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Jason Terry postgame with Grande & Max: we're playing with a good rhythm

Mar 13, 2013|

Jason Terry postgame with Grande & Max: we're playing with a good rhythm

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I just thank you it is over at the garden establishment easily won 1288 is the final. Have a 24 hours after a very bizarre night in Charlotte Jason Terry is seen a lot of things over the course of the years in the NBA to a from the celtics' locker room what was your thoughts going through last night I I would describe it diapers -- agreement. It being to greet you wanna drop at the end of the semester he always gets dropped that one fantastic talent last night was. In the we were put that out of my mind very quickly obviously not the result -- warning warning and without -- one of those pins were. Which we will gonna win it especially those to them prior. But. It happens you have a bad night got to come back and fight and I'm glad. We will go on about the threat because you can rate them and we quickly. That's one thing we talked about. Especially Kevin Garnett this is trustees and I know how you are about the history of the gate and you're watching living history -- Kevin Garnett -- the body of -- path of my -- how do you look at it as a player. Closed almost received like every other night you know -- he's hitting a milestone. Respect somebody on this chart but that's just close to the hard work dedication. That he's putting into it and now we've been wrong. I've been around longer -- who have you went up up up -- people playing at a high level. What they have though that's about it we talk -- you -- voice yet. With early in the fees that you would try to find your way which issue be it. But now it is take comfort level Jiri at what that you toll to fit. I'm a rhythm shooters so if -- -- in the twelve shots -- gain a -- if they'll call the wolf. You can tell you're still the -- lot book called the well which is doing with this team with this particular time. We'll definitely get. And it's all about haven't -- being consistent. And knowing that it's one of your -- Our commitment all that the players would like we're in buffalo and as you've seen the way we played well for -- laughable monster we've had a great rhythm what we're -- ball movement and -- -- this. Fans now. Play video games they've played Tennessee basketball Apollo orbiting on twittered to me to give. A separation from humanity of the game I think one of things that gets overlooked you've been. And championship teams you've been in locker room for guys to like each other as much. What is very clear when you travel with this team and -- on the plane in the locker room despite what happens on the court in any given night. And to -- can't underestimate the importance to the fact that it seems. You guys really like playing with a chip. The only left well with each other and making him but it is life. When you have guys like Kevin Garnett Paul -- you've seen that the hard work that they put into this thing. You don't wanna come in and be a cancer you wanna be at writing. And know that if we can do this thing together collectively. Vince got excellent because when your plan when all the farmers like those guys who always have a chance. And especially against the -- Toronto Raptors and the way you guys defend -- and I want 1288 is the final. I know it's a few games ahead you know you keep in mind a couple of things Miami won their twentieth team in a row there could be the long winning streak going in here but. In your life I know we don't get to talk to you between now and then on the air. You got a very big night coming and next we don't -- Don't know what not ours -- a good story now WB well and 55 -- -- on behalf of the I don't know what happened on levels. And well Mark Few days don't get hooked up more about it you know they'll let you know but it at least that's one back -- very emotional and -- -- -- -- when -- Q did make -- money that -- if if everything that it. Do it no question.

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