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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on Celtics without Rondo

Mar 11, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the team's play without allstar point guard Rajon Rondo.

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Lunchtime hour -- -- ID three point seven WEE I'll get all your phone calls and Allen to Clark a lot comedy NFL free agency kicks open tomorrow. Interesting weekend for the Celtics. With a win on Friday against Atlanta and then. Around for awhile. Because Oklahoma City yesterday in the end way to many turnovers which which talent. On the Oklahoma City side and joining us on the AT eight the outline for ESPN boston.com. The great jacket on jacket Michael Dario. On -- did you feel any differently about the Celtics up they're split. This week and there are a lot life terms of the playoffs Eastern Conference. Now now I mean this is almost predictable wasn't it. I mean Oklahoma City is the heat weren't winning some games in a row -- you'd be talking a lot about them a lot more about them. I mean they're championship built and built to win at all. And you know -- to the -- -- by the Celtics in a hole in the 91 point you'd probably say. I hit it exactly that came. So I think I'm sure -- won in nearly a third defensive minded approach and you know in the end it was really adopt and did a man with a turnover you mentioned -- out some. Not great shot selection down the stretch so it was really there up until it down and it's very rare that that. You know that the defense they did what they wanted to -- -- at one point because he liked -- that you're happy. Jack is that at the article the had a music in boston.com taking one for the team. Focusing Ralph Paul Pierce but -- let their two its seems like they're just. And -- tired of of talking about are we better without Rondo we better with Rondo and it just seems to -- -- -- a kind of brought the team together here. Yeah and I think they are they can understand why they're tired -- and I especially acute -- that you're you're trying it's -- team ready. And -- it can help you weren't. You know I don't think -- quite it's cold this article is you know like -- a -- are -- dead to me tell you you're you're injured you're dead you're dead in the don't ask them. That's sort of up in the without you have to have it to take. And I think it exacerbated some by the fact that you know -- doesn't have been around at all either. And doing the right thing by the way out of Florida -- in game -- have those surgery doesn't like that the patient down for three weeks that is fired facility. -- having -- and that's what -- up but that's what Rondo is dealing. So I think that yes. You have to focus somewhat to have gone forward. Is a lot about -- The team dynamic here I thought the -- about -- -- until I read your story and it had been good but over the course of six weeks. Eighteen points almost nine rebounds and almost seven assists a game in triple doubles mixed in there. Did you feel like that he. In talking to Paul he took the injured Iran -- was the cancer to step up and BA different sort of facilitator for the -- last six weeks. Well it's interesting you know what he was -- to -- was lucky that I I don't go into any game with any preconceived notions like get out there. -- see what's going on in the game. And became -- -- away at present itself so that I decide okay. I'm being escorted it okay that -- get past all that it was talking about that when in Phoenix. We're you know he's I thought I had a great game -- I've point. That I think he's. You feel pretty strongly that he's able to -- that wherever it necessary I think it's interesting that right now the he had this curve -- it. Number -- that is better than at any time in the courier even at the very peak of his career because -- -- -- Bob wrenching article on Sunday talk credible Rajon Rondo I think the point comic selfish assist guy. The do you feel that he is sitting back and he is watching you concerned that maybe he's he's not getting and kind of seeing what's -- to steam and now what is different. -- -- -- he meant to -- and I ran into you don't keep Garrett -- around the -- he told me was he had written that column and he you know he told me also that conclusion like that well on -- too stubborn and he won't change -- he won't learn and and I disagree with -- I think I do with a -- as governor and I think all those things I think he has supreme confidence in himself. But I also think he's a Smart kid and -- -- understand that you know what I can look at this is say what I come back. I could still be me. But there -- certain ways I can tweak it. So I can beat me and the team can be more successful and I do believe that he had that in him I always believed that and -- It it you know I think to he's gonna take all this very personally all the talk yeah they don't you don't get rid of them I think that's something totally get them fired up. So I I and Bob and I part company when it comes to Rondo being willing to learn and I just I think he can do it. The other that the take away quote and an ESPN Boston has it right there at the top. It's from -- when he says when Rondo comes back Paul and Kevin need to continue to lead the way they are now because honestly. I don't buy into this is -- air quotes here whose team that is an -- that's the silliest and stuff. I don't care whose team it is just go play together so Jackie helped me out because I felt like somebody in the -- its organization. Whether it was up top or as the team itself. Really tried to push Rondo. As the leader this offseason all the LA stop all at Kevin Garnett went out of his way. To tell us over and over again that this is his team now -- of doc thinks it's silly. Big -- was silly at the time and who was pushing that the beginning of the year about Rondo being -- leader. An update any you know it added that talk a lot but it on that team and I think he did it that much longer and it is anybody. And you know it's funny doc thinks all the stuff that -- you know. And anymore have to -- he's in the back. And you just need to regain and he doesn't care I UN them oracle with them for him it just ain't what it. Hugging -- it'd be on the same page need to be altogether and and I believe the when he said that he doesn't buy that I I I believe that a 100% because it's never that simple anyway it. Mattered that. It wasn't that simple and you know where -- the Celtics bird team in the big -- where there I guess you could say so what you want to go anywhere without -- Mikhail and eat any candidates. So. I think. I've ever and certainly would doc doc doesn't get involved in any -- -- and it really really doesn't like talking about Rondo. I did sort of made him -- -- I mean you know Eduardo and I don't -- unemployment. And if it was Danny that was was pushing nap for the year was there a motive -- Jackie was it to motivate -- shot a little bit and say hey look on the I'm running this organization and I'm behind John percent upon -- leader than boy take that. Leadership role -- genre with a. Sure but I think it's also our public consumption I think he wanted. I want a -- -- to raise. Under profile. The one thing that I really solid front aren't bad that I thought he needed to be better at what. He that you went with a victory and not only debate short and I think she would feel like it at times -- You know people know he'd go to them. And and maybe this is that was in his way of -- trying to rectify some of that of course. You know it takes to it takes students to run -- -- -- -- little band Kevin Garnett I don't think it's here that he talked and you let ever again in his life. Paul understands the obligation -- like I think you know there's different degrees of how these stars. He handled their public persona and their relations with the media and it you know it -- no right -- wrong way. But. You know -- started out thinking that I think he wanted to be more vocal more acceptable. -- people who want what I'm about in any changes mind. -- -- -- You know Jackie who watched this team against Oklahoma State it's funny because Brandon Bass comes out it's six points thirteen boards five offensive. And I feel like he's been a guy under the radar first criticism does this team has a plane while. His play this year is really fallen off you see something different with them. Yeah -- yeah I couldn't extremists -- shots not there but yeah he just. I really know. Really know what's going on with -- batted it I don't know being in and out of the lineup a little bit bothered him early on but. -- you know you're absolutely correct he's underperformed pretty much consistently from start to finish here. And and you know obviously hurt in the time since but any. If you're reliant amber and -- bad to make it different. And I think you're in trouble. Well and I agree with you there but you know when you look at guys like -- and and Courtney Lee and Terry in. And Jeff Green you know probably is the more impact than any of them that's how this team is gonna pennant. It over that hump right active role players step up the time. Yeah I agree with that and you know get green probably didn't have about staying not probably definitely didn't. You know and the that they you know all the we've talked so much about him in the fact that. You know about -- there expecting him to be. A killer and -- out of -- you're going to be disappointed every single kind that's not really is. And we become like it or not like it but it but I just don't see that changing he's not a guy -- a hard time. And then bring that killer instinct every night he admits that he admitted it before. You know that he's. It caddick Alex coming back once again develop aids that are being on to be more aggressive more aggressive in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think overall -- having a very trying here. But but we'll have to win it I didn't think he'd do that and you have to work really hard to make it happen that we can expect it to happen during game that has. There is -- -- today -- -- Charlotte a couple times by the end of the week they could be as high as the fourth seed -- Easter conference at as the for the five. You guarantee yourself if you win that series Miami as we also Miami gets past the -- in the first round. In the -- round do they care about when they get the Miami Heat and should they care -- about when they -- match -- with that juggernaut in the Eastern Conference. Well I'm sure the players don't care and the coaches don't care mean if you want Gatti you can't beat Miami everybody knows that but a funny aren't like they're a little bit. It would be an extra playoff round a little more money in my playoff offered so. I think every night and I don't even think that's wrong of the owners to feel that way. So I'm sure they'd rather wait feet and then in the round after that but. You gotta play he got to play if you really want to win at all and they still insisted -- that's their goal. You -- got beat Miami you gotta go through Miami -- no question you've got to go to Miami gets the final so. A I'm a player. Like here whether it's the first round effect around the turn around I I got to figure out a way to Biederman and you know I can't and I am not going anywhere. Well they took down Indiana last night they are seen as the biggest challenge the -- conference the streak is continues to ramble on any NBA what if you had to pick. At any other team in the league Jackie like the second team that can give. Miami the biggest shot a best of seven series either Easter cup Western Conference with that team right now. Oh I think Oklahoma City could give -- -- I still I still believe in San Antonio and you're just not talking about them -- right now began Tony Parker out in the heat out. They're obviously not thinking. I like both those asking people talk about the clippers I just don't think they'd -- applicants and yet. I think your quote and I don't think there. So I would think go to -- it will. Of the big boy pants reference. Lot of teams alert could use those pants Jacqui we should let people know we have huge fans -- you win every time you're on people texting and tell Jack to tweak more reliably Jackie's on. You're going to be on the big show Michael Holley tomorrow from two to six all four hours correct. I am I am yeah I worked my my daughter and I and out of Barcelona on Wednesday -- and a little vacation so I figured I might as well well election lead and her like cheap the Fargo that's the plan. Op -- it's always must listen on the big show but you get Jackie -- Michael Holley tomorrow enjoy your vacation Jacqui listen to you tomorrow on the show -- we'll talk you next week. How can help you -- that your big boy -- Sunday. I'll always -- c'mon my don't mind on my adult that today we're gonna get to those generic. -- -- -- -- ESPN boston.com joins us when she always -- sparked you on the -- hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. -- possible. Big boy pants. Barcelona good for her nice to sneak way to Spain underneath like last week of march when. All -- -- on his from the book of World Baseball Classic David Ortiz is heel injury. Go to parcel Rhode Island the the bulls in Spain right -- -- what the polls. In Jackson good job but he Jacki for hours tomorrow. On the big show 6177797937. Your phone number can text that's on the HTT tech went 37. 937 to give an update on David Ortiz to give up is -- the -- it's couple heals at a bottle that's no big deal talk about that next.

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