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Instant Reaction: Wes Welker is now a Denver Bronco

Mar 13, 2013|

Michael Holley and Pete Sheppard are on the air as the news break that Wes Welker is gone from the Patriots, and is now a receiver for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

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Our hair every goal. He did a great resolve a while ago and along time ago sixteen years ago I think there's still appropriate bloggers all about the Benjamin's. And maybe hurt feelings for Wes Welker because -- -- -- is reporting Adams shepherd says Wes Welker has agreed to terms whip. The Denver Broncos this is on the believable this is the mistake a little while ago shepherd. Edit this guy goes to a free -- -- a bad sign. People around. Insiders. Sitting around saying. Why don't get off from Michael I don't think -- a luxury yet shall we take. -- -- -- What he goes to free agency reported in awhile ago. That Wes Welker was determined go to freed once she goes to create. Later. You heard. You heard Mike Wallace. Freeagent go back to Pittsburgh now to Miami Steven Jackson free agent -- journalists don't agree bay John Bolton go back -- don't know. Only two little Tampa. All these guys. May hit three agency it is very rare that they stay with their teams after strong he's a big deal -- Eagles and Wes Welker now. He became a free agent he whipped through the Broncos. You really want the player keep him away from free agency. Where there are Peyton Manning's job Aaron John -- and John always John only just we actually covering in the bushes. Waiting to do your player money. This week talk it is here. Apparently ten year deal. What I'm here and right now. You don't drunk so -- tell me loves them the guaranteed monies was gunned down seven an unbelievable. Hand and there it is says that. What many -- we thought would happen has. -- Wes Welker has left the patriots. He's a bronco. On. This scenarios. I'm angry I'm upset. The first time in a very long time I think it's a big mistake for the patriots are a much as you say Michael your -- that's got to be something in the Big Bang is about to happen mostly. Also Greg Bedard following. After despite alas this Jeff effort from the patriots Wes Welker has agreed to a deal with the Broncos -- The two year deal but we don't know the money yet that's the total money to get the years what do you got sick. I know some of you before what with what Wes Welker leaving was an abstraction for you. So it was easy when it's an abstraction to call kind of noise. Yeah Aaron Hernandez and -- not that good. Dropped passes in the super powered automatic quality dividend gained there now it's a real. It's real he's gone what do you think about it. How does a good thing. I'm -- market -- me this look at this. And mark market regard this. This. Not -- to a second ago. About. You know I can't change I order does not want to talk a couple minutes ago. Cool -- -- camera and you should championship. That -- -- aren't. -- that it be appropriate in the championship. I'm actually sort of yeah. And the -- You know mark a lot of -- allotments. Of obvious a true I'd ask you about web -- I don't want an -- I. Heard a couple of days ago Jack Parker journal. Jack Parker. Great program may be you Jack Parker tribute to couple days ago when -- after new markets are. At that nobody. All this makes it Wes Welker had gone to -- -- I. Is John always read agreed to terms of the two year deal -- Wes Welker excited to have west join the Broncos his current job this will be a great asset. Exclamation point exclamation -- U Iowa broke up not broken -- -- -- politically up angry Bob harper. Many of these Boston make this make sense what's going on. Verde until. I what do you think Wes Welker took a Broncos your thoughts. Well I think their electric -- -- over the middle of something like pepper one apple might have something to do with bomb. Well welcome -- last year Bill Belichick is very very sensitive guy use anything against him. And I remember he said all of the disputed the bill every now and then Agassi got caught in something ally. And I want it stems from Maddon knows what happened behind that. You know but -- It's all about money it's mostly about money on religion opens. Its money. You know that's what I mean is threatening. -- a shot of tequila -- we're delighted that you know -- that's number it'd be a regular shot. On -- today word hope Francis the first light no differences come off. Are you guys are told me over the years -- on the especially in the eighteen to -- Got to tell me -- such a -- about and it. Some -- Explain to me. You're Smart people. -- How Wes Welker can sign 82 year twelve billion dollar deal with the Denver Broncos explain how that makes sense makes and -- two theories. Next. It doesn't make sense to -- Juan Walker's part absolute white screw patrons supplement screw the patriots device. Too broad picture standpoint they're obviously Michael that this is true. And they never. Going to bring him back. Well they weren't gonna bring them back. Let's go much I don't understand that. Well let's go back the beginning of the show you thought you're all upset about the the agents and this is all agents abandoned their put an all out aren't possible to -- it's it's clearly it was clearly accurate. Then before we heard that Wes Welker was signing with the Denver Broncos. We also heard that that contract offer was laughable. It must have been if he took six million dollars a year with the Denver Broncos in just a bit laughable. We heard that the patriots really didn't make an offer. That must be true. If he's not for six million dollars a year with the raw -- You can hang I don't I don't I don't look back -- some -- number you want to be blown away. Pitchers the initial reports last couple days from a lot of the beat writers like the -- were offering at least eight million weren't they. At least that's and like you said that maybe -- -- nothing. Maybe for nothing. If their intention all along was is not to bring the guy back which I just don't understand it and in relative. Decision Michael don't -- is very often but I after question. I mean you can't sister in the -- there were. Well eligible what are then why did you and almost bare it all the tire back this is criticized her litter it's a bad decision. It's a bad decision bad disease and die. And by the page -- -- is all in west welcome back. Personalize it. Bill Belichick is obviously in -- around like a great -- respect for black. I I field and in my heart and in my head this is the wrong decision to let this guy -- Or six billion dollars a year. Michael had to -- that's the case Michael and it's going to be wants one extreme or the other the patriots had no intent to bring him back whatsoever. Welcome to sick at the -- -- -- which a lot ago. It can't be happy medium here six years. -- my taxes or don't like it is right out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I had big you know I know -- -- -- yesterday but somebody said in the text line and -- and that's interesting. It was Welker -- -- Welker equals. Ray Allen. Two years. Twelve million dollars. What now twelve million dollars per season would make more sense I don't think they'll be over and put. Six billion dollars less curricula offered nothing or are something really big -- three million a year for two years I offered that exact deal. On the naked -- I offered that deal. A Wes Welker topic they don't give me two years -- -- but -- -- fourteenth it's two years is no big deal. Which are concerned are you concerned about Wes Welker following -- when he's 35. Public -- a 32 of. Three years eighteen with twelve guaranteed. Network. -- 181000012. Guaranteed. -- -- -- can't do is get in the numbers had to be there's got to be and haven't got to be something. You know -- always doubles car dealerships in Colorado there often repeats of the car dealership gonna get a commercial Peyton Manning. What is it. Part of it could is it possible that it could be two years 24 million people just confusing. And that he's actually getting development. Courier like -- -- after he's a threat I'm accident while unless they ever not everybody has brought everything since world says the same -- two year deal worth twelve million. Not only guaranteed. Not. Your form a two year deal worked well -- -- screen from me it's all over everybody's. We're now finally -- -- And not do this New England Patriots you cannot allow this to happen it is hard for them. You gotta know yourself got to be aware it is hard for the patriots lately. To develop receivers. They've got a good job with tight ends. -- a bad job with receivers. They draft receivers you don't draft well -- -- they drafted a good receiver. I'm gonna include Julian cattlemen -- he's a good receiver gets hurt a lot. They drafted him in the seventh round good at a seventh round pick who could play in the league but he didn't stay on the field a lot. They drafted Chad Jackson we know how that worked out. They draft a camera that Taylor Price third round we know how that worked out they try to for Chad Ochocinco we know how that worked out they brought in. -- Joey Galloway Tom Brady couldn't stand him. He had to go. -- made -- -- memorial last year reported franchised him write it up for -- hard year last year. It is part of our guys it's hard to find guys who can flourish in the system and even if you say Wes -- the system guy. -- -- -- guy in your system. Got to change it. About a year and this is six million dollars. I hope you have the other theory is correct there were waiting for some big explosion of talent to -- you know infiltrate whose team now. But you say I mean this over very talented team don't get me wrong but this is a big blow in my opinion. They -- always gonna be pissed off they wash hands with six million dollars. -- -- They offer an 8000060 million for two years last year I believe we turned it down right. They're franchise and he made nine point whatever nine point four million -- made it if they franchise an issue -- -- made eleven point four million I believe. Six million a year. Andy and as a -- of saint patent and offer that much let's let's get well. Let's check on those let's check on are our guy Adams -- fantastic. And so after he says must be true Adams after knows more. About football that you -- you think. -- anyway -- -- Milford to go to your -- that put this out here. What you call the deal was an official when you called. You told the screener Aaron Hernandez is better in the slot that was still an abstraction. -- theorizing now as a real -- how do you feel now. I. Don't know public that the Congo. I would drop the point I would draw. And it is in the slot micro he's also a wide receiver and upload -- on the back really good lied to -- -- and it runs well it's it's modern it's modern football -- lot -- tied in to run well Tony Gonzales is coming back he runs well Jimmy Graham. Antonio Gates all of his dirty still runs well. -- -- Rob Gronkowski Aaron Hernandez on and tight ends in football we're good and could run and we think their receivers and we -- -- -- I do not the titans. -- -- -- Art. Let's go to let's go to bodies in the -- Bob was up. It Michael -- at -- Any caller -- in the next couple days and said the bill we trust all up please block that guy out. I cannot believe that. What it don't watch because right now OK it is great coach he's great drop. He has applicable without a valuation and yet now he caught -- in the about the global but it but he -- -- walked. You -- -- -- -- to try to play the belt or you know probably the steps that they have not been able to replace. Is -- and -- are -- -- -- is ultimate weapon his stick -- ordered that slot receivers and mr. Obama walk away. -- This is they have a comments northern situation brought up Bob I mean there's some legitimate -- I think you're being extreme this one I agree with you completely. This is it to me it's the worst move especially if the money occur when it just went out to pick a stripper Ochocinco at six million for one season and that while wac at six million for two. So -- to the Michael Bobbitt to me it's just it's to me seems like Welker which is not gonna. The pay -- worker -- serious about bringing him back. And Welker. To -- -- the best he'll welcome yet on the table I just amazed the patriots let it come down to this I think it's a big gigantic mistake. How does it has more than -- all. Your pre or you look at circle in an age. Let's look at the suspect about it able. And you know -- -- one -- pretty -- One of negotiations that might be well and well though. Appreciated. That wouldn't look. At the saint. And I can't it is a lot to complain about the. Audio. Texture on the -- -- tax sciences. I know you clowns won't consider this. Maybe just maybe walker believes he has a better chance of winning a super apple would Denver. Maybe you can you know he's been so far from some trouble with the patriots. -- So far. The child's out of registered so far from the super ball put the patriots have they gone. I think gauntlet Wes Welker as they have voice -- 121. Through since since Wes Welker. Has -- but the patriots. -- the Super Bowl twice right yes. And so since Wes Welker over the patriots. Peyton Manning has been to the Super Bowl how many times one once lost they lost. Oliver says my understanding is the -- -- finally recent offer was ten million over two years with incentives. That make a big effort to keep him. So -- I'm -- with your second theory that something bigger better off the table with his team -- try to figure out what -- record be all right -- out of -- of free -- well. Another Adams after -- because I don't know everything -- -- -- import. Septa says patriots began pursuing rams free agent wide receiver. Danny Amendola. During the three -- negotiating window last weekend so. Carty thought. He's probably not gonna take this deal. We got to cover our bases. And they decided to cover -- Danny Amendola. Sorcery Abdullah if they recite element -- an accommodation hopefully one of them. Barbara between two on the committed through sixteen game regular season is that what it's come down to. Bill brought there where two guys to a mediocre at best can replace one of the greats if -- at the position I'm not buying and. Sucks it up its socks and also the government defend a picture on this texas'. -- -- relax. You always overreact you are overactive on this as well let it play out atlas the -- people that are different people and because. Guys always dale. You would expect Pete this day of this great everything's been refined and bill we trust Tom Brady's great peak shepherd is saying no hopeful. This not good this is a mistake. You know I think you're right. I it's a big mistake the mistake Michael I think it's a big mistake. By the big -- what's Mario -- Rhode Island thing Mario low. Was an -- right. The little. Can you guys who believe it actually went through. Got to believe that went through. Like I said after the Toronto trade I believe anything but I'm I'm highly I'm I'm a little shocked beyond threw him a little. I think -- -- but I think that we went out it for some reason march -- the standing up my mind was the thirteenth you know the date yeah. It is all -- -- that are so today the thirteenth I think on the eighth or seventh. Adams after reported. There Wes Welker was gonna become a -- on that day Mario. I thought he's a former patriot. It just hit it too many falls out there and three exist it's too much noise you got to handle too many distractions. That you can't have. You can't control the narrative anymore -- can't have. A reasonable conversation. Once your player goes to free agency that's why most probably. You know Michael that's one but usually talk about some not not up -- throw a whole bunch of ridiculous when elected articles and for 22 million this isn't about that the buyout. Six million dollars a year if you believe outrage at reports of mothers. Only offering to pay to -- ten million dollars plus incentives so this is not some maybe act throwing a gazillion dollars. I want everybody to listen today -- everybody let's -- Okay. Taxpayers include do. We're quoting you. -- -- -- Gotta stay on message got to listen. I -- since Wes Welker has been with the patriots. Let's talk about it in 2007. Snaps Wes Welker had been what the patriots come up. He has been to two super balls. Carry it or semi cold if you wanna go there appears to Michael Coopers and Peyton Manning has been to one for the beginning of the sentences since 2007. Mattingly in 2006 and also in 2009 where he lost it to the states. They are bastards. -- -- It's -- what should be upset too. Drinks are strong and -- displays and. Be seeing him we're. Yeah. We didn't mean. You know play. Okay. And FEMA. Let. And me here -- this -- Perhaps. He's a member clubs are bad enough. What we have break ups. I'm not already feel terrible while to get dumped here. If the latter was escaping. A relief. Starting at some emotional now need -- song. -- to make you know you already feel bad just one of the oh. Worse. A -- words Europe goers are at a restaurant let's let's hear what is that Tommy car and tweet. Spoke to someone close to Tom bradys in my performance ago. Yond enraged a contract details that netted Broncos Wes Welker toppled two quotations disgrace. Also quotations disservice were years. -- Jones was on to say Wes Welker was a pleasure being a teammate learned a lot from even though we didn't talk much. -- a fan and always will be asked that respect for Tommy current Michael. Brady according to sources. In -- used the word disgrace disservice. -- it's on you covered. So the receivers they have right now. We have Brandon Lloyd. Yeah yeah Britain's. The door wide receivers that right Deion Branch near you later. -- We're under this. And do -- tried and set. Up a pile of Bernard. Well you yet now apparently appears that Emma dole with a gonna make of it -- dot you have to -- -- -- -- It pretty I mean can relax -- -- to be healthy for this year you got outside settlement now -- out. -- -- They can you rely on and airmen -- to be healthy therefore you sign Julian catalogs they didn't rely on him to go out -- especially between the two of maybe get sixteen games out of denial and adult industry's got up just I'm just. You know I'm any -- Arnold. It needs something else owner Tom Brady pit crew is not dobbs resurfaced again and asked offers it up a lot. First round pick out a game -- -- money but -- I'm trying to got up with something about it. Let me stop there and you stepped up the I was gonna happen while we're on -- he's been accused. Of labor and it now without a that. Triggered -- by the window weight is off the map and somebody to arrive. -- to exercise is get this straight because that's of course haters or is just too bad we just can't have this conversation. Among -- people. Because of where we live. We have some fine educational. Institutions in New England the finest in the country. We got New Yorkers. Are around we got New Yorkers everywhere. Giants fans got jets fans and haters from all -- the country. The haters have weighed in on this. I wouldn't just take it seriously. Addresses that haters. What haters are many of them sent out what you guys are complaining that he dropped bombs horrible writers -- -- leaving. We have the ability to have -- complex thoughts here so on one hand yet Wes Welker did drop the past in my opinion he should've caught it. I don't think he should be -- there's only -- I think you don't hasn't it was -- that you know herbal. And please don't force Mikey out of tennis right. I think they should bring them back and also. I think he should've caught the -- of how to read in the thick go to damper you drop the patents that apple and happened. Guys. But he. These are not well you can't not know what they edit it. All of the guys are your worst records on -- gonna. How hard you know words go to -- in Fall River and our a couple of them if they get at -- go ahead we're not trying to structure. -- that nice the garner. I'll much has been getting night you people keep telling me a broken record but this is consistent. Padding of BK Jack McMullen got yesterday. What Michael and -- call called an issue came up like you'll remember this she -- valuing its it was double question. Where they're good citizens. Contract what they the president position -- -- is an -- -- yet yet of static. And then she brought out Adam Vinatieri on Mike caught. And you could get the same questions that would be a good citizen -- -- was job. What you want the best that it position yet at what happened he would mentally disappointed. With the way the patriots. Treated grant you want him to take take. You'll see the real what I like you're outraged by the way but all -- -- lost the sort of -- main guys that they it is too because. You can still on the chat -- but I want no respect for. -- -- Davis I played about as they do. What is up for me able to hold. Let's -- -- -- -- take it right. At him bloody rusty this hole I just can't talk to your home. -- -- We'll get back units that want to direct this Welker. Not restarting Welker this is way worse in my opinion -- material ready clocks raise a little girl. I'll get back Steve really. The morning opening up irate fans can take you right now. IPO lawyer I don't know. All he appealed to accumulated. I can't understand at twelve Rijndael and Bob Kraft couldn't afford. I'll they can't I don't think that was the case Greg. That was the case I gagged and the more I think about it Michael -- the more I'm thinking that Wes Welker kind of had his mind made up maybe that he was gonna. What a -- that their minds don't exactly have a mind made up they're bringing in Danny Amendola. It would have been a little pissed off because of what happened out perhaps up to. Put -- in so that ought to offer him a decent offer and sign in on -- -- might agree with what Tom Brady said what you said to already set. While I was Tommy currents tweet about a source close to Brady said he used the words. Disservice and enraged in this. Arrested are a couple of text here in late two party AT&T to excellent compliment try to for you guys and Wes Welker the freeagent. Came down that news came out earlier today he was deciding between the patriots and Broncos the Broncos got him. Two years reported twelve million dollars that six million dollars a year out twelve in the year six million dollars a year for Wes Welker that's one. Two -- who wants to know how many drops did Welker have last year led the league draft at fifteen no second Calvin Johnson fourteen he also caught. Once again. Over 100 balls. So he dropped a lot. But he caught the percentage of drops. Compared to the the catch is that he had. Its. It really it really wasn't that bad when you say legally drops. In just put that information out there without any context looks terrible but if you just look at the complete the complete story. And it makes sense to Calvin Johnson would be second of those guys are -- go to -- to total time back to catch everything. But -- don't don't tell me that he's a guy who's not reliable don't telling the guys that know how to catch anymore now it's crazy I feel I'm ready for me feel ready for you go and finish or. In my article back it Jack McMullen. Checked. The key players that they like -- The pain and yet we get beyond were expected back in the league all but it was built. The other earlier jam in the in the red blood clots are not the guys -- lots OK so the rich come in. He brings its current track eat -- -- This is what -- might get blown -- about not saying I'm losing out but to hold again so much. We don't history lesson -- history lesson just tell me art let your if your bottom line is they don't like good people don't like your two people. Get to that I don't care what your bottom line is. Whether I agree with that or disagree with I just want to get to it. So we can just have this real conversation right now that -- it and in a three time today because of it maybe doesn't maybe -- review for the year. Art diploma and then -- united dismemberment of -- members of the under there. -- -- -- -- Volume three yards three opportunities. Can't help itself cannot help themselves. You're enjoying your day everything's going your way in the in the -- And while -- -- -- a ball. Three times and still could make -- let him fool you this is his -- in sports wet dream today -- guard him fool -- -- Eddie I want half of what it's come to mean Eddie was going on that. -- -- Well you know but I bet not because -- ample walked in order -- but just part of that and my dad was neutral in amateur and then. Obviously apple might -- Well I do want it period power. But what Welker but the money although it employ. I thought that yeah I agree with you guys who go to the more. But battle of the big Hollywood -- -- -- was an a personal decision. You can tell me that the difference between inside and back with the patriots and Tom Brady and signing with -- many of the problems. It is -- and a half million here. So what would be opposite because he met last. The question we're hearing wearing two years ten million plus incentives. That's a good question that in two years ten million plus that seven I mean it's that's. I'll say it's laughable I'm just saying it's not I would have I would give him more than that it would have offered more than that. And -- want me. What. So what -- what message does that and the like if it comes into the creek and indeed trying to pickle ball. What -- third -- -- 100 ball caught every year. You're gonna get nothing at age thirty -- bigger -- brilliant but provide them coming to New England. There are -- A solid so important I gonna get paid and that's when I try to get paid as much as they can. As quickly as they -- and they want the money up front because they understand that it's the cold blooded business. And that this is not the place for a for sensitive parts it's. Obvious Michael patriots could have easily pay him the same exact contract that Amber's gonna want -- what's detonated one -- went to. For whatever reason I don't agree with the reasons at all he can't he can't there's no way anybody down there I don't care who it is EO Robert Bob. Sam Dick Harry I don't care you -- you can be able to legitimize and make it legitimate to me about how that could not recite this guy. When he took 121000002. Years Mary Joseph is in -- Mary Joseph was up. Hi I'm in -- asked how are your -- -- -- -- Yeah I think that I -- come. -- look and you guys and a couple of and I can't hack it they can. Because I can't believe it's different now how many times it -- diet have to. Link in the body -- -- and the ground at 8000. Event picture. I'm Mary. Most of those talk to Jeff to -- and hand over Jeff was up. I guess it's just so I'm. I think that's pretty easy to figure out right because the market just determined that welcomes -- paid -- -- remotely -- right. -- just the tunnel can't quite well well okay the market right now. You're you're going back to last year was he overpaid last year now. But what the market is saying right now is that because of a number of things another year at another year to his age had other options on the market. Factor in. The position that he plays. OK assured that six million battle -- -- overpaid last year and I don't think you're an overpaid is a franchise in eleven point four million issue allied I don't I think. It would have been tough because I don't lock him up great I have to stand assailed that you -- been over literary archive -- a complete appointment. What that -- -- telling me is that went and Brady and Kraft talked neither of whom were short -- the market was -- -- before walker right. Now there are short so. So craft probably -- -- on one time where we also need to do these other things we don't know what the market is strong west. It's a -- into the territory we need to help but so. -- said well could very well or to. Territory so I will help you out. And then it sort of went from there. -- Yeah maybe. Maybe -- -- duplicate any any theory is valid I mean who knows what really happened this is one more for the break without bills and -- built us up. Michael oriented after the old one. When Michael if you -- they're watching you perform brilliantly I might yet. At the Kennebunkport. The shop both eighteen months ago. A great signing a love the people of Kennebunkport. In my thank you you. On men. And eat with. He was there isn't as good as CME was in the back a member -- is -- Oh. Just calling to say I I I. I'm speechless I'm appalled. At the world walker situation. Twelve million over two years. Is he got money to the patriots. In the scheme of things. -- -- -- -- -- -- send out his son little Johnny to try to justify that I'm gonna get noxious. I can understand it like this makes absolutely. No sense whatsoever. Given the amount of money involved. If west was looking for more money. The patriots couldn't give them thirteen million over to it even -- small money compared with the -- at some of their players. Yeah you don't want bill I just think they're determined. That they were gonna move on without him at all makes sense now is not the money. Of course thicket of the -- of the Broncos game two years twelve million the patriots got to give them two years twelve point five Dakota governor thirteen. I think was becoming clearer and clearer we just got to face it there and one of wireline next.

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Sox seem to be alive again, so are you back in?

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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Future's Bet Edition - 7-21-14

We tackle four topics, all spawned by Rory McIroy's futures bet he placed on his own son 10 years ago.

Jon Lester's Contract Sit…

Jon Lester's Contract Situation and the Future

Mut and Villani are talking about whether the Red Sox will give Jon Lester the type of contract he is looking for, or whether they might be shopping him with rumors of the Red Sox scouting Cole Hamels.

The All Star Game and the Worst Ideas in Sports

Mut and Villani are talking about the MLB All Star Game, Adam Wainwright and Derek Jeter, and what are some of the worst ideas in sports.

We're all yelling about LeBron James

SoccerCast - Liverpool Mi…

SoccerCast - Liverpool Midfielder Joe Allen

In this episode we talk about transfers across Europe, players we want to see in the MLS, and Liverpool's Joe Allen joins the show!

Fantasy Football Podcast July 18th

As we inch closer to August the initial Fantasy Football picture is starting to become more clear. Today, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com review Pete’s most recent article on WEEI.com featuring 20 High Value Targets to consider. The conversation features a deep analysis on upside players like Justin Hunter, Aaron Dobson, Tavon Austin, Michael Floyd and Martellus Bennett. As well as a breakdown on three Quarterbacks including Tom Brady who should be strongly considered ahead of their current Average Draft Position. Get ahead of the information while these great Fantasy Stocks are low!

The Bradfo Show: Thursdays with Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo

Rob Bradford is joined by Torey Lovullo, Red Sox bench coach, to talk about what went wrong with his team and how they might be able to fix it heading into the second half of the season. Included is a special guest cameo by Alex Speier.

Peter Gammons on the Sox …

Peter Gammons on the Sox and Jon Lester 7-21-14

MLB HOF'er Peter Gammons joined the show to discuss what the Sox will do with Jon Lester.

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Jon Lester continues to d…

Jon Lester continues to dominate 7-21-14

John, Gerry and Jerry Thornton discussed the Red Sox sweep of the Royals.

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Jon Lester dominant perfo…

Jon Lester dominant performance capped off by huge Fenway ovation, 7-21-14

Lester went 8 innings allowing only 4 hits and striking out 8 as the Red Sox swept the Royals. He walked off the mound to a standing ovation from the Fenway faithful. With every dominant performance, the price tag goes up.

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Three For All: A 'lack-of…

Three For All: A 'lack-of-sex' spreadsheet, 7-21-14

Tim bought the entire DVD box set of True Detective and binge-watched the entire series in one weekend. Christian found a man who made a spread sheet of how and when his wife said "No" to sex. And most importantly, Lou spoke about a boy named Danny Nickerson. Danny was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall. He loves to see his name on postcards and mail, so Lou encouraged people to send Danny birthday cards.

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Sports Saturday: Football…

Sports Saturday: Football season is around the corner, 7-19-14

Craig heard an interview from John Fox on the way to work today and it reminded him that football season is almost here. Him and Larry talk about Tom Brady's weapons what the offense could do this year.

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