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Andy Brickley, NESN, on the Bruins blowing a two goal lead

Mar 13, 2013|

Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins loss to the Penguins last night when they blew a two goal lead in the third period.

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Third period and our goal was come out and play our best period success against some major breakdowns in an hour. And are playing -- resulted in three goals so you know I don't think -- to anybody else to blame but ourselves and offensively we didn't get that her goal that we needed because where we knew we overpass and that's something. We've been doing lately we're trying to get -- again sort of put pucks at the net net. -- and or something that I became. Claude Julien after a top bruins' loss last night in Pittsburgh -- Lou 93 point seven. WEP I would continue the hockey conversation -- from LB Lyndon byers talking about this. Well road trip what to expect as they come home -- brick league. Was in the house last night alongside Jack Edwards game on nest and is always does any Berkeley joining us this week on the eighteenth the hot line. -- what was more surprising that the great first period the Bruins had coming off the -- early arrival in Pittsburgh or. The way it sort of fell apart in the final period and a half fatigue setting in for the steam. I think the surprising part orders or the fact they didn't take anything out of that game -- and regulation. Were most surprised the first period I don't think that surprised that he buddy. Gary played in there and and you cover it long enough you'd know that that you can play some pretty good first period -- a -- knowing that. It was scheduled working again achieved a lot of open excuses that are there to take me if you care to. What they were on an ice sheet light relative thought the -- like -- -- -- little jump the usual confident. Are you playing -- team is considered one of the best in the Eastern Conference Europe battle what Montreal -- division lead. So. It's easy to put a quick twenty together but can you sustain -- sixty. But because of the book abroad some -- to -- enough and getting it again it's all goaltending that it would at least 81 point so. It surprised me that they didn't at least sports I'm trying to all the China that they wouldn't have regulation but for -- -- not -- Go to Pittsburgh offensive firepower but you know before with what 67 minutes ago -- game I couldn't help but think about the -- in the -- book was haven't. I thought he was outstanding in the game. It wasn't afraid -- like he uses your -- and that you you chance to win in the not only -- -- -- A trip the first -- admit that arts in Boston was the better team and I think what you really take a look at that feed their logic that -- -- You know what you think about next Sunday afternoon and see what stacked -- -- like because Pittsburgh will play date before -- Austin that kind of level. The -- serve a little bit. But that being said the next 35 minutes we really just about all pitched for our attic or locked -- your quote talk about not enough opened north -- game -- not try to get too cute and although he wouldn't say it publicly and certainly wouldn't address players by saying that he was a factor. I think want the coaches get -- collectively as a group by themselves they would have to admit because. It was clearly evident you know and and critique. Displayed itself at a number of ways and part of that is. You know the puck battles you might lose three -- -- -- normally would -- -- sucked into winning earlier in the game you're not -- there apparently you -- put on the need to. Now when -- eight. And they can make you and -- obvious when really what it like in a library. They'll accept all the cities in trying to make that coming out of -- don't sold on the game winning ball. Yeah and didn't back to the dole but I guess usually we play less than as a surprise -- woke up today or even couple hours ago -- -- the -- got that we have on a lot tweets out that. With this trade deadline a few weeks away the -- -- -- included back up tender. And a top four defenseman. I thought the kid got a place while for the -- -- back a -- ago. -- on the radar. That he would not January when they're short cheap entry one year at. NHL ready to be the Indian go somewhere around. You know twenty being shut in this season. But they've all they -- the question. I think it's a position of strength -- that right now and and if you feel that. You're still need hurtful under siege one of these goaltenders go out you don't want to open situation -- -- -- Marty Turco who's. Partly playing -- Eric -- in Europe. I can see that are accurate this are are these two guys what they bring to the table that pretty solid -- He had leads now you last three losses one to third period to those games for work two goal leads and I you've had five different occasions this year. Where he had two goal lead at some point during the game and you may be won the game or lost it but you'd that Lee has evaporated is there any common thread in your mind. Between those games as to what the Bruins are doing differently when they had themselves a third period leader in some cases like last night 82 goal lead late in the third theory. Understanding that each game is you know it's unique experience. And that is really stark contrast to what the he -- -- -- game schedule year though. And really really behind the bench is coaching them up but that being said. But one thing that jumps out at me shortly as you know making plays and inflate under arrest when you out but the competent to make those cards play. Some people like caught up management are -- making plays and they don't make it out of them when they have the lead whether it's in their own shown. Right around their little lie. Ordered a two minute pressure fore check -- the department pitching down strokes art wall. What are what are actors aren't. They looked just try to eighteen the red light somehow some way they try to chip prop up the glass and get it out but. It's spent -- too much time in year old all on retreat. Expending energy playing defense. Who would you play that idol. You're not when you're not gonna put games away as good as you might -- is defending. Into too good now and in -- tour premium and their search for points in the the teams in the analyst in like you have this year if that's the way you can play it not make -- have been. I euros only part. -- moment last night that gamers are pissed off Tyler -- you know Crosby hit him on the way to the bench. Right after that fight for the popular boards are pretty much almost threw down -- defense -- tropical for the puck and cnet's out of him but he -- to finish now. And seems like he's got to get a lot more comfortably looked up target is at nine goals now. Yeah I didn't -- inaccurate -- serial. We had a quick will highlight the last night talk about he -- neutral zone play where -- swing -- pick up. When people sit there and just Crosby picked the right decision and brought it out they say at which they committed to jump essentially. You know I think -- you get to the dirty areas and indeed you accurately -- instantly. Smaller pot of gold because of the parliament that in a position and then it still takes over -- when you see him get -- -- -- -- battles and if you'd love to see -- every single I'm not gonna happen. But what do you majority. Using that skill set to win more one on one battle treat each each with sparks and and you see it makes a little bit. You know when you watched -- Bergeron and how law years -- that physically strong on opera in the game. And until I get our champion is nasty little self Arab or your alkaline than an individual. Entry that -- understand that that maybe could incorporate a little bit more of that in game he developed as a as a potential superstar. We talk about this there at the the first line at a David crate he's a great playmaker but I -- it again. Last couple games -- that we are talked about this but he he has a tendency where he wants to pass pass pass wants to be that playmaker and there are times I think he turns up. It turns down shots do you think David -- she needs to issue more is more a threat to -- more. And -- or telecommuting shoot it. Other than that go to stud player you know one of the best players this is seen -- certainly great Bruins and and -- it -- about it created terms or not shooting the puck in the you know when he shoots the park wore off it was more per person. The trying to or Google to create his -- shots. It's funny how those patently opened up a little bit more you actually seem to click a little bit more bit more accurate all night at two on ones three on twos and yeah I agree he can shoot the puck a lot more. I think -- -- from Dayton oh well -- Jackson and awesome opportunity to fill the back of the net it was to not than any other clear Charlotte the slot right up a -- saw last night to conduct -- that implied that there. You don't get that back in on the Powell -- previous game with eagle and nationally -- and -- -- -- great opportunity for -- At least that the try to locker into his rhythm and I think it's a little bit more involved in the game and I think he gave creek eagle right -- and I agree that -- for the clinician -- total I'll let them. To speed at their best and sometimes get a little unselfish. And -- -- so you're in the. NATO that first line I think the first -- was 67 games that they were that was the best line now -- pictures because that second one has become so good. It's being overshadowed but not really seen. -- the loot maybe you saw early on like you said important -- that coffin and up or not finishing as well that first one except pick it up Muni just discuss and with great you know. Yeah I know they have that they have to be better and they're he'd better come with consistency. Or share in the game period period in game. You know there are more physical alliant insurance. You -- creating an energy preachy because sides salute each understood that he delivered. The court to -- the end and note to dominate the corners -- front and -- -- well. But they have at more consistency more production. Is it more options to. Alone time with that legally what tricky game that's their strength and when they play that way. The lines will all all they will wake of their idols they're blind -- -- Because the first -- -- know if you want a quarter on these lines -- Frontline it's. Certainly doing all those offshore. Now they played Pittsburgh pretty much seen everybody is it. Is that the team you're concerned with them Montreal -- -- the Rangers even other sit at that eats eat. While I don't prioritize our streets in low Montreal's first -- terms you know even if they were in place. Europe -- still in Argentina still -- -- this book was brought real art. I'm very much better team this year is the cause problems because they're aggressive at -- NT. The -- in -- have no problem with -- -- -- to try to Wear -- to Google apps. Or they're Grachev was just -- fortunate it becomes difficult times and it takes me back that won her Huntsman. That hurt the pro that the try to protect beliefs and that -- placed under a very. Quick immigrant fortune so we're real concerned me the most out of those preteens. Pittsburg they without Balkan last night kicking back in the mix yup they're not -- you. Announced the much -- the on the range so ever lived up to the expectations. And I hear that along with most -- -- community coming into the -- LB was in here few minutes ago he was Kallis off the -- how skilled -- player you weren't some some some good breaks stories but I am curious as guilty as you were would you tried. Andy Berkeley what mr. -- and try the other night in the penalty shootout and effect and did you like what he did that spot -- You know I was such when I first I was -- traditional. And satellite thinking that I just retired from Wales -- Over the years I've become more because some of the media the television there's a little bit more open mind to change. I still think there's something that they could we go back a little more old school and complete game and maybe actually slow out a little bit I think they'll. Go on -- it took an excellent contraction -- it would go to college are. That shoot we'll. Sure. You'd think that's the way the opportunity to oracle. By all means go to do it expects what it is they call in the you know it it and that -- -- at a premium but you'd be beacon score or make it in -- shootout winner. -- Well when I analyze that will never actually. You know I'm going wanna just laid out crossed the goal and he couldn't read. Or. So and creative than that exciting areas that are much of voters as a put. In the NH now. I would look at at a click OK to commit a really really great city but I don't know how to a couple of really when you think about what was coming out. Rick great stuff is always. -- tough one for the Bruins fans last night and play more games to go every other night between now on the end of march this year. Up on NASA and -- alongside Jack Edwards thanks brick. -- what they appear in the capital before he get the penguins an -- On Sunday what do stretches will be we'll talk next week -- thanks -- or not any Brinkley and Essen joins us every single week on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. And one brick joins us he had brought to you by our friends at Toyota unnatural Rick -- Bob Draper the entire crew there. Leo Nashua prop sponsors and he Berkeley he with -- us an hour from now Ian Rapoport rap sheet is gonna join us he's been all over. The NFL news of the day in ninety seconds to get too caught up a couple of moves here last hour or so -- going.

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