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The "Big 3" of Welker, Talib, and Vollmer are still on the market

Mar 13, 2013|

Dale, Gerry, and Kirk talk about the NFL frenzy that began Tuesday, including the fact that Wes Welker, Sebastian Vollmer and Aqib Talib all remain free agents. The guys discuss if they will return to the Patriots.

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Look pretty. Shut up. And push buttons okay. Because let's be honest I heard the last couple of hours yesterday and that might have been the most inept performance as a receipt of button pushing not Maria raised not a -- pushing buttons built by sticking to the clock and an. -- W teases. Where he approached -- on the board -- -- Those cases Ortiz. And how many you got to continue. A hundred -- Iran doesn't four we we needed usually we teased by Tiger Woods stories Oscar historians. Or Iran's coast that was it but he should mention Tiger Woods is -- -- get a -- as I'm driving in on on the weekends at atlas and ESPN radio. News. At the Honda classic. Tiger Woods as they -- off the -- It was. -- mean lakers centralize it and did they talk about Tiger Woods and last month well here's Laker updates. It would go to sports center and and twenty minutes later they're talking about you know Kobe Bryant's third quarter performance ago from Colby to Dwight Howard. Oh what is Phil Jackson have to say that lucky -- they sticker. Like Miami Heat score in with the with the -- update the last. -- sports center. I'd forget it I'm gonna find next thing what lakers so fasten -- equity and about five or. -- -- -- there. But they're not good they're not bad there in the middle of the they're just not that intro today. Again if you want to know what the lakers did go to ESPN. Because they will give you all give you. Dwight Howard at 39 free throws I think they broke down each and every one went which was your favorite all collected 27 -- the 24 wasn't that. All of this seventeenth was pretty exciting. All of Dwight Howard's. Free -- broken down for you on ESPN radio go there that's what you look -- favorites that was that he'd made more free throws yet more points and free throws than any other player on the court and I heard -- here -- -- cynically says you know like a minute -- spread. -- there is a -- and more as the country fascinated. With the LA lakers. Right now. And as I'm pull the country if you had to if you could if you can hear and you may get out the the country -- the lakers tell me with the national story should be every -- -- that might have to focus today it would be the NFL -- -- -- and now that I'm here aren't enough not enough. That the should be wiped. I don't give another one of them. And -- you know Obama hockey guy the penguins Bruins game physics right I mean I know fortunately the note the Bruins lost -- it was very entertaining games a good game has its stars and guys who was. Big comeback goals and no action no fights but no one game. Is even mentioned to me the lakers when he -- -- as quickly as blatantly and -- when it was and you go to the market are all also we're not talking about what. The country wants slightly in the NHL from -- -- so so we get to the mountains -- conference call -- tournament before we get to the -- -- Roosevelt -- those repairs and -- -- honestly -- minorities -- to pay every that's not what you guys show that's not what you actually yesterday -- actual updates from these tournament games. Can we order -- -- -- you know I love the tournament I watched the term -- admit that liberty properties and can win the tournament. It's not had a broken it down yet to me. It's never been Q when a fifteen and twenty team you know sixteenth when he when it makes. The -- celebrate that just gonna get waxed what's so fascinating about. Sixteen and twenty small college team get the automatic bid I was get a kick out of the winner of the plate in game right congratulations. Boys you -- it. Old number Wednesday's stock do you find that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's nice it's nice for the kids what is. There in the NCA current but the -- -- by a hundred they get the same for the rest or alive I played -- that and then what do the next question is what was your record year first all the world's -- sixteenth -- don't lose that once he's by fifty every time. They also liberty over Louisville area will be a what's the blow sixteenths of us should be -- seventeen -- And but they -- the -- deterrent would you if you listened -- shouldn't. -- a term that they want. At that what does that do that doesn't -- in the -- -- the -- so that took team wins every conference is suddenly in Libya pesky -- to win five times all -- -- -- it what does -- add to what -- isn't it -- picture of four but that there are plenty of teams. I'm guess in the beat teams in the Big Ten teams in the whenever the -- will have a better chance to win the liberty and actually that's the term works. Okay I'm a product that I took -- like determine. Tell me what's in liberty wins dale would liberty helmet wasn't crazy about liberty liberty Wednesday they would they should do when they win that. Term game is Syria. One screwed me to go in the NCAA tournament should be remote streaming into our old auto rule that you have play 500 -- in play in the cheesy and you have to I want. Because there's no intrigue I like intrigue suspense isn't that what sports is all about liberty were seven this is not to -- liberty liberty seventeen and sixteen -- -- in the -- cultured British suntan -- now I probably wouldn't be but but to me. At a -- what are the what does the record. That's got goose -- I would have he produces fifteen point fifteen into the right. So would you watch sports isn't about competitiveness. Isn't about suspense is about the. Unknown -- in the course it's not that -- Dwight Howard the big story. Of course it's not about the lakers. And how to why I hope we get in the long and people in Orlando don't like oil -- hurt this assault that it's a good way to start the show insulting me and -- by the lakers at least to the -- quietly. All day yesterday as always. Our show was the best we had the best show bank and it wasn't to -- the -- left and we stopped. You know he's in and used on pushing buttons apparently. What what I do well at the shackles like please can push buttons has nothing to push -- buttons I did stick to the clock and all I want you. I want you know to Alaska in the clock. Was on Comcast last night I spoke. Now there are consequences. -- and pricey it's in direct you think that's typical in this enemy amok in the game I got up. In the middle I -- you know I think but the the problem we have today is minute hand is a little down easel depressed. More than eight and the last week and I might not good I don't picket teases right. The clock. But I am good at the transition the why he's the depressed -- -- -- -- has gone no more hectic job on -- Maloney there will be no my favorite -- spot to -- Two minutes and 26 seconds of action on this. Is actually -- begin the patriot portion of our program -- -- That day yesterday. We don't know yet. Oh look at who has gone. Look at it hasn't -- yet. A license yesterday -- LC -- agree I mean the ravens had done agreements as a viable contender next year I'm not saying that local 500. And that's in the warming playoffs. -- threat in the AFC. And I'm short right now at this point Ed Reed and new agent who at one or read on. Me a lot of here. Here's here's I watched. Every player for player of games I think I want to respect you guys probably did too. The best ravens not put Flacco at the top of that list will be the next three best ravens in the policies certain group here. Kroger Ellerbe Ellerbe celebrate world. Bold and God's I don't know what their best. Players in the post season to -- young what is still has trampled to only 32. Who. Let them to that Super Bowl who carried. The absolutely done and decrepit Ray Lewis carried his ass out to Super Bowl championship. Ray Lewis for all those -- is no dummy he is retiring for reason. They weren't going to be that -- carry him anymore and if -- leaps and reads a lot left but he's got a year left. Read leaves you tell me read LB that's like the three best players on the defense. Sick all those nada not instantly but I mean three of the best players on the defense gone or nothing on just gone. Embolden the most reliable receiver the -- the security blanket for. Wrote -- -- of jump ball GO. He's gone well and I was the one that you shot. Am I don't think they had this big they knew Krueger was gonna get the big -- somewhere they knew they're gonna deal Bolden. They had no idea and in reading all the stuff out of Baltimore. It was like they sat around -- and -- what we have it watched. It had one at -- here's another reason why but the patriots had a good day yesterday. Because they because the dolphins signed Ellerbe. They have the kind of guy that I want to build ago guess. I love Karlos Dansby. I mean I would love got to be somewhat enemy here it doesn't seem like a great upgrade because -- seems still a viable very viable he's got to be so wrong it's going to be something well what they did was they got younger. And and they had an owner who was determined to go out. And make a big economics blacks I should point out -- and that much of the management team for the Miami Dolphins cut their teeth here with a Boston Red Sox your honor the prosecution rest. I mean it it we got a lot and spend money here we got to spend money we got to get people talked and we get too many of. These seats if there Saturday at -- batter if that at a wild -- to the playoffs in the in the NFC Miami's get a chance would you agree yes yeah. Then the second best team we said this yesterday. There there's no doubt who the best team is in the FC east right. It's -- somebody tweeted yesterday afternoon and the patriots just set the NFL record. Earliest clinch the division in the world I think they did that already Miami got better when you really that's really got better and I got -- receiver on the market again. -- -- receiver. I was domestic and they have a guy who can get him before that's a question until matters that's all that matters we don't know about this -- You know we don't know it looks like you might -- I I would be we don't know I still say he's the second best quarterback in the division or maybe the third respond mallet. But I'd say. In the division you have any doubt with the second best team in the second best quarterback in -- No it's it's pretty clear what I I don't know unless Bryant the Tarvaris Jackson it's not a theater and art is not I had two things about the bills that you know cutting their quarterback is. It is those who -- thing. But that tape and will play at the day it's been tape of their -- GM. Sounding -- now I know what they have buddy nix in buffalo. So Ralph Wilson could have a father figure and you elect a mentor so they brought in 73 year old body next. Does not sound like days GM that's the guy you want of the keys to your car if your fan when your choice your car is in the shop is trying to get it back on the road. That is discouraging and a lot -- it's worth it. For the young guys who did it when they realize that they've broken federal wire laws and my little daily but they'll worry about the the criminality oh no no I I may say what do I don't care -- -- -- or that to them and just go to the house pretend you're a buffalo fan. Is that not discouraging he's yet to pretend. There Arnold buffalo fans yes there when I bring used to have a producer was -- buffalo for them but just an amount that's been like human tendency was a new group. What was dementia -- neurological. Sabres net when magical ball that charges -- Drew Peterson the vote producers that -- -- on the holly it's always the Drew Peterson of whole society still on the -- and Drew Peterson and in custody finally yeah. Drew Peterson is going to be out for Christmas the problem he said if he's got a good run a business that that Roger didn't do but wouldn't you admit that if you hear that tape and will play at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because it's the only way to not calamity you know up at 4 o'clock. Right hockey and I -- -- that the committee here on zero sleep and that's what would you agree that that tape. Of the GM buddy -- in the money. It's funny but it's. I don't think Belichick or nick scenario would in that situation would sound as. The hole with the word be sound as this engaged. With the process and I I don't know and and. They are open here we're we're all. -- We used used to mentally and he would act quarterback. I'm -- been like a guy that spends money may be as a luxury box and sent. That's the one at the controls that it. He -- I'd be disappointed -- that -- NASCAR. -- -- guns kill the driver what to do well at Robert -- and again. At that guy I don't know given name is on -- the spot a spotter that the spotter from a NASCAR team could be a little disappointed I didn't realize that Grady Little -- made the best if not -- that we'll take it -- net. Ninety seller you're no good night's second break and what looked at the lights -- at its work on some about Oscar the two glorious stories when we come back you have to -- I get to that Iraq doesn't. At age thirteen on my list of Jesus and I haven't gotten that far.

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