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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, believes that David Ortiz will miss the start of the season

Mar 10, 2013|

Rob tells John and Lenny that Ortiz won’t be rushed back to make opening day. He also explains who will play in place of Ortiz as he works his way back.

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-- younger you -- results back. He does reveals an inflammation in the only area that you'll. So he's fuel. That's for us. -- And as a result of that organization. Few days here. Fire completely. -- started this collections. That is John -- talking about David Ortiz is John Ryder and -- -- -- bill always have to be joined by the great rob Bradford. The WEEI dot com fame. -- down at Fort Myers does go wrong. 08 or Greg -- I'm sure better than David Ortiz. Heavy type to Ortiz yet. I dog 02 we actually went over to rob Port Charlotte. The -- -- -- underage. A Portuguese PPI I didn't in my colleague Alex spirit where -- -- underwriters but he adult comedy I'd preferred. Are all and -- would talk a little later which Egypt he talked about it out you know just played into a major PR is good cuts he thought -- Now it's based dealer we've discovered and in both heels. Troubling news and probably I wouldn't it you probably wouldn't expect him to start the season or be ready for opening day would probably at least. What I mean I know there's no. Timetable just yet -- probably just estimating potential. Might miss the first week Greg -- Yeah -- -- really how we can make a gay -- great defense. It is good to go before -- okay he's sitting out. What they're trained by December days. Our two -- should be dropped to. Did back marriage gap shirt cap. Ultimate rush you have to make Oprah today -- bigger concern that -- -- and shout out to yeah. And what I understand it it's been our concern that you can get. Secret a lot of time. -- But still immediate concern me let me talk you out something it's easier to creep you out or. Ticket market got you what they want to hear so you know I didn't I sit here right now I don't think overly concerned that -- -- -- -- -- you can put. He -- murky PP Egypt now know until you. But a lot to our computer our. Rob if let's say let's say it turns out that he's out from month. How do you think they played the DH role. A big question -- OK there Alex spirit I salute you orientation yet. I probably would not part. How would you no matter why. So elite package we talked about yet they let him do it would make some sense that you compete I'll give. I'm -- If you look at it took a -- that I figure it's going to be a combination of Iraq with armed. Don't. Try to go home. We need to make. Go. I don't know what you're gonna do. But I beat should I don't think you -- what -- do well but bit uncomfortable situation because people are important part it out. -- if if -- copper and overbay if only wanted to make the team are neither but it's they -- -- he doesn't so that takes on the left handed bat. And so you'd have Gomes. You know getting a lot of DH possibilities I would thank. And am I crazy to think that they would keep Bradley because he can get some at bats and stand the idea of is that in AAA from beginning and that was the plan in I'd -- real sign off from that. But Farrell seem to like come you know early on in and there's nothing not to like since sent. How could he make the team. Parker the other team a lot playing every day every day how can you know every nook and -- That's part of the issue to go now among other things. Yeah I -- did you want to play every day it's a non starter -- reject. -- -- mentioned a bunch of different names I am guessing that boulevard where moral Gomez could be part of possibilities as well to make the team at least for for opening day right. Every little -- pretty good possibility. Argued and won a world on fire could try to help our. All of Major League period all -- potential. Are -- big you try to unseat you want. So you'll go good and ought to compete trillion yell -- call tomorrow. Hollywood yarn to Larry about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If nothing else what should I tell you -- how important -- court yes stick -- I looked at what yeah yeah you don't really got pretty close to replace. There -- not at this point do you think that did two years and awed. Right now rob with the injury but to say. Let's say well let me phrase -- this way in terms of trying to project day -- tough. Overall under a hundred games -- is this season and and say if that numbers under did they have any shot at the playoffs especially concerning the production. Well it could put all its parts per cent to get it -- are there are geared to repeat. Very typical because. How is lineup is day to list here of companies that want to -- -- -- of you know somewhat yet jumped out at -- art do. I think at one point it should be noted that. When baker PM RI and it goes nothing wrong. Particularly booklet are. I think that's the biggest is to be torn -- in terms of whether or. -- -- a long period are so. -- compilation into an area bit. Sort of -- the tree curious why do we have nothing to do with what what used to beat air and -- go. I guess euros gotten hurt and you're not work two jobs that maybe you won't miss a lot of time -- -- -- person. Just let me you're talking about her -- in I've been good. -- trouble -- end -- there are a unique way scorer. Halfway through -- if you rub with Farrell now sudden he introduces the other fought an ounce and yeah I mean this is. That just seems even tantamount to RO what's gone on here who is isolate who -- problem. And a look dual Boland you know you can work it out and now I mean if he if you can't balance a knee the foot Vince -- discomfort. And both I mean it just seems to make a bit bigger fire -- -- maybe it's not important I don't know. Well I think -- -- -- stop it and because you don't factor or pull -- the right yeah but it basically what -- you know let's do it a lot still remember him a -- nation. What happened was. After the game -- -- and insurance and went back to the office. Before it -- the media attitude towards greater Dubuque is right. Sort of very short amount or are they were able to go past ask -- that. But what -- it took extra -- -- Though right not just a little bit more inflammation. Inflation problem which a direct question to you and he was all assorted injuries where. You compensating for something else yeah that's what aggravating good morning I would think yeah good all right Ed and -- -- an answer prepare. Now -- our country. The is it a little bit -- that's understandable. Armpit and it looked a bit lawyer. Because we spoke -- seemed so much on. I'm getting -- Achilles right. Maybe that other areas away was neglected and somebody start hornets I'm carpet. They're not quite ready all of this -- would lead culprit might be out now sure I'll. So I. Chartered -- Pro Bowl and all over the place -- -- understandable. But I'll play if you wanna know -- -- -- people miserable you'll -- a ball more. Yeah I would take that compensating we've seen that too with the players in the past have all realms of sports now want to you're in Port Charlotte today. Were -- impressions of John Lackey. -- -- very belligerent. And you know you look like I would be able. Blue and purple heart of -- trade Pete you know you are a lot like a -- great territory came out I felt -- you got country yet. Only pitcher that he and do you signed up forward subcontract. By. I've just been a pretty incurred spread trading for no doubt. Are they going to I'm. Can -- punishment fit approaching when sent. You -- -- let me do it -- Well I always go back -- has yet you seemingly around nice Iowa and tell you -- That the people that -- he's trying needles -- different but need to -- a great Korean -- -- little true each site. -- -- -- Four. Where to keep her only grow up later in life. But collapsed and died it jumped out at me -- keep -- out here. Ottawa could not regard to yeah I think you do it here and hopefully I'll just because he -- real run. Egypt Egypt would you do it like you make a lot of progress of first grade. And you elect player that -- -- side or so but that's the guy who -- -- per -- But rob lastly. Well first off I loved that pictures set out under a Twitter with the rest justice trotted the fielder. And try to do our shuttle builder I I police are political director -- do you like it when you play. Do it in good -- really. Well. -- to a bit of a DH for the Red Sox. And prayers -- accurate test my camera followed out of I could but it may get you looked like -- -- paper. That's why can't they were what you gotta make sure -- debut in the both with NASA and a sign that the paper today. Are you. Looked at -- -- Did you would -- conducted. Until I get Smart strategy. Okay. And its -- regulations. -- -- That's news to me as well well and already -- he's got to be away for awhile now and so this is well. I go out last year but I just don't talk about that they should be I I am -- I was just doing that the first segment after the Celtics game. Not really but. You know little -- court outlawed are not. PCR. My call I he's I queue that up on my VCR as well hey Robert catches who control Maine -- my tribute. -- -- go to the store a week. Really it should be yeah I mean you guys if -- a photo. Yeah I saw a mall I saw it last couple of days I mean -- -- -- guy be filming and far as -- -- fallen off -- -- you know would describing him army and he says he should I wouldn't have -- I would never run and this guy never run you can run in my knock -- around on and I mean it's. Very good -- to go to remove six trillion chuckle at six billion. John Grisham throw to -- -- the -- took the call the other night also and correct them public call. Go to go to you let out -- yell. Let's go all out complete to. Clear there are you know. I don't -- got a whole lot. And a battery -- and today obviously. Yeah bless the real quick would you think of Savvis and that bench clearing brawl last night. Well. I I don't know who ordered get great. Or heroics. But I also read it saga took a couple Australian. What inspired bolt lock my door that was. You and Larry Walker said. -- policy and yes. The eyes as there is that the person on this not see that valentines are lies. -- There. So I'm -- some -- rolling out. Yeah you could put -- well. I think you should put B he ought to. Rather have a Google WP you if you thought he can do in a fight me you -- I would never trade even before yesterday ordered the. Yeah I even when when -- was -- -- well rob -- -- really appreciated. I'd that are around -- -- there were up against great final segment up next. His second Major League broadcast. That's -- joins us. Yes Donna dummies they ominous clouds pollution sluggish should be given sentences never good things. It's an ominous -- for quite a few digital -- here.

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