Mar 12, 2013|

Hear the Bill GM being the butt of all sorts of jokes from other General managers.

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This isn't the first time buddy -- of the bill's -- cranks GMs from around the league have been hitting this easy target for years. Anybody regarding the browns have -- -- body. Hungry wanted to eczema you need to do and I -- we -- you -- know Mario what we're watching it. -- -- -- -- -- say they only Lotta problems evil loads this. Beer and end of the woods and -- -- as. -- whole album art. And and I'm calling from the immigration department at the airport way -- how. -- we have got to do you hear that you order from Bangkok which relate to come out and pick her up. If they didn't know why. She is holding your pad right here bills GM seeks big girl from card ball. But it's Bruce Allen from the Washington Redskins. And yeah how. -- -- so we kind of trade we think you might be interested in old. Refrigerators not. Sure everybody but I ordered pizzas from Domino's I ain't seen it but we've got a great trade -- like ever. Whatever buddy -- you guys -- I'll call not -- and long was angry old.

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