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Tuesday, March 12th Whiner Line

Mar 12, 2013|

Lot's of love for Jackie MacMulligan... whomever that is.

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Using views expressed and expressed the -- -- stars -- ET TE Chris Cox. We -- discretion music box to. -- Morris. And now -- Laura you're alive. Steve is in Cambridge knees next up a -- little stiff. Yeah I question about Dan Lowry I I read he's coming back in the lineup and that he's played three position. Now can actually play those positions though they did that come up the elected give it will allow me this. To Steve good WEEI. Who Maureen airlines -- took a shot at me because they're going on the game steeply in the big leagues dial 6177793535. -- yeah. Well it's a case he returns to get a -- got ample volume make your shot and keep on. I guess my question would be it would really just -- got to play any old time baseball game tomorrow night. -- nasty bug that annoy him in the line of whiner line Steve above does they. Great job with -- and -- it's a good time that our goal they're checking out -- you do realize it was brought up right boasts a bucket and now I believe now. God I absolutely love that we blew you -- -- But hey do you know management did five months ago with one more this. He -- later. Agrees that it's okay this is strictly about mark the first time all Steve. Ball. -- Dave starts to pop to friends here you. In my -- about -- games he -- -- which you've been doing all that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- its like bucks thing -- as a menu sandwich board Marty reason game -- -- Michael -- Adams world famous journalist and you guys know that. Our very culture snapple snapple website asks apple facts believable way to get smarter. -- Mortars towards sex that makes sense to me that I hate it all sorts of things that I yeah as a kid right now -- -- -- -- three couples explains how cuts right outside you know. -- are big. Snapple I have for a possible he was an obvious and he stopped drink you know that they're not sponsoring -- out drinking a lot according to fight -- -- -- companies say the today that. We know more facts on the casket I had to stop I've done it manifest Eisner's tomorrow you know god bless you that's what you get that big -- Chinese food -- it starts tomorrow it's tomorrow are a -- airline has brought to you by AT&T WEE I live is available in your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T. AT&T in the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. The most -- covered in England they randomly gives us business but it meant DC all animals to Atlanta to in on the adult -- -- -- also something else to let them affecting you but just an illegal. Until it does it wants to do. -- -- French on them politically correct. That was a mentally. That lets you get a letter talk trash about you like that he's sorry -- -- all you can say they want -- sound. I'm Eric conversational francs in the eighth grade now Michael you -- -- -- watching television -- the putts coming in an hour. Oh come on mom five minutes know there's a lot to do okay and will make the -- -- taste so they taught you how to receive different you may never have ever I have on the radio announced Ifill I've got a little bit compliment so well in my life it's not wonderful. Anyway I at least have -- Exactly the twilight out here I don't -- that. But apparently and yet about about talent at back. No other top bag you know what -- I -- yeah that and see you at bat that aren't having an epic battle at. Apathetic about the -- that get that by. And that meant wow that was nice except for the junk bag part -- like that part of -- test that's -- maybe at some of her room vernacular yeah. Who calls herself that's right now I mean I just you know. The slots a great journalists out there male and that's. How beating I don't know that they always. There's been. You know even then there's no. Days that this page we've been I think that it had been attacked by all of well all I don't know what went through my. It off speed all you have got called all of which are better him than you. Are better riders who. And. Well first Bordal accruals talk radio. Listener that Russian guy he's brutal neither one's very difficult to do -- -- it. Go -- the problem you know that you cut up born with public support every home game. Gotta make that have criticized anyway wandering inside navel oranges or you don't -- And -- met in Valencia is because -- Spanish. Good to vote -- they have you ever gotten Valencia orange juices just bullets yet yes that was suggested as. Except for when you cut those don't wanna cut those -- just for the Sox for the game sometimes and a paper cut and it's getting the. I'm surprised actually like. That's what surprised me Telus and wrinkled up -- struggling or does it sprinkled with all those little green he's -- -- not past. Active. And Bob bow. To do. One year ago I would not get any big high quality I would want -- -- you. Well have incredible. How. You know every day in Iraq. And message thank you there I thought it was a lot of Bob Hope outlets that he was sane person who's -- get calls like that blogs. And -- -- -- -- -- this quick part. And I'll check back molecule. Thanks very. And that message. Has speak you'll go get a Mulligan on that might call you Jacqui all you. For a guy. Yesterday it had agreed Bob Bryant. And know -- -- -- from Fall River call it today you have the great tactic but -- And God's gift to whip it good ball flat boy but there's something you don't have any plans for the new poll. -- -- If you -- if there was ever an American pulp and it happened to be cardinal O'Malley. See slightly. More announcements nobody down at a time I'm hoping to be in Europe when this announcement is made. This text there's lying that Jackie can kick Michaels asked -- basketball I witnessed it Monday night and globally to know. Jackie did not play with me in the globally now if you witnessed it endorsed just. An outdoor early days to change our barn across the street at -- at 1230 OK that you're absolutely happen what is it did not happen and a -- -- it didn't happen but it happened. A lot. Started him deeply. Deeply deeply -- as it's coming out of that Jimmy. I didn't and you were now you have ever -- -- through either -- the positive in the north. That might call me up all may have might be Adam because unproven -- over the relevant that enhanced. Are you on a diet. He has tomorrow. For the Kraft family -- app will be nobody. Whatsoever. Not -- -- Welker no excuse at all so I hit it what -- but he. And that message. Couldn't agree more that I heard you guys on there I think it was an agreement and. I have some news out Michael Adams -- it gonna house and even on this show. And -- OK maybe not maybe tomorrow. Yeah. -- -- yeah I don't want that back patriot and not that I met Perez's. -- Outpouring of god please god don't let it all my that. Don't blow it all about Outback Bowl parade got there a reason why it. He doesn't like it can it -- active field they've come these debates is that you don't believe Scott. They're relatively good that has got a problem. I hope that sort of god answers prayers and come to directly from the foxy lady. You think there's any chance that. God takes on many forms. Neighborhood it would have been doing a seven month to rehabilitate itself. Sitting at the pay go under a mango tree is a lot of form of this therapy if -- definitely -- -- -- Thanks -- that -- currently. -- paper oh wait I think at this that's the beauty of the media and -- -- They get -- trying to take a while vacation. If you hit it up and you haven't had that will be taken. It's that by Albanian people smuggler then identical and use my special -- you know. Find this scumbag my goal posts and -- That's an electrical tape and -- up. Have the exact kind of -- further -- -- a part of it. -- guard Erica. -- British guy and that's why the -- comedy about their daughter allies equally working for -- a lot of firepower by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most would you coverage in the league.

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