really love -- -- you get the if US Bill Belichick privately he's telling the truth is there any if you -- a lot dryer on is their chance in the world he says well Danny Amendola is a better football player must while America's pain in the same I mean. -- -- -- The next hour or sit around you know you get you -- what are the ultimate hypothetically against yeah. A better football player and -- don't -- go there I think he would argue. About agent potential and all of those. Sort of thing you know in many years ago a little bit of a different. Laramie local that a player but for me Geithner wrote Billy Brooks. Was very productive I'm -- do you do and that played very well in itself. -- sort eleven touchdowns. The Buffalo Bills were really the reason make the playoffs. 01 of the big reasons and now in the that we unplug. And after basic development that Ebola. Suu Kyi -- -- Sitting at -- -- offered considerably less money. Then guy -- -- of the -- -- me more was much younger. -- that spoke a little bit faster so what we've had never done squat. So I was actually colts. So it takes. A look at -- -- scored eleven cuts the next. The other guy ever heard from yet that. Some thought -- -- -- tied up in things that. Wipe them out. And I think that maybe it. What is happening in this case will keep -- -- -- to -- that are clear about players. Welcome him until. One guy -- that some of all let me every year in the at a got to make comments that is the doctors. Well usually. When you spent four years in pro ball and you got hurt a lot that usually doesn't change. Because it has. Worked overtime and it has done that mean you're not taught it speaks to just bought. They'll play the game. And that's our city Bruce entered the or members like bent over like a practice and it Indonesia and explode it in 99% of people meet with the. And and -- justice is the most dangerous position you goal for the middle. You're small you get your head ripped off by bigger stronger guys if you do that if you play the position right. That's correct and that's part of jobs are like -- -- -- -- wanna do it. You know that said if you operate opposition that's part of you're gonna get hit and you're gonna get. Knocked out and and you this year you saw play where. We're and it was in the same situation and blown up. Get a little bit and next that played its door to -- short -- the ball intercept. -- sell short armed while number. So often we hear the phrase you know it's business not personal. Is this a case where it might be personal not business. April -- I think it's. A little personal. And that's not start first -- -- it was personal look Malloy to -- you don't do what they say. It becomes little. This first one -- You know didn't take -- -- they had decided it was gracious offer a couple of years ago. And then he would do it again but this collapsed offered to me would. Cannot easily from time where it's early -- valiantly. To get the feeling optimistic it was Robert. Do you believe that did Tom Brady was in the dark on this like some people trying to -- accused just completely blind side shell shocked when he got this news yesterday. Well I guess -- I would ask anybody who thinks that one question. They think embrace -- Right at a Mets exhibited dumbest guy in the world that were true rise as a you don't. Right but I think it's safe to say he he could be surprised. Many might not be shocked as we but he could be surprised. Especially when he sees the numbers through the years in the in the money had to know during the process -- think I think. While I don't think they insult them early and and I and I have never. Believe -- that led to believe that when he did it feel it had anything to do anybody else. That's how he operates you know he does. Was that what you perceive as best for -- in whatever definition that is. And that we want so there at least at that -- you know. But -- which is why is this one up as people that I mean I can tell you honestly that by the end rating -- like much. Yet trademark which is that certain worsening in the world for people. -- believe that. -- did not help him when you're right -- new deal. In your opinion will will the patriots and we hear this phrase a lot here. -- cheap out they'll stick this money in their pocket or is perhaps they're offseason plan to devote more of their financial resources. To improving a defense that probably needs more help -- the offense does. Welcome to be true sure -- -- and I brilliant effort early show on a more because. You know -- just by this. Like some outsourcing some of Welker was there. A prop there no problem is that a defense. -- at the bit bewildered at puberty ball even though people in this seriously so short -- that might very well. Are like are -- people say that's you know like hearing. Read many places and certainly -- perhaps that opened -- a week later we hit it great team in out under the cap this year. This past year let's see little effort here you know than anybody else. Sometimes they do. Basically they're buried in apple look at cash over cap over. And many -- itself so that is an illusion. And it even. And in a pocket. -- that I do think that there's offensive players they need. Change and that and they know that wouldn't be able to do what is west. Hey do you would tell us what happened last spring re written remind us. He turned down a three year deal before he signed the tag and then another one after that was lower is that how wet ground. Gates he liked about it. The two year to deal. Eight it is the only Yankee. Spend a franchise. -- surprise -- Shorter than ever written it -- immediately led me to believe that those shot at really at the and that they can affect you surprised by that but he but he was. And then you know of course with the leap of -- at stake in the next day the next day after his side. That he there was another negotiating session and the opera beatles' lawyer in the one is just. So that the signing of the of the tender. This stuff fill in your opinion. He was you'd be or now overpaid. And worked and you know he wouldn't go along -- -- That's supposed to do those. And however the only guys target figure out here. Well the Brady. The want to Google does does the guys all the guys out. The guys. -- lists as they noise. And soldiers shot. So you think -- would that have been the Smart move for Welker. To not sign -- and set out. All those. It would it -- Sixteen million over two and then been in the same situation -- would -- In my opinion so steady make. Point when it happened you know which were. So he's he's he's better off in the last two years or forcefully card -- -- that would have -- meters so. I think in those -- Iraq. What you really shoot -- Everett -- probably really suited them was up happily do that contract when clearly it without playing it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you -- have. You know Deion Branch like always to do that and we did. And they they knew that I get a lot of credit they read the player. Very well I wrote in about well awhile back -- you like to assist. I don't quite an editor for doing this. I don't mean the last people but the one or because you put aside around your head that -- that in make that you. -- look like. You are beat up like yourself. There in the guy so -- look like for the ball and erupted in a and so on willing to fight for so. And business. As was well. -- -- -- we appreciate time it was of an interesting read this morning in the Boston Herald it's always fun to talk football and thanks run your -- room that's Ron Borges the Boston Herald joining us will get Greg Bedard take from the Boston Globe about 828. Doc Rivers will get his take on this yeah he's already talked about Wes Welker is departure and maybe comparing it to Ray Allen will get to a all the that would -- at 905 whole bunch still to come Sports Radio W media.

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