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Ian Rapoport, NFL Network, gives the latest NFL free agency news

Mar 13, 2013|

RapSheet joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Welker situation, what will happen with Vollmer, and the chances of Pollard signing with the Patriots.

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Butler and -- 37 WEEI a busy busy stretch here in the National Football League and one of the best in terms of the latest on all things NFL patriots free agency Ian -- rap sheet on Twitter NFL network and nfl.com. Let's start with the Wes -- situation -- anything surprising about. What you got yesterday including your report that there awaiting the first offer about it a day ago right now. Welker -- looking for that first order of first offer from the patriots where we stand today. You know I don't think it's the lowest -- -- the -- -- there's a lot of talking we done. And you know there's a lot of reports and and all the stuff -- in all of this kind of know you know I mean. What what we know what we know is that you know features -- offer. And -- it -- -- -- order signed anything else. You know doesn't mean very much you know I don't. Surely wouldn't say things ruled out. I think that you know stake in Korean situation I think look you'll understand. What seems and the patriots -- at both sides you're better off. With each other I don't know where that market is going to be on the outside. -- -- -- -- find out tradition. Doesn't Walker's agent in other player in this that it adds nothing knows no other team out there right now we've heard from. Well we've heard from the key no I know there's an interest and other talk and some teams a look at a productive got parliament elected and the NFL. And he -- to pick up patriot. Now -- the problem is the value pursue our receivers. Is not great. You know that. And I think Victor Cruz is realizing this damn bill is realizing it's just you know and we'll see where the market and. Mark mentioning him in dole wouldn't it speed up -- me over keeps thinking he's on the back burner Wilshire -- dole and his agent trying to get him signed some -- could just sit around and wait. -- and -- -- -- back up plan which makes sense similarities they like small receiver from Texas Tech and that's a billion dollars. But he cannot Wes Welker and that's a problem he's very good -- -- wrong and I think if the patriots you Sardinia Mendel. I think you'll be good but he played twelve games in two years and -- Alice -- And that's why you know that's really the blacks think aren't comfortable on the giving them. A final thing -- you re tweeted some what what Ron had to write today in The Herald Ian but -- you. Did you hear the same thing that it was there really a -- ball offering low star from the patriots and any sort again at. Guesstimate on how low that offer came -- was it short on year short on dollars what do we know. You know it's I don't know specifics. You know I would think it was short on dollars to stay on line -- and you know it's like it says the market firm. For a guy who played in the slot issues not like you know you look at production that's one thing then you look at. What he looks like and he can't get around that and. You know he says he's not sick society not to twenty doesn't play and the outside. The markets aren't there for those guys that. You know I think. We'll see -- that you'll get more competitive as we go along. Idyllic the other really glaring hole this team is to quarterbacks because they just don't dominion roster if any right now so. You -- your tweet I believe earlier seem to to be picked to -- it appeared that this today or tomorrow I started taking visits. Yeah actually down -- -- accompanying undergraduate -- security in Denver on universities and take that -- snippet headed. Somewhere can't figure out where. But he definitely -- it somewhere. Not much on the key to leave which -- couldn't believe. Are still working out into the patriots corner market has not been as robust as people saw. It's really no perfect guy there's not eight branding car or Cortland Finnegan out there. So you know we'll see if the market comes back a little bit and that's what I mean I think you know he actually really liked wouldn't count the patriots. Talking -- other people they really liked what he can see effort and everything that. That he purports. -- -- -- -- -- What about fashionable or FL dot com one of the rankings hasn't as the top freeagent available he getting. The calls the injury concern for other teams -- I think injuries are concerned. Which you'll be finished -- if you wonder what somebody to take awhile at times had to figure out you know what you can wave. How can protect itself into injuries. And I think that's why some of these -- -- you know might be taken are coming or -- -- or keep them but I want Christ. And nobody knows injury history better than anyone and -- talk to teams who talked about Vollmer and they're basically guessing. Nolan knows for sure how much and the procedure he's back and they can honestly. You know aside I think I think the patriots probably know best and they know what kind of Christian and take -- Lesson for me in since the patriots lost the ravens is chipped chipped in we talk about being used need a guy like Bernard Pollard. Well and our policy now while there any chance -- think he's pretty make. My. Does he fit what they need. -- Unfortunately. I really don't I mean these. You know they need to get a little fact that you guys can cover. They bring norm Britney lately well forty get -- -- mailing. I tell him yet you know generally good -- and hit it in the tone setters you know these guys -- cover. -- -- hit a really awesome but I don't think -- Let's get back to -- -- thanks for a couple of minutes we'll talk peace and.

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