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The clock is ticking for Wes Welker and the Patriots to get a deal done.

Mar 12, 2013|

Michael Holley and Jackie MacMullan discuss the destination of one Wes Welker, and whether that will be back in New England on the day free agency officially kicks off in the NFL.

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Hello Wes Welker. I hope it remains a -- for life just like some great. -- patriots owner Robert -- -- love Drew Bledsoe year. Yeah. But at least with Bledsoe there was a replacement I'm talking about -- -- and I got a replacement. We rules say thank you for the memories we'll move on -- did. Such I know he didn't put if you're talking about. If you're talking about -- element replacing. Well I don't know that we don't know what's out we don't know what they've got on their plate or who thereafter who either you know you move her Hernandez in the slot I don't. I don't know I know is these guys are into analytics I was at MIT's long conference they were all there so what would you think that by the -- I like -- there but you know like the finals to Palin has nothing to do with. My pin was Bill Polian standing that he hates politics. Instead of trying to -- -- -- Zoller had the Brian -- panel heard about him. It's hardly was just he was going off my first one Q is that they you know it was so it was we certainly. Paid homage to analytics but I'm no expert Alex these guys were talking about everything but in Alex in many ways but I learned a lot of time I -- because I. You know I Chris Forsberg I work with -- in -- He decade it is he's so sharp and he's an analytics guy and you see if you read his copy hubris stone stone film breaks down. The players what they do he does an outstanding job and it's it's the -- that way so I'm trying to learn cycle there and I and I sit on the sessions and I learned something. So maybe there were bringing up analysts we will get to the phone calls and second -- -- -- -- they're bringing up analytic yesterday -- -- -- because this Texas. He was watching around the warnings seem very irritated yesterday you can mad were you mad. You know. -- -- I'm a I'm not making this up and -- don't ever and I never met another story but -- you're not gonna go on land I'm never mad I was a little irritated yesterday but that's on me. It's on me and it's fine it's a new day and happy and. -- slot on the here. It. If so I think I rolled my eyes and I usually do that. Tony was only with -- you know after another Texas and how do you have a great Jackie McMullen on in your youngster for basketball was supposed to be up. All basketball but believe me. We will get to basketball. At some point today fairly quickly but right now we're talking about. Free agency. Wes Welker and what's gonna happen today at 4 o'clock like I hope. I'm totally wrong on this and that he comes back to the patriots. And they all see how they love each other and they couldn't they couldn't go on without one another. What you -- the guy go to free agency just a -- you open it up. To so many Al wild offers and into dreamers dreamers it's. One player back in -- -- -- or market that somewhat irrelevant needs to make a splash and replace happens every year. Embassy palace get a phone calls -- six -- 777 on seven under through seven Warren -- in Dartmouth they Warren was going on. Fake ID. I think that Belichick met and you'd mistake. He doesn't resign while. Walk on -- -- as a symbol. While legal -- doorbell at. Right. After that and that's wrong -- quote and that approach. So what ballot check it -- I. Agree that the outside world. That doorbell and I am not import and respect that -- expect that by. They get killed -- teams that are really where -- Well it is the symbol of that on the -- And I just think it's a huge mistake. It means that it is safe so long as it. And -- webpage. -- I -- wanna get offered a contract. Which is I don't want to Shia were -- That is called by value you know that way. Haven't you know what I'm not sure that's -- to say Warren at a big circle award I don't think he's right about the toughness of the toughest party's right got up and they get beat up by teams like the Baltimore Ravens. They do. They if an smash mouth team beat the patriots that's that's condominium. Well is that true I mean it happened it happened this year it definitely happened and AFC championship game got snatched around -- -- to narrow victory -- in nineteen let you know it played ravens western championship to the ravens get tougher. In the offseason in the patriots got weaker. That's -- -- like one year difference of the year in the ravens. Clearly who once they. Once they got by the patriots and shut them down and defensively. To hold the hold the patriots but all the mistakes the patriots made -- sort of capitalize on this and Welker caught this path and -- Never thought I'd see -- -- thirteen points. In playoff game. And home. I think there was that feeling among them Baltimore players -- I was -- -- locker room afterwards for especially for Terrell Suggs -- which I enjoyed. I enjoyed the -- he had with you on the radio without last week that was the end of the year ago and I was funny. I. Yeah in the locker room there was a lot of feeling that -- -- one -- in the year before too. And it that you know -- they felt cheated because in winning game. But that they should have won that came in and that is that just a real. You know what Suggs was saying the whole bit about everybody hates them all over you know there's there's some real kernel of truth to that feeling around instantly. And even the crazy stuff you're talking about with radiant they changed the -- mean yeah whether that's real -- but that is there's a percent get their -- Or maybe the perception but you know the facts kind of get in the way of course they do that exactly no -- -- anybody -- regular entertaining -- but not necessarily factual but. Back -- Warren's comment about. Wes Welker and if he says this she's got to be punished for it. You'll be punished for -- -- not long term. Me if you can if you guys can come up with a better example. Than this a ha I law. In in in an offseason. Going from outlet to outlet whether it was Brett. Radio. TV. You know. Grass roots passing out flyers whatever he was trying to get a New England. And he was saying -- broke pretty outrageous stuff about Bill Belichick was personal guess what happened. You're still a split patriots because they weren't ready. They let you go on their terms not to return apps he was hot he was tired of being here he's it is time ago and patriots in the -- Tuesday. It's not happy to go so Wes Welker -- won't he -- sending. Like it's called liars hadn't made -- -- better example. And I -- what he waited Africa's I would Bill Belichick. Only gonna win it at hot -- He did and you know it's funny I did a piece with Logan now written in advance of the playoffs this year. And I said I was just so. You know acrimonious and so -- but you know what when it ends and you show up. And you there and get your money and it all goes away everything's fine again so I haven't given it another thought and that's that's kind of how you have to look at now. Does Bill Belichick of Avant in the back of his mind in the -- that -- -- can start slipping down that slope and some would -- that's already happening. There's a come back to bite him someday I don't know I don't think so I just think Bill Belichick has better things to do I don't think so either digs in New Hampshire Dave. Hey guys stay out. That these long term contracts used to pin Pete Hernandez and gronkowski. And they think are -- -- cold and beginning on or he can't stay on the fuel. There yet I am sorry I am not Belichick and the cat who won a Super Bowl since. Why each and now Romeo now laughed mr. super. Center junior. Orders -- took -- that's ever lived. I think you know give me corporate and there's no way you can justify it mister Kraft our -- Jack. Not re shining probably the best and toughest player most Oriole player that ever. Played your short -- Tom Brady and that Wes Welker. Well let let's go to far with the what you -- you went pretty far in a couple of the area -- Let's go with your most recent comment that -- well. Oh wow that's argue about ground autos and they've developed Wes Welker being the most loyal picture lot of patriots that the fact that they they won three championships. That was part of the patriots story they won three championships they had these selfless guys who could've gotten more money elsewhere but wanted to stay here. Let's site Teddy -- Reggie and Troy right round and Mike Vrabel. It was that's part of the patriots or I don't know Wes Welker is the most loyal guy but your point -- America don't you think he's right now what all the players you just. -- -- I think he has a I think he's a personal guy and he's an important guy but I don't get this from you before we let you go because -- peaked my interest and probably everybody in the audience to. Wired to a Belichick fan. What this -- done since Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis. -- -- -- -- that you don't we cut everybody's talked about the undefeated year in what you do before the post season. What is mr. -- Saturday at certain senators that you said OK but -- -- you a fan of his day you don't say what has he done been declared. It. Much or not are okay well let let's leave it at that and how to say that. To your point. What have Charlie Weis. And Romeo Crennel and. Since they -- without Bill Belichick sure it's a fair point and it -- listen. In that time period you've gone to super balls. And you lost one because a guy who was was not it was only in the league twelve more minutes after he did it kinda. Made the play of his life against helmets though. It's kind of like the argument about Randy must never gain a rain should have been Randy Moss is doing it should have been Wes Welker straying. So I. It's listen there's a lot of franchises that would like to have the patriots track record here over the last two years minus Super Bowl win that gained two super doubles. It's hard for me to buy that argument now he's saying that and guess what Andy Wes Welker hasn't even left yet imagine what's gonna happen if if he goes and -- were -- to. But when vote and so you know however when you do there were we need to do. You know that that that's what we're gonna do and not ultimate goal ever atomic drugs on Sunday and how reckoned interview whether it. A big big stats are not her blocking or our friend you do it that's what's gonna be in. And you know just trying to -- pars for a second. The Wes Welker I don't like. Yeah I'll I don't like Russian companies like what company line. Like the other -- being safe saying all the things the ball well I can't blame him right. Some guys can house a few guys can get away with a pretty humid to -- yet and -- brittle may have done with the wing went. He pushed the -- was they it was an envelope pushers who lives and pushed it now. While the it was a cap. App numbers and data and also it was a union guys were so bad answer by. But -- -- I mean for able to right now history mr. -- and I said at the time subset. Accomplished and take all -- and on that deal that it's now looking back did you fear because I was on the downside went in and well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Instead of what would have been ugly and embarrassing city it to -- favorite degree difference now effect. I think one of those dot de L article high state I think in -- you know she was fortunate there for a while she was. Amanda was an exciting to have some relationship like in -- aside it all worked out fine -- In retrospect we're able to you know I played for the past. And so now you know the hold pipeline you know bill has. No Kirk Ference out and Iowa Iowa forgot it obviously we got people all over the country united got Urban Meyer and Mike Vrabel. -- -- -- that -- so I wouldn't be surprised if there's another Ohio State draft pick late. For the patriot but that was a clip from Wes Welker in September what's gonna happen Welker. Is he going to retire with the patriots today is he gonna go somewhere else systematic approach boatload of money out of -- Jack McMullen is here Europe where you recognize your voice how much does Jacqui. We'll have all -- information coming in today on the first tier free agency. The vikings released speaking Ohio State released Antoine Winfield cornerback. It was a short corner. But he's a tough quarter and is a guy who is good get got to get the path. He will tackle -- was not afraid of is not just the pure cover guy. I don't know what kind of money Winfield will be looking for. Yeah like skip this is gonna do like of this is good news for the patriots cornerback market -- lots of good. Artists corners out there. No shut down number one's. But all. I'll put it this way guys were comparable to keep to lead -- of you want Aqib Talib. He's asking for a lot of money. -- you can go to free agency and can get somebody who's the equivalent actually think Antoine Winfield is a better quarterback that has not been an advocate -- better quarterback. -- If they wanted to leave they would have already signed if they really really really one defensively who would have he's asking for you know twelve million dollars a year that you don't want. -- -- It's kind of what you're saying with Welker you know if you really want somebody in you find the middle ground very quickly before every at this point. And maybe they think that on to lead is a little. Unrealistic about what he's gonna get to the analysts and go out there and have crawled back in time maybe. But as you just said there's -- a lot of movement out there which is good if you're the plane. Oh it's -- -- of the team to its evidence -- after the play too if you got released in his a lot of movement teams -- shuffle -- on you might. And I -- kind of money just just had from the team that cut you loose. But everyone's gonna say just as you did -- well. -- then let's talk to Adam Adams in Connecticut say that Adam was put on. Rate was undermined that. I'm I'm -- -- like down. Released its last quarterly I'm pretty great player arsenic and that he. Under the bright colors I'd look welcome back but I -- -- -- net passport. The patriots let it Eilat and into a one night when they scored one. Opposite opposite in the street you can see it -- look upon each -- -- -- -- tackle. I'd just intent -- work that they want to get at what championship. Yet but load up on defense -- didn't do that last year in the draft. It did have last year I mean they did it they did it fairly early two in the past. You know they've drafted some defensive backs whether it's the second round Darius Butler. Where are you know third round fourth round was some of these some of these corners who. Never turned out to be great. The -- -- -- all defense -- here last year they loaded up but -- Chandler Johnson moved up fortune damage now -- for Donta -- They drafted a -- a -- excuse me a safety. In the second round didn't go to the Columbine people were surprised that they drafted him. They've already loaded up on defense. And they do that two years in a row may eventually some of these guys -- gonna have to play like Ras I Dowling. It was a first pick of the second round a couple of years he can't help you didn't see anything from on the 2011 and seeing things from them and 2012. Just keep drafting guys and in the expect you gonna get hit somewhere. Dinner was a draft pick last year and you don't know what's gonna get out of him you know and you don't -- elbow you know is that you don't help he's gonna be on the field right. So I I don't know if that's the strategy. They need help on defense maybe they get it through free agency in the bottom. A lot of quarters out there you know. I don't think -- get a penalty there but it's that's a five dollar fund pre go to. Barcelona I'll pay you when your assessment that some I've taken some beer money away from you protect. When he first -- your daughter yeah look -- and -- one now. -- talked a couple of truly welcomed. -- got its drinks for everybody and house Harrison. Is is on the venue was going on Harrison. I'm -- too much -- I don't let's start off by sounding like that I don't like locker because obviously I believe that walker is an essential part too peachy keen but. Given Bill Belichick and a lot of time and and even you know even you know let -- doctor to understand and -- -- -- that I was curious and thought about. What it over the past few years your screen view in element and and realistically implement it going to take locker spot which could detonate. So he's -- Julian elements of we have. Think it's that easy. I mean I don't know -- you know sometimes directing that and -- you know surprise you -- -- it's curious that. -- and to step into that spot not that they -- seen even caliber and a I don't know if they ever would be I just don't have. What if they're not the same caliber. I don't expect -- settlement to take over the role of Wes Welker. Number one I think Wes Welker is he is a better receiver Julian element that is obvious. He's a better he's a better route runner he's got better hands. He's got his. Strong as Julian element but. He's able to stay on the field -- settlement as it -- tough so I don't know I mean how can they say. How can they think that settlement could replace Welker when he hasn't been able to play a full season I. It is a younger beat a younger guy than -- we still have been able to stay on the field. That's not a good that's an alternative. Like that this guy is something else right. And take Alec -- we forget to take ballots can be in the locker room next year I don't know what that means if anything I and obviously. Where you put them. I like take out I don't know he has played a year. Yeah and is -- the guy has gotten decent hand. Got good hands but he's not fast. Now so you're looking for yes he certainly not a report in our I've heard that a lot to -- OK you move you move. Aaron Hernandez to the slot which I'm crazy about you know Aaron Hernandez to the flawed and Ballard and ground heard that your -- tied in that went and worked the ball hard and let. Ground is is is a physical freak with some speed and strength. Jake Ballard is not a physical freak -- -- the big guy who can catch -- blocked. Arabs and he's not gonna create any mismatches were. He'll look at MCM -- -- recover him he can be covered and an you know here's the thing about Welker that heard a lot of today and a distinct. We hear over and over and over again about the complexity of the Patriots offense we also hear over and over and over again. About the quarterback the team. And how imperative it is to him for you to run your routes proper. And and if you don't. You're dead to him. And I think Brandon Lloyd was probably probably had to come back to life about nine or ten times deceased because they were you can that the death stare at Brady gave him when he didn't. Run the route exactly -- want it. Wes Welker Tom Brady can do in their sleep why because every summer as you know. At the repetitions over and over and over again that's something that has always happens so if you take away Welker and you bring in a new receiver. You have to hope. If he's gonna have the same report you gonna have to hope he has the same time the same ability to go Brady and to get that. You know that timing down that is so critical to what makes Tom Brady a great quarterback. I see your point it you know I think that's what. As the Brady was missing with the armed branch in in 2006. Shore Italy loses those top two receivers. Branch and givens one to free agency when via trade and then he comes Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney. And Doug Gabriel for awhile. And are very short of their. He had he had a fumble and they said OK see you later but. They're putting him in a position if they move on from Wes -- to putting in a position where he is coming out of restart again to -- that was somebody else and maybe you develop that year -- they hold on Brandon Lloyd maybe. He had that chemistry with -- The second time around but he didn't have last year. I wonder if -- -- never aspirin is but I wonder if a guy doesn't get it doesn't get it at what point did you say I don't I don't know the answer -- to present stubborn as a strike means that stubborn. But -- in other. And I -- with a huge Randy Moss in for a lot of different reasons but one things I loved about him was he came and got what I was serving -- Welker they -- both of them. Got an immediate and and that didn't get it immediately because they just got it because they. They spent time with Brady and they made it work and they did -- is only one way to get it and has to do the repetitions -- to put in the time. And in the sweat and shoot three times today and go through and and mosque was willing to do. I have by the way texture on the -- text file and I know it's hard to believe but yes that the countries did move up four -- Chandler Jones they did move up for high tower lit it up right there. Our friend Jack McMullen is here. To see you -- now that we've ever done. Show like this. Which is things. -- so much time and now. But hey here we are talking. Patriot. Bruins welcome the Celtics come up don't worry but it's. Not talk about this -- that I guarantee guarantee. Many things will come up today and we will talk about for now will go to sterling sterling is in -- was going on sterling. Well -- aren't great and you're getting a good to hear an area I love what you're you know -- thank you. That's the only you know I'm on the that show that there before you -- yeah -- that he snuck me out first thing you know that's. -- glycol this you know all the -- about Bill Belichick. And and Welker usually they go courses that. The standard and read them out and as a unaudited pitcher -- bronco fan have been for. For forty years. But all the time living here all you don't -- though Belichick and he is -- well. And he has been on continents and years now you can -- -- was noticeable couple times we investigated but he wanted to hear it sounded good and an appreciable. Number it was just an average quarterback -- wasn't spectacular it was Richard good but they're -- defense. Was excellent. Let's not know what what's -- is. We're gonna say in. You don't want it okay so it's don't like women with just follow that in the -- away from knowing that people have some strong feelings about Bill Belichick for many reasons could be you root for another team. -- because well -- what about that and that and that is talking about you to sing it general could be. You report other team it could be. You don't like the way he comports themselves he could be was rude to you in doesn't. -- talk about -- press conferences but it really say that they -- the coaches who don't win the Super Bowl haven't won anything. Well -- another what I mean for her in New England. It's an in the analysts and Adobe three years. And it is only that but is being being seen seen all the time -- I mean there's not great coat it or genius. -- -- corporate thing and mean and both these different -- And. You know when he went receivable and four years. Old was spectacular Iowa I I don't want to get. -- -- It's all about number in offered some and -- bigger cornerback opposite point. 908. Ultimately games. The defense to win it. At somebody who has attribute that ingenious. And labeled so. So many years that's all we ever hear that he's he's not winning not that -- that depend on that it did epic is you know and -- an -- -- second -- The deeper than the road and that of that core unit and at the bottom 20%. Purity -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- if it did it to go at that logic he can say nothing is good enough for the genius does not win the Super Bowl and you Jeanne. Russian market you can say that every year they -- about one that genius is a pretty weighty work yeah I mean probably shouldn't be used for anybody retirement entitlement football game right. Ice you know I her time was it like coaching that Franklin was teams so they don't maybe not if you're holding metal thing tickets to any name it's OK let's see he figured that I can't figure out I could turn this negative it's coupon. Out of -- car Seattle without. But I checked -- with some like me. The might get really -- in on this issue right so hardcore on the left well. Gas and rats and right out of that note your hard court the other way you've called him towards -- instead the line. Listen I am article the other -- like I thought it equal to what they're gonna come back at a reasonable salary maybe even a -- on the market. I'd gladly take him back. But that -- framing your argument now call -- a listen -- right. And making it an odd argument you can't lose which itself body like that people call up now you're able to -- and and slot. And no matter who they say it's gonna happen out of the night because -- that they are human on earth that it can be western equaling the. No no Adam you know it depends. -- say I don't like this because you have to give up a first round pick. But if you said Victor Cruz is a replacement he's actually played the position. And he's got. He's got more of a big play ability breakaway ability -- Wes Welker. How good replaced -- tennis Julian Julian. -- first round you think that the better alternative than letting. Somebody that title that Iran and -- -- you freak out. -- You know shorten your life as we put them all out of the back field -- -- I. Our our action. And all that -- into a re a little bit at the end this year so what you all are like why you sold into the IE ought to Alter itself. So -- the -- -- catching a hundred and and out of the year like get back become incorporated more like a common goal or adamant that. 6560. Passes. You don't want to be our offense back and fortunately. We run and we get out every so what and Utley. Sell High Court and and I don't get it because I. Apple respectable football that you -- court. Bring it back -- Well I think what it isn't optic status that you guys seemed to have a history. Is that it's it's. What you look at somebody and you say do I want to -- them did they do their job. Today excel and the job they arrested -- where they among the elite eight what they were asked to do. And the answer in what -- cases yes yes yes emphatically acts -- so. This it would be different angry and -- probably mean it not the best example but. To -- -- little boy do everything you hoped he would do when he came there is a free agent to stretch the field he coming touchdown passes again. Five or six I don't have an affront not not nearly enough not nearly enough so I think. That's why -- and -- he took it off Africa -- the -- name Adam -- sorry yes Atlanta Georgia where you're coming from and I do understand where you're coming from. But to Michael but I think it's just. Number I mean there are numbers to back up. Wes Welker -- A leaked play and I. -- an opposite he's genius. But he's in the -- Player at his position that we can we can debate whether that position is worth the money that to me is a better debate -- -- will be debated because brilliantly for the breakthrough debated. In a few minutes.

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