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Barry Pederson discusses if fatigue is setting in on the Bruins

Mar 13, 2013|

NESN's Barry Pederson joined Gerry and Dale and talked about the Bruins' poor defensive play over the past 4-5 games. He also discussed if the team is finally suffering from a bit of fatigue with their tough March schedule.

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Deal tapped to head with -- What could just less certain as well losing children. Was one of those where you can almost seaport Dennis Seidenberg as the -- left his stick -- the title please let me just bring that back let me just bring that back. That was the game winning goal last night Brandon Sutter scored with 203 remaining in the third period. Penguins came from behind they don't they were down to nothing after two periods beat the Bruins three to two last night. Joining us right now is so one of my nests and colleagues in fact I'll be working with him tomorrow night at the TD garden when the Bruins. Post the Florida Panthers Barry Petersen has with us good morning -- Good morning guys still leave you a job alone for humanity can't bring a whole lot. It's our fault I mean I don't know you weren't there to help bring this thing home and I can't. I get close Julian credit after the game when now go talk to -- he wasn't haven't any of this the -- talker he said everybody in the league is going through this stuff. A boy that sure looked like a team that didn't have much legs left in the third. That they kind of around the gap a little bit three games in four nights but you know the other problem here I think it does start to creep into their games. The beginning of the year when they had that 21 lead forget about day two nothing leader. That they had a game completely in the control these systems sold strong yet they were playing as many games so -- -- little bit more rested they were little help here. But you're starting to see a problem here you know Washington game Montreal game now this pit gate where you have the -- in your hand and you let it slip away. Would you think -- from the playoffs started tomorrow what would you think of this Bruins team and it's chances. I think -- have a chance I don't think there where they need to be yet -- I just. Do at least to me is so much more wide open and say the west of Chicago and -- seem to be. The dominant teams out there LA coming on strong but these right now I think it's wide open I mean Pittsburgh. They have the high flying offense but boy they're that they just to have no consistency -- goal and on team defense and New York Rangers I kind of thought they'd be there but I don't know it seems like a -- toward a relic kind of blowing a gasket every night your notes that he's been so inconsistent so I think it's wide open I mean. We would sit here beginning this year we make at all all of our predictions I don't think we beat the commitment draw would be the first right about now. Do you agree -- dale I think you said the campus unlikely to get back into it because of their defense. Which is unfortunate they're fun team to watch do you think they'll be there and in the playoff picture. Right now without a change I would say no I wouldn't be surprised to -- a coaching change their -- don't turn around your real quick because again they have the offensive. Juggernaut they've added a lot of they thought the pieces in goal they thought -- prove themselves bring Karl a couple of guys in now on defense. He should be playing better than they aren't they're not and are slipping after they had a great start I would not be surprised -- you're coaching change there's some sort of alliance. IE and and you know this is I told you this before the season started the other guy who I said might not survive the season. Was John -- -- and I'm sticking by that one. And that may be -- course in the pressure cooker they've Bergen dash in the lot of the pressure's on now they should take your game to the next level but I think the big surprise to -- dale. If if if you thought that they were going to play poorly it would be on the offensive side but it. You know Lundqvist has a look quite as strong as he has in years past and I think the majority of that is because the team in front of them. Is she just not playing as solid on a nightly basis defensively. Is remember last year they were one of the more difficult team to play on a nightly basis of it just doesn't seem to have that great pitcher that they had to -- -- past. Even before Chris Kelly got hurt we don't know how long he'll be out but even before he got -- we knew that. It Peter surely was out there are scouring the market and trying to find some pieces to add to this team. I don't think Kelly he's done for any extensive period of time but what do you think surely shopping for. Well I I I think you know when we had our old pal Mike Milbury on and we've been Q liquor every tablet coming -- trade deadline and I've been working together shall I guess the last few years that we have the same thing which is. The difficult part of the trade deadline and it seems more teams. And organizations are harmed themselves that help themselves because together can only be one eventual winner you need a lot of -- you need injuries could not be a part of it. I think if he's going through this he's gonna have to make the decision. Long term for the organization right now he's got such a great core. They're young. They're talented and you can just kind of -- don't say you know what this team's gonna be salt or another five years however they do have some deficiencies. And I think -- this the decisions he's gonna have to make his own mind is can he count. -- David -- -- and they -- important to be more productive and more consistent offensively. We're starting this you got on a nightly basis bill were doing the -- you and I would Bergeron line started to take their game to the next level they're starting to get to where they were. It last season but in order for this team to get to the next level and be able to dominate. Ostensibly. They're going to need to create you like to be more. Consistent offensively and he's got to make that decision making it also probably use another defense but you never have enough. Going along and you don't even have a lot last night daylight there dale I think that there around their goal -- looks pretty solid right now. I was gonna say -- you didn't see any of those three goals. Well even that I just it was such a weird game when they completely controlled the first that was as good the first period that they go to the Bruins play in a long long time. And it just they were attacking they were not allowing Pittsburgh to getting any room any speed you can see Chara -- -- Crosby's face all night long shutting him down. But that a -- let's -- six minutes left to go that second period the only effective to the right kind of -- the Bruins started sitting back. They start to lose their legs a little bit they started when your target start to make decisions you don't usually do it turned the puck over. And all the sudden you get flat -- double medal went the other way but -- what that said going into the third period after they killed the five on three at -- OK that's that they'll -- on here but boy. Pittsburgh just came right out. After the Anaheim Ducks signed Ryan gets left to the big contract over the weekend eight years. Eight and a half million dollars a year. I saw up up a piece that suggested the possibility that the docs for financial reasons are gonna have to trade Corey Perry. What it's said that would be required to get him is a first round pick. Two minor leaguers and an NHL roster player so I played the game from the bruins' perspective in Turkey are out on I put the GM hat on and I said you can get Corey Perry but it's gonna cost you. First round pick. Ryan Spooner Malcolm -- bond and Johnny boy chuck he would do it. Here's the difficult part with seven tickets but again going back to harming your organization. It's one of those deals you don't wanna do what she's already signed I mean I don't wanna give up all that. And then all of a sudden you get knocked Europe against the hot goaltender and you get knocked out the first or second round -- you do you look back eagle and I give up a lot of assets. And about the bill to sign this guy. To me. It's like making a deal bringing somebody in I'm going to be pretty darn sure that I can sign him and have him long term replied -- -- give up some major major -- to bring him aboard. How long have you signed him though you'd do it. I I like -- I think he's he's one of those players that could give the Bruins a little bit more. Guys and -- upfront. A long ago did you move out of Canada there. Eighty. Is it time to stop -- organized they should. -- well you know every -- -- a lot like go in my life let reversed every once in awhile my life would be up in Canada rove being Covert. Her being from marble achieved a couple of words that they -- they -- you from. What -- do you think it's like unnatural to ask a human body human being. The -- back to back NHL games and and be at his best. No I don't think that'll pick it back to back it's a problem but you know you start doing three and 45. And seven that is part of the problem however the Bruins. You know bill we talked about it all during which previewing a what was gonna happen in this month of march it was gonna get ugly because February that it didn't play enough games. They were healthy coming into it and well rested. But it popped you know when you're laying on the line and playing as a physical -- attempt to gain as the Bruins play on a nightly basis you can't play this well the matter what sport you're planning. You can't play that hard defensively and not get tired just did so much easier playing on the offensive side you can rely on your still but when it comes to team defense. Again -- matter what sport you just have to be all out all the time and when you relax for 12 or you get tired you have a result what you did. Is some of your stuff still sweaty still win or do they drive it all off. You know it's you have much better drying system now than he used to but I'm sure a little -- is still damp especially escaped. If if the Bruins had held on and stolen that game last night and I was praying they can hold on in the third period if they had. I would've been really worried about them tomorrow night at home even against the lowly Florida Panthers after losing the game last night the way they did I'm no longer worried about that game. Yeah I would agree with you I think they're gonna come out with some this and vinegar as we say that they're gonna wanna make sure. That they do make a sixty minute performance here -- they haven't really been all that consistent. Of late which again I think a little bit of a concern you've had the lead she played. How the game you played a couple of period but it's always one -- blocked it kind of brings -- down a little bit. But these in the next two games now at home are four point that your best week and -- need and in all the sudden the Bruins have lost a couple and you start to look at you say ill as you were telling me they'll just pay attention to the Los call all of a sudden now they got four and Montreal only has five so it's not like your start to run away with things. Well they got four which means they are third in the NHL loss column only Chicago and Anaheim have lost fewer games than the Bruins have. Which is why. I think that they -- one of the of the favorites in the National Hockey League I could easily CA Pittsburgh Boston Eastern Conference final would that be okay with me and -- us. -- that would be good but with that being said. I would not feel all that confident right now going into the playoffs because I just don't think they're hitting on all cylinders yet. They need to get their offense going up front they need to get more contributions up and took him from a defenseman. And they need to be more consistent in order to be successful the playoffs. Do you do you guys think the first lines the first liners the second when the first line now on The Who what when your top three scorers are on the one line that's your first line. I mean I know we get carried away with who's the first to the second. Bergeron Marchand and and Sagan is the is the number one line on this team. Yet I think last year they play that way as well they were the most consistent they have a slow start by their standards I think this year. But boy they have picked it up from a gold letters they can score last night pretend to have that puck go across his body like that -- be able to get out much. Speed in the upper top shelf and beat -- flurry was just remark would show how much skill what great Antioch. I wants -- wants that killed in Canada -- up again and for all hockey guys who think their cover and you know the Pope the conclave when they cover hockey it's only thing because they said how good -- Gretzky -- doesn't even start. And they thought it was serious. -- thought I was serious and he said -- As -- -- that -- easiest start but he messier was starting and Gretzky was coming over the boards and not doing his thing and and it took -- years. Well look Peterson you used to do that thing that I saw -- into last night all the time but not everybody can do that. Well all the we practiced I think it will last night particularly toxic to take from the corners from Gary -- genre -- -- -- -- -- we. Practiced that shot all the time coming from your your offside. You know they -- the left handed shot here he just one time in and no big deal with the go all the way across your body. Stop that immediately transfer your weight from your right side over your left -- we get some leverage. For him to do that back quickly and that's the reason why you felt because he was transferring weight so quickly but it just shows even though he's not big. He's got great release a lot of power. We'll get a lot of rest because you got to carry Jaffe in me tomorrow. Well have a little worried about you just don't be you know people get so wrapped I don't want you cranky to more. -- you know what he embellishes my and relishes the I embellish these days like -- and embellish his. -- and copy those types of things to see you tomorrow night's big guy thanks. That is Barry -- -- and colleague talking about the Bruins will take very quick. Minute hang out. Is getting his hot attracted if we do -- there is not -- leaves no well he has post to be look at the tape them and listening it's and -- and all that but I don't think he's too and where is each of these important. Again these -- and just breakfast when we were not appear to be asking if you want some Boeing and I don't really never asks. It comes back this chocolate milk in his lecture. Is that China to charity kindness and under and doesn't ask anybody that wants them just knows who's gonna wondered what that. You can't Peterson have a beef to. This is. And have a beef with every hockey announcer in Boston yet except me we we we -- it wasn't easy we found the one person Boston was more enemies than -- While with a -- quick break and Al that's actually not impossible not psychic about it. 6177797937. -- back to the call Sports Radio WE yeah.

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