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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We need practice

Mar 13, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We need practice

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Celtics that I represented by Lexus continues from the garden an actual whole stand against the Celtics and comedians -- -- begin our conversation with a head coach -- But he's always harbored no health -- Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Count on what is our home stereo like I mean to me it's three game opener to me if instigated their for a weekend you're down -- -- -- of the week. That seems reasonable and it's been five or six weeks that you had. So I guess since you decide to drop in natural track I was going to go. Do you notice. As coach player weighing your home for 67 days is -- comfort you speaking -- news most doing what you've been doing for the last six weeks to go back. I think it helps you know you. Didn't carper you know I don't know -- going into it but I noticed Margaret that if you pouring oil. It helps. You know can -- do give a good practice schedule we have had a practice all law. A good one and we need more. And assisted Eric made just two games in the previous 27 days which is pretty usual. You we learn anything from last that are that is the lowest -- you drop the Indians here. Our hope it's one of those -- greats. There for Bieber does it underscore among the things that we we take for all the things that Paul has been doing since -- It but Paul would have played last night we lost -- whale. Mean it was one of those games so but it's still dormant all is so valuable to our team now. You know you can only keep them certain -- lot of guys are used Rondo in the new year -- you are both scored. So when Paul doesn't play. Because he's wanted to play makers with the ball -- -- a lot. A lot of people worried euros since you brought sent by the way you should see the number of people world outside of you talked about getting on -- last -- How far tongue in cheek went to increase -- -- -- ordered -- -- I just don't know where I'm telling you already I'm saying my Twitter to simply by you discussing -- you might. You know Butler that's how excited people -- magnitude of your celebs -- right but the other topic and it now. I got on board with last -- is about Kevin Garnett -- second and back to back so let me ask you this Kevin Garnett right now the way he's been -- last public since he beat breast disease to -- -- I think it is just -- argues rhythm I think he's out of rhythm Matt out of breath let's -- I think he needs change everybody really visas and practice case. To get back in rhythm and happens and he's out of rhythm right now we have him back. He really is one of those you've had over these six years that he's been here. You'll have a couple of days between games in the -- when you play again you have generally very good record of those games have gone well but he plays exceptionally well and he's one of those players that it seems that the rival. There he needs he's. Or play with Patrick York. They're very similar and we knew of Patrick had a day where he missed a practice he was gonna probably played port. And that's how he needed the rhythm and I think that is very much like that I didn't know now running missed practice that much I could do. By this the part of our show where actor on number that you probably can't explain yet try to explain anyway. Back to -- was it difficult in the Indian embassy there management energy factor coming home you of 116 consecutive. Back to back games at home and the difference between this team the last couple years even this year on the second of back to back home for the roads -- just. Not on the market though that other reserves -- and I now you go out -- -- -- -- -- you know we've won sixteen these games that sound like you've researched how would. Governor -- but. You know I don't know why. Obviously. Which there was a reason for. You know maybe executive we have got to focus you know. Toronto has been a 500 team they're record looks bad because they get out of bad start him in a 500 team above that for three months now even before they made -- -- again. Went to Ronald wins what do we do well. World -- thing. They do they get out -- is the second thing they do they rebound in the ruby rebound well. -- they're shooting has been up and down you know early in the year when are struggling they take a lot of threes a lot of -- just another attack the basket. But to me he would make it easy baskets and they rebound anyway. As the head coach it's another day of a New England needs a hug have to watch Kevin Youkilis put on the Yankee uniform. Ray Allen play with them on a Miami now Wes Welker goes to Denver to play with Peyton Manning and even though it's not really your job to give fans -- doing with a hug. Is there anything that these -- any consolation to fans of someone who played and you weren't you didn't make free agency you're -- after all the viewers in Atlanta. But what do players. Feel for fans and a fan base that. Love them back so much. It's it's stuffs with storage so that's different but he I can't imagine make a choice to leave this and and you know it is this one just seems like there was more than just contract I think we all. Came -- conclusion and so it's compliment I'd love five I think players for the most part but look this they Wear the period -- And I in this case that the -- went tomorrow where he built. That the team more and more rejected. You know when it starts didn't burst so you know decisions are made. That's pretty good public anger became their. Celtics -- raptors next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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