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Stunning: Wes Welker to Denver, Danny Amendola now a Patriot

Mar 14, 2013|

Dale is in for Dino and the guys get their first crack talking about Welker signing with Denver and the Patriots getting Amendola.

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Sort of feels like Groundhog Day -- I -- and and I know after as a Christmas to me. It feels like Groundhog Day because because I and I know that every one of these instances. Is the biggest incident in the history of the team every time this happens. You know this is this the end of civilization as we know it. Patriots fans have such incredibly short memories. This happens all the time it does not I beg to differ all fired 6 soul or am I it. The whole class you got to start -- hall of famers is less well Adam that it -- in the hall of fame. I guess that would players not kickers. Willie McGinest and that. That place goalies for Willie McGinest and Wes Welker CI disagree completely dale I think he stands above the rest of the -- this is the he most brings in the most blatant the most in your face. Belichick. Moment. Arrogant. To this. This is a new probable -- actually made Kelly he's speechless I didn't make me speechless but I am on the air so I have to be careful I would like -- I would like -- tell you the bird yes I would like to tell you how I really -- but this is disgraceful this is just capsule describes as I was open that you would take a different I don't know why and I just want to get this out of the way read out the back. I wanted them to bring Wes Welker back I I think he is and I paraphrase you on this Callahan. He is the toughest SOB I have ever seen in a patriots uniform. I've never seen anybody take the shots he takes. And get out and line right back up the very next play you know what -- those shots are part of that job. That job. That job requires you to go over the middle and -- -- knocked off. Time and again so you cannot do that job unless you are as tough as Welker. And -- the problem is anybody who's ever done so why don't think anybody. Whether it's settlement -- now Amendola anybody help broke Gradkowski and and Anderson that -- is the the goal with the students and territory. Tell me. How anyone expects another guy another. Another slot guy. To take those hits and get up and get back anomaly Welker and may not be able well it just. How -- Amendola going to be as productive as -- house second happened Welker is most -- dumped twenty million dollars. -- -- up all the way buyers say here by Jerry Jones signed it's all right fine I listen it's not perfect but I understand. The -- saint. None none none none of the money is more for a mental what does it mean to guarantees declaring it's as if they don't is don't you wonder about that point one at six point one. Haven't. Six point one right this is the ultimate in your face Belichick moment Belichick and and an -- I love this last two years we talked about on this has been personal. And and people have written -- -- -- -- is written at this is personal. Now we know it was personal Bill Belichick. Had a problem. With Wes Welker should say that because I think -- is right and I think you're right and I happen to think we've all sort of forgotten about this. This has been one of the few players. That I can think of in recent memory. Was kind of strayed off the reservation from time to time and I don't we all kind of made fun of the hole. What fetish joking press thing -- did which was very witty. But it went exactly against what he was told to do he he did exactly what the coach said nobody's supposed to do. He got punished for it. This is a wide receiver who -- During an interview post game on Comcast this year said it -- -- on Nick Cannon like shot at -- space right there -- is fascia right deal last year. Right and years before I mean he never agreed to it to the patriots terms of the papers number. I don't think Belichick expect in the -- and the France says the differences tender he wanted him to. To keep him in one -- free agency wanted to go play ball and Welker didn't and -- rolled the dice. I don't know one year deal it is NASA took a million hits kept it up stayed healthy. And reach free agency but bill was not about you know let that pass. It's it's a great point. A number of people made -- and he could have. Belichick was like averaging. In nine point five he made last year with this low ball offer and it will look it's three years and twenty million. Right right which is not -- which suits and played a year and stayed healthy if he didn't. Is that three year deal and take rob of course not and it's almost it's certainly confirms annually suspicion that Belichick was trying to put the knife and Welker early last season to right by -- this wasn't about getting in -- wraps and getting other guys mixed -- Belichick had something. Against Welker Welker did on the field. Let's play hard. Play hurt it is -- -- -- catch a 115 passes this sad might be the best that ever played any ads and and be. Second or third most important guy in the best offense in NFL history. That's what he feels and in the only point I was trying to make it felt obligated sale that stuff that I don't start getting me all you hate -- -- Welker stuff. You might have been my favorite player on this team during the tenure that he was here when he arrived what -- we think of Welker. Exactly what we think of Amendola right right exactly the same thing who the -- is that I mean what model you see them but yet. But here's the thing -- and -- not you've seen him for six years. Don't you look at him didn't you look at him time and again and say he special. -- different. He's a -- -- -- he's -- he's an odd -- if he can take those excellent twice a year with the Miami Dolphins and never thought any of that stuff about him when he was I don't remember -- the twelve Dallas lawyer but I you know we know in the use the -- -- 67 catches in his last year -- -- -- led the team I mean it wasn't bad it was a bad -- and twenties and he clearly was an underdog and over -- and all that but it in time here -- who was more important than the quarterback to the team. And it's success and and and the level of the than. It's made history this offense made history. This was the second most important guy on historic offensive since 0713. Teams I think have scored. Five report for thirty -- history of the league scored five points I think in four of those teams. Are the patriots and Sosa Catholics -- those years -- to say about cut copy is. I am amazed. That he gets pack up and does that. He's 32 years now. The guy who's replacing -- is 27 years. Is it possible that the guy who's replacing him. Is gonna end up playing more games over the next couple of years in the 32 year old who continues to get. Rocked on a regular I think it's possible of course I don't think it's likely if you had to bet who plays more games next year Welker and Mendel. Who topic -- -- -- that Welker will what he's older dale I know older and I think that plays into this too oh no no question again. Peace. Now because the -- cares about four years from now. I got years -- next to this is two years it's it's understood years but isn't that what we were focused on here I mean we're focused on the here at the now it's Tom Brady 36. Who cares about the length of the deal we're talking about keeping the guy here I don't care I am for -- and -- I am considering this two year deal right exact who have -- makes -- catch more passes over the next two years Wes Welker Denver him until in the you know in a strange the way I actually think Gammon gold might be the reason is. -- got more weapons. -- sketch that you take a look at that wide receiving corps if he had he's got more guys stop fooling around if he had Welker. Do you think they run the ball on the third and long when they gave it back to Baltimore and Baltimore them from seven yards for the for the win if he had Welker no I think you have been looking for way he would look out for Welker -- I love this idea of Jesus -- system guy and he hasn't as he he moves the chains he cut 72 balls 41 downs. Among -- 118 and he caught last year he does what they need him to do he gets that finds the open spot and moves the chains he will do that Denver. I think he -- he'll make hundred catches fallen out of bed and many of them will be for first two win a lot of games well we'll see him on TV most say. They wouldn't go an extra million. Or. If if we believe he -- the chance. He did not. Bring this back to the patriots and -- which is is you know. It's a factor but even if he didn't. And it was price right they knew how they would pick would it took to keep them. Well yes and no I mean. What to shock or how small -- that have spent the last couple weeks here when we say some teams -- -- Moye 25 million dollar current eighteen million dollar remember we thought five for forty yet you said to us before this started the -- can get him. For twelve million dollars in fully guaranteed for two gears stop great team that is just with managing the cap properly it's like. Perfect which -- the ones that way just one point the one where I have this grudging respect for Belichick if he did that. If you go to your twelve million what would be what all these -- are you kidding we would be saying he's a bleep and -- yes he held the line he got them. He's got that this is great player at his number. It would be amazing and we will be -- -- to use Dino is favored term foreign rose petals at his feet and nobody didn't do he doesn't care. You know it doesn't care but beyond that -- it's almost in defiance that he does this right I could do it and you would all love me. But I don't care about -- and I don't like this guy I don't like Wes Welker and he said he left me speechless. Patriot nation speechless you guys were on -- you listing you'll watch and everything. There are diehard Belichick disciples. They don't know what to say you know what -- saying -- I have seen this script before but I just wish he hasn't done this on a number of occasions I cannot ballot right -- patriot nation speechless. How many times have we read this the end of the Belichick era nobody says -- Adobe -- -- all owe a lot -- -- those who is move the -- who left the patent should go check web walk. We'll forget that a Turkish player. That is the best in the league at their position I think it's a great level for offering priceless Arctic Sam -- -- market value priced Asante Samuel Richard Seymour -- value well I'm on my point he has the guys -- were still at the top of their game. What was -- probe this guy. Say what you will about ballot check it and he maybe totally wrong on this one. For the most part. Is really pretty good at this I guess when guys are done but here's the thing you're emotionally -- when he when he says goodbye to somebody don't chew it up. Begrudgingly perhaps later on saying. You know what he was they don't always -- -- they rarely excel but he's their replacements don't hear either in on this there's. I mean he's seen guys go. Look. You name -- Richard Seymour Vista look for -- -- -- -- like Richard Seymour and elegant first round pick for him Asante Samuel they're still looking for another sad these Samuel. Even know guys go elsewhere and don't thrive. Coming about the replacement year. August house -- that he's been there are -- very valid point that the main Welker Denver's one thing but -- dole here. He had better be tough as titanium he had better beat. Like Louisiana Perini tough he better be able to twelve hits he better be able to play if he goes down the way. I think -- well because he's human because he's got a really really dangerous job. If he goes down -- week to week three week for better -- for like a game he goes down for 6810 weeks he goes out for the year again. Does that Chip Kelly does that job can I ask another part of this question that I haven't seen asked as much as I thought I would -- the last point four hours. You think Wes Welker wanted to stay here yes. I do I'm not so sure I think that well I think I'm not issue credit truthfully I'm not so sure -- -- win I I thought that. When I heard it. -- -- to say two teams were interested Denver and Tennessee. I said the lasting one and it was noted that I -- -- he wanted to leave he won the stick it to bill if he could end up somewhere like -- yes and I said that and he -- -- -- -- -- -- moderately to stitch -- uses race shop at bill's face right yes and I think -- kind of like the idea of being able to shove -- bill's face. I'm gonna pat myself on the back as I said Brandon Stokley 368. Manning's gonna keep an eye on this I said it. Six months ago it -- who keep an eye on this and if the prices right if they don't. She'll Welker that they wanna keep them that they love him that they respect him than Manning's gonna say what do we do let's get him here. He is going to use him -- he's gonna make sure uses them at all Welker has to do is stay healthy which is greatest strength. That's the other part about it Amendola that we should at least rollout there. He had broken arm and he had a broken -- in the same way people say well Jacoby Ellsbury injury prone. -- get trucked in left field and broke a rib. Any had a shoulder. A Boston up when he got fallen on its second debate I agree that's not injury -- did you get -- football but but -- exact and you really get hit in this spot in opposition -- you can if you are outside guy Brandon lauded the engram Deion Branch you can go and you can go down Troy Brown said the Ashton they pull him he's good and he said I can't do my my dial. Wes Welker couldn't do it either. The next best thing is taken those hits and shake them off and get back in the bottle. I don't think chemicals can be allowed to me it's not just him. It's anybody. Who does that job who takes those it's amazing that Welker has been able to play at. As many games is the press and it did it and they didn't put this this guy Bill Belichick this guy you know who was busy tweeting this is girlfriend about his favorite restaurant another chat last -- while this was going on in a while this was all going on -- mean. He did it for that guy and that guy turned around and said you didn't think of that deal that I have for -- on my terms you didn't know. -- that -- the the right thing and by the patriots screw you I think. -- this is tipping point dale but I think this is more and I think he stands alone. Among these arrogant Belichick moments I think this one stands -- -- a lot like the other ones to me that well like you guys are all lined up on and after that after tell you this but. The number for. You know one of -- who doesn't seem to now 6177797937. Text line 37937. Ron Borges will join us at 7:35 this morning. I'm Greg Bedard who seems to Britain that the patriots offseason blueprint. Before the off season. I mean he seems -- -- a lot of this stuff yes look for it's all happened he'll join us at -- money. Doc Rivers will join us at 905 this morning dale Arnold and -- Well I don't rivers by the way who said more about this trade the Bill Belichick. And -- -- -- and will probably say more in the long -- say more about this publicly talk more about a 64 from 905 tonight await the Belichick say about this forever or ever ever all of which into me and I talked to guys like in the gym last night it's doubly frustrating because Welker is gone. And they don't know why don't they don't know why bill and you can read my -- you can read -- she could read Mike Hsu learned Peter King. India and dale it's the most frustrating thing about the Belichick way the patriot way. Is things like this happen and you never quite well but the other -- the other side's going to talk about this at some point. Welcome we'll talk to somebody whether it's on the record off the record and that's story will come from somebody more than anybody else on here with Tom Brady says and I and I and I don't wanna hear. Tom current talk to somebody who knows Tom Brady who said this. I wanna hear what Tom Brady says. I'll be curious if we ever get chance.

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